After the construction of the tribe was completed, the courses arranged for the ethnic people were finally on track. Azhang took people to collect all the banyan roots around him and found a lot of woolen cocoons in the forest. After Ali taught them how to weave, two old females now weave everyday without any work at ordinary times. The woven cloth was handed to Azhang. Azhang also made Ali several sets of camouflage clothing. Now the hunting team was basically replaced by this kind of dressing the. From a distance, let alone, it was quite like a trained army.

Chen Qi handed two packed wooden lunch boxes to Ajing and Aze. Still, he asked anxiously, "Is it safe to take Ajing so far away when he is still so small?"

Aze comforted: "I will gather some wild fruits near the forest with him. I won't enter the forest. don't worry."

Ajing also nodded and chimed in: "I've been near the forest by myself before and there is no danger."

Chen Qi crouched down and rubbed each other's little head heartily. "Then you have to listen to Aze and can't leave him too far to know."



Ajing looked down at the little wolf cub who was shaking his tail in excitement at his feet. "The little wolf also said that he would obey."

"Awoo" Young Wolf like should talk to Ajing, let out a cry again.

Chen Qi also rubbed his little Wolf cub's head with amusement. Over the past few months, the little Wolf cub has grown up a lot and is now as high as Ajing's knee. "Remember to come back before the sun goes down, even on the 1st of the month." Chen Qi told.

"I will take good care of them." Aze put the hide backpack on his back and leaned forward to kiss Chen Qi's lips. Only then did Aze greet Ajing and Young Wolf to leave.

Kissing good-bye before going out is still Chen Qi's first attempt at getting it. After several times of Aze habit, he will automatically and consciously come forward to do it before going out.

After watching the figures of several people disappear in the city gate, Chen Qi went back to the house to tidy up, and then went to the next door's Ali's house. Recently Ali planted some seeds in the ground. Yesterday he heard that the seedlings had already grown. Chen Qi wanted to go and have a look.

When Chen Qi entered the door, he saw Ali squatting in several plots of land and busy. "What's the matter? Is the survival rate of seeds high?"

Ali looked up and saw Chen Qi. He quickly moved aside. "Planting with seeds is much more successful than digging seedlings on the plain." He pointed to the small piece of seedling at his feet that had sprouted a finger and said: "This is the way you cut the sprouted potatoes and planted them. Almost every one of them survived. The potato seedlings dug up from the plain before did not survive for three days."

Chen Qi looked along the direction of Ali's finger and saw a young plant that was growing well, but the distance between potatoes was far apart, and it didn't look so obvious.

Ali pointed to another piece of gathered land. "Cabbage dug from the forest was planted there before. The death rate was higher than that of potatoes. It took two whole plots of land to feed a tree. After planting it according to your method, it has sprouted now, but there is no large number of deaths."

Chen Qi has not been to the Ali's house for several days. Cabbage is almost a finger high now. It grows luxuriantly. It looks as vigorous as weeds on the plains.

Chen Qi hesitated for a moment. Although it is not clear why the survival rate of replanting seedlings after they have been dug up is so low, it is obvious that this will not happen as long as the seedlings start to grow from the seeds. "After that, you can keep these plants in this way or teach others to do the same. Vegetables that cannot be eaten up can be dried in the sun so that they can be stored for a long time. Even if you can't plant them in winter, you don't have to worry about having no vegetables to eat."

Ali nodded. Chen Qi had already taught him how to preserve dried vegetables. Now the plains and forests are also rich in resources. Maybe we can organize ethnic groups to go to the edge of the forest to collect them at some time.

Ali and Chen Qi discussed the planting again, because Azhang also took the hunting team to hunt. At noon, he called Ka Luo, who was at home with the children, to have lunch at Ali's house.

Ayao can walk now, but he is not very stable and occasionally falls to the ground, so Ka Luo dare not let him out of his sight.

". . . . . . Qi . . . Qi." Ayao's baby teeth just came out, and as soon as he opened his mouth to speak, saliva slipped uncontrollably to the corners of his mouth. He ran towards Chen Qi with a small step and a grinning mouth.

Chen Qi, who had just walked to the gate of the courtyard, was startled when he saw the small dumplings rushing at him. He stepped forward and took the small dumplings to his arms. The weather was hot. The clothes Ka Luo had made for him were loose. His white and tender arms and short legs were bare outside. The running was so beautiful pink that it was not lovely.

Chen Qi couldn't help taking a sip at each other's pink and tender little face. He also reached out and squeezed, "Where's your father?"

More than ten months old, the little regiment obviously did not understand Chen Qi's question and cocked its head as if it were thinking seriously, ". . . father . . . father."

"How can he understand what you are saying when he is only a little older?" Ka Luo, who was taking care of the yard, heard the sound coming. He also opened several plots of land here, but the survival rate of the plants was too low, and they were sparse. At first glance, they were miserable.

"Father, Father." Ayao see Ka Luo, excitedly pointed out a little fat.

Chen Qi smiled. "They are all out today. Ali asked me to come and call you to have dinner together. Don't cook at noon."

"Yes." Ka Luo wiped the dirt on his hands. "Then you and Ayao go first, and I'll clean up and go."


On the endless plain, the fast-growing weeds are higher than the adult Beastmen. A straight forest line can be clearly seen at the junction with the forest. On one side is the endless plain, and on the other side is the lush forest, which is completely different from each other. It is like a giant facing each other quietly without invasion.

Aze chose an open area with few tall grass. After the completion of the tribe, all the young females joined the hunting team, but the hunting team was divided into two teams. When one team went hunting, the other team was responsible for the defense.

The hunting party still enters the forest every three days. Today is the turn of Aze to defend. In order to bring Ajing out for training, he helps Chen Qi pick some wild fruits by the way. The patrol place he chooses is around the periphery of the forest.

After checking that there was no sign of dragons leaving the neighborhood, Aze put Ajing down. "You and the wolf are moving around here, remember not to enter the forest, and give me a signal when things happen."

Azhang nodded cleverly, Aze didn't say much more. Children of Azhang's age should have learned to hunt long ago, but the dragons in the forest are not so easy to deal with. Learning to hunt can only be counted when the animals on Dora Plain migrate back next year.

Looking at Aze, who left to patrol nearby, Ajing unloaded the hide backpack behind him. Young Wolf could not wait to jump out of the backpack. Ajing smoothed down the messy hair and said, "Little Wolf, let's find the plants Chen Qi needs."


One man, one wolf and two small figures happily plunged into the flourishing wild grass nearby.

Far away in the depths of the forest, a white giant wolf god easily bit through the throat of a dolphin dragon and greedily sucked the blood from the wound. recently, these dolphin dragons all did not know where to hide. it was not easy to find a lone giant wolf god half narrowed his eyes happily.

After half of the delicious blood was consumed, the giant wolf god let go, tore open the soft abdomen of the dolphin dragon with his teeth, and began to eat gracefully. two lone hyenas stood far away from the attack range of the giant wolf god. they had a hard time surviving the winter. now they were all skin and bones with hunger. they could only wait for the giant wolf god to enjoy his lunch while drooling, hoping that when the giant wolf god finished eating, they could pick up a little piece of soup and offer a memorial to the hungry belly that was sticking together before and after.

Hyenas are basically harmless to other dragons as long as they don't act in groups. Large ones can't beat them, while small ones can't catch up. People who can catch up can climb trees. What can individual hyenas do? Darling waiting for hungry bai, it is more miserable than those lions without fangs on the plains.

The giant wolf god glanced at the two hyenas contemptuously, then ignored them and enjoyed his own food.

All of a sudden, giant Wolf god's ear tip moved, although eating action did not stop, but obviously much faster than just now.

The lunch was quickly settled. Giant Wolf God simply cleaned up the fur stained with the blood of dolphin dragon, stopped taking care of the dolphin dragon that had only eaten half of it, stepped up and disappeared into the dense forest in a few leaps.

The two hyenas turned restlessly around for a while and found that after the giant wolf god really left, this just couldn't wait to run to the dolphin's body. a gust of wind fell from the sky. before the hyenas could return to absolute being, the huge dolphin dragon had been caught in mid-air by a pterosaur.

Looking at the food farther and farther away from oneself, hyenas howled upwards, but they also had no choice but to pick up the chopped meat scattered on one side and eat it twice. Even the leaves stained with blood on the side were bitten down by them. They spit out the leaves after chewing off the blood. Although the amount is small, it is better than nothing. At least they can live to find the next meal and not starve to death tomorrow.


Hearing the cry of the young wolf, Ajing dragged his pack of skins, which was almost full. he looked at the direction indicated by the young wolf and found it was a small bunch of green fruits as thick as a thumb. Ajing twisted one and sniffed it under his nose. it was a little fragrant. he frowned. "this fruit is so green that I don't know if it is delicious."


"Well, let's go back and show Chen Qi some of it first. If Chen Qi likes it, we'll come back next time and pick the rest."


Young Wolf happily shook his tail and heard Ajing say that he would sprinkle a small bubble of urine next time. Before Ajing stuffed the picked fruit into his backpack, young Wolf suddenly blew up all his hair. He quickly rushed to the front of Ajing, grinned and stared nervously at the direction of the forest.

"What's the matter?" Ajing tied up the mouth of the hide backpack, carried it back to him, half hunched up, intending to pick up the pup and run away as soon as he found out something was wrong.

The tall white adult giant wolf god walked out of the back of a camphor tree with graceful steps. at the moment when he saw the shadow of the giant wolf god, Ajing sent a signal to Aze, but apparently the giant wolf god didn't care about the little affectations of Ajing, just walked slowly towards the direction of the two men.

The young wolf obviously weakened a lot when he saw the giant wolf god, and his limbs kept shaking, but he still stubbornly stood in front of Ajing, his throat making a threatening sound of milk and gas, hoping to stop the giant wolf god's pace.

With the approach of the giant wolf god, Ajing also swallowed his saliva nervously and instinctively reminded him that he should run away as soon as possible, but his feet were filled with lead, making him unable to move in situ.

When the giant wolf god was finally about one meter away from the two men, Ajing stepped forward to protect the young wolf behind him. the giant wolf god squinted crossly and swept his huge tail forward. how could Ajing's small body bear this kind of impact? it was directly caught in mid-air. when he thought it would fall firmly to the ground, he was caught by a strong embrace.

Aze's muscles are tight, his eyes tightly staring at the giant Wolf god's action, sharp fingers have been completely beast, glowing cold light in the sun.

"wolf, come here."

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