Young Wolf heard Aze's call, clamped his tail, and took a tentative step back on his hind legs. He found that Giant Wolf God did not respond to his little movements and the other leg also took a step back.

Giant Wolf god will stay on Aze's eyes back, slightly down, to the head is carefully move back to the little left.

Young Wolf has been staring at the giant Wolf god's action, see each other found himself, stopped stiffly, whole body hair spikes, like a white hedgehog.

"Little Wolf." After coming down from Aze's arms, Ajing saw the little wolf cub still standing in the same spot and called out a cry anxiously.

Seems to be because heard the sound of the Ajing, young Wolf has been drooping ears suddenly stood up, it no longer hesitate, a turn round and then ran in the direction of the Ajing.

The giant wolf god saw the movements of the young wolf and raised one of his forepaws to stop the other.

Aze has been staring at the giant Wolf god, see the giant Wolf god claw, a step forward, raise my hand to the other side of the front PAWS block down, young Wolf took advantage of this gap directly jumped into the arms of Ajing, Ajing hurriedly holding the young Wolf back a distance, lest be affected by their battle.

Young Wolf seems to feel safe, change just unintelligent small appearance, the whole people perked up, grinning teeth to giant Wolf god pick mix CRRR.

Giant Wolf God is higher than Aze. It slightly overlooks this Beastmen, which is much smaller than himself. There is not a trace of fear in each other's eyes. It seems to be aroused by this look. Giant Wolf God's eyes flashed a trace of ponder. Huge tail swept from behind unexpectedly. Aze was unable to dodge the attack. Before he got up again, a claw as heavy as 1,000 kg stepped directly on his chest, almost causing him to lose his temper.

The speed is too fast. The idea just flashed, only feel neck a cold, Aze bite a tooth stopped trying to struggle, looked up and saw the giant Wolf god deep cold teeth are stuck in his neck, Aze even feel broken skin has sticky liquid outflow.

"Aze." Ajing  exclaim, and small Wolf pup a left a right jump up cling to giant Wolf god's hind legs, trying to pull it away from Aze's side.

The giant wolf god felt itchy on his hind legs. his baby teeth and Ajing's nails, which had not yet developed, could not even break his fur. It quietly looked at the two milk fierce milk fierce little hanging on his leg, silently turned over a supercilious look, tail roll, two small figure was thrown into the soft tall grass beside it, instantly submerged by the grass, no shadow.

Looked at the expression of the Beastmen under the claw, giant Wolf god appreciatively loosen the muzzle, sharp teeth when leaving each other's soft neck also stick out your tongue licked the blood bead seeping from above, just the taste of the Beastmen blood let it unconsciously frowned.

As soon as the giant wolf god's paw was loosened, Aze turned over and quickly pulled away a distance from the giant wolf god. he ran to the tall grass beside him. he breathed a sigh of relief silently when he saw two small figures grinning and ready to continue to jump out. he looked up and looked in the direction of the giant wolf god. there was no figure of the other party for a long time. in addition to a pile of weeds that had been trampled stagger, there was no smell of the giant wolf god in the air.

"Has it gone?" Ajing  gather together to Aze side anxiously asked, although very bravely jump up just now, but the power gap between the giant wolf god now instead let him fear, young wolf gather together to the feet of Ajing , stick out your tongue licked each other's feet were branches flushed with a small piece of skin.

Aze shook his head, he was not sure giant Wolf god is still around, warily looked at the situation around, found no danger, bent down to pick up the scene and young Wolf, quickly left the place.

After returning to the tribe, Aze sent Ajing and his pups home first, while he went to the hunting team's office not far from the gate of the city. This place was suggested by Chen Qi to be built by Ah Zhang, so he needed to deal with the affairs of the tribe as long as he came here to do it, instead of the clansmen running to his home every day.

After lunch, Chen Qi went home and put away a handful of green vines drying in the yard. This green vine is as thick as a fist and very light. When it is not dry, it will not sink when thrown into the water. After Chen Qi found out, he cut down a lot and went home, intending to make two life buoys.

Not only the Loya forest, but also there are many big rivers on the Dora plain. Every year, the closer Chishui River, Beastmen accidentally fall into the water and drown. Chen Qi is worried about the fact that the Beastmen cannot swim, so he plans to teach them swimming during the summer.

How much fun it is to learn swimming.

Weave the brown green vines into a circle, then sew a layer of sheepskin on the outside, leaving a small opening to inflate the inside, and then sew a piece of cloth coated with several layers of gum fruit liquid on the outside. The gum fruit has a waterproof effect. Although the cloth is not so soft after drying, it can barely be used as canvas.

Chen Qi painted the cloth with orange colored fruits, and a life buoy was completed.

In order to test the effect of life buoy, Chen Qi also filled the large bathtub in the bathroom with water. He made the life buoy small, suitable for children like Ajing. There is still a lot of space in the bathtub.

Sinomenium is very light, and the space inside is filled with air. Chen Qi took a lot of effort to press the whole life buoy into the water. As soon as he let go of the life buoy, it immediately floated up. Chen Qi took it out with satisfaction.

Chen Qi noticed a slight noise outside the door. He put the life buoy aside, wiped his hands clean and went out. He saw Ajing tiptoed in carrying a fur backpack about his height.

"what are you doing?" He looks like a thief.

Ajing was startled by the sudden sound and shook his head reflexively. "I didn't do anything."

Young Wolf saw Chen Qi extremely excited, leaving Ajing behind and ran to Chen Qi's side. With his big round eyes and drooping tail, he rubbed Chen Qi's heel with injustice.

Ajing couldn't help but glared at the traitor, clearly agreed not to let Chen Qi found abnormal.

Chen Qi looked at the little wolf cub with dirty hair at his feet, and looked at Ajing's clothes, which had several lacerations. Even in the lacerations, he could vaguely see traces of red marks inside. Although it did not appear to have broken skin, it was obviously injured.

Chen Qi's face became cold and his voice was harsh. "Should you tell me what happened today?"

Seeing Chen Qi's facial expression, Ajing's small body couldn't help shivering. Young Wolf also dare not continue to dally with his bare feet to please. He slowly moved to Ajing's side, burying his head in Ajing's feet, thinking that he could not see Chen Qi and the other party could not find it naturally.

Ajing did not dare to hide any more. He told me all about meeting the giant wolf god like a bean. He did not even hide any more about Aze being bitten by the giant wolf god. After that, he secretly watched Chen Qi's expression and saw that the other party did not want to scold him. He could not help rubbing his little wolf cub for half a day. Strangely enough, Chen Qi, the male, obviously had no fighting capacity, but as long as he got cold, everyone would become jittery.

Chen Qi rubbed Ajing's head and helped him unload the hide backpack behind him. This was the only way to make a fire and burn a big bucket of water. He and his young wolf cubs were asked to clean up the dirt on their bodies. The wounds on Ajing's body did not break the skin, and even the medicine was not needed. It was estimated that in two days, even traces could not be seen.

Aze came back only after dark. He was very careful and had a fight with Ajing when he came back. Just after entering the gate, he heard a familiar voice, "Back?"

Aze looked down at the sound. Chen Qi did not light a lamp, but sat quietly on the wooden stool in the courtyard. Next to him was a cup of tea that had been drunk. His body was basked in a faint moonlight, which made him look quite cold.

"Mmm."Judging from the appearance of the other party, the incident of his injury should have been discovered.

Chen Qi didn't say much. He got up and entered the room first. Aze hurriedly followed.

Pushing open the door, I found clean gauze on the low table by the fire, and a bamboo tube covered with crushed herbs.

Chen Qi motioned Aze to sit beside him. Aze was worried that Chen Qi saw the wound on his body, so he turned up his collar. Chen Qi loosened the button gently. The wound on his neck was only a layer of skin, not serious, and the blood had stopped long ago.

Chen Qi cleaned his wound with boiled towel. There is nothing to disinfect here. There should be no rabies after being bitten by a wolf, right? It seems that it will take some time to stir up some wine. Chen Qi applied herbs and bandages to him as he thought.

"Well, can you tell me why you want to hide it from me?" Chen Qi asked after tying the bandage.

"I'm afraid you're worried."

Hearing this answer, Chen Qi was almost enraged and smiled, "Do you think I won't worry if I don't know?"

Aze sipped his lips and stopped talking.

"Then I will not tell you if I get hurt next time. What will you do?"

"No way." Aze replied without thinking, "I won't let you get hurt."

Chen Qi pinched his face, Aze let his hand pinch his face out of shape, "that you have something next time don't hide from me, meet giant Wolf god is not you can control, but hide not to say you are afraid of me worry or afraid of me angry? If I get angry, I will go straight back to my hometown." Well, even if Chen Qi wants to go back, this hometown is not so easy to get back.

When he heard that Chen Qi was going back to his hometown, Aze got a fright and nodded hastily, promising: "I'll tell you everything in the future, you don't go back."

"Well, I won't go back." After receiving Aze's assurance, Chen Qi touched the bandage on his neck heartily, "Does it hurt?"

"No pain." This kind of wound will heal in less than two days. If it weren't for Chen Qi's worry every time he suffered a little injury, he wouldn't have wanted to hide it this time.

"Is it dangerous for Giant Wolf God to appear on the edge of the forest at this time?"


"Is it not dangerous that you have been bitten by it?" Chen Qi gave him a look.

"The Wolf God does not eat Beastmen." Aze thought for a moment and added: "The Wolf God did not kill the Beastmen."

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