Although the giant wolf god is harmless to the Beastmen, the giant wolf god, who acts with uneasiness and common sense, can still arouse the vigilance of the Beastmen.

While there was no hunting mission today, Azhang adjusted the guards of the hunting team. Before, only the female guards were arranged on the watchtowers of the front and back walls. This time, one person was arranged on the watchtowers of the four walls directly. The patrol personnel were also changed from the original single action to double action, so it was better to have a backup. Even if there were any accidents, at least someone could come back to deliver the information.

At that time, Chen Qi missed the communication system that was once so convenient and abnormal.

Because Aze was injured, the plan to learn swimming can only be postponed.

After finishing his daily morning run, Chen Qi took a simple bath and began to sort out the wild fruits picked by Aze and Ajing yesterday.

In order to exercise Azhang's ability, Aze took Azhang out early in the morning. Today they don't need to hunt, and the defense task also shifts to the females who went out hunting yesterday. So Aze plans to dig back a small cluster of ripe sweet potatoes and potatoes found by Chishui River. Three months is enough time for the plants on the plain to mature for one season, and the next time they mature, it is estimated that they will wait until the first snow.

There are many kinds of wild fruits in Ajing's small backpack. Everything is only a little bit less. However, Ake's backpack contains more than half of ripe grapes. Each grape is thumb-sized, lavender, glittering and translucent, and very beautiful.

Chen Qi picked one and put it into the import. He bit it down a bit and was a bit sour. I don't know if it can be used for brewing wine. But now there is no other choice.

Chen Qi picked the grapes one by one and put them in a pottery dish. He only chose the ones that were big and good, and those that were slightly skinned were abandoned by him.

Worried that the yeast hoarseness on the grapes would be washed away, he simply passed through the water and put it in a bamboo sieve made of bamboo strips and dried it in the shade.

Chen Qi drew a rough rendering of this bamboo prop for the old females in the tribe. Although it is not too delicate, it is already in good shape. Now they have cut down more than half of the bamboo in the small bamboo forest. In order not to cut down all the bamboo, Azhang occasionally brings people back to cut down some bamboo in the forest.

Not only bamboo products, pottery products, paper making, weaving, garment making and so on are all specially responsible now. Even if they don't have to go hunting, everyone's hands are full of work. After meeting the needs of the tribe, they are ready to do some exchange with other tribes at that time.

Chen Qi took out two clean pottery jars. The middle of the jar was round and narrow on both sides. It was much more lovely than the previous pottery, which was straight up and down. Because there was no alcohol disinfection, Chen Qi only used boiled hot water to pass through the jar twice and then dried it for later use.

After the grapes and jars were completely dried, Chen Qi took cloth gloves and crushed the grapes one by one into the jars. Each jar contained only about half of the jars. Then he covered the jar mouth with cloth instead of tightly covering it. Instead, he set aside a small opening for ventilation. Then he moved the processed two jars of grapes back into the storage room, intending to allow them to ferment naturally one night and add sugar in the morning.

During this period, he made a lot of sugar again. Unfortunately, before the fruit is ripe, the sweetness of the sugar is not as good as before, but it should not matter if more sugar is used to make wine.

Before noon, Aze and his family returned. Before Ajing entered the door, Ajing began to call Chen Qi's name. He carefully held something in his arms. As soon as he saw Chen Qi, Ajing hurriedly handed up his cloth bag. "Chen Qi, look, is this the rice you mentioned?"

Chen Qi was taken aback. He has been searching for rice deliberately since he came here, but he has not even seen wild rice that looks a little decent. Now he uses rice berries to bake rice noodles as his staple food, and then makes various kinds of pasta to eat. Suddenly he heard Ajing say that he found rice. He was still stunned and did not respond, "Rice? What kind of rice?"

Ajing handed him the cloth bag in his hand, which Chen Qi took over. this cloth bag was made by Chen Qi to hold small objects for him. it can be worn at the waist at ordinary times. it is a bit like those money bags in ancient times. unfortunately, there is no concept of money here.

Stretched out his hand to take out the contents, only a string, looks like Chen Qi seen rice, only slightly cyan color, probably is not mature, the grain is bigger than he had seen rice, but a bit like corn, a string of only seven or eight, Chen Qi pleasantly surprised to look left and right, carefully picked one into his mouth and bit it, a little sweet, with a smell of rice, hard, and rice is very similar.

"Where did you find it?"

"In Chishui River, where we catch fish at ordinary times." Aze replied, "There are only a few of these trees. I don't know if they are what you need, so I only picked a few to show you."

"Take me to see it." Chen Qi can't wait. With rice, he is not afraid of starvation even in the winter when he gets nothing. This is too important for the tribe. After all, after a winter full of conditions, no one knows what will happen next winter. Storing more food is the most important task this summer.

Aze took off his backpack behind him and put it aside. He shouldered Chen Qi and went to Chishui River to watch rice. Ajing did not follow, and after dragging things back to the storage room, he took out his homework and waited for the two to come back while doing it.

Young Wolf lying at his feet, half narrowing his eyes to sleep, it's the age of cubs can grow up quickly only sleep, when it grows up to be as big as the adult giant Wolf god it will not be afraid of anyone, young Wolf moved his ears, fell asleep in his familiar environment.

Rice grows in a piece of tall grass. If it weren't for a milky fruit tree nearby, Aze wouldn't have found it. The soil here is not moist. It seems that although it is rice, it can be planted on dry land.

After wandering around the tall grass, only three trees were found, each bearing only two or three clusters of rice spikes, with a maximum of ten grains in one cluster. The number is too small. Chen Qi plans to use the rice as seeds in a few days when it is completely ripe.

After simply marking the surroundings, they caught a fish by the river and went home.

The fish in Chishui River are often caught by the beast people during this period of time. They have been alert to the beast people for a long time. Even if they throw a lot of bait down, the fish will no longer rush to the river for food as before, but will only rush in when the bait slowly sinks to the bottom or is washed to the center of the river by the current.

Although it is no longer possible to fork a large number of fish just like before, there is more than one way to catch fish. Chen Qi got a wooden stick on the river bank, tied a rope and a fishhook to it, and tied a small stone to the end, allowing the stone to sink into the water with a fishhook with baits, and then firmly inserted the wooden stick into the mud on the river bank. After he and Aze checked the rice, the fish also took the bait.

Chen Qi looked joyfully at the big fish that kept shaking on the ground and drew out the sword and horn knife to solve it directly. "I think this fishing method can be popularized in the tribe, and you can't swim. Fishing is much safer than barbed fish."

Aze nodded approvingly.

After lunch in the afternoon, Chen Qi plans to cook some snacks. Apart from the French fries he occasionally cooks, there is another snack that can be stored for a long time and can also be used as dry food, that is, dried sweet potatoes.

There are already three big bags of sweet potatoes picked at home during this period of time. Chen Qi has left a seed and planted two sweet potato seedlings in the yard. now he is growing very well. occasionally he can pick one or two sweet potato leaves for cooking. unfortunately, these are all for growing sweet potatoes and cannot be picked more.

Chen used pottery to cook a large plate of sweet potatoes. After cooking, they were peeled and cut into strips. Then they were placed on a bamboo sieve and dried in the yard. It never rained after summer. The sun was very good, but the water was almost dry in one afternoon.

Boiled sweet potatoes will taste sweeter. Such a large bag of sweet potatoes does not come back in the sun. Only half of the bag is available. It is easy to take a few bites when you are free. The snack of dried sweet potatoes became popular in the tribe as soon as it appeared. There is no way to eat it. At ordinary times, everyone has nothing to eat. Chen Qi's discovery of something new is extremely curious. It is not difficult to do it anyway, especially for the females who are sitting around guarding it. It is simply a blessing.

Not surprisingly, there was an upsurge of sun-drying sweet potatoes in the tribe. Azhang specially organized some people to look for sweet potatoes outside the forest when hunting was not needed. Sweet potatoes are also delicious when baked. Like potato stew, they are a favorite plant of almost all Beastmen in the tribe.

Of course, apart from these two things, people don't like other plants and animals so much, so apart from Chen Qi and the Alleys, they also grow other vegetables, and almost only sweet potatoes and potatoes are grown in other people's homes in the tribe. Chen Qi was speechless at this kind of severe partial eclipse.

Chen Qi added sugar to the jar filled with grapes in the early morning of the next day, stirred with a clean wooden stick and continued to ferment.

Chen Qi is the first time to brew wine. Although he knew that the fermentation process would take a long time, he still dared not be careless every day. The sugar was added only twice, and the grapes in the two jars consumed half of the sugar. In order to ferment completely in the first few days, he had to stir it early, middle and late. In order to brew wine, Chen Qi had not taken a step outside the gate during rice picking these days.

About a week later, the skin, juice and seeds of the grapes were separated. The grape skin almost overflowed to the mouth of the jar, and the fermentation became calm. Because the jar was made of pottery, the inside of the jar could not be seen. Chen Qi reserved one more day to wait for the fermentation to completely calm down before filtering out the wine.

Only cloth can be used for filtering.

Chen Qi found a clean pottery jar, put a cloth bag on the jar mouth and asked Ajing to hold it. Then he poured the fermented wine from the jar into the cloth bag and brought a little purplish red liquid into the pottery jar along the cloth bag.

Ajing frowned. "This water tastes strange."

Chen Qi sniffed. Although the taste was still light, it was indeed wine. He smiled in a good mood. "This is not water, but wine."


"Well, it's a very useful thing."

There is not much wine in the two jars after filtration, only less than half of the jars. The filtered wine was sealed into the pottery jars, which was exactly the same jar. Use a cork with cloth strips on the outside to cover the mouth of the jar, seal it with cloth, tie it with rope, and then wrap the whole jar with paper.

Chen Qi took the bone shovel and patted the prepared wine jar and said to Ajing, "Let's go and bury the wine."

"Buried? Why bury it?"

Chen Qi cocked his head and wanted to think, yes, why bury it? "I don't know, I do it all the time when I watch TV. Maybe the wine will be more fragrant when buried in the ground?" Chen Qi is not sure about the tunnel.

Although he did not know the principle of burying wine, Chen Qi excitedly pulled Ajing to dig a pit under the fig tree in the courtyard, buried the jar and filled it with soil. He also found a board to write down today's date and put it beside it as a sign.

Chen Qi clapped his hands after the event and was stained with mud. It seemed that he could already smell the rich fragrance when the wine was dug out and opened.


In the depth of a plain far away from Qi Ze City, there is a river connected to Luoshui Lake, which belongs to a small tributary of the Dosa River.

The river here is unusually calm. If you don't look closely, you can't see the flow direction of the river, and you will think that this is just dead water. The tall and elegant white giant wolf stood by the river. He looked down at his figure reflected in the river. Suddenly he stretched out his front paw and slapped it in the river. He spat out words, "Silly dragon, send me a fish."

The calm water suddenly turned violently, and a dragon almost half the size of a giant wolf emerged from the water. if Chen Qi were here, he would surely find that the dragon in front of him was so similar to the mythical oriental dragon he knew.

The huge dragon tail rolled under the water, then rolled up a thin ichthyosaur and flung it onto the shore. Half of the dragon's body was lifted up high. Water droplets fell down little by little along his white scales. Long tentacles floated in mid-air. The dragon's voice was deep and full of magnetism. "I didn't expect you to come here."

The giant wolf god did not take a reason to the dragon, but looked at the thin ichthyosaur with abandon. he still opened his mouth and tore open the rough fur of the ichthyosaur, and began eating meat that was no longer tender.

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