After the first jar of wine was buried, Chen Qi was not in a hurry to continue making it. After all, he did not know what the wine would eventually ferment into. He planned to dig it out in a month to see how the finished product would decide whether to continue making wine or not. Anyway, it was still a long way from winter, and Chen Qi was not in a hurry.

The wound on Aze's neck was so good that even the scar could not be seen. Chen Qi also taught Ka Luo how to make life preservers during this period of time. It was still some time before the sun went down after burying good wine. With a wave of his hand, Chen Qi called Ka Luo, who was taking care of the children at home, and Aze, a group of people who were teaching several hunting teams in the school to make bows by females, to set off for Chishui River in a mighty force.

What are you doing? Of course they were taught to swim.

"Swimming?" After hearing Chen Qi's explanation, Azhang, who also made the bow, immediately put down his work and went to Chishui River with several females present.

As a result, everyone followed except the tribal guards and those who did not come back from the search for wild fruits. Chen Qi originally wanted to popularize Aze and Ka Luo churches to others. Now that it is ready, let's teach together.

Chen Qi's swimming technique is not very good. His freestyle swimming is a bit like a dog crawl, which belongs to the range that can swim without sinking, like other butterfly backstroke and so on. I'm sorry, he only knows a rough idea, but he can't swim.

Chen Qi did not teach anyone to swim. It is said that he has not been swimming formally for several years since he worked. He briefly explained the matters needing attention in swimming to others and then demonstrated the use of life buoy.

Aze has been anxiously watching Chen Qi's movements. He plans to pull Chen Qi back to the shore as soon as there is any accident. Aze cannot swim. Of course, he cannot rest assured that Chen Qi will enter the water in this way. Chen Qi can't beat him. He can only tie a rope around his waist to let the other side lead him. He won't let Aze rest assured that the water will not fall by himself.

The buoyancy of life buoy is not bad. It can fully bear the weight of an adult man. Thanks to the enthusiasm of the beast people to catch fish, now the fish automatically and consciously avoid when they see someone coming. They can't see the big fish with sharp teeth and sharp teeth. Chen Qi thinks Chishui River is lovely. However, Chen Qi did not dare to swim to the center of the river. He only returned after a simple swim on the bank of the river.

Standing in the shallow water area and wiping his face, Chen Qi handed the lifebuoy to Ah Zhang. "You can get familiar with the water first when you start learning. If you put this on your body, you will not be afraid to sink into the water."

Looking at Chen Qi's flexible figure in the water, the animals and people on the shore began to stir up a little. If they could learn this so-called swimming, they would not have to make a detour or worry about drowning if they accidentally fell into the water.

Azhang didn't specially make a tight suit as Chen Qi did. Although Chen Qi thinks everyone is a man, the Beastmen here are divided into males and females. Naturally, they can't go into the water naked. Azhang didn't take off his clothes either. He went into the water wearing camouflage pants and T-shirt.

People who can't swim have a reflective fear of water. Azhang dare not go too far, but only go to the waist and stop.

"Try to put your body flat." Chen Qi walked up to him and guided the other party to do the action.

Azhang nodded and slowly lifted his feet like Chen Qi. Half of the life buoy was pressed into the water by Azhang's weight. Beasts on the shore watched Azhang's movements nervously, especially Ali, who pulled Azhang's waist rope, swallowed saliva uncontrollably and made a decision to pull Azhang out of the water once he sank into the water.

Such as Azhang slowly float to the surface of the water, Chen Qi helped him to adjust the posture, "you try to draw water with your feet. If you are afraid, you can grab the rim, but don't scratch it too hard." Chen Qi warned.

Azhang raised his left foot and slapped the water. Perhaps it was because of too much force, the body lost its balance, and the other foot hurriedly stood tightly in the bottom of the river. Before Azhang was touched by the hand Chen Qi wanted to reach out to help each other, Azhang was already standing straight in the river.

". . . . . . Should he directly pull the other party into the deep water area to learn?


"Brother, is it here?" The shorter man looked at the red-brown wall in the distance and asked hesitantly.

There was a flicker of doubt in the beautiful blue eyes of the tall and handsome man next to him. "He said he was half an hour away from Yanshan."

"We didn't come from the direction of the Lion Wolf Tribe. Could it be that we went in the wrong direction?" The shorter man asked.

"Let's go and have a look first."


The figures of the two backpacks carrying huge skins ran cleanly towards the reddish-brown wall, as if their heavy backpacks were as light as a feather and did not cause any obstruction to their movements.

"Who?" Seeing Beastmen coming, Ale, who was guarding in front, jumped cleanly up the rope on the wall. Only the inside of the wall was equipped with wooden ladders, and only a few straw ropes were tied outside to facilitate the female guards to descend from the wall.

"We are from Luoshui tribe. Do you have a male named Chen Qi?" Axu looked at the young guard who fell from the sky and asked politely.

Ali frowned slightly and looked at the two strange Beastmen. Before going to the Lion Wolf Tribe, he was busy hooking up with the male of the Lion Wolf Tribe. He had not seen the two brothers. He didn't know after the event what the fire was caused by Chen Qi.

Seeing Ale just watching them not talking, Ashu was impatient and stepped forward. "Chen Qi said that we came here to exchange things with him. Does he live here?"

Ale saw that they were carrying a huge backpack behind them and nodded, "We have a male named Chen Qi here. You can register with me first and then find him in the tribe."

"Registration?" The two brothers looked at each other doubtfully. What was that?

Ale did not explain much, but went to a big wooden table in the door, took out a book sewn with thread from the drawer, sat down on the stool, took out a bamboo tube filled with black fruit dyeing liquid, stirred the liquid inside with a wooden stick and asked, "What are your names?"

"My name is Ashu." Ashu pointed to the man beside him. "This is my brother Axu."

Ale spread out the book, took a feather pen and stained it with a little black fruit dye. He wrote the word "Ashu" on the line visiting the book. This registration method was suggested by Chen Qi, so that no matter who came and who left, it would be clear at a glance. However, since the Yanshan tribe was merged, no one would visit. This is the first time in recent years that people from other tribes have come to look for someone. Ale's first time to do this registration is still quite fresh and a little excited.

"what's the matter? Is there a problem?" Ashu saw each other with a winged bird feathers on a strange thing painting, suddenly frowned as if in some serious problem, couldn't help asking aloud.

"How do you write Xu?" Ale swept down his chin with the feather of his quill pen. He couldn't remember how to write the word, so he looked up and wanted to ask people. But he remembered that the two men in front of him were from other tribes. Now in the whole Beastmen world, I'm afraid only the people in Qi Ze City have learned anything about the word.

As soon as Ale's words were spoken, he stood up with his notebook in his arms, ran to the side of the city wall, and began to chant at the wall full of thousands of words, "Heaven and earth are yellow, the universe is vast . . ."

Ashu looked at the wall with white background and black characters. He had not seen the characters, but felt that the characters were very strange. "What are you reading?"

"strange? Why is there no Xu character?" Ale read it again with a frown.

In a short period of three months, although the beast people have also learned many words, the real application is limited to the simplest words such as what the weather is fine today, what to eat today, and my name.

People like Ale, who always confuse words, think of a stupid way. Chen Qi wrote thousands of words at the gate of the city for the family to consult. Then he memorized the thousands of words and read them word by word to the thousands of words he did not know, so he would always find the word he needed.

Although this direction is very stupid, but the effect is good, at least they can expand their diary from one sentence to two sentences, and now they can write one sentence. Of course, although Ale forced down thousands of words, he still could not recognize them.

"What Xu character?" The two brothers were confused by Ale.

Ale sighed, drew a circle behind the name of the tree in the notebook, and then noted a "Shu elder brother" with brackets. After writing, he motioned with his hand to the two brothers. "After registration, you can enter the tribe. But now there is no one in the tribe. Chen Qi took them to Chishui River to learn swimming."

". . . . . ."

Speaking of this, Ale was depressed. Why did you choose your own guard to learn how to swim on this day? He also wants to go.

There is no habit of entertaining guests when they arrive in this world. After finishing his registration work, Ale pointed out the direction of Chen Qi's family and climbed back to the watchtower at the top of the city wall from the wooden ladder nearby to continue to guard.

The two brothers of the Luoshui tribe looked at the departed Ali and the empty tribe and looked at each other.

"Brother, what now?"

"Let's look at the tribe first and wait for Chen Qi to come back." He is quite interested in this strange tribe.

As long as it's not dangerous, no matter which tribe is not on guard against foreign animals and people, the two brothers were shocked to look at the well-planned houses, clean and spacious roads, and various lecherous needles and flowers blooming around the courtyard. They had never seen a tribe built like this before.

"Elder brother, why does this tribe look so . . . strange?" Ashu cocked his head, can't think of how to describe.

Axu smiled, "I guess it was all by Chen Qi."

"How is it possible?" Ashu looked at his brother in surprise. "That male changed the tribe into this by himself?"

Remembering that he had exchanged all the salt stones with them with his hide backpack, and later taught those who could not exchange flint how to drill wood to make fire, Axu's beautiful blue eyes flashed a light, just shook his head and did not answer his brother's question.

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