The two brothers waited until it was dark and their stomachs were almost hungry before they saw Chen Qi and his party come back.

Ale is adding oil to the oil lamps on the main road. Animal oil stored for too long in summer will deteriorate. In order not to waste it, the oil lamps will be lit at night in the tribe. The vicinity of the main road is illuminated brightly. Even people with poor eyesight can go out with the light at night. Unlike before, they can only stay at home when it is dark and cannot light.

Ashu was sitting at the gate of Chen Qi's house idly pulling a red ghost needle flower to play, suddenly saw the mighty crowd pouring into the gate, a loud gurgling up to meet up, "why did you come back so long? My brother and I have been waiting for a long time."

Chen Qi saw that the two brothers were obviously stunned. "Why are you here?"

Axu pointed to the two bulging backpacks on the ground, "I said I came to exchange things with you."

Chen Qi looked at the two brothers in amazement. He thought that the exchange would not take place until at least the tribal gathering in the early snow. He did not expect that they would come in the summer.

But Chen Qi's surprise was only a moment. He smiled and opened the gate to invite the two brothers to come in and talk again. After all, if you want to talk about business, you can't stand at the door.

Axu hesitated, looking at Aze standing beside him. Chen Qi is, after all, a male. It is not appropriate for Trade to rashly invite two single females, himself and his brother, into the house. Axu also saw that the other party did not seem to care about such a thing, but did not know whether the other party's partner would care.

Aze nodded. He remembered the two brothers. Chen Qi liked the octopus exchanged from them.

After receiving Aze's chin, Axu smiled and picked up the backpack on the ground to follow several people into the room.

Azhang and Ali took Ka Luo, who had drunk a lot of water, and Ayao, who had fallen asleep, home. Ali stayed to help take care of the large and small one before Ake came back.

Azhang did not expect people from other tribes to visit. If he remembered correctly, these two people should be the sons of the chiefs of the Luoshui tribe.

After returning Ka Luo to his home, Azhang went home first and changed into a clean suit. When he came out, he saw several people still standing by the door and came over with a smile. "Are you Ashu and Ashu from the Luoshui tribe?"

Axu looked back. he remembered Azhang and gave each other a slight nod. "we are here to exchange things with Chen Qi." His beautiful blue eyes turned around. "If you don't mind, our Luoshui tribe also hopes to exchange with you."

There are too many new things in this tribe, all of which he has never seen before. Although the only thing they can get is salt stone, judging from Chen Qi's interest in octopus last time, I feel that food exchange should also be a good choice. After all, most creatures in Luoshui Lake will not migrate away. Axu was thinking quickly.

Azhang stun, didn't expect the other party suddenly mentioned the exchange between tribes, if can directly exchange things with Luoshui tribe, there is no need to wait for the tribal assembly of the first snow every year, after pickling food with salt, Azhang knew that the demand for salt stone will only be greater this year, the salt stone they exchanged last year would have been used up, if it weren't for Chen Qi to exchange back more salt stone, is now in a state of lack of salt.

After eating refined salt, no one in Qi Ze City will use salt stone directly now.

Azhang smiled ha ha. He patted Axu on the shoulder. "Of course, we can talk about the exchange in detail tonight. You can first see what you want to exchange with us this time."

Azhang brought his two brothers into the house. Chen Qi put the lifebuoy that had been battered and broken several times by the door. The lifebuoy was still dripping with water. The above cut was obviously cut by the Beastmen's sharp fingernails. It was already very good that they could not tear the whole lifebuoy in half under panic. Chen Qi sighed. It seems that they will have to make another lifebuoy tomorrow to continue swimming.

"Ajing, take the young wolf to take a bath." Chen Qi patted Ajing's head. Ajing's bathing suit was wet, and Chen Qi was afraid he might catch a cold.

Ajing nodded and obediently took the wolf cub who didn't want to take a bath into the bathroom.

Chen Qi and Aze went back to the room to change their wet clothes first, wondering if they should build a clothes changing room by Chishui River next time. Otherwise, it would be strange not to catch a cold after wearing wet clothes for so long.

When the two men came out, Azhang had cooked a pot of chrysanthemum tea well and was pouring two cups to the two men who had never drunk tea.

Ashu looked curiously at everything around him as soon as he entered the door. Before that, he felt that these houses were twice as high as the houses of the Lion Wolf Tribe he had seen. People of his brother's height did not need to bend down to walk in them. Moreover, they were not sitting on the ground, but sitting on strange wood. Everything in the room was completely unknown. Ashu almost could not help but want to touch them.

Ashu took the pottery cup. There were no pottery makers in their tribe, and there was no pottery clay suitable for burning around the tribe. Therefore, pottery was also an essential item in the exchange with other tribes every year. Also because of the scarcity of pottery products, many tribes have made large pottery. This is the first time he has seen such small pottery products.

Looking at the light orange-yellow liquid in the cup, and a completely soaked beige daisy in it, dotted in the slightly shaking water, one cannot help but want to have a taste.

Axu put the pottery cup under his nose, smelled the taste first, and then took a sip gently. The tea was a little hot, but it was very different from the directly boiled water with little taste. There was a faint clear sweet taste. Although there was no water and milk fruit to drink, Axu, who had drunk the tea for the first time, felt very fresh and could not help taking another sip.

"It's very hot." Ashu did not have Axu Sven, because the heat insulation effect of the pottery cup was quite good, making him think that the tea was not very hot. He took a big gulp and jumped up with his mouth covered.

"You drink slowly." Axu reluctantly reminded his impetuous brother in Mao Mao.

Chen Qi, who had just changed his clothes, could not help but smile when he saw this scene. He sat opposite the two brothers and asked curiously, "What have you brought to exchange with me?"

Speaking of the exchange, Ashu hurriedly put down his cup and carried his hide backpack onto the table. The table was shaken by the sudden weight. Ashu proudly said to Chen Qi, "This is your favorite octopus. I brought a full bag, which is enough for you to eat for a year."

Chen Qi looked speechless at the bag full of dried octopus dried in the sun. Does their tribe have any food except octopus?

Ashu pointed to Axu's backpack again. "My brother's bag is full of salt stones. I don't know if you need it or not. If you don't need it, we can exchange it with people from your tribe."

". . . . . . Well, he should not expect anything special to be exchanged in this primitive society.


The giant wolf, full of food and drink, stuck out his tongue and licked the blood-stained hair on his mouth. The giant dragon in the water waited patiently for the giant wolf god to finish eating. Then he said with ease: "It is not easy to feed a fish dragon here. Since you are full, go."

Giant Wolf God gave it a scornful look. "I didn't expect the famous black dragon to have heartache for a fish dragon with only bones left. If you want to eat, what in the world can you not eat?"

There were no waves in the dragon's eyes, just a calm tunnel: "You shouldn't be on the plain."

The giant wolf god stood up and looked at each other's scales of the same color as his hair, feeling particularly dazzling, "why? Worried that you will eat me? Or are you worried that I will eat you?"

The dragon did not speak.

"I didn't expect I haven't seen you for a few years. You've changed your name quite quickly. Maybe you should change your name to White Dragon instead of black dragon."

Not far from the tall grass there was a rustling of finely broken, giant Wolf god beautiful eyes narrowed slightly narrowed, rest to wide mouth, "those little mice come to you every day? It's been so long since you've taken two bites of meat." The giant wolf god tutted twice, "the hyenas are really getting worse and worse."

As the giant Wolf god's voice just fell, a few gray figure appeared not far away, see the giant Wolf god, headed by hyenas obviously stun, then low roar twice.

The giant wolf god curled his head. "it is no wonder that he was driven out of the forest after having not learned human language for so long. if you can tear off two pieces of meat from this stupid dragon, you may be allowed to go back."

The dragon's tail churned twice in the water, with an obvious hint in his eyes that he was not good at looking at the chattering wolf, "I said, you should go back to your forest."

The giant wolf god hissed, "do I need to remind you that I will be here because of who?"

The dragon gathered its eyes slightly and softened its tone. "You shouldn't be on the plain."

The giant wolf turned around restlessly for two rounds, without saying much to the dragon. before turning around and leaving, it stopped like suddenly thinking of something. "I found a funny little thing on the plain, and it was still kept by the Beastmen. it smelled like my little sister."

The dragon's golden eyes turned to dark black in an instant. Although they soon returned to normal, the giant wolf god who had been watching them was naturally discovered. His mouth slightly rose and he said nothing more. He flicker into the tall grass beside him and disappeared in a short time.

Completely ignored hyenas rictus a face of ferocious looking at the direction of the giant Wolf god leave, finally will look to the dragon in the water, leading hyenas roar, in the distance a few head of E Long is lurking in the water slowly close to the dragon, on the other side there are several head of ankylosaurus suddenly jumped out of the grass.

The dragon moved its tentacles dangerously. "I am in a very bad mood now. If you dare to come, you are ready to stay." The golden eyes were slowly replaced by darkness, a long Xiao Long sounded, and the huge tail rolled with water waves towards the heads of E Long.

Bright red blood quickly dyed red on the surface of the water. The battle was doomed to be a situation of unilateral cruelty. Why don't they understand?

Sure enough, low intelligence is their greatest weakness.

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