There are only two rooms for Chen Qi's family to live in. Axu and his brother were invited by Azhang to stay in his family for one night. Azhang planned to take them to visit the tribe the next day because he had not decided what to exchange.

Beasts do not have any good idea to hide from other tribes. The world is very dangerous. No one knows when the destruction of the tribe will happen to them. If other tribes are stronger, it will be safer when they have no way to attach themselves.

The enemies of the Beastmen will never be Beastmen.

So Azhang did not hide anything. He took his two brothers to visit papermaking, pottery making, sewing, etc. He also attended a literacy class. The teacher of the literacy class was still Ajing. He would tell a story Chen Qi told him first, and then select some words that everyone was most interested in to teach them how to write.

Although the Beastmen did not need stories to entice them, they also learned very carefully, but obviously after listening to the stories, the interest of the Beastmen was higher than a little. Even the two Beastmen who came in midway listened with great interest and wrote a few times there with sand table with great interest.

Although paper can be made now, the demand for paper is still in short supply. Naturally, people will not waste paper to practice calligraphy at this time. They will still use sand tables made by Chen Qi before. After writing, they can reuse the sand tables with a dab of their hands. They do not need to touch the fruit dyeing liquid with one hand, which is clean and convenient.

"Whew." The arrow made of bone sank into the straw target. Aze bent down to pick up another arrow and drew his full bow again. With an arrow whistling, Aze was next to the arrow just now and hit the red heart again.

"Aze, your archery is getting better and better." Chen Qi couldn't help clapping his hands.

Aze lip angle slightly raised, contentedly enjoying Chen Qi praise.

The study of archery is not to practice archery accuracy within a fixed distance, but to increase the distance according to the accuracy, from the beginning of 10 meters, 50 meters, 100 meters to now Aze can hit 100 shots within the range of 150 meters.

It's a pity that even though the bow and arrow have been improved several times, the penetrating power of the arrow weakens as the distance is drawn away. Aze's 150 meters is already the limit of these crude bows. However far away, I'm afraid I can hit them, but the damage to the enemy will not be too great.

"This is a long-range weapon? Can you hurt your prey without approaching?" Axu's eyes looked brightly at the pure black wooden bow in Aze's hand. The bow body was dyed several times with black dyed fruits and polished with resin. It can reflect faint light in the sun and will be thought of as metal if you don't look closely.

Seeing Axu's love for wooden bows, Axu handed the bow in his hand to the other party, and then handed the other party a bone arrow. "Try it."

Axu stretched out his hand and touched the dark bow, solemnly took the arrow Aze handed over, imitating the way Aze just bent his bow and took an arrow. An arrow shot out. The arrow suddenly fell limply to the ground two or three meters away from the target.

Axu stun.

Seeing Axu's expression, Chen Qi smiled, "You are standing too far away. This kind of bow beginner is not easy to control and has a bad posture. If you do not exert your power correctly, you will miss the target." Chen Qi beckoned to him, motioned the other side to come forward, pointed to the place about 50 meters and said to him, "Your first arrow is still good in strength. Try to shoot another arrow at this distance."

Axu's face flashed a trace of embarrassment. He thought he could do it when he saw Aze shoot so easily. Unexpectedly, there were so many exquisite weapons.

According to Chen Qi's instructions, he walked a distance forward, picked up a arrow again, and when he pulled the full bow again, Aze asked him to pause for a moment, then came over and adjusted his standing posture before he tried again.

After a clear whistling sound of the arrow, the bony arrow stuck firmly into the target. Ashu, who had been watching, could not help but say, "Elder brother, let me have a try."

Axu is still recalling the feeling of the arrow just now, which is very wonderful. He also felt that as the arrow moved away from his hand, his heart stirred inexplicably. He refused his brother's request, "I will shoot another arrow."

Ashu, though keen on his handsome wooden bow, stepped back. Axu picked up an arrow, pulled the bow full according to the posture Aze adjusted just now, and wanted to think, the front right foot slightly crossed the distance of half a foot, adjusted the slightly excited breathing, arrows from the hand, this time firmly into the arrow target, the tail of the arrow still kept swinging from side to side.

Although Chen Qi knew that the beast people were very gifted at using bow and arrow, it was the first time he saw such a perfect posture. If he hadn't known that Axu was the first time he touched bow and arrow, he would have thought whether the other party was a professional player from somewhere.

Ashu couldn't see whether Axu was shooting well or not. After seeing Axu shooting, Ashu couldn't wait to get on the ground. "Brother, it's my turn."

Axu reluctantly handed the wooden bow to Ashu and retreated aside to watch.

"If you like wooden bows, you can make one yourself later." See Axu retreated to his side, Azhang said with a smile.

Hearing Azhang's words, Axu will still be immersed in the feeling of being hit by the arrow just now and pull back with a look of surprise and excitement on his face. "Would you like to teach me how to make a wooden bow?"

Azhang nodded and learned to use bows and arrows, so that the casualty rate of the Beastmen during hunting can be reduced a lot.

Axu straightened his face and estimated that he had used up all the surprises and excitement he had lived for more than 20 years at one time today. he looked at Azhang solemnly and said sincerely, "thank you."

Although their tribe did not encounter hyenas this winter, two females were accidentally dragged into the water when they went hunting in Luoshui Lake in early summer. He had just felt the power of bows and arrows and might not be able to kill those prey with thick skin and flesh. However, as long as it can be used to harass the prey from a long distance, it can also win a chance for the companions in distress.

"I will exchange the salt stone and octopus I brought with you for the method of making wooden bow." After all, he can't take other people's tribal things for nothing.

Azhang smiled. "Then you can stay here for a few more days to see what you think you need to learn to take back to the tribe."

Azhang does not intend to hide private affairs. He also knows that the number of Luoshui tribes is decreasing year by year. Now there are fewer and fewer nearby tribes. If Chen Qi teaches them these things, he will naturally be willing to teach them everything he can if he can make the self-preservation ability and living standard of other tribes better.

Since several dragon movements took place in winter, Azhang always felt a sense of unease lingering in his heart. He was worried that this kind of movement would become more frequent in the next winter. In case groups of dragons attacked, he could not stop them from the defense force of other tribes he knew.

Azhang narrowed his eyes slightly and looked up at the tall wall not far away, hoping that this thing could become the iron wall guarding them as Chen Qi said.

Ashu's understanding is not as good as Axu's. He shot seven or eight arrows in a row before finally finding the feeling. Axu patiently told him some of his own archery experiences. After all, Chen Qi was not familiar with bows and arrows, so he could only give a general description of how to use bows and arrows. The rest could only be grasped by the beasts themselves.

After several attempts, Axu and Azhang did not continue to practice. Azhang took them around the wall of the upper city. They did not feel much under the wall. Once they set foot on the top, Axu found that the wall was so wide and the thickness was estimated to be no problem to stop hyenas.

"This city wall is made of baked clay bricks." Azhang pointed to the reddish-brown wall at his feet.

Axu, who was just considering how to build such a wall in his tribe, could not help but lose sight of the look in his eyes. His tribe did not have any suitable soil for burning.

As if he had guessed what the other party thought, Azhang smiled and patted Axu on the shoulder. "Of course, there are many ways to build the city wall, not all of which are made of baked clay bricks. You can see what is the most abundant thing near your tribe, such as stones and trees, which can build the city wall."

It is difficult for Beastmen to think with divergent thinking without guidance from others. It is still possible to build the city wall with other materials. Chen Qi told him when the mud brick firing was not smooth.

After hearing Azhang's words, the light in Axu's eyes was restored again. The mud bricks could not be fired, but their tribe did not lack stones. There are rare rocky mountains around the Luoshui tribe.

After visiting the city wall, Azhang took the two brothers back to the school, because it was near noon and Chen Qi went back to cook. Before leaving, he asked Ashu if he would like to go back and cook together. He could teach him some food practices.

The two brothers had eaten the food cooked by Chen Qi last night. They had ever eaten the food cooked by other methods except roast meat and boiled meat before. Moreover, the cooked food did not have the bitter taste of salt stone. Clearly, salt stone was exchanged from their hands. As a result, others could even make salt stone more delicious than theirs. Both brothers were a little ashamed.

The time they can stay here is not too long. Axu doesn't want to waste time, but there are so many new things in Qi Ze City. After discussing, the two brothers decided that Axu should learn bow making from Azhang first, and Ashu should learn cooking from Chen Qi.

Chen Qi did not care. He was willing to teach them everything he knew.

Chen Qi had just returned home and had not yet entered the courtyard. Ale, carrying a large backpack, could not wait to see Chen Qi and shouted at him.

"What's the matter?" Looking at running flushed Ale, Chen Qi asked doubtfully.

Ale took off his backpack behind him, carefully opened it, and pulled out a basketball-sized egg with a little pale blue round spot. "What do you think this pterosaur egg can make delicious?"

". . . . . ."

Not only in Ale, but now other people in the tribe will bring Chen Qi whatever new food they find to show him what can be used to make new food. Chen Qi has not disappointed them either, and he can churn out some new things every time. Of course, the taste is not guaranteed to be delicious every time.

Chen Qi sighed in his heart, clearly his cooking skills are very general, even the Ali and ze he taught are better than his own, but in the eyes of the tribe's Beastmen, his head is hung a title called kitchen god?

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