Chen Qi took the pterosaur egg and looked up and down curiously. After thinking for a while, he said to Ale, whose eyes were shining with anticipation, "I'll make you a new food."

Ale rushed to nod, he brought the egg already have this plan.

Because people often come to the home, Chen Qi has added seven or eight small pottery cups as teacups, but this quantity is obviously not enough for the dome, so Chen Qi sent Ale to Ka Luo's house and Ali's house to borrow a few cups.

After entering the room, Chen Qi found a big pottery and put the pterosaur eggs into the pottery dish. Although the pterosaur eggs are very large and somewhat strange in appearance, they are actually the same as ordinary eggs when opened.

Chen Qi found some chopsticks and handed them to Ashu. "Can you help me break up this egg?" Chen Qi said, showing Ashu how to beat eggs, and then handed the pottery filled with egg liquid to the other party. Ashu nodded, took the chopsticks and began to beat eggs according to Chen Qi's method.

Chen Qi washed several cups in the house and wiped them dry with a cloth. At that time, Ale, who borrowed cups from the next door, came back, along with Ale and Ka Luo.

Ka Luo, holding Ayao in his arms, asked eagerly as soon as he entered, "Chen Qi, do you want to make bread?" In winter, the eggs of Ake were taken by Chen Qi to make bread. However, the baked bread was a little burnt, hard and without meat. The Beastmen were not very interested, so most of them fell into Chen Qi's stomach.

Chen Qi shook his head. He knew that the beast people did not like to eat bread. Naturally, he would not continue to make it this time. "This time it was pudding."

"pudding?" What is that?

"You will know when you have finished." Chen Qi bought a imprison son laughed.

Chen Qi asked Ashu to divide the egg liquid into two portions and handed the other portion to Ale for beating, while he went to the storage room and took out some sugar and milk nuts.

This time, Chen Qi did not want to explain to the people around him while thinking like before, but explained to several people before continuing. Fortunately, the process of making pudding is not complicated.

Chen Qi poured five or six milk nuts into the egg liquid and stirred them. Then he added a little water to the sugar and boiled it with pottery. The sugar was originally a little yellow, but after boiling it turned into a thick burnt yellow. He poured the boiled syrup into the cup, laid a thick layer on the bottom of the cup, and then took a piece of cloth that was not tightly woven to filter the beaten egg liquid twice and remove the bubbles from the egg liquid before pouring it into the cup.

An egg the size of a basketball is filled with nearly 20 cups, of course, each cup is only about 3/4 of the amount.

Cover the mouth of the cup filled with egg liquid with cattail leaf, and then fix the cattail leaf with root hair thread to prevent water vapor from leaking into the cup, and then put it into a pottery dish to steam over water.

Eggs can be cooked easily. Chen Qi took out all the puddings after steaming for about ten minutes.

Picking up one of the cups, Chen Qi removed the leaf from the mouth of the cup. A sweet smell came head on. The pudding in the cup was a nice milky yellow. Chen Qi took a spoon and handed it to Ale together with the open cup in his hand. "You have a try first." It is probably the first time to do so, Chen Qi is slightly uneasy.

Ale took it unceremoniously, scooped up a large spoon and put it into the import. It was tender, smooth, sweet, and smelled of milk. "Delicious." Ale looked at Chen Qi adoringly and knew that Chen Qi could turn this pterosaur egg into delicious food.

Chen Qi gave everyone present a cup, even the obsidian and young Wolf are no exception, young Wolf that Chen Qi directly help it pour into its special Xiao Mu dish, caramel has formed a thin piece at the bottom, Chen enabled the spoon to stir caramel into the pudding, this just let young Wolf eat.

The pudding mixed with caramel is sweeter. The young wolf licks his lips after eating one mouthful, and occasionally he half squints and enjoys a small appearance. After eating his share, he runs to Chen Qi and blinks his big eyes at Chen Qi piteously, hoping that the other party can give him some more.

After each person gave a Chen Qi will Azhang three people's share of the stay, the rest let Ale take away, pterosaur eggs, after all, is Ale back, Ale also you're welcome, picked up the rest of the pudding and ran to find Asu, going to let the rest of the tribe also try to see, it is estimated that from tomorrow on, the dragon in the forest will even meet a bunch of egg thieves coveting their eggs.

Axu and Ashu stayed in the tribe to study for three days. Of course, they wouldn't eat and drink for nothing in Qi Ze City. On the third day, they followed Azhang into the forest to hunt. This time, they even returned a lone female antelope.

After dinner that day, Chen Qi routinely asked Axu to tell him about the Luoshui tribe, from the situation around the tribe to their hunting, then some trivial things happened in the tribe, and finally to the seemingly endless saline lake called Luoshui Lake.

Perhaps because the Luoshui tribe is far away from the forest, facing water and surrounded by various rocky mountains, the Luoshui tribe has not been attacked by hyenas for decades.

Among these things, Chen Qi was very interested in the Luoshui Lake and made detailed inquiries with Axu. He doubted whether the salty lake called Luoshui Lake would be a sea.

Chen Qi once received a message of this world when he came to this world, but the message did not mention the sea. Chen Qi once thought that there was no sea in this world.

Ashu saw Chen Qi's interest in Luoshui Lake and patiently told Chen Qi what had happened on Luoshui Lake. Although they could not swim, they all depended on Luoshui Lake for hunting. Luoshui Lake provided enough food for their tribe to survive so that they did not need to venture into the forest.

"If you like Luoshui Lake so much, do you want to see it with your own eyes?" Axu suggested after putting an end to what he said.

"Yes, Chen Qi, do you want to visit our tribe? People from our tribe all live in caves, which is very different from yours. You must not have seen it." Ashu this period of time every day to follow Chen Qi cooking, already prostrate under Chen Qi food, almost became Chen Qi's little brother, now heard his brother invited Chen Qi to his tribe, also hurriedly said.

Sitting next to help Chen Qi organize life preservers, Aze paused in his hand, raised his head and looked at Axu with poor eyes. What does he mean? Should Chen Qi be taken from him?

Axu saw Aze's eyes and knew that the other party had misunderstood him. He hurriedly explained: "I mean you can come to our tribe as guests, just like Ashu and I came to your tribe to exchange things this time. Don't you like the food in our tribe very much? These foods have been pickled with salt stone and taste bad. After you go to our tribe, you can directly hunt this kind of prey. Fresh octopus is much better than these octopus."

Heard that Axu called himself up, not to rob Chen Qi, ze eyes bad instantly dispersed, he looked at Chen Qi, if Chen Qi want to go, he will naturally go with each other.

Chen Qi stun, a little heart.

Azhang, who was sitting next to him, thought for a moment and interjected, "Why don't I let the people in the tribe bring something to exchange with you? The bag of salt stones you brought here is not enough for the needs of our entire tribe." Now a lot of leftover food has begun to be pickled, and the dried vegetables that have already been pickled are in great demand for salt every day. I'm afraid that the big bag of salt brought by Axu for exchange is not enough to last until winter.

"Yes, the pottery and clothes you made, as well as the paper, must be something the people in our tribe would like to exchange." After a pause, Axu said admiringly, "If only I could exchange words with you."

Ashu also nodded in agreement. During their stay here, the two brothers only learned to write their own names. Although they only learned one word, the two brothers were also very happy. This word is unique to them. No matter who sees this word, they will know that it is their own name.

Axu has seen Ale leave a message to the next successor on the daily guard's notepad before. They don't need to speak, just look at the words to know what the other party says. This method is really too novel for the Beastmen who have not touched the words. Unfortunately, they don't have so much time to learn the words with the people of Qi Ze City.

Chen Qi looked at Azhang in amazement. He didn't expect the other party to propose an exchange with the Luoshui tribe when the two of them visited this time. If a deal can be established with the Luoshui tribe, there will be no need to break off the amount of salt used to live in the future.

"Your tribe is so far away, will it be a drag if I follow?" Chen Qi hesitated for a moment and asked, to know that at his walking speed, he could not walk far at all. If Aze was allowed to go behind his back, the amount of things that he could take to exchange goods would naturally decrease a lot. That would almost be to run around in vain and come back.

Azhang jokingly patted Aze, who was immersed in his work. "Have you forgotten your Aze? You don't need to walk to let him walk behind your back."

Axu nodded, "If you are worried that you can't bring anything, I can help you move back."

Take us to the Luoshui tribe and then help us carry things back and then go back? Several black lines appeared on Chen Qi's forehead.

Chen Qi looked back at Aze, who seemed to feel Chen Qi's eyes. Aze raised his head and smiled at him. "If you want to go, go, I will accompany you."

Hearing Aze's words, Chen Qi felt warm in his heart. He wanted to nod to Axu, "Let's go to Luoshui Tribe with you when you go back." Maybe he can find some new things to eat along the way.

Ashu cheered happily, he can follow Chen Qi to continue to learn cooking.

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