Azhang only arranged two people, Ali and Asu, to go with Chen Qi to the Luoshui tribe to exchange resources. After all, the Luoshui tribe is too far away from Qi Ze City. If too many people leave the tribe, the defense and hunting of the tribe will be weakened.

Several people stayed in the tribe for another five days or so, during which Ashu's wooden bow was also ready. Ashu looked envious. Azhang also gave him a handful, but the arrows needed to be made by themselves.

Pottery bowls and cups have also been made a lot, followed by cloth. The cloth woven with root hair is tough and not easy to wear. Now the weather is getting hotter and hotter. It is much cooler to change into this cloth than to wear fur skirts.

I didn't bring much paper. The two brothers helped Azhu cut down the paper-making materials for several days and pounded the paper pulp for several days. It was not difficult to make, but Axu got started soon.

The skill of making bamboo screens is not something that can be learned in a few days. Axu asked the old females in Qi Ze City to help make a batch of bamboo screens. He plans to return to the tribe and bring what they need in exchange for these bamboo screens.

The two brothers have been busy almost every day these days, and they can come into contact with new things every day. Axu has a feeling that if he lives in Qi Ze City for a long time, he will surely see more new things.

Because it would take about two months to go back and forth this time, Chen Qi brewed several more jars of wine. this time, Ali also came to learn how to brew.

"This wine has used up all the sugar. Please make some more sugar when you are free." Chen Qi sealed the filtered wine into the jar and said to Ali.

Ali nodded, "Azhang will not hunt tomorrow, then let him go to the forest to pick some water and milk fruits."

This time the grapes were fully brewed into five jars of wine, and Ali also brewed two jars. Chen Qi buried them under the fig tree in the yard after sealing the jar.

"Will these drinks be buried until you come back?" See Chen Qi has buried the wine well, Ali asked him.

Chen Qi wrote today's date on a board and inserted it into the place where the wine was buried. "Well, I heard that the longer the wine is fermented, the more mellow it will be. You have never seen wine before. Let me come back and see if there is any problem with the wine." After all, Chen Qi is also the first time to make wine, and he is not sure that there will be no problem when this wine is made.

Two people are talking, suddenly heard a knock on the door, looking back is to see the bamboo standing outside, his arms still holding a thick pile of paper.

"Just come in when you come." Chen Qi put the hoe away. A hoe made of bone is not very effective in digging the ground. It is not as good as the nails of the female animals. Unfortunately, there is no metal ore in the plain. Otherwise, Chen Qi would like to make some ironware.

Azhu pushed aside the gate with his body, walked to Chen Qi and handed Chen Qi the paper in his arms. "I have all the paper you want."

Chen Qi twisted up a piece of paper and looked at it. The texture of the paper made this time was slightly finer than before. He accepted the paper with satisfaction and praised: "Your paper making skills are getting better and better now. You can try to make the paper thinner and softer."

Hearing Chen Qi's praise of Azhu, he was a little shy. He nodded, "Go back and let me study it with Grandpa."

After this period of recuperation, Azhu has not been as thin as he was at the beginning. a little bit of flesh has begun to grow on his little face, and his complexion is ruddy. he smiled and his two little tiger teeth are very cute.

After delivering the things, Azhu plans to leave. Now he and Acheng are almost responsible for the paper for the entire tribe and are very busy every day.

"Wait a minute." Chen Qi stopped Azhu, who wanted to leave, and moved the paper back into the room. Then he took out two steaming cups with cattail leaves tied to their mouths.

Azhu couldn't help swallowing saliva when he saw what Chen Qi was holding. His eyes stuck to the cup and couldn't move.

Chen Qi smiled and handed him the two cups. "Aze found a pterosaur egg this morning. I made some pudding. Take it back to eat with Acheng."

Azhu was pleasantly surprised to receive the two cups. "Thank you." Now the hunting party occasionally finds a few eggs, and Azhu also got one before, but he clearly followed Chen Qi's instructions, but the taste he made was not as sweet and tender as Chen Qi's. he gave up after only one attempt. I didn't expect to be able to eat the pudding Chen Qi made by himself.

After thanking Chen Qi, Azhu rushed home with the pudding. He could not wait to taste the pudding.

After bamboo left, Chen Qi went back to the house and began to sort out the paper. He buried the two jars of wine he had brewed. As soon as he came back from washing his hands, he saw Chen Qi cramming all the paper into his hide backpack. He was stunned. "Chen Qi, are you going to exchange so much paper with the Luoshui tribe?" Even the two brothers Ashu didn't plan to bring paper. They have learned the art of paper making. Then they can go back to the tribe and make it directly. Why carry such a big bag of paper so far?

"No." Chen Qi shook his head. "I intend to use these papers myself."

"for your own use?"

"Mmm." Chen Qi tied up the mouth of the hide backpack, then raised his head and smiled at Ali. "I plan to draw all the scenery along the way."

The journey from Qi Ze City to Luoshui Tribe is very long. After Chen Qi came to this world, he went to Luoshui Tribe once, except for the Lion Wolf Tribe. This trip was a real trip. He not only wanted to draw the unique scenery along the way, but also planned to draw a map from Qi Ze City to Luoshui Tribe.

After preparing almost everything that needs to be exchanged, a group of six people set out for the Luoshui tribe. Because of his young age, Chen Qi did not trust him to live alone, so he was allowed to take his young wolf back to Ali's house.

Chen Qi only carried a large backpack of painting tools, giving him the illusion of going out to sketch when he was a student. Aze carried a large backpack of pickled meat, which was the food for several people on the road, but Chen Qi, who met edible plants along the way, asked them to pick some, so they did not lack food.

Axu is also the first time for the two to go out without food control. Although most of the wild vegetables found by Chen Qi do not meet their taste, at least they will not be hungry.

At noon, several people rested in an acacia tree. Chen Qi asked Aze to carry himself to the top of the tree, then Aze helped to cook and eat. Chen Qi took out fruit dyeing liquid and feather pen, roughly recorded the situation of the place he passed, and then drew a simple picture of the scenery around the acacia tree.

There is no special scenery on the Dora Plain. No matter where you go, you can see the same things. Except for some messy weeds and tall grass, there are the ubiquitous acacia trees. If it weren't for someone to lead the way, Chen Qi couldn't tell where they were going.

Seeing Chen Qi looking up for a while and drawing again, Axu was a little curious and climbed up the tree trunk to Chen Qi's side. Chen Qi, who was immersed in the drawing, did not find anyone nearby.

After marking the last tall grass with words, Chen Qi gently dried the fruit dye on the paper, then slowly rolled it up, tied it with a rope and stuffed it back into the backpack.

"What did you draw?" Chen used black fruit dyeing liquid, and his paintings were not detailed. Most of them were marked with words. Axu only knew his own name now. He couldn't understand other words at all. He couldn't help asking curiously.

Chen Qi was startled by the sudden appearance of voices around him. Looking back, he saw Axu coming to see the big face of the painting. "I am recording the scenery on the road and plan to draw a map."

"Maps?" What is that?

"Well, with the map, even people who have never been to the Luoshui tribe can find the Luoshui tribe with this map." There is no accurate measuring tool here. Chen Qi can only draw a map with the help of some scenery along the way.

Under the tree Ale smell speech, raised his head, "this thing is so easy to use? After that, if you have this map, you will not be afraid to get lost." Ale grew up in Yanshan Tribe since childhood. The farthest place he went was Lion Wolf Tribe. This time he was sent to Luoshui Tribe to exchange goods, not to mention how happy he was.

Asu knocked on his head, "Would you read it if it worked?" Now he is the only one in the tribe who can't write half of the thousands of words silently. Every time he wants to write anything, he has to run to the wall with thousands of words on his back several times, but he still can't write what he can't write afterwards. Asu couldn't understand how he did it. As a female, his memory is even inferior to that of a male.

Ale muffled his head and muttered, "Chen Qi will teach."

Asu turned over a supercilious look and ignored him.

Aze climbed to the top of the tree to carry Chen Qi down. Several people simply had lunch and started off. There is still a long way to go. They cannot waste too much time on rest.

For several days in a row, Chen Qi saw almost the same scenery on the plain. If he hadn't kept a good record every time he took a rest, he might have confused his time with the same scenery for several days in a row.

The Dora Plain without animals is very quiet. You can hardly hear any other sounds except the wind and the rustle of the grass when the females are running. Now the noon sun is very harsh. Chen Qi taught them to make some straw hats with cattail leaves as shade.

Chen Qi didn't have to walk, lying on Aze's back. When running, he brought a cool wind to hit him, making him feel a little sleepy.

After walking for about a week, Chen Qi finally saw the most spectacular and different scenery on the plain.

One of the largest rivers in the world, the largest river in the Dora Plain, is the Dora River with numerous tributaries.

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