"Aze, can I come and have a look?" The rumbling sound of water shook Chen Qi's heart. Chen Qi patted Aze on the shoulder and motioned the other party to stop.

Hearing Chen Qi's inquiry, Aze stopped Asu who was walking in front.

"Has Chen Qi never seen the Dorsal River?" Asu asked later.

"I haven't seen it either." Ale held up his hands and expressed his opinion. The Luoshui tribe is not on the other side of the Dorsal River. According to their direction of advance, they will leave the range of the Dorsal River as long as they walk a little further. Ale, who has traveled far for the first time, also wants to take a closer look at such a spectacular river.

Asu smiled and inquired about the opinions of Axu's two brothers. Axu has come to attend the meetings held by the Lion Wolf Tribe over the past few years. He has passed through the Dorsal River several times, but he has not seen it closely. At the moment, everyone else wants to see it. He cannot help but be aroused a little interest.

"Then let's go and have a look." Seeing that a few people had no problem, Chen Qi could not wait to urge Aze to pass quickly.

Most of the Beastmen in the Dora Plain live in the vicinity of the Dora River or its tributaries. Only the original Yanshan tribe has always insisted on living in the Chishui River.

The river surface of the Dorsal River is very wide, and the situation across the river can only be seen reluctantly. The river bank is not the floodplain formed by the impact of the current. The bank is much higher than the river surface. This is just a rocky area. The rocks on the bank are rounded and smooth by the impact of the current, perhaps due to the long-term immersion of moisture. The rocks on the bank are covered with thick moss.

The water of the Dora River is not clear, with a little reddish brown. The roaring water can match that of the Yellow River during the flood period. It is said that there are two tall rocky mountains in a relatively narrow place across the whole river, connecting the plains on both sides of the Dora River, which is the only way for animals to migrate every year. Thanks to the two rocky mountains, the Dora Plain will not be split into two by the Dora River.

Chen Qi came down from Aze's back. The water splashed on the rocks with a layer of mist. The wind blew on Chen Qi's face. In such hot weather, Chen Qi relaxed and narrowed his eyes slightly.

"Don't come too close." Aze took Chen Qi's hand and warned.

"Well, I'll look at it on the bank of the river."

Chen Qi looked around and found a much higher rock not far away. There were not too many weeds around. He could clearly see the dry surface of the rock. Chen Qi pointed to the rock. "Aze, let's go there."

Aze took the heavy backpack behind Chen Qi and carried it to his back. He looked up at the direction Chen Qi pointed out. The rock was very big and the surface looked smooth. Aze nodded, took Chen Qi's hand and walked to the side near the river bank. Then he nodded and replied, "Good."

By this time it was nearly noon, and Asu was going to rest directly on the bank of the river. Ale took a rope from his backpack, tied a fishhook made of bone, strung a bit of bacon to make bait, and took Ashu to find a suitable place to fish. It was just another matter whether he could catch the surging water on the river.

Axu and Asu put their luggage on a nearby acacia tree, cleared a clearing under the tree, set up a small fire, and took out a small pottery to start cooking tea. It is very greasy to drink broth in this weather, but daisy tea can relieve the greasy feeling and relieve the summer heat.

Asu saw that the others had gathered happily to the bank of the river and said to Axu, "It seems that they don't want to leave for a while. They won't eat barbecue this noon. I'll make something else to eat." In order to travel these days, they all roasted or boiled the bacon casually, ate it directly and then went on their way. They didn't have time to make a good meal.

Axu smiled, "Let me help you."


Asu tied the rope to the big bamboo tube he carried with him, went to the river to get water and returned it. He also found a flat stone to clean it up and took it back as a chopping block.

Chen Qi and Chen Qi climbed onto the big rock. The wind came head-on with moisture and took away the heat. Aze took Chen Qi's hand and wouldn't let him get too close to the shore.

This place can see the surrounding scenery clearly. The rushing river flows to a distance that cannot see the end. Chen Qi can't imagine how big a rocky mountain can be to cross such a river and still be able to withstand the migration of animals on the whole plain without falling down. I'm afraid that the scene is no worse than that of the Duosa River.

Chen Qi felt a surge of pride in his chest as he looked at the river. He could not help but want to recite a song about Cao Cao's view of the sea to express his feelings at this moment.

"Is the San Chen River the same as the Dorsal River?"

Aze shook his head. "The water in the San Chen River is calmer."

"Three Chen river is not bigger than the Dorsal river? Can the river be calm with such a wide width?" Chen Qi asked slightly surprised.

"Well, I'll show you next time I have a chance."

"Good." Chen Qi close to kiss the kiss Aze lip Angle as a reward.

"Aze, give me your backpack. I'm going to draw the Dorsal River."

Aze was flushed by Chen Qi's sudden move. He secretly looked at the others and found that no one was paying attention to this side before he breathed a sigh of relief. He could not adapt to such things as making out in front of people at any time.

After taking the backpack handed over by Aze, Chen Qi turned out the paper and feather pen, as well as a dozen small bamboo tubes filled with various kinds of fruit dyeing liquid. Chen Qi handed Aze a relatively larger bamboo tube. "Aze, please help me get some water back."

Aze nodded, picked up the bamboo tube, jumped off the rock, and found a relatively close place to fetch water.

Chen Qi sat down and slowly spread out the paper. Before, all the pictures he drew on the road were sketches of black fruit paintings. This time he wanted to paint the Dorsal River in detail. After Aze returned from playing water, Chen Qi asked him to discuss with several people in Asu whether he could stay at the Dorsal River for one day today. Aze looked at Chen Qi, who was completely immersed in painting, and smiled helplessly. He went to look for Asu under the acacia tree.

The fish in the Dorsal River are much fiercer than those in the Chishui River. Ali and Ashu lie quietly in the grass and tightly hold the rope tied with the fishhook. The end of the rope is tied with stone, and they sink deeply into the water with the fishhook.

"Can you really catch fish in this way?" Looking at the swaying rope washed by the river, Ashu asked suspiciously that he had eaten fish food when he was in Qi Ze City. Although the cooking method was a bit complicated, the fish was much more delicious than the soft boneless creatures in their Luoshui Lake.

It's a pity that there are too many things to learn in Qi Ze City, and I have to help hunt and find all kinds of materials used to make paper, pottery, bamboo and sieve. Ashu has no time to go to Chishui River to learn how to fish.

"Of course, I can catch a lot of fish in Chishui River in this way every time. Please don't talk and just wait patiently." Ale replied softly.

Two people gather together very close, Ale breathing spray to the tree's ear, let him feel itchy ears, can't help but moved back.

Is the tree to move the body clearance, suddenly feel the hands of the rope was a strong pull, the tree reflexively hold the rope, and then the whole people were pulled forward a stumble, Ale hurriedly put his arm around each other's waist, turn over, one foot firmly stepped into the soil in front of, in order to reduce the strength of the forward rush.

Another empty hand stretched out in the past, took the rope in the hands of the tree, quickly wrapped around his arm a few times, after the rope is fixed, let go of the tree, holding the rope in both hands, back over the body suddenly a hard, a head of almost adult orcish thick black brown catfish was pulled off the surface of the water, over the heads of the two people, firmly flung into the grass beside.

Ale's left hand quickly zoomed out. He stepped forward with one hand holding the fish head of the fish still struggling. On the other hand, his sharp claws cut through the throat of the fish, cutting off almost all the fish head. Blood dyed red the tender green grass at his feet.

All this happened in a split second. When the tree came back to life, Ale was already excited to cut off the gas. The big fish, which was twitching reflexively, opened its belly and its head and internal organs had been thrown into the rushing river.

Chen Qi, who was sitting on the rock, just saw this scene and was shocked by the posture of the big fish jumping into the air. It was the first time he saw Ale's action of handling prey so quickly, which was totally different from the way he usually gave people a little long and dull. Chen Qi drew out another blank piece of paper, closed his eyes and recalled what he had just seen. When he opened his eyes again, his feather pen was stained with black fruit dye. He brushed and drew the moment when the big fish was pulled ashore by Ale.

"You're amazing." Ashu, who was also shocked, murmured praise.

Carrying the treated big fish to his shoulder, Ale felt a little embarrassed and touched his nose. "Let's go, we can eat fresh meat at noon." For more than a week on the day when he ate baked bacon or boiled bacon, Ali was going to vomit. After receiving fresh food, Ale could not imagine how he could stand eating barbecue with bitter salt and stone taste every day before he came to Qi Ze City.

As the saying goes, it is easy to go from extravagance to extravagance, but difficult to go from extravagance to extravagance.

I just found some wild potatoes and some wild vegetables nearby. Asu, who was preparing to take out pickled meat for lunch, saw Ale coming back with the big fish and took it over with a smile. "You little boy, I didn't expect that the surging river water would let you catch the fish."

Ale smiled and pointed to Ashu, who was behind him. "I didn't catch it, Ashu caught it."

"If it weren't for you, I would have been dragged into the river by this fish," Ashu said with a wave of his hand.

Axu heard this and knocked his stupid brother on the head mercilessly. "If you are dragged into the river by such a fish, you don't have to come back." Such a prey is not half as big as the prey normally hunted. If people know that such a prey cannot be solved, they are ashamed to say that they are from Luoshui tribe.

Ashu looked sadly at his brother and did not dare to reply.

"All right, all right, the game is back. We'll rest here today and start again tomorrow. Since we've found fresh game, let's eat fish for a while." Asu mirth to dozen circle field.

Ale was stunned. "Don't we have to hurry today?"

"Chen Qi needs to draw something here, and we will not go until he finishes."

Ale's eyes lit up when he heard this. Before he could speak, Asu gave him a look. "You don't want to make trouble. You don't want to find Chen Qi until sunset."

"I just want to see what he is drawing, and I don't want to make trouble." Ale slumped down his shoulder in frustration, but he also dismissed the idea of running to the rocks. Since he could not watch, he went around this afternoon to see if there were any useful plants. When he went out, Azhang gave them a small picture book with various useful plants. Azhang carefully drew the appearance of various plants on the picture book, and also marked their usage and treatment methods beside it. These were all compiled by Chen Qi in recent months. There were only two such picture books, one of which was left in the tribe and the other was brought out by Asu. Azhang let them find appropriate ones on the road.

Aze and Asu returned to the rocks after greeting. Many people here don't need him to help cook and eat. Although there are no animals on the plain now, it doesn't mean there is no danger. Aze doesn't trust Chen Qi alone.

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