The rushing river is like an indefatigable roaring sound as it passes away into the distance. On the tall rocks, a young man quietly dyed magnificent colors on slightly rough paper to give a magnificent view, while beside him, another tall and cool young man sat quietly not far away, looking at the person in front who was seriously clinging to the brush, his eyes full of tenderness.

The afterglow of the setting sun lazily dragged the two figures far away. The shadows melted over the rocks into the rushing river below, and were instantly dashed to pieces by the rushing river. After a while, they were reunited again, going round and round, just like this never-ending river.

"Chen Qi, Aze, the sun is going down. Do you want to continue painting?" Afraid of disturbing them, Ale only stood under the rock and asked at a distance.

Chen Qi dropped the last pen, picked up the paper and blew on the unfinished fruit dye. He looked at the sky, handed the finished painting to Aze nearby, stood up and stretched himself. It was a long time since he had been drawing continuously. Chen Qi felt that the afternoon was extremely satisfied. "We will go back after finishing the painting."

Ale nodded and went back to the acacia tree first. In the afternoon, they found many plants. When Chen Qi came back later, he still needed to see if the plants were found correctly. There were also some plants that had not been painted in the small picture album. Chen Qi was also needed to see if they were useful. If they were useful, he could pick some more.

"What's the matter?" Chen Qi looked back and saw Aze staring at the painting in his hand in a trance.

Aze raised his head, the sun softened Chen Qi's face contour, and the strands of hair on his temples turned golden yellow due to the backlighting. Aze handed the paper in his hand forward and asked uncertainly, "Is this me?"

Chen Qi bowed his head slightly and saw the picture with the sunset. A cool young man sat quietly on one side, as if he were guarding something precious. He smiled gently, "Yes."

Aze paused and took back the painting. The dye on it was not completely dry. He did not dare to reach out and touch it for fear of damaging the whole picture. He looked at the picture steadily for a while and asked softly, "Can you draw in next time?"

". . . . . . Chen Qi was stunned. He didn't think too much when he drew this last painting. He just saw Aze sitting in the sunset and was suddenly touched. He drew down exactly what he saw in his eyes.

"Give me the picture." Chen Qi sat down again, picked up the brush pen still soaked in the bamboo tube for washing pens, held out his hand and said to Aze.

Aze handed the painting to Chen Qi, who dipped a little paint again and drew the outline of another figure with a few simple strokes next to the figure inside. The figure was a little shorter than the original one, just sitting in the direction of the original one's eyes, as if he should have been there.

Chen Qi handed the redrawn painting to Aze, "This painting is for you."

Aze took the painting over again with a look of surprise on his face. He looked at Chen Qi and then at the two people next to each other in the painting and said softly, "Thank you."

Seeing Aze holding the picture with his hands, Chen Qi smiled and simply tidied up the things. Those pictures that had been completely dried out on one side were carefully packed with cloth bags. The cloth bags were dyed with several layers of gum fruit liquid, which had waterproof effect. Chen Qi specially made them to contain the various paintings drawn during the trip.

The water used to wash the pens has become so dirty that Chen Qi can only casually pour it into the wild grass on one side and put the bamboo tube and pens back into the fur backpack after washing them.

Chen Qi carried the animal skin backpack behind him, "Aze, let's go home."


The pagoda tree, which was temporarily located, was not far from the rock. It took Aze a few minutes to get there without backing Chen Qi. Aze reluctantly handed over the painting to Chen Qi for safekeeping until the painting was almost completely dry.

"Chen Qi, what did you draw?" As soon as they came back, Ale could not wait to meet them.

Chen Qi smiled, "Do you want to see it?"

"Mmm." Ale nodded hastily, as if remembering something, and added hastily: "Not only do I want to see it, they also want to see it." Ale pointed to the other three people who had gathered together.

Chen Qi looked at the other three in surprise. Asu coughed awkwardly. Axu's two brothers looked at him expectantly. In the afternoon, Ale showed them Chen Qi's small atlas of plants. Although they didn't understand what Chen Qi painted a few days ago, they could see what the small atlas was because of the color.

There is a distance from the rock, but the female's good eyesight still makes them vaguely see all kinds of fruit dyeing liquid put out by Chen Qi, knowing that Chen Qi's painting must also be something as colorful as the atlas, so the two brothers were not curious enough to know what Chen Qi would draw.

Chen Qi looked at them with amusement and handed the cloth bag with pictures to several people. "See for yourselves."

Axu solemnly took it and carefully opened the cloth bag. The other three heads hurriedly leaned in and waited expectantly for Axu to take out the painting.

Chen Qi smiled and shook his head. He pulled Aze to the fire first. Dinner was already ready. Asu cooked a pottery fish soup. On the ground beside the fire were several huge cattail leaves, which were filled with huge fried meat cakes and many fillets fried with slates.

Chen Qi picked up a clean piece of cattail leaf and put it on the ground. He took Aze to sit on it. He used a small piece of cattail leaf as a bowl and folded the branches into temporary chopsticks to put a little of each of the meat pie and fried fish slices on the cattail leaf and handed it to Aze.

Aze has dug out a pottery bowl from his hide backpack and handed Chen Qi a large bowl of fish soup. "Drink some soup before eating." Chen Qi was immersed in the painting all afternoon. He didn't even have a drink of water. Aze was afraid of disturbing him, so he also endured not to make any noise to remind him. At the moment, he looked at each other's slightly dry lips and said lovingly.

Chen Qi took a sip of Aze's hand and added ginger and scallion to the fish soup to remove the fishy smell. Although the fishy smell was not completely removed, it was also delicious. He smashed his mouth and pushed the bowl back to Aze's lips. "It's delicious. You drink a little too."

Aze took a sip at the place Chen Qi had just drunk, "Well, it's delicious."

"Chen Qi, you are so good. How did you draw it?" Ale came running with the empty cloth bag, interrupting the slightly ambiguous atmosphere between the two. A pair of star eyes stared at Chen Qi for a moment without blinking. If Aze hadn't grabbed the other's collar and pulled it off, it was estimated that Ale could jump directly onto Chen Qi. If conditions allowed, he would have to lick a few more to express his admiration for Chen Qi.

Chen Qi painted only seven or eight paintings this afternoon, which were not annotated with a lot of words as before. Ale finished reading them in a short time.

"Is this a picture of you and Aze?" After handing over the picture to Asu, Axu asked with the last sunset picture.

Aze's ears turned red and he hurriedly grabbed the painting back and received it behind him. Axu rolled his eyes. Everyone here has seen it. Is it too late to put it away now?

Chen Qi looked at Aze, who was shy but calm, and nodded at Axu to answer his question.

"You did a good job of drawing the Dorsal River." Asu tidied up the painting, took the sacks of the musicians and repackaged them before handing them back to Chen Qi.

"Chen Qi, can you teach me to draw such a picture?" The tree asked expectantly.

"I, I, I, I want to learn." Ale hurriedly raised his hand for fear that Chen Qi would only promise to teach Ashu not to teach him.

Chen Qi handed the cloth bag to Aze and smiled at several people. "You can draw it at any time if you want to learn, but it is not so easy to draw it well. Although I seem to draw it very simply, I have drawn it for more than ten years."

"More than ten years?" Ale looked at Chen Qi incredulously. He had never asked Chen Qi's age. He looked at each other's appearance and thought that Chen Qi had just come of age. Thinking that it would take so long to paint as well as Chen Qi, Ale could not help but give up.

Ashu shook his fist. "It's okay. You teach me first and I can learn slowly." The picture just seen kept playing back in Ashu's mind. Ashu also hoped that he could draw what he saw in front of him like Chen Qi, so that they could be fixed forever.

Seeing Ashu's firm attitude, Ale gritted his teeth. "I can learn it first."

"Do you two want to learn?" Chen Qi asked Axu and Asu who were on the side.

The two men looked at each other. Although Ashu was not as interested in painting as Ashu was, there was no harm in learning. They both nodded and said they wanted to learn.

Chen Qi smiled, took out some unused blank paper from his backpack and handed it to several people. Then he gave them a black colored fruit and several feather pens. "Take these things and draw down what you want to draw first. I'll talk to you later." Chen Qi took enough paper to go out this time. He was not afraid of waste at all. Seeing a few people's eager look on their faces, he could only send them to play first. He and Aze haven't had dinner yet. Now it is more important to fill their stomachs.

Several people got the instructions, happily adjusted the dyed fruit and divided it into four parts. Each one took his own materials to find what he wanted to paint and drew it.

Chen Qi waved to Aze, who was standing nearby, "Aze, come and eat."

Aze put the cloth bag on the acacia tree before turning over and sitting next to Chen Qi. The two began to enjoy their own dinner.

Beasts seemed unable to understand only black and white pictures. Looking at the four pictures that did not know what they were painting, Chen Qi gave several people a little bit of fruit dyeing liquid of other colors. Although the painting was still not like this, at least it could be seen where they were painting.

Chen Qi briefly explained to them some knowledge of painting techniques, and then demonstrated it to them again. After sunset, several people drew a burning fire with the light of the fire. As a result, Aze, who joined in behind, was the best and most brilliant painter.

Holding the fire drawn by Aze, Chen Qi asked with a little pride and depression, "Aze, what else can you learn?" Wife can do anything. He will be under a lot of pressure.

Aze was very happy to hear Chen Qi's question. Chen Qi has too many things to learn. He must work harder to deserve each other. "I can learn anything as long as you teach me." Aze looked steadily at Chen Qi, as if he were promising a general answer.

Chen Qi stun, the in the mind warm stretched out his hand and rubbed his soft hair, could not help but gather together to Aze lip Angle edge and chew a mouthful of, to Aze face fever also pretend to be a calm.

After this drawing study, all the people who had been busy on their way slowed down their pace unconsciously.

Chen Qi did not draw color paintings every time. He still drew a brief outline of the surrounding situation during his rest and made records. These are the materials prepared for drawing maps in the future. Once in a while, after other people's paintings had new ones, he would comment on them one by one in the evening. Sometimes he would give them a demonstration or directly modify their original drawings. This feeling made Chen Qi have a sense of accomplishment when he went back to high school and watched the teachers comment on the paintings in the studio.

Although the journey slowed down a lot, there were no other special scenes worth Chen Qi's stay after leaving the Dorsa River. However, many plants that had not been seen near Qi Ze City were found along the way. Several people who had already carried a lot of luggage fully added two big bags of baggy luggage, and the strength of the females was strong enough. Adding such a little weight would not affect their speed.

Whether walking fast or slow, the destination is getting closer and closer to several people. Almost a month later, Chen Qi finally saw the outline of the rocky mountains that can be seen vaguely in the distance. The Luoshui tribe is located in a large rocky mountain, because there are enough rocky mountains and they are big enough. It is simply the best landmark to recognize in this endless plain.

"Our tribe is just behind that rocky mountain."Axu pointed to the remote mountain shadow and said to the people who had been driving for almost a month and were slightly tired.

Everyone was secretly relieved to hear Axu's words. The Luoshui tribe is really too far away from Qi Ze City, but it is finally coming.

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