Although the shadow of Yanshan can already be seen, the distance even the speed of the females takes most of the time. After discussing with several people, Asu decided to take a rest on the spot before starting out.

There aren't many pagoda trees here, but there are a few exceptionally thick and tall kapok trees. The flowers on the trees haven't opened yet. The branches are crowded with flowers. Even the whole tree will be decorated with flowers in a few days.

Aze carried Chen Qi to the trunk of the tree before releasing him. now Chen Qi has to sit on the high ground and take out paper to paint every time he has a rest. only a few people in the line do not need to carry heavy loads or walk. all the way is as easy as going out for an outing.

Aze put Chen Qi in place and went to help prepare food. Among these people, Aze has the best cooking skills. Now, as long as Aze is free, Aze will be given almost every meal, while others will help him automatically and consciously.

Chen Qi did not turn out the paper and pen as usual. Instead, he twisted a half-opened Huaguduo nearby and sniffed it under his nose. He pulled open a little Huaguduo's head and nodded with satisfaction when he saw the bright red petals wrapped inside. He silently wrote down the place. There are about three tall kapok trees in the vicinity. He plans to take them back when they return to Qi Ze City.

Axu spread several pieces of clean cloth on the ground and took out the plants picked all the way from the backpack to dry. The sun is now strong, and even if it is only dried for more than an hour, the water inside can evaporate a lot.

Ali and Ashu went around and came back with a small bundle of small white flowers in their arms. They climbed to Chen Qi's branch three or two times. The branch was very large. An adult man lying down and turning over would not necessarily fall down. This shows how thick the kapok tree is.

"Chen Qi, can this flower work?" Ale gathered the small white flowers in his arms to Chen Qi. He and Ashu like to wander around when they have a rest, rummaging through the grass for those plants that look pleasing to the eye. Whether he knows them or not, he will pick some of them back first. If Chen Qi says they can eat or use them, he will take all the picking light he will see with his fur backpack, and feel like looking for treasure.

This has almost become the best game for two young men who have not been adults for long to pass the boring time along the way.

"Cotton?" Chen Qi took over the small white flower. The flower was round and split into three pieces, only half the size of a fist. The white fur was fluffy and felt very good. Chen Qi was pleasantly surprised and asked, "Where did you find these flowers?"

Ale pointed to a nearby clump of cotton, which had not yet blossomed at that time. The half-human tall grass stems were blown by the wind, and a faint trace of white could be seen hidden in the grass. "There is not much in that bush."

Chen Qi hurriedly asked Aze to come up and carry himself under the tree. He dug out an empty cloth bag and greeted Ale and Ashu. "Take me to see and collect all these small white flowers nearby."

Ale and Ashu walked in front of Chen Qi on the left and right, helping each other to clear the grass. Several trees about one meter high covered with white cotton appeared in front of Chen Qi. Chen Qi took the two men to pick off the cotton that was completely mature and put it into a cloth bag without saying anything.

After picking up this piece of grass, the three men turned around again. When Aze came to call for a few people to eat, the cloth bag was already stuffed with cotton.

"Chen Qi, what's the use of picking so many small white flowers?" Axu poured a cup of scented tea for several people. Along the way, they picked many different flowers and cooked them in different ways every day. It was not that bad. Now the two brothers ask others to teach them a word every day, but after all, they have to hurry and learn slowly. Until now, they have not been able to write a complete sentence. Otherwise, Chen Qi thinks that Axu can record the taste of the tea cooked by different flowers every day, and maybe he can sort out a set of scented tea strategies.

Chen Qi tied up the mouth of the cloth bag. He made many kinds of cloth bags, which are light and easy to carry. He plans to collect all kinds of light articles along the road.

"This kind of cotton can be used to make clothes. I'll show you how to use it when I go to your tribe. Since there are cotton trees nearby, you can pick some cotton to exchange things with me next time."

Axu nodded and wrote down the matter silently. He planned to come out to help Chen Qi pick some cotton when he went back. Now he and Ashu are wearing camouflage clothing special to Qi Ze City. According to what they took before, there is not enough to exchange and learn so many skills.

A few people simply finished their lunch and packed up and went on their way. In order to get back to the tribe before it was dark, several people stopped traveling and naturally moved much faster than usual.

Yanshan group is not high, but it is wide enough. A few people just walked to the foot of the mountain. On a tall fig tree growing unusually thick, a middle-aged female dressed in a fur skirt jumped down and stood in front of a line of people.

The middle-aged man was shocked when he saw Axu. "You are back. Where did you go for such a long time?"

"Uncle Amin." Ashu saw the middle-aged man rush up and put up a pleasing smile on his face. "We went to Qi Ze City, the original Yanshan tribe. We were exhausted after a long drive. Are Daddy and Father at home?"

Amin looked at the other side's little face and felt tired and unable to continue to blame him. "The patriarch took people to the lake to hunt. You should be able to see him now when you go to the lake."

"Then I'll take the guests into the tribe first."

Amin waved his hand and ignored several people. He climbed back onto the fig tree. The thick fig leaves covered the figure of the other party. If he did not know, he could not see that there was still a person hidden on it.

Ashu walked to the front of the team, bypassing the foot of this mountain and entering a mountain depression, which was covered with fine stones and had no other shelter except a few stubborn weeds.

Axu and Ashu's home are in a cave halfway up another rock mountain. There is no shelter at the mouth of the cave. Standing outside, you can clearly see the situation inside. Such caves are spread all over the rock mountain around the whole depression, and the people of the Luoshui tribe live in these caves.

"This is the place where my brother and I live, and our father and father live in the cave nearby." Ashu pointed to another cave not far from here, a few meters short. Looking from this side, we could see the half-open fur curtain hanging by the mouth of the cave.

There are two stone beds in the cave. There are several pottery pots scattered in the corner. The rest are miscellaneous things such as skins and salt stones. The quantity is not large, which makes the cave very empty.

Ashu was a little embarrassed to disturb his head and saw the houses in Qi Ze City. His cave was simply too shabby to handle. Ashu threw the hide ball on the slate bed into the corner. "Please put your luggage away and sit down. I'll see if Afu is at home."

"I have brought Father here." The words sound just fell from the tree. Axu came in with a middle-aged man with elegant appearance.

After entering the door, the middle-aged man smiled gently at the crowd. "My name is Lu Se, and I am the companion of Chief Achu. My two sons have caused you trouble all the way."

Although Lu Se is also wearing fur clothing and fur skirt, perhaps because of the reason of appearance, let a person at the first sight inexplicably goodwill.

Asu went up to greet each other and briefly introduced several people. Axu also added that he had briefly explained what he saw and heard in Qi Ze City.

Lu Se was very surprised. He knew that the tribal people had learned a magical way to draw fire when they went to the assembly last year. Unexpectedly, this method was taught by the seemingly insignificant male in front of him.

"Just now I thought you were wearing such strange clothes. Is it really not hot in your clothes?" The temperature is getting hotter and hotter after summer. Lu Se can't stand the heat in the daytime these days. He doesn't want to go out in a cool cave every day. His fur coat is always sticky and greasy due to sweat, which makes him very uncomfortable.

"Of course, it's much cooler than fur coats. I'll make one for Father tonight. I learned how to make clothes in Qi Ze City." Ashu around Lu Se's arm, a face of complacent said.

Lu Se's eyes lit up, smiled and pinched Ashu with a childlike face. "Good."

Then turned to look at Chen Qi several people, "you can live here first, Axu and Shu moved back to live with me these days. You brought so much luggage here to exchange salt stones? At present, the number of salt stones stored in the tribe is not very large, and it is getting late today. If it is not urgent, Axu can take you directly to the salt mountain tomorrow to collect them."

"Did Dad go hunting in the lake?"

Lu Se nodded, "The evening is the time to withdraw water. It is safer to go hunting at this time."

Axu nodded and suggested to some Beastmen in Qi Ze City, "Do you want to see our hunting?"

"What's good about hunting?" Ale pie pie, hunting this kind of thing they do almost every day, his hunting and watching others hunting he has no interest, for almost a month he would have been tired, now just want to take a good bath and lie on the bed.

"Our hunting methods are far from yours. We hunt in lakes." Ashu this period of time to get acquainted with them, a look at Ale face reluctant to directly pull up his hand will go to the door.

"Don't you know how to swim?" Chen Qi asked Axu doubtfully that when he was in Qi Ze City, he also took his two brothers to Chishui River to learn swimming and almost drowned Axu.

"I can't swim, but it doesn't affect hunting." Axu smiled mysteriously, but did not explain it to several people. "You can see it."

Chen Qi looked at Aze and then at Asu. He asked them with his eyes if they wanted to see.

Asu was intrigued by Axu's remarks. Although he knew that the food sources of the Beastmen of the Luoshui tribe were all in the Luoshui Lake, he could not imagine how the Beastmen who could not swim could hunt their prey in the water. It was because of Chen Qi's teaching that they could catch fish in the Chishui River.

Asu hesitated, "Let's go and have a look."

Axu's beautiful blue eyes seemed to be smiling. After greeting Lu Se, Axu led several people to Luoshui Lake.

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