Luoshui Lake is located behind the whole rock mountain group. The hunting place for the beast people is on a beach formed by the impact of the lake water. Looking at the clear and magnificent Luoshui Lake, which cannot be seen at the end, Chen Qi thinks it is not so much a lake as a sea.

But Chen Qi knows that even though the Luoshui Lake is bigger, it is not a sea.

The rocky mountain belt where the Luoshui tribe is located can only be located at the edge of the plain according to the area of the Dora plain. Further on, it is still an endless plain. At the end of the Luoshui Lake, there will eventually be a river, which will bring the lake water of the Luoshui Lake into the real sea.

Although Chen Qi did not receive the information about crossing the sea, he felt that there was a sea in this world.

Women in short-sleeved fur gathered around the sand beach, which was very similar to the sand beaches of Chen Qi's previous world. The soft sand was beautiful golden yellow. The ten fingernails of the female's hands were completely beast-shaped, and they looked at the water surface some distance away from the beach.

"Bang" a loud noise accompanied by foaming at the mouth of the water attracted the attention of Chen Qi, several people folded thick giant wood was severely tied into the water, another giant wood floating in the water squat down on the two face serious female, black hair was wet with water, tightly affixed to the denomination, water drops down along the hair nitrate, dripping onto the beautiful bronze skin.

"Bang" is another loud noise hitting the water surface. Another giant tree is floating closer to the beach. A tall middle-aged female is pulling back the vine of another giant tree that is no one in the water. When the giant tree is pulled to his side, he bends down and holds it up easily. However, the giant tree under his feet sinks down a few minutes due to the sudden increase in weight. Half of his bare feet are soaked in the water. However, the female's body shape does not move because of this change. It is like being integrated with the giant tree.

Because the middle-aged female turned his back to the sun, his blue eyes looked extremely bright. He inserted his sharp nails into the thick giant wood, holding it in one hand and holding it high above his head in the other hand. As a result of the force exerted on his arm, his muscle profile was tightened tightly. With one effort, he smashed the giant wood into the water again.

The spray went up into the sky and poured a face on the middle-aged female when he landed again, but the other party obviously didn't care.

"What is this doing?" Looking at the strange behavior of the females, Chen Qi asked Ashu, who was leading the way, doubtfully.

Axu didn't take several people to the beach, but in a high rock pile, this position can reflect the whole beach.

"They are driving out whale sharks." Axu explained.

"Whale shark?" Isn't Luoshui Lake a lake? Why do whale sharks appear?

Not waiting for Chen Qi to ask, a huge black shadow knocked over the giant wood of the middle-aged female. The middle-aged female staggered for a moment. He quickly let go of the vine in his hand, holding the vine tied to the waist with his backhand. The nail of the other hand sank deeply into the giant wood standing at the foot just now. When the black giant shadow was going to overturn him again after stabilizing the body, the middle-aged female turned over to avoid it, then jumped nimbly onto the back of the shadow. The nail firmly buckled on the other side's back and was brought out of a bloodshot. Then it was washed away by the agitated water flow around.

Whale sharks eat pain, wriggle and dive into the water, trying to get rid of the Beastmen.

Because the Beastmen waist strong vines tied to the giant wood, whale sharks began to wander, attached to the giant wood were dragged into the water, clear water was abruptly pulled out a trace of the giant wood, like being torn open a fissure.

There are also many huge trunks floating around the whale shark. Each trunk is twined with vines, like a water passage.

As the whale shark tried to escape to the center of Luoshui Lake, the animals who were standing quietly on the beach watching also moved quickly. Their loins were wrapped in long vines, and they jumped to the outermost edge along the giant wood in the water in pairs. They picked up the trunk that was already in the water and thrust the trunk into the water to block the whale shark's retreat.

By this time, the waters of Luoshui Lake had begun to recede. Chen Qi could slowly see the bright white spots on the whale shark's back, which were conspicuous on its dark back.

The middle-aged female, who had been dragged out of the water for half a day, suddenly took a few deep breaths and then jumped from behind the whale shark to its neck. His fingernails gripped the whale shark's back tightly to prevent it from dumping herself.

Intense water impact to the middle-aged female, let him can't help but yi yi tooth, he shouted, and two female jumped to the whale shark's back, tandem tightly hold the whale shark swinging body, middle-aged female took advantage of this gap, climbing the whale shark drill into each other's abdomen, sharp nails easily cut each other's soft belly.

The other female made several rounds of vines around the tail of the whale shark and quickly withdrew to avoid being hit by the whale shark's tail.

The internal organs were mixed with blood to turn the water around red. The females stood on the giant wood waiting for the whale shark to stop struggling.

The middle-aged female washed the dirt off his face with water. He seemed to feel the eyes on this side, looked up at several people on the rock and grinned.

"It's over, let's go."

Axu took several people down to the beach. Beasts had already started pulling vines to pull the whale shark that was no longer moving to the shore.

"Daddy." Ashu saw a middle-aged female to meet up, intimacy to hug each other's arm.

The middle-aged female pinched each other's little face. "It seems like he has grown up after not seeing each other for a while."

"I have grown up a long time ago." Ashu discontentedly opened the other side's hand retorted.

The middle-aged female smiled and looked at the unfamiliar faces he had never seen before. "Are you from the Yanshan tribe?"

Asu nodded. "We have changed our name to Qi Ze City. After that, the Yanshan tribe can only refer to those who merged with the Lion Wolf tribe."

The middle-aged female nodded clearly, "My name is Achu, chief of the Luoshui tribe."

Asu introduced several of his own people. Achu saw Chen Qi staring at the nearby whale shark and asked, "Is this the first time you have seen a whale shark? Do you want to take a closer look?"

"Is that okay?"

"of course." Achu smiled and led the way for several people.

I could not feel the size of the whale shark when I looked at it from a distance. I came closer to find that the whale shark was six or seven meters long.

"This whale shark is still young. The adult whale shark is more than twice as big as it is." Ashu proudly explained to several people.

Chen Qi frowned slightly. It was the first time he had seen a whale shark so close, but he had also seen this creature on TV before. The whale shark's appearance here was almost the same as what he remembered.

In the previous world, whale sharks have long been included in the protected category. They are filter feeders and will not pose a threat to human beings. After the animals on the plain migrated away, Chen Qi has never seen any creature similar to the original world. At the moment, he saw a familiar whale shark lying quietly on the beach. To be honest, Chen Qi's mood at the moment is a bit subtle.

Of course, he will not pretend that the creatures protected in his own world cannot be used as food here.

Watching the beast people cleanly dispose of the huge whale shark, and then pull the huge tree trunks back to the shore so as not to be rushed to the center of the lake by the rapidly retreating current.

The animals who took part in the hunting were all given food. A line of people returned to Axu's cave. Axu had already told Achu briefly what had happened during this period of time on the road. After returning to the cave, Achu watched Axu take out the things in his backpack that he had not even seen. His smiling face was full of surprise. He couldn't wait for Axu to show him the usage of everything.

There are not many things, and only the wooden bow and bamboo sieve can be demonstrated. After all, it's getting late. Axu stopped after a simple demonstration.

"Dad, Chen Qi also taught us how to swim. Even in the water, like whale sharks, we don't have to tie vines or sink into the water."

Achu was shocked by the news. Although they seemed to be very relaxed in hunting, once the vines were broken by their prey and fell into the water, if they could not rescue the man in time, the fate of drowning was the only one waiting for the man. Every year, their tribe has people who die underwater because of hunting, but if they can be like fish in the water, how many casualties can this reduce?

Achu looked at Chen Qi steadily. He had seen the other party teach them how to use wood to make fire at the last meeting. Unexpectedly, he had not seen it in a winter, and the male child had invented so many new things, especially swimming, if the members of his tribe could swim. . . . . . .

Chen Qi was slightly uncomfortable with Achu's brighter and brighter eyes. Achu was very young and looked more like brother than father and son with Axu. A pair of blue eyes were darker than Axu's. When staring at people, they gave people an illusion that the secrets hidden in their hearts would be seen by each other.

Achu leaned slightly, his thick hand on Chen Qi's shoulder, and asked seriously, "Do you need a partner? I have two sons."

Ashu rolled his eyes and pulled the other side apart a little with Achu's fur. "Chen Qi already has a partner." A male who knows everything may be tempted to turn him back if he does not have a partner, which is a pity.

"Hey, who?" Achu looked at Chen Qi with a full face of blow.

Chen Qi looked at each other with a funny look of surprise and surprise and pointed to Aze, who was sitting next to him with a dark face. "Him, my partner, Aze."

Achu looked at Aze, then turned around and touched his eldest son's head with a sad face. "Don't worry, dad will find you a male who knows more next time."

Axu clapped off the other party's insurrection hand on his head and sat a little farther away in disgust.

The dinner was cooked by Asu with Ashu. Although Ashu learned cooking with Chen Qi for several days and actively helped Aze along the way, it is obvious that not everyone is all-powerful. Ashu obviously has no talent in cooking and belongs to the type that can be cooked and is not difficult to eat. However, for the beast people who have never eaten food prepared by other cooking methods except barbecue and stewed meat, this meal can already be called a delicacy.

Ashu was so moved by the food that he pulled the sleeves of several Beastmen in Qi Ze City to let them live in the Luoshui tribe.

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