Perhaps because of the early snow, Chen Qi had never discovered that there were so many creatures on this plain before. In just one morning, he saw a group of hundreds of elephants and antelopes passing by, and a python with thick wrists hiding in the grass trying to attack Chen Qi. Aze cut off his neck and threw it aside. In an instant, he was snatched away by two coyotes who did not know when to ambush him.

Chen Qi was scared out of white hair and sweat. He kept doing psychological construction for himself so that his legs would not become soft.

In fact, Aze is around. Even two people who meet a whole group of lions can get away with it on the Dora Plain. Most creatures on the Dora Plain will run away from Beastmen. They know that Beastmen are more dangerous than lions.

For the Beastmen, the real danger is from the Loya forest.

The creatures on the Dora Plain cannot meet the living needs of the beast people. They may appear on the Dora Plain this year, but after the first snow, all large creatures, including lions and wolves, will follow the migrating army all the way south. No one knows where their destination is, probably the journey is too far away. The migrating army will not return to the Dora Plain next summer, and they will only reappear on the Dora Plain in the summer of the following year with their newly born children this year.

Therefore, the food source of the Beastmen can only be obtained from the Dora plain for one year, and they venture into Loya forest for hunting for one year.

Chen Qi did not know whether he was lucky or unlucky when he came here. Fortunately, he still had one month to prepare enough food. Unfortunately, he will never hunt animals in the Dora Plain in the next year.

Of course, if Chen Qi can't hunt food in Dora Plain, let alone Loya Forest, it is simply the difference between novice mode and hell mode.

After getting used to it slowly, Chen Qi found that except snakes, which can attack people on their own initiative, other animals would not come near the two of them. Not long ago, he saw a cheetah find them coming and took two cheetahs into the tall grass nearby.

This kind of feeling is very wonderful, just like visiting a wildlife park at close range. If there were no vines or thorny plants growing in the grass, Chen Qi could treat this section of the road as a leisurely outing.

In Dora Plain, plants are far more dangerous than animals.

After not knowing how many times he tripped over the vine and tried to pull him away, Chen Qi caught fire. After Aze tore the vine bound with his bare feet into two pieces, Chen Qi picked up a stone and smashed the still moving part into pieces. After that, he pulled out a lighter from his pocket and burned the vine to ashes.

Aze was the first time to see such a fiery male. Seeing the other side staring at the extinguished ashes, Aze was puzzled and suggested: "This is a territory of cannibals. They are used to hiding in the grass to ambush their prey. If you don't mind, I can go behind your back. I am very fast."

"Why don't they attack you?" Chen Qi still said indignantly.

"They can tell the taste of the female. Cannibal vines can't get benefits from the female's hands, so they usually ambush only the weak creatures."

. . . . . . Weak? Well, he's just an ordinary person. Chen Qi collapse pulled down his shoulder and comforted himself silently.

And what is the taste? Why can't he smell Aze? Chen Qi could not help but stirred up his nose and sniffed.

Seeing Chen Qi's doubts, Aze cocked his head and slightly screwed his eyebrows. "Taste is taste, and I don't know how to describe it, just like I can smell Chen Qi's unique flavor of male son."

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Chen Qi raised his arm and sniffed. He could smell nothing but a faint smell of sweat.

Aze comforted, "It is normal for a male to have a nose that is not as sensitive as that of a female and cannot smell."

Chen Qi sighed, "forget it, rest is about the same, let's continue on our way."

Aze paused. "Do you want me to carry you?"

Chen Qi looked at a large bundle of animal skins on the other side's back and waved, "Thank you, I can still hold on."

Aze nodded somewhat disappointed.

Along the way, both of them walked quietly. Chen Qi paid more attention to the situation around them. Aze also cocked up his ears and followed Chen Qi closely. He was wary of another dangerous attack on Chen Qi. Even the tentacles of the cannibal rattan were cut off in advance by Aze and thrown out of the sight of both of them. Chen Qi walked surprisingly smoothly in the back journey.

Walking in the grass for a long time is an extremely energy-consuming thing. Chen Qi has to stop for a rest almost every two hours or so. Looking at the appearance of Aze's breath as usual, Chen Qi is a little envious and a little embarrassed. He has simply become a procrastinator.

"Chen Qi does not need to force himself. We do not need to rush." Looking at Chen Qi's full head sweat and gritting his teeth, Aze comforted him with a little worry.

The body that has not been exercising for a long time will become weak once it stops. Chen Qi propped up his knee to calm his breathing. "sorry, it's been too long to walk so many roads."

Aze shook his head. "It's almost evening now. Let's find a place to rest today and continue our journey tomorrow." Then he raised his head and looked around. Suddenly his eyes were fixed in a certain direction. He frowned and murmured in a low voice: "How can there be a locust dragon here?"

"What's the matter?"

Aze pointed to the nearby front. "There is an acacia tree there. There seems to be a locust dragon nearby. We can rest on that acacia tree tonight."

"Locust Dragon?" Aren't all dragons supposed to live in Loya forest? How did you get here?

Aze thought the other party was worried, smiled and comforted, "Chen Qi, don't worry. Locust dragons are herbivores and won't attack Beastmen. Besides, it is generally safer around places with Locust dragons."

"Well, let's go and have a look."


A locust dragon, in fact, is just a long dead locust dragon body, the body has completely rotted clean, leaving only a skeleton and complete skins.

Locust dragon has six eyes and is two to three times the size of an elephant. It looks a bit like a locust.

The two men walked to the locust dragon's body. Aze repeatedly confirmed that there was no danger around before Chen Qi was allowed to approach. Chen Qi made several rounds around this creature like a prehistoric monster that he had never seen before. He couldn't help poking his finger at the green hide of Locust dragon, which had a fine decorative pattern. However, his finger had just met and the hide was like broken glass, knocking off a large area.

"Except for hyenas, the skins of other dragons will become very fragile after death, and will be broken off if touched slightly."

"It's amazing." Chen Qi exclaimed.

Aze pointed to Locust dragon's eyes. "The only thing that remains unchanged after Locust dragon's death is that his eyes are still extremely hard. Even I can't break them all at once."

Chen Qi followed Aze's words and looked into Locust dragon's eyes, which had been corroded clean for a long time, leaving only a layer of transparent film. He stretched out his hand and knocked, "bang" to make a clear and crisp sound, a bit like glass.

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Aze walked to the acacia tree beside him, grabbed the thick trunk, climbed up the first branch flexibly in three or two times, put down the hide on his back, and jumped back to the tree. "Chen Qi, you go to the tree and rest. There are locust dragon bodies. Other large predators will not come near here."

Chen Qi walked over to Aze. "Are you going hunting?" The remaining half of the roast sheep in the morning was finished by noon.

Aze nodded and crouched down with his back to Chen Qi. "I'll carry you up the tree."

Chen Qi is not melodramatic either. He has never climbed any tree since he grew up. After lying on Aze's back, Aze got up, used all his limbs and flexibly climbed the thickest branch at the top. This acacia tree is very high. Chen Qi also couldn't understand why trees tens of meters high can grow on the grassland.

Aze told Chen Qi a few words, then turned around and jumped into the tall grass nearby.

Chen Qi's branches were at least ten meters above the ground and sat cross-legged on the trunk. Chen Qi was glad that he did not have any diseases such as hyperphobia.

Under the setting sun, the fire cloud dyed red half of the sky, and the breeze blew, driving the yellow grass to swing layer by layer like a wave, and saw from a distance several invisible creatures nimbly drilling through the grass.

Chen Qi sighed, and his eyes lingered for a while on the rocky mountain where he could still see the dim shadow. That was the rocky mountain he stayed in the morning. He bent down a little depressed and half bent down. As a result, he walked hard all day and didn't go far?

A little later, Aze came back carrying a small warthog. After all, it was in the wild, because of the fear of Chen Qi's safety, Aze did not return after finishing the prey outside.

"Chen Qi, you stay in the tree for a while, and then you come down after I finish the food."Aze stood under the tree with his head tilted back and looked at Chen Qi with a slight questioning.

"well. Can I help you?"

"No, Chen Qi just needs to wait." Aze smiled. Chen Qi found that Aze had been sullenly smiling except at the beginning of the meeting. Aze's lip angle had always hung a pale smile at the end of the day.

Aze took out a few delicate and charming blue flowers from his pocket, which looked a bit like peony. His five fingers were close together. The flowers rapidly deformed in Aze's hands, flowing out a little blue and white juice, which dripped down to the ground along his fingers. Aze took the peony-like flowers and squeezed the juice while turning around the locust tree.

Chen Qi leaned over the trunk and looked curiously at Aze as he busied himself. "Aze, what are you doing with that flower?"

The last drop of flower liquid dropped to the ground. Aze picked up a piece of clean hide and wiped his hands. He explained, "This is the flower of the ghost needle tree. Its smell can expel insects. Sprinkle the juice around it, and the insects will not come near here."

Chen Qi know nodded.

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