Aze flexibly broke off a semi-dry branch, folded it into several sections three or two times, and built a simple fire rack. Chen Qi felt a bit like he was eating for nothing and could not stay in the tree. He shouted to Aze, who was busy under the tree, "Aze, can I go down?"

Aze looked up. "The food is not ready yet."

"You're the only one who's embarrassed. I can help."

Aze was dazed, stopped his movements, turned over several ups and downs, and appeared in front of Chen Qi. the afterglow of the sunset was sprinkled on the other side through the gaps in the trees, perhaps because of the backlight. Chen Qi found that the other side's eyes were unusually bright. Aze looked at Chen Qi seriously, smiled and whispered: "good."

Aze crouched down and motioned Chen Qi to lie prone on his back. Chen Qi put his hands around Aze's neck. Aze's speed was very fast, but his body was very stable. Before Chen Qi could react, the two men fell to the ground. Chen Qi couldn't help sighing once again at the strength of the Beastmen, "Aze, you are really good."

Aze wrapped his head around the fire with a bit of honesty. He cleared an isolation zone next to the fire and took out flint to light the wood he had just set up. Then he dug a small shallow pit nearby. Chen Qi was still wondering what Aze was doing digging the pit. Aze picked up the little warthog next to him and held out his right hand. The five fingers of his fingernails grew longer instantly. The fingernails turned around the warthog's neck and pulled out a blood mark that was deeply visible to the bone. Perhaps it was because Aze had died for a period of time and there was no blood gushing.

Aze slender fingers moved to warthog's belly, sharp index finger nails drew a blood mark on warthog's soft belly, and when his hands broke off, warthog's belly was broken into a long hole. Aze held out his hand and inserted it into warthog's belly, and a hard pull, blood attached to internal organs all fell into the shallow pit just dug.

Aze was carrying the warthog's two front paws and jerked them. His blood-stained slender fingers left two long marks on the warthog's grayish brown fur. After clearing the internal organs, Aze placed the treated warthog on the clean hide beside him. Then he grabbed the warthog's neck and twisted it. The warthog's big head was abruptly twisted off. Chen Qi's neck was cold and touched it involuntarily.

Aze threw the warthog's head into a shallow pit and buried it with soil together with the internal organs that had just been pulled into the pit. After that, he covered it with a layer of hay.

"Why do you want to bury these things?" Chen Qi asked incredulously.

Aze picked up a smooth treated stick with bloody claws and was stringing the treated warthog to the stick. When he heard this, Aze looked up at Chen Qi and explained: "Food and blood will attract predators on the Dora Plain. Soil can cover up the smell."

Chen Qi nodded suddenly and watched Aze prepare to put the strung warthog on the fire. He could not help but ask, "Don't you need to clean it?" After asking, I felt a little regretful, where there is water to clean in the wild, and the present conditions can't tolerate my melodramatic little cleanliness attack.

Aze stopped his action and saw Chen Qi staring at the wart pig in his hand with a tangled face. After thinking for a moment, he put the wart pig down and hugged Chen Qi back to the tree. "Wait here." Then he jumped under the tree, picked up the warthog on the hide and disappeared in the tall grass beside him.

Chen Qi was sitting on the trunk of the tree. His position was relatively high, but he could see the direction of Aze's departure. Perhaps it was because Aze was dressed in animal skins. Chen Qi could not tell whether Aze or other animals were shuttling through the tall grass between several ups and downs. I looked at it in regret for a while, silently reflecting that this is not the world I am familiar with, and I can no longer live by the previous standards. After thinking about it for a while, he pulled down his shoulder again and again. The food covered with blood and stained with grass crumbs and mud is still a bit difficult to swallow even after being roasted by fire. Well, this is really not Chen Qi's melodramatic mood. Until he woke up in the morning, the last meal he remembered was the normal food he ate in the restaurant. Now it just takes some time to get used to it.

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Aze left for a long time this time. Chen Qi did not have the habit of wearing a watch, nor did his mobile phone follow him through. The only items were a lighter in the pocket of the black coat and a pack of cigarettes that had not been unpacked.

After waiting for a long time, Chen Qi's thoughts turned from initial chagrin to worry. His mind was always full of bad thoughts, such as Aze's ambush by cannibals, or his encounter with lions hunting, or his encounter with wolves chasing prey, or his encounter with hyenas, the natural enemy of Beastmen. What should Aze do if he encounters danger? After staring at the last ray of sunlight disappearing on the horizon, Chen Qi thought that perhaps he would disappear on this strange grassland. Without Aze, he could not even get down this acacia tree.

It was completely dark down, Chen Qi also can't tell what's the difference between the starry sky here and the starry sky in his own world. During the day, the white sphere, which is bigger than the moon, became much more transparent and could not be found without careful scrutiny. On the contrary, the pale purple sphere like the moon turned blue, sending out soft light that reflected everything on the grassland. Thanks to its existence, the surroundings did not become dark.

Aze had already burned more than half of the fire he lit before leaving. Chen Qi broke off a branch with leaves and threw it onto the fire. Chen Qi's timing was not very good. There were many branches scattered around the fire.

Chen Qi broke off another branch and threw it hard. This time it was right in the middle of the fire. The branch was roasted with a "bang" sound and emitted a black smoke.

Chen Qi shook his dangling feet proudly and looked up slightly roguishly to continue studying whether the white light band in the night sky is the Milky Way.

Suddenly there was a howling sound in the distance. Chen Qi looked around warily. The nearby grass shook irregularly. Chen Qi tightened his body, carefully lying down close to the trunk, shielding himself with the dense branches and leaves of the locust tree.

Aze was carrying a pile of things wrapped in animal skins on his shoulder and his hair was moist. He walked out of the tall grass and looked up at the acacia tree where Chen Qi was. He did not see the figure of Chen Qi. His heart thumped. He threw the things on his shoulder to the ground and hurriedly jumped onto the largest branch at the top.


Looking down the familiar voice and seeing Chen Qi appear in front of him, Aze felt that his beating heart had calmed down and breathed a sigh of relief.

Seeing that it was Aze, Chen Qi's worried heart finally relaxed, saying what he said but could not help complaining, "How did it take so long? It's getting dark, and the fire is almost over."

"I'm sorry, I didn't expect that stream to be so far from here." Aze pulled his head down. He was really too thoughtless. Although Dora Plain is not as dangerous as Loya Forest, leaving a male without any ability to protect himself alone on Dora Plain is really not the work of a female. If she was in a tribe, she would have to go and get the punishment.

Looking at each other's miserable appearance, Chen Qi was a bit funny, "I didn't mean to blame you."

"No, it is really my fault. I will never leave you alone again."

Chen Qi motioned with his hand a little awkwardly and shifted the topic. "Did you just go to clean the prey?"

Speaking of this Aze just remembered, from the waist off a ball wrapped in skins, wrapped in vines above several heavy, Aze directly tore off the vines, open skins, revealing a greenish brown fruit, Chen Qi recognized that is the kind of water milk fruit Aze brought back in the morning, but now Aze has a neat cut on the top of the fruit.

Aze lifted the top fruit shell to reveal the transparent liquid inside and handed it to Chen Qi. "Here."

Chen Qi took it curiously and looked at it. He found that the color of the liquid inside was not the milky white he had drunk in the morning, but rather transparent, water? Chen Qi asked doubtfully, "What is this?"

"Water, you haven't drunk water in a day. I beat it back in the stream." After a pause, he added, "I tasted it upstream and it was very clean."

Chen Qi coughed softly and asked awkwardly, "Can I drink it after boiling?"

Aze was shocked and smiled. "Good." I thought to myself, male likes to eat hot food. I was really careless. I can ask my brother how to take care of male when I go back.

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The two men landed firmly under the tree. Aze took Chen Qi's hand full of water and put up a support beside the fire. After baking the water and milk on it, Aze dealt with the wart pig that had been cleaned.

Chen Qi automatically and consciously sorted out the acacia branches that he threw everywhere. The branches were gathered to the fire. Aze had already broken off a thick semi-dry branch again. Chen Qi observed a moment of silence for the tall oceanic locust tree that had grown for many years. He had lost almost one-third of its branches overnight. The fire was strong enough after adding new branches. Chen Qi had to spread the gathered branches beside the fire to dry the water.

The male's teeth are not as good as the female's, warthog's skin is thicker and tougher. Aze carefully peeled off the skin while baking. Chen Qi looked for a moment and began to walk around the grass beside the fire. Before, he saw a slightly familiar plant in the tree. The only green color in a pile of hay was still very conspicuous. Chen Qi found it without much effort.

Chen Qi weighed in on the vines that showed some signs of withering, but the leaves were still a little green. He pulled hard and the vines' roots broke. Chen Qi could not help but see several black lines on his forehead. Throwing the vines aside, he stretched out his paws and scratched the ground at the root. The soil was very hard. After half a day, he only scratched the ground a few centimeters thick.

Aze has been watching Chen Qi's movements. He saw the other side squatting on the side of the grass. He looked at the wart pig, which had been skinned and roasted. He stopped and leaned over to Chen Qi. He asked curiously, "Chen Qi, what are you doing?"

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