Chen Qi waved to Aze. "Aze, can you dig this for me?"

Aze squatted down and looked at the small piece of dirt that had been torn away. Without further ado, he stretched out his claws and dug up three and a half fist-sized things in three or two times.

As soon as Chen Qi's eyes lit up, he brought them up, down, left, right, left, right, and checked them again. He also picked up the vine that had been torn off on one side and looked at it carefully several times. Sure enough, it was a familiar food often bought in vegetable markets, sweet potatoes.

There are so many strange things in this world that even Chen Qi, who used to eat food, dare not enter casually. He put one of them in front of Aze. "Aze, Aze, is this poisonous? Can I eat?"

Aze took it, wiped the dirt on it with his skirt, put it under his nose, sniffed it, and took a bite. Before Chen Qi could stop it, Aze chewed twice and swallowed the contents of his mouth. "You can eat."

Chen Qi forehead, helpless way: "Aze, next time you are not sure whether you can eat something, don't just put it in your mouth."


"Come on, come on, let's roast it and eat it." Chen Qi excitedly pulled Aze back to the fire and motioned Aze to dig another shallow pit nearby.

Chen Qi ordered Aze to take an action without asking why Chen Qi did so. The shallow pit was soon dug up. Chen Qi picked up a wooden stick, pulled the red-hot charcoal from the fire into the pit, then spread a thin layer of acacia leaves on it, put the two intact sweet potatoes and the one bitten by Aze on it, spread a layer of leaves before covering the soil, and then lit a small fire on it.

Aze smeared salt stones on the baked wart pig while watching Chen Qi busy, occasionally giving a hand. After Chen Qi had set up the small fire, Aze had already cut off a few slices of roasted wart pork and handed it to Chen Qi. The water in the water-based fruit had just boiled and was being put aside to cool down.

"Chen Qi, just dig out those roots is what thing? Why are you buried in the soil like this?" Aze was a little curious when he saw someone burying a charcoal fire in the soil and building a fire on it for the first time.

"sweet potato, this kind of thing tastes delicious when baked." Chen Qi broke off two clean straw sticks and used them as chopsticks. He took a wart pork and blew it gently before putting it into the import. He chewed it for a few times. However, it was not as delicious as it looked, and it also tasted a little bitter of salt stone.

"Sweet potato? This is the first time I know that this root can be eaten."

"Don't you usually eat?"

"Well, I've only seen people in the tribe gather fruit to eat." Aze tore off a leg of a pig. He didn't eat as fastidiously as Chen Qi. He held the leg directly in his hand and opened his mouth to eat. He acted boldly and was not afraid of scalding.

When Chen Qi heard this, he asked uncertainly, "Do you know that the Taoist priest can eat things underground?"

Aze looked sideways for a moment. "Well, we only eat what we can see, like fruit and animals."

Chen Qi nodded clearly. It seems that he will have to grope for more recipes.

The two solved half of the wart pig. Of course Chen Qi couldn't eat that much. After eating more than half of the pig's legs, they felt a little bored, and the others all fell out of Aze's stomach.

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The two men had a rest. Chen Qi took a few sips of water to dilute the smell of roast meat in his mouth. When it was almost time, he removed the small fire and started digging with a stick.

The three sweet potatoes were not big. Chen Qi was afraid of scalding. He pressed the leaves and found that they had become extremely soft. He wrapped them in leaves and picked them up. As soon as he broke off the orange flesh inside, he came face to face with a strong and delicious aroma. Although it is different from what I bought in the vegetable market before, the taste is obviously stronger.

Aze stirred up his nose and said in surprise, "It smells good."

Chen Qi handed another complete one to Aze, "You have a try."

Aze took it and was stopped by Chen Qi when he wanted to speak directly. "This needs peeling, like this." Chen Qi showed Aze how to peel off the skin of sweet potatoes. He joked that it was baked directly from the soil. It was still covered with soil. How could it be eaten directly?

Aze learned the appearance of Chen Qi and peeled off the skin. After watching Chen Qi enjoy a bite, he took a bite. It was soft, waxy and sweet. It was as delicious as the smell. Aze was the first time to try this kind of taste and could not help but take another bite.

A sweet potato is not big. For Aze, two or three of them are gone. After eating it, he looked at Chen Qi with a little satisfaction. He saw the other side staring at him with a curved eyebrow eye. He handed him the last sweet potato that Aze had bitten before. "Here, how does it taste? Is it delicious?"

Aze nodded and did not answer, "This is delicious, you eat more."

Chen Qi shoved it directly into each other's hands. "You dug it up, so you should eat more. I haven't finished my own."

Aze looked at Chen Qi with some difficulty. "You didn't eat much meat just now."

Although the little wart pig is not big, most of its legs are not too small for Chen Qi. Chen Qi ignored him and wiped his hands with acacia leaves after eating. "Aze, are we sleeping in a tree tonight?"

Aze nodded with a somewhat complicated mood. He could feel Chen Qi's unspoken gentleness, which made him panic. He was afraid that he would have greedy desire for this gentleness. This was not what he should have as a female without pregnant stripes. He was abandoned by the beast god. Aze warned himself in his heart, bowed his head and pretended to be enjoying the delicious food in his hand, and gathered the emotion surging in his eyes.

After the two men had had enough to eat and drink, they simply tidied up. Aze also moved the remaining half warthog to the acacia tree. Only then did they carry Chen Qi back to rest on the thickest trunk.

Nothing happened overnight.


Chen Qi spent the night in the tree for the first time. Although the trunk was thick enough for him to lie flat and turn over, anyone who was allowed to sleep at a height of more than 10 meters could not rest at ease without any protective measures around.

Chen Qi was stiff and did not dare to move all night. His hands tightly clutched the trunk of the tree beneath him. He had been half asleep and half awake. After all, he had walked all day. Although he was alert after midnight, he fell into a sleepy sleep.

Chen Qi woke up a little confused in the morning. He thought that he was still in his comfortable big bed at home, and he rolled over habitually. He found that half of his body felt suspended. He looked closely and found that one leg had leaned out of the trunk of the tree more than ten meters high. He was shaking in mid-air. He was scared out of the cloud nine by what he was sleepy and just woke up. He carefully withdrew his leg and slowly moved to the trunk before patting his chest and breathed a sigh of relief.

Looking to the other side, I saw Aze standing on the outermost branch with his body half bowed. The muscles in his arm were stringy and blue veins stood out. His eyes were staring at the sky for a moment. It was like rushing out and fighting for something the next moment.


Hearing Chen Qi's voice, Aze turned his head, his face slightly cold and tense, and his expression instantly converged. He jumped back to the place where Chen Qi was, "You're awake."

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"Mmm." Chen Qi nodded, "What were you doing just now?"

Aze held out his hand, palm is holding a white feather, there is a layer of translucent light fog constantly spread around, and then into the air. Chen Qi looked doubtfully at Aze's feather and then at Aze, "What is this?"

"Believe eagle feathers."

"Believe Eagle?"

"Well, every time the eagle flies a distance, it drops a feather. The fog on it is the smell of the feather when it volatilizes. This is a message to inform his companions."

What strange bird is this? Can't you become bald after losing hair all the time? Chen Qi spit out a sentence in his heart, waiting for Aze to continue.

Aze's expression became heavy again. "The letter eagles all followed the hyenas and found the leakage. The letter eagles appeared, proving that there were hyenas nearby."

Although the information obtained by Chen Qi is very one-sided, and he has no impression at all on Xinying Eagle, he still knows a lot about the existence of Hyenas, which are almost bug at the top of the food chain. Aren't all dragons living in Loya forest? The Dora Plain can't sustain their survival needs at all. Why are hyenas here?

"Chen Qi, we need to leave immediately."

Now is not the time for Chen Qi to slowly explore. Hearing Aze say he wants to leave at once, he also nodded with a dignified face, "Okay, let's go now."

Aze hesitated a little, paused and said, "Chen Qi, I am fast enough to catch up with the wolf."

Chen Qi looked at each other strangely. Why did he say this at this time?

Aze continued, "I have great strength, and I can run behind your back all day."

Chen Qi suddenly realized that the other party was saying this. Of course, Chen Qi would not continue to insist on going by himself at this time. Hearing this, he patted Aze on the shoulder and smiled and said, "Then please."

Aze thought Chen Qi would still refuse. He just wanted to continue to persuade the other party, but the other party agreed at once. Instead, he was a little unresponsive and stood still.

"what's the matter? Let's go quickly." Chen Qi stretched out his hand and waved in front of daze.

"Oh, oh, good." Aze recovered and bowed his head in embarrassment, which was too humiliating.

Because he had to carry Chen Qi on his back, Aze only took two pieces of the softest skins and tied them to the front with the remaining half warthog last night. He left everything else on the acacia tree. Chen Qi originally suggested that he could help carry the luggage, but Aze refused.

The two buried the fire with earth last night and cleaned it up. Aze took up Chen Qi and left. Aze was really fast and several ups and downs were far away from the tall locust tree.

Not far away in the sky, a flaming bird with a wingspan of nearly two meters and a full-length flaming red rose to the sky, fluttering a feather behind it. The feather slowly became white as if it were fading in the process of falling, and began to emit a little transparent substance like water mist, which quickly melted into the surrounding air.

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