Loya forest and Dora plain are more like two completely different ecosystems.

Dora Plain is more like Chen Qi's former world. Although the creatures here are still different from what Chen Qi is familiar with, at least most of them have been seen in zoos or on TV.

The creatures in Loya forest are collectively called dragons by the beast people, which is different from the dragons in Chen Qi's cognition. They are more like prehistoric behemoths. They are huge in size and strong in strength. Even hyenas classified into petite types have the body shape of adult lions.

Dragons can only live on the food in Loya forest. If they eat the food in Dora plain for a long time, they will still starve to death. The things in Dora plain lack some elements that can maintain their life, so dragons will not step into Dora plain. Similarly, Loya forest is too dangerous for creatures on the Dora plain. The two are almost completely different.

The reason why hyenas are called natural enemies of Beastmen is that besides they attack Beastmen tribes every year, the main reason is that Beastmen are at the top of their diet. If they can hunt Beastmen, even in the winter when food is scarce, they can no longer eat for several months.

Near noon, Aze, worried that Chen Qi would be hungry, chose an acacia tree and stopped. The acacia tree was slightly smaller than the one they rested on last night. Aze wanted to light a fire to heat the warty pork left over from last night, but Chen Qi stopped him. The two were on their way. Chen Qi felt that there was no need to waste time on the fire. Compared with the hyenas that might be nearby, eating a cold meal was nothing.

Aze untied the hide that had been tied in front of him and took the wart pork out of the hide. Chen Qi looked around and found a group of elephants, only 40 or 50, not too big compared with the spectacular hundreds seen yesterday.

Aze handed Chen Qi the water-filled milk fruit, "You haven't drunk water in a long time, drink a little."

Chen Qi took it over and kept drinking yesterday. Now there is still less than half of the water in the milk. Chen Qi took a sip of the water to moisten his lips and handed it back to Aze. "You can drink a little too." The other side ran behind his back for half a day and it was even harder.

Aze shook his head. "I don't need it." Aze filled the cut wart pork with the lid of the fruit. He saw Chen use straw to clamp the meat, so he folded two young acacia branches, peeled off the leaves and wiped them with animal skins before handing them to Chen Qi.

Looking at Aze's careful action, Chen Qi was a little touched. He stubbornly stuffed the fruit into the other's hand and watched Aze helplessly sip a little eloquence and eat the wart pork with satisfaction.

Aze put the fruit back to Chen Qi. It is still a little far away from the river. He has to travel in the afternoon and has no time to find water. Aze does not want Chen Qi to get thirsty.

The chilled wart pork is not really delicious. Of course, there is no condition that Chen Qi can abandon now. If he does not eat it, he will have to starve. Fortunately, the weather is cooler now. Although wart pork has been put on the market all night, there is no strange smell.

Aze, who was using his fingernails as a knife to select the freshest meat on the warthog, suddenly stopped. Chen Qi looked down at him. Aze was looking at the nearby elephants. Elephants are the first migration team on the Dora Plain. They have a very good memory and can accurately find the final destination of migration. Other animals will start migrating one after another along the trail of elephants.

Seeing Aze frowning and his face getting more and more dignified, Chen Qi wanted to ask what's strange about the elephant. Aze suddenly grabbed Chen Qi, still don't forget to take the half wart pig, climbing the branches to a higher layer of canopy, the leaves of the locust tree across Chen Qi's face, leaving a little burning traces.

"What's the matter?" Chen Qi yi yi tooth, low voice asked.

Aze did not find anything unusual about Chen Qi. His eyes were still fixed on the movement of elephants. His muscles were tight, "Hyenas."

Chen Qi was taken aback. He learned the appearance of Aze and leaned close to the trunk. The luxuriant branches and leaves of the locust tree hid their shapes perfectly, but they also blocked most of the line of sight. Chen Qi stretched out his hand and pulled open a little to see the situation outside.

The elephants did not walk at a fast pace. A naughty baby elephant pulled at the withered grass stems with its nose as it walked. Its mother arched its body from time to time to urge it to keep pace with the large army. However, the baby elephant did not care about her mother's urging.

Chen Qi's squat legs are a little tingly. Looking at the elephants, they have not found any sign of hyenas even though they are a little farther away than before. Just want to ask Aze if he was wrong. Just then, there was a rustle in the tall grass in the distance, and a silver-brown shadow emerged from the grass and rushed straight at the small elephant that was a little distance away from the elephants.


Although Chen Qi saw the hyenas for the first time, he could still recognize them at a glance. Their backs were covered with a layer of silvery brown scales, their limbs were strong and powerful, their jaw biting force was amazing, and they saved quickly. The little elephant was obviously torn off a large piece of hind leg meat by the hyenas before it could react, revealing the white dense bones inside.

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The baby elephant fell to the ground and cried loudly in pain. Its mother ran over to try to drive the hyenas. However, its speed was not as fast as that of the hyenas. The hyenas turned around and hit the baby elephant's mother with their strong tail. They bypassed it and jumped directly to the baby elephant behind them, leaving a blood mark on the baby elephant's neck with their mouth open.

The leader of the elephant herd discovered the situation, leaving more than a dozen adult elephants surrounding the other minor elephants in a circle and leading the remaining elephants to help. The hyenas released the bitten, dying elephants and jumped aside to stagger the herd's frontal attack.

"The hyena was injured." Aze whispered in Chen Qi ear.

Chen Qi discovered that there was a ferocious wound from the right eye to the nose of the hyena. The left hind leg obviously did not move naturally and needed its tail to support its movement.

Aze sat down, cut off some warty pork and put it on the water-based fruit shell that Chen Qi was still holding tightly." The hyenas' eyes and nose have been injured. You can't find us. You have to eat first," he said soothingly.

There is a life-and-death war going on next to us. Is it really good for us to sit in a tree and watch with meat? Chen Qi looked at Aze and said in silence that he was obviously much more relaxed than before.

Chen Qi did not eat anything in the morning. At that time, he was really hungry, but he did not sit down like Aze. He still maintained the posture of seeing the situation outside, and watched the situation while eating the food in his mouth.

Hyenas generally do not hunt creatures on the Dora Plain, because eating cannot solve their hunger. If they have to hunt when hungry, they will give preference to large animals. Although Chen Qi does not know why this hyena appears here, one thing is certain: this hyena is hungry.

The baby elephant's mother stood by its injured child and comforted the baby elephant with its thick nose touching its body. The baby elephant half-opened its eyes wearily, and blood was oozing from the wound on its neck. The wound left by the hyenas on the baby elephant is very skillful. It did not result in the baby elephant's life at once, because the hyenas are famous for their picky eating. They only eat fresh meat like cheetahs.

The leader of the herd let out a roar, and the other adult elephants were ordered to run towards the hyenas, trying to trample the challenger underfoot. Hyenas half bow, limbs, jump unexpectedly nimbly jumped to the elephant group leader's back, a few ups and downs, fell to the head of the injured baby elephant, bite up the baby elephant's leg before the baby elephant's mother's long front teeth stab to pull out a distance.

Hyenas have great strength, and it is not difficult to drag a smaller elephant heavier than him. The mother of the baby elephant was even more angry. She rushed at him regardless, but he was bulky and did not move as flexibly as the hyenas. The hyenas dragged the baby elephant and deftly avoided the attack.

This is still an injured hyena. Chen Qi marveled at it. If it had not been injured, it is estimated that this hyena would not have seen the elephants in the eyes even more. Maybe it is not necessary to hunt adult elephants directly.

In addition to the two Chen Qi in the acacia tree, a group of passing lions were also watching not far from the battle. The leader of the lions also obviously found the lions. It could not help but shout back the other elephants after several attacks. They also had other elephants to guard. The elephant bitten by the hyenas obviously could not survive.

Although the baby elephant's mother wanted to save her child, she couldn't do it on her own. She angrily shouted at the hyena twice, glanced at the baby elephant again, and turned back to the herd.

The lions watched the hyenas drag the baby elephant to one side, not far away but not near. The hyenas only eat fresh meat, but they don't picky about food. A baby elephant hyenas can't finish it, so they don't mind eating a free meal.

The time from the beginning to the end of the battle was very short. Before Chen Qi finished eating the meat in his hand, Aze tied the hide back. "The hyenas are eating. At this time, its attention will be on the food. Let's leave at this time."

Hyenas are very sensitive to the taste of Beastmen. Aze was very glad that the head of the hyenas was injured by its nose. Otherwise, the hyenas could not have found them at such a small distance. As the first in the diet of the hyenas, the Beastmen will only be followed up by the other party once discovered by the hyenas, and will not stop until the Beastmen swallow their bellies. Although Aze can escape even if he can't beat the hyenas, he can only be more careful with Chen Qi, and he doesn't know if there are any other hyenas nearby.

Chen Qi nodded, swept the food into the import for three or two times, handed the water milk and fruit shells back to Aze, who wrapped them in animal skins and tied them back to his waist. He shouldered Chen Qi and silently climbed down the acacia tree to leave quickly.

The hyenas enjoying the food suddenly raised their heads and looked thoughtfully at the direction Chen Qi and Chen Qi were leaving. Then they glanced at the lions around them, eager to try, and bowed their heads and continued eating their lunch.

The letter eagle hovered over the sky, giving out a long shrill sound and conveying the news that there was a delicious meal here to other predators.

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