Because he met hyenas at noon, Aze took a detour and stopped at a river in the evening. This is a tributary of Sanshen River, the largest river in Dora Plain, Chishui River. A group of wildebeest are busy crossing the river.

Most of the places with water sources are gathering places for animals. Various predators are lying in ambush around looking for their own dinners. Aze caught two hares that suddenly jumped in front of them on the road, but he didn't need to attack the riverside animals.

The two chose a place with a relatively wide view and no animals to drink water around the river. Aze peeled and eviscerated the two rabbits cleanly. As soon as the entrails were thrown into the river, a group of fish quickly gathered around and ate the entrails and even the bloody fur in an instant. Chen Qi, who was about to gather together to wash his face by the river and plan to clean himself, stopped immediately and leaned against Aze with fear. Even fish are so cruel, the world is really unfriendly.

Aze smiled and handed Chen Qi two banana-like green leaves, which Aze picked from the fig tree beside him when catching rabbits. Aze knew that the males loved to clean up. His younger brother used to send himself to fetch water, wash and pick up fig leaves every day. Although Ake was sent by him every day now, Aze also knew that the males liked to clean up themselves with figs, so he prepared some when he saw them on the road.

"Don't be afraid. These fish dare not attack Beastmen." Of course Aze did not say that the fish did not dare to attack only the Beastmen females, and the males were not within the scope of their vigilance.

Chen Qi smiled wryly. He didn't want to admit that he would be frightened by the fish. He took the strange leaf that Aze had never seen before and asked, "What is this?"

"fig tree leaves and fruits, leaves can be used to clean teeth, fruits can be used to clean the body." Aze explained.

The fig tree here is different from Chen Qi's cognition. The reason why it is called fig is that you cannot tell whether the leaf or fruit grows on it at any time. They are not in a flowering state. After the leaf falls off, it will produce the same fruit as the leaf, while after the fruit falls off, it will grow the same leaf again.

Chen Qi picked up two leaves that looked a bit like bananas. Looking left and right, he could not see any fruit in one of them.

Aze pointed to one of them and said, "Look here, the darker color in the middle stem is the fruit." With that, he reached out his two fingers and gave a slight twist, shedding a trace of turquoise juice. "Rub it."

Chen Qi rubbed his hands and looked at the white foam in his hands with naked eyes. It seems that the fig fruit is equivalent to the function of soap.

"Walk along Chishui for another day and you will reach the tribe." Aze said to Chen Qi while throwing the rabbit's head into the river.

"Does your tribe depend on this river?"

"Well, our tribe's position is not very good. While it is backed by the river, it is not as strong as the lion and wolf tribe. However, there are many fig trees outside our tribe. Its smell can cover up the smell of Beastmen so that hyenas cannot find us."

Chen Qi rubbed the foam on his face and leaned against Aze to wash his face quickly. However, the fish did not lean over. "Is this river called Chishui because of the color of the soil?"

"Well, the mud in this river can be burned and washed. We exchange pottery jars with other tribes to go to lion and wolf tribal assemblies every year, and flint and salt stones are exchanged back."

"Can you burn it?" Chen Qi was surprised to say that he thought the world would be more primitive.

Aze nodded. The two rabbits had been disposed of. Aze filled the water with milk and fruit. After seeing that Chen Qi had already cleaned up, Aze said to Chen Qi, "Let's go."

After seeing the sun vanishing on the horizon, the Dora Plain will soon be dark without the sun. Beastmen' night vision is not as good as that of other night predators on the plain. It is not wise to stay by the river for too long.

Aze chose to rest in a place not far from the river, perhaps because of its proximity to the river. This pagoda tree is much taller than the others he has seen before. Aze still tore off some semi-dry branches from the acacia tree. Chen Qi didn't want to just stand aside. He gathered some hay and took out a lighter to light the fire after clearing out a clearing.

Aze sprinkled the flower juice of two ghost needle flowers along the roots of the acacia tree. Today, he did not encounter the ghost needle tree all day. Fortunately, he left two specially yesterday. Looking back, he saw that Chen Qi had already started the fire. He walked over and added the broken branches to the fire. "Chen Qi, your flint is so powerful that it can start the fire at once."

Chen Qi looked at the lighter in his hand, silver-white metal with a wolf logo on it. The shape is very unique. Chen Qi does not smoke. The lighter should belong to the original owner of the coat. Chen Qi handed the lighter to Aze. "Do you like it? For you."

Aze was stunned. He motioned with his hand. "I can't accept the precious flint. Chen Qi, keep it for yourself." His two flints cost more than a dozen skins to exchange, and Chen Qi's flint can produce fire at once, which is more expensive than his own.

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Chen Qi grinned and did not know how to explain to Aze that it was not flint, but it was something that could make a fire anyway. "This should be a present for you. You not only saved me, but also helped me so much along the way. I will trouble you to take more care of me when I arrive at the tribe. Only a small flint is not valuable."


"Well, I'll show you how to use it." Chen Qi shoved the lighter into Aze's hand, holding Aze's strong slender fingers and adjusting each other's gestures, "Hold it like this, open the lid here, look, the fire is coming out, isn't it very simple? You won't have to bother to regenerate the fire." I saw Aze make a fire with flint last night. It takes more than ten blows before Mars comes out.

Chen Qi loosened his hand. Aze felt that the place touched by Chen Qi was hotter than the fire. "Thank you." Aze whispered a thank you, feel warm in my heart, in front of the male son how can so good, like treat fragile treasures carefully put the lighter in his arms.

Chen Qi built a shelf according to Aze's appearance last night and put the water-filled milk fruit on it. The shell of the water-filled milk fruit has been blackened. It is estimated that the water will be burned again to the limit. Chen Qi misses the kettle that he has not used several times since he bought it.

Aze was baking rabbits when Chen Qi turned around the fire. This time he did not find any edible plants, mainly because Chen Qi himself did not know much about plants.

Rabbit tastes obviously better than warthog. Chen Qi ate one this time alone.

The sky was completely dark, and the moon tonight was much darker than yesterday. After all, the two were by the river. After eating, Aze added some firewood to the fire and hugged Chen Qi to the locust tree. Perhaps it was because Aze slept on his next branch tonight that Chen Qi felt a little calmer and had a good sleep.

When I woke up in the morning, the sun had just climbed out of the horizon. The horned horse herd I saw yesterday had disappeared. Today, the crossing of the river was replaced by a group of stone antelope. A strong adult white-fronted tiger with hanging eyes jumped out of the grass and pounced on the first male stone antelope crossing the Chishui River. The stone antelope herd fell into a panic. Those who had not yet stepped ashore fled in different directions. It was not until the tiger dragged its prey away that peace was restored.

Chen Qi was in a mess. Why did tigers appear on the grassland?

"Are you awake?" Aze tied up his unwanted entrails and head with newly stripped skins and planned to throw them into the Chishui River for a while. He wiped his bloodstained hands with acacia leaves and climbed onto Chen Qi's branches.

"Well, you hunted food so early?" Chen Qi looked at the treated prey under the tree and could not see the original species even after peeling it, but it looked a bit like deer.

"When I got up, I saw a milu deer nearby and caught it. Let's go to the river and wash up." Aze bent down and said to Chen Qi. Chen Qi lay down on Aze's back with great familiarity.

The two men still cleaned their prey at yesterday's place, and the water and milk can no longer be roasted on the fire, so Chen Qi did not struggle with whether the water was not boiled this time.

After cleaning up, the two returned to the acacia tree with their prey. The fire had been rekindled by Aze. All they had to do was put the prey on it and bake it.

After the two men finished eating, there was still half a deer left for lunch. Aze buried the fire with earth, tied his luggage in front of him, shouldered Chen Qi, and ran towards the tribe along the bank of Chishui River.

As the sun rises, there are more and more animals on the river bank. Most of them cross the river from across the river. Chen Qi guesses that their migration route should be in the direction of Chishui River. As the number of animals crossing the river increased, predators on the Dora plain began to gradually gather around, and Aze had to make a detour away from the river bank.

After the rest of the venison was hastily disposed of at noon, the two continued their journey until the sun went down and Aze did not have any rest. Chen Qi was about to ask Aze if he could not find a place to rest at night. Aze suddenly slowed down his pace and turned to Chen Qi and said, "It's almost there."

Looking forward, Chen Qi could see a rocky mountain.

"We will not rest in the wild tonight. We will go straight home. Can you insist?"

Chen Qi took a puff at the corner of his mouth. He was lying on Aze's back all the time. To ask is also to ask whether Aze can persist in running behind his back. "Well, I'm fine."

Aze handed Chen Qi a green fruit. "If you're hungry, eat this. This fruit is not delicious. If you don't like it, bear it. I'll prepare the food when I get back." There are not many plants that can produce fruit in Dora Plain. If it weren't for worries that Chen Qi would be hungry, Aze wouldn't have given Chen Qi this bad fruit.

Chen Qi took the fruit and looked at it. He did not recognize what kind of fruit it was. Aze accelerated again. Chen Qi kicked the fruit into his coat pocket and did not eat it.

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