It was getting dark very quickly, and the moon tonight was obviously much darker than last night's. Chen Qi could no longer see the rock mountain clearly, and even the plants around him became indistinct. Aze's speed was not as fast as at first, but his pace was still steady and he did not seem to be affected by the darkness at all.

After Aze slowed down, Chen Qi was able to speak to each other. "Aze, do you think the moonlight tonight is dim compared to the previous two days?"

"Well, there will be no light in two nights."


"The light of the moon takes a period from half the brightness of the sun to total loss of brightness. There are seven days in total. We take seven days as a period to calculate the days, which are respectively called the month to the seventh, and the day of the seventh is also called the month without day because there is no moon." Aze explained.

"Oh, I didn't expect you to calculate your days in the same way as we do." It seems that there are still many similarities between the two worlds, not only the names of many animals and plants, but also the names of the sun and moon, and the calculation method of seven days a week.

The shadow of the surrounding trees slowly grew tall. Chen Qi could not see the trees clearly, but it was slightly shorter than the acacia trees on the plain, but it was thicker.

Around the tall and thick trees, Aze lowered Chen Qi in front of a square shadow. "Here we are."

Due to the dim light, Chen Qi could only see a dark outline in front of him and asked uncertainly, "Your home?"

Aze nodded, worried that Chen Qi could not see his actions, and replied. Aze stepped forward and lifted a piece like a curtain to reveal a more dark hole without any trace of light. Chen Qi always felt totally shocked for such a place.

Perhaps feeling Chen Qi's uneasiness, Aze took Chen Qi's hand, took out Chen Qi's lighter from his pocket, opened the lid, and emitted a bunch of flames. The flames reflected in Aze's dark pupils, flashing as if with life, "Don't be afraid."

Aze's voice was deep and full of magnetism. He had a soothing power, which calmed Chen Qi's little uneasiness and followed Aze's steps into the room.

After entering, Aze came to a fire in the middle of the house and quickly lit the fire. When the light came on, Chen Qi finally saw the situation here. The house was not high. Chen Qi felt that he could reach the roof by stretching his arms on tiptoe, but the space was large enough. The walls on all sides looked like mud mixed with large slabs of stone. They were potholed and had no windows. There was only a door close to half of the wall. Two pieces of cut thick skins were hung on the door curtain. Chen Qi is full of black lines. No wonder the house is not as dark as it was when it was lit. And won't burning a fire in this confined space cause carbon monoxide poisoning?

The house is very empty, the only furniture is a not too big stone bed in the corner, next to several different shapes of Tao Pan pottery and a pile of skins at sixes and sevens. Aze rummaged through the pile of animal skins, pulled out a piece of animal skins with unique animal patterns and spread it to the fire. He said to Chen Qi, "Chen Qi, you have a rest here."

Chen Qi sat down. The skin was soft and soft. He could not help but stretch out his hand and touched it. The furry feeling made people want to bury the whole people.

Aze placed Chen Qi and lifted the curtain to go out. Soon he came back with a handful of wood and a bulging skin in his hand. Aze first piled the wood by the fire, then opened the skin in his arms, pulled out a two-fist-sized shea from the inside, scratched the top of the shea with his fingernails, and handed it to Chen Qi.

Chen Qi took it, and you're welcome. He took a big drink and frowned. How do you say, this fruit is a little different from what he drank before. The taste is not only lighter, but also a little bitter.

Chen Qi looked up and saw Aze holding the hide in his arms a little awkwardly. "What's the matter?"

Aze's mouth opened and closed a few times. He didn't like to eat fruits at ordinary times. These fruits were collected when he was looking for the snow bear before he left. After several days of storage, the peel had dried up and there were some signs of decay. Aze was extremely regretful that he had not carefully selected some fruits that could be stored for a long time.

"Chen Qi, can you stay alone for a while?" Aze tied up the hide again and asked with some trepidation how could such food be brought to Chen Qi.

Chen Qi was stunned. "Are you going out?"

Aze nodded, "I will be back soon."

"Are you going hunting?" After getting along for a few days, Chen Qi also knew a little about the character of the man in front of him. "It's very dangerous outside so late. I'm not hungry. you can go tomorrow."

Then he took out the blue fruit Aze had given him before and handed it to the other party. "If you are hungry, eat this fruit. If you endure it, it will be light soon after you sleep."

Aze didn't answer the call. He was a little touched and explained, "I'm not going hunting. I'm going to borrow some food from my brother's house."

"Your brother?"

"Mmm." Aze remembered that he had not told Chen Qi about his family and explained it again. Even his brother's partner was pregnant and he said it all without hiding.

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Chen Qi nodded clearly after hearing this. "Then go ahead and be careful on the road."

"Well, I'll be back soon." Aze repeated it again before leaving.

After Aze left, Chen Qi turned around the room and found nothing special. The pottery pots Tao Pan did a very solid job, but the shape was not beautiful at all. He went back to the fire and looked at the beating flames. He always felt a little panicked. He had never seen the news that carbon monoxide poisoning was sent to the hospital as a result of burning charcoal in the room before, and he did not know whether the Beastmen here would have an accident when burning fire in the house. After thinking about it, I picked out two thick logs, walked to the door curtain, picked up half of the gap, and fixed the position with the logs. Only then did I settle down a little.

Aze chose two of the best skins when he went out. They were soft and warm, suitable for children. I was going to hunt a fur bear for my younger brother's newly born child, but because Chen Qi was in a coma during the early snow, I couldn't find the fur bear to take care of Chen Qi.

Aze's home is only a few minutes away from the tribe. Of course, this is calculated at the rate of females. There are many vacant houses in the tribe. In the past three years, there are many houses that have not been repaired and collapsed. My younger brother still lives in his father's house in the center of the tribe.

"Ka Luo." Aze stood in front of the door and cried out. He felt that he was an unlucky person and would never take the initiative to enter his brother's house. Of course, brother Ka Luo didn't care about this. He was angry with Aze every time because of this.

A thin man with a little baby fat on his face stirred up the hide curtain and walked out, "Brother?"

Ka Luo's eyes were heavy and heavy. He became a partner with Ake shortly after he reached adulthood. Two years later, there is still a little childlike in his brow and eyes. Seeing Aze standing outside the door, he habitually picked his eyebrows. "Where have you been these days? Ake said he couldn't find anyone to hunt with. I thought you would never come back."

Aze knew that he had disappeared without telling the other party for several days. His brother was angry and handed over the two skins." Sorry, I wanted to go hunting for a fur snow bear."

Ka Luo shook the two skins in his hand. "This one doesn't look like a snow bear."

Aze sipped his lips and whispered hesitantly, "I met a male."

Ka Luo stopped, "did you take him back to the tribe? Or did you send him back to his tribe? Did you tell him about you? My dear brother, even if no male son is willing to choose you, I will always be with you. Ake and I have considered that if our second child is a female, you will raise it, so . . ."

Looking at Ka Luo's awkward appearance after a scratching question, Aze touched Ka Luo's thin shoulder. Even though Ka Luo had not spoken out, Aze also knew that the other party chose to stay in this dilapidated tribe. The other party concluded a partner as soon as it reached adulthood because of himself, his brother, who was rejected by the tribe, had no pregnancy marks and was abandoned by the beast god.

"Chen Qi is different from other males. He knows about me and came back with me voluntarily."

"Is he willing to return to the tribe with you or is he willing to be with you?"

Aze did not answer the question, "We came back too late today and didn't have time to hunt. I came to borrow some food from you."

The thick hide curtain was opened again. A tall figure came out with a small antelope on his shoulder. The female had a good hearing. Ake had heard the conversation between the two men inside for a long time. He handed the small antelope to Aze. "Don't borrow it, take it."

Ka Luo returned to the room in silence. Aze was angry because he thought the other party was still caring about the previous events. He smiled awkwardly at Ake.

Ake knew Ka Luo, who had watched him grow up since he was a child, and comforted Aze by saying, "He was mad when he couldn't find you for a few days. He thought you would never come back and almost ran out of the tribe regardless. Or did I tell him that when the first snow came, you might go hunting snow bear to pacify him."

"I'm sorry, I'll tell you next time if I leave too long."

Ake nodded, then Ka Luo came out of the room again, holding a piece of animal skin in his arms, wrapped in bright red berries. "Males like this stuff. Ake picked it this morning. You can take some back." After a pause, he added harshly, "If that male is too much, you must drive him out of the house, understand?"

"Chen Qi is different from other males."

Ka Luo was angry. His brother was really not a common elm head. He stuffed the hide into Aze's arms, snorted heavily, and pulled Ake back to the house. Ake shrugged helplessly, gave Aze a sympathetic look, and followed Ka Luo's footsteps and disappeared behind the curtain.

Aze smiled helplessly with a pile of food and turned to leave the tribe. Chen Qi was still hungry. He had to hurry back.

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