When Aze returned home, Chen Qi was sitting by the fire studying the blue fruit. The skin of the fruit was very thick. Chen Qi broke off several times only to break a little skin. After a while, he gave up. He looked up and saw Aze come in carrying a small antelope that had been handled. "Are you back?"

"Well, I'm back." Aze put things down, walked to the door again, according to the appearance of the curtain just now with wood fixed, open a hole.

Chen Qi coughed softly, grabbed the bag of skins Aze had brought back, opened it and exclaimed, "There are so many apples." After a detailed count, there were as many as 15, each about the size of a fist. They were very red and very pretty.


"Well, that's what my family calls it. Are you calling it red berries?" Chen Qi remembered that Aze once said the name of this fruit when he gave it to him for the first time.

"Apple is a nice name." Aze took the antelope to the front of the fire. There were shelves on the fire that had been set up for a long time. All he had to do was string the antelope onto a wooden stick and bake it.

Chen Qi picked up an apple and wiped it carelessly with his sleeve. He took a bite. A sweet and greasy juice filled his mouth instantly. However, the taste is very different from apple. It is more suitable as persimmon. Chen Qi made a silent comment and shook the thick green fruit in his hand and asked, "Aze, what kind of fruit is this? The skin is so thick that I can't break it off."

"This is green fruit. We all eat it together with skins."

Chen Qi frowned and looked. Can this skin be eaten? It's not very delicious when it's spelled with grapefruit peel. "Aze, can you help me cut this fruit open?"

Aze thought for a moment and did not take it. Instead, he put the antelope in his hand on the fire and turned to the flagstone bed. The flagstone bed was covered with a layer of hide. Aze groped in the hide and came back with a white bone-like object in his hand and handed it to Chen Qi. "Here you are."

"What is this?"

Aze took a sip of his lip, with a little flaunting look between his brow and eyes. "I captured the sword horn of the stegosaurus when I was an adult, although it was only a minor stegosaurus."

The power of stegosaurus is superior to the existence of hyenas. Their size is huge. Adult stegosaurus can grow to ten times the size of adult male elephant. Their whole body is covered with a layer of long hair. They look a bit like mammoths in ancient times, but their noses are shorter and thicker. Their noses have long and sharp sword horns. Adult stegosaurus are about 3 to 4 meters long. Their vertebrae are very straight and can hardly bend. This also causes them to move slowly and attack singly.

The reason why stegosaurus has not become a stronger threat than hyenas is not only that they are vegetarian species, but also that stegosaurus is not social like hyenas. Stegosaurus will live alone as adults. They have a strong sense of territory and it is almost impossible to have a second stegosaurus in a territory.

Chen Qi took the blade curiously. The blade was not big, only half as thick as a little finger and not as wide as a palm. It looked like the blade of a fruit knife and felt cold. Chen Qi carefully held the two ends of the sword horn, put the green fruit on the ground, cut it along the middle of the fruit with the sword horn, and cut the fruit in half without any difficulty. Chen Qi could not help exclaiming, "It's so sharp." It's like a knife.

Aze told him, "The sword horn is too sharp, and it is easy to hurt yourself if you are not careful. When you use it, Chen Qi must wrap it in animal skins instead of holding it directly."

"It's okay, just make a hilt." Chen Qi couldn't help playing with his fingers. The sword horn gave a ringing sound. There is no metal in this thing, is there? Remembering to be a hilt, Chen Qi turned to ask Aze, "Aze, do you have turpentine or something very sticky here?"

"Something very sticky?" Aze cocked his head and thought, "Do you mean the fruit of the gum tree?"

"Rubber tree? Do you have glue here?"

"Yes, the fruit of the gum tree will become sticky if it is burned. Our house is built by mixing boiled gum fruit with soil and rock slabs."

Chen Qi opened his mouth in surprise, ran to the wall and touched it. The joint was very hard. It was just like concrete. Is the adhesive strength of the glue so high? Nature is really amazing. Do many things in your world appear in other forms here? Chen Qi couldn't help but shine at the moment when he thought of this possibility. As long as he makes good use of it, even primitive society doesn't need to live like a savage. "Aze, Aze, can you get that jelly?"

Aze did not quite understand why Chen Qi was so excited when he heard about the gum fruit. "There is a gum tree not far from here. My house is built with the gum fruit from that tree. The fruit of the gum tree can grow for more than ten years as long as it is not picked. Eat something to rest today and I'll pick it tomorrow."

The venison was cold and hard at noon. Chen Qi felt bored after eating a little, so he didn't eat much. This time he smelled the smell of roast meat, and his stomach rang twice in due time to recover his excitement. Chen Qi carefully put the sword horn aside and picked up the fruit that had been cut. There were many soybean-sized nuts embedded in the flesh, licked it and frowned with acid.

Aze funnily cut the antelope meat with almost baked skin and handed it to him. "This kind of green fruit is very sour and very difficult to eat. We won't eat it unless we are really hungry. Please throw it away and don't eat it again."

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Chen Qi threw a piece of mutton into his mouth and chewed it to remove the sour taste. The mutton was roasted just right, but the bitter feeling of salt stone was still unable to adapt. It completely destroyed the taste of mutton, and it was really a bit boring to roast meat for several days. Hit it hit it mouth, turn over the half of the green fruit looked, although the taste is very sour, but always feel very like lemon, wanted to squeeze out a little juice drops on the barbecue.

He put a piece of mutton dipped in fruit juice into his mouth. Chen Qi was bright at the moment. The sour taste of the fruit juice melted into the meat, which covered the bitter taste of the salt stone. He did not feel bored when eating it. He took another piece and handed it to Aze's mouth. "Aze, try it."

Aze looked at him strangely and opened his mouth to swallow the meat on his lips. Chen Qi asked expectantly, "How is it?"

Looking at Chen Qi's look, Aze unconsciously slowed down his chewing speed until Chen Qi smiled with a little anxiety in his eyes and said slowly, "It's much better than just smearing salt stone."

Chen Qi breathed a sigh of relief. It seems that the taste of the Beastmen is the same as that of himself. In recent days, he has watched Aze eat only the bitter roasted meat coated with salt stone. He once doubted whether his taste is different from that of the Beastmen. "Of course, the roasted meat needs seasoning. The salt stone contains too many impurities." Chen Qi joyfully handed the other half of the green fruits to Aze and let him eat them by himself.

Aze took it and squeezed the juice onto the roasted antelope. While Chen Qi was eating hard, he quietly cut the fruit-coated antelope meat and put it into the cattail leaf holding the meat in his hand.

Two people satiated with food and drink, Chen Qi wanted to have a quick sleep on the fire, Aze didn't want to, not dragging Chen Qi to press him on the only slate bed, and went back to the fire to lay down a piece of hide.

Chen Qi however, it was not a very good experience to sleep in a tree for the first two nights. he was always worried and did not say that he was sore all over after waking up. now he was really feeling tired, so he was not polite to Aze. he took the coat regiment as a pillow and had a good sleep.

The next day when Chen Qi opened his eyes, he saw a dark ceiling, which was really dark, not because of the dim light. He looked closely and found that it was because of the traces of smoke blackening the fire in the house. Chen Qi's head was full of black lines, so it was not a scientific act to make a fire in the house.

Aze is not in the room. The ceiling of the room is too low. It feels very depressing to stay for a long time. The curtain of the door is still half open last night. The sun shines through the opening, making the room bright.

Open the door curtain and go out, what you see is a wilderness. You are right. It is a wilderness surrounded by semi-dry weeds. It is not much different from what you saw on the plain before. Not far away is a tall tree with a radius of nearly one meter. It is covered with banana-like leaves or fruits. Chen Qi is not very good at distinguishing fig leaves and fruits.

Chen Qi took a few steps to the outside and found Aze's house was quite long. It was too dark to see clearly last night. Now he went around to the back and found another room. Why did the doors of the back room and the front room open in the opposite direction? Isn't it more convenient to be together? Now I have to go to another room and make a big circle around the house.

Chen Qi opened the door curtain and found that this was a sundry room. Half of the room was filled with chopped wood alone. Other spaces were littered with skins and Tao Pan pottery pots. At the door was a skin wrapped in something that looked familiar. It looked like Aze was holding the one brought into the room at the beginning of last night. Chen Qi crouched down curiously and opened it, rolling out some shriveled fruits inside. Chen Qi smiled helplessly and put the hide back in its place.

Upon returning to the front door, he saw Aze running back from a distance with two pheasants and a thin layer of sweat on his forehead. He saw Chen Qi smile habitually, "Are you awake?"

"Well, you went hunting so early."

"Ake originally told me to go hunting on the plain this morning. I promised you to pick jelly fruit today and take you to the tribe later." Aze paused. "If you want to live in a tribe, I can help you find a better empty house."

Chen Qi didn't answer. He didn't want to live in Aze's house. If he wants to live here, he must build another one, but he doesn't mind going to the tribe to see the situation before deciding.

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