The two heated the antelope meat left over from last night. It was really a little uncomfortable to eat barbecue early in the morning. Chen Qi pulled out two apples and took a small piece of barbecue to solve the breakfast. Aze did not seem to be affected, and the rest of the antelope meat was settled by himself.

Before going out, Chen Qi asked Aze to help cut a long strip of hide, carefully wrapped one end of the sword corner, and then wrapped it in a piece of broken thick hide and put it in his coat pocket. although Aze was always with him, there was a weapon that he could always use in this wilderness to reassure Chen Qi a little.

Walking on the road, Chen Qi always had the illusion of returning to the Dora Plain. He even saw a fat hare jumping in front of them. After hearing the two men's movement, the hare turned and ran into the grass and disappeared. Perhaps the only difference is that there are many tall trees around, such as acacia and fig trees, each of which is at least 10 meters long, forming a natural barrier around the house.

The two men walked for about ten minutes and stood in front of a thick bread tree. Aze pointed to the bread tree in front of them and said, "This is the glue tree."

Chen Qi looked at the tall plants in front of him. They were about ten meters high, with a radius of nearly two meters wide. The tree was bare, and only a few branches grew out of the top crown. The shape was like an outstretched hand. The tree was baobab, no matter how you look at it. At the top of each branch are a few orange-yellow and orange-yellow fruits, which look very much like the pineapple buns just released from the oven. Chen Qi would like to shout out to the sky at the moment that bread is really growing on the bread tree.

Aze climbed to the top of the tree flexibly with his hands and feet. Chen Qi also did not know how the other party exerted itself on this bare tree. When he came back to his mind, two jelly fruits like pineapple buns rolled around his feet.

Chen Qi crouched down, picked up a straw pole and poked it. The rubber fruit was very hard and could not leave any trace after poking for half a day.

Aze jumped cleanly back to the ground, picked up the rubber fruit on the ground and explained: "The rubber fruit is very hard. It is difficult to cut it even with my fingernails. It must be burned to melt it."

"Is glue tree the same?" Chen Qi asked thoughtfully.

Aze nodded and scratched his fingernail on the trunk beside him, leaving only a shallow scratch. Chen Qi knew how sharp Aze's nails were and wanted to think, "Aze, can you help me break a small branch of a rubber tree? It doesn't need to be very thick, just like the sword horn you gave me last night. I want to use it as a hilt."

"good." Aze didn't know what the hilt was, but he was happy to find it for each other as long as Chen Qi needed it. He put the gum fruit back on the ground and climbed up the tree again. This time Aze took some time to break down a small branch. The branch was darker than the trunk. Chen Qi took it joyfully, thinking that it could be a simple dagger.

On the way back, Chen Qi found a perilla, which was only as high as a calf and hidden in a piece of withered grass. If a Serval cat had not suddenly jumped out, Chen Qi would not have found it. Chen Qi excitedly picked a piece for Aze to see if there was any toxicity. The female could tell whether an object was toxic or not simply by smell and touch. This also avoided most of the risks for them. After confirming that it was non-toxic, Chen Qi picked a large handful and stuffed it into his pocket. He almost stripped all the leaves of the Perilla frutescens.

After the unexpected harvest, Chen Qi was much more careful on the way back. When he saw anything, he ran over to see it. Aze also accompanied him patiently. Although he did not know what these things were useful for, he became a coolie without saying anything about what Chen Qi wanted to dig.

It's a pity that Chen Qi's understanding of plants is also in a state of semi-illiteracy. They have been busy for half a day except for a handful of basil and dug up a few pieces of wild ginger. Although the harvest is very little, Chen Qi is still very happy to get wild ginger. At least he can improve the taste of food.

After returning home, it was already noon. Chen Qi wanted to fix the handle of the sword horn. Seeing Aze picking up the two pheasants and a pottery jar he had hunted back in the morning, he asked curiously, "Aze, where are you going?"

Aze waved the pheasant in his hand. "I'll go to the river to dispose of the food."

"By the river?" Chen Qi's eyes gleamed. "I'll go with you, Aze. Do you have any extra fur?" Chen Qi has never taken a bath since he came to this world. He feels that he has a sour smell.

Aze naturally guessed the other party's plan, rummaged through the pile of skins beside the slate bed for a while and pulled out two of the softest ones and handed them to Chen Qi. "these two may be a little too big for you. when I went to the tribe in the evening, I asked uncle Li to help you make some new ones."

Chen Qi shook the fur coat in his hand, saying that the fur coat only opened two holes in the fur to facilitate reaching in. Then he tied a slender fur belt around his waist, wearing a knee-length fur skirt, which was also tied with a belt. Chen Qi looked at the sun outside. It was the hottest time in the middle of the sun. He wanted to wash his clothes and bask in the sun for an afternoon, then change his clothes at night.

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Chen Qi also carried a pottery jar when he went out. He was going to fetch some water to remove impurities from the salt stone. He was really fed up with the bitter taste of barbecue. The pottery here is not only a little crooked, but also heavy. Chen Qi feels like he is walking with half a bucket of pure water. He originally wanted to find new food on the road, but now he has to give up.

For Aze, it may only take a few minutes, because it took them nearly half an hour to walk to the riverside with Chen Qi. The Chishui River here is a little different from what Chen Qi saw on the plain. There is a long floodplain a few meters wide, which is full of mud mixed with sand and gravel. Because of the low rainfall on the Dora plain, the water in the river cannot spread. The floodplain is dry and completely muddy.

Aze chose a relatively secluded river bank, where there was a huge river stone to block his view. Chen Qi couldn't wait to jump into the river. Just taking off his shoes and coat, he saw Aze squatting on the other side of the river stone, pulling out the pheasant's fur. He couldn't help but lean out his head and ask: "Aze, don't you need hot water to scald before pulling out?" If you pull directly like this, you won't be able to do it cleanly, and you'll waste your energy.

"why?" Aze raised his head in bewilderment and saw Chen Qi naked to the waist at the entrance. He turned away in fright. Although he still maintained his usual cool expression on his face, his reddish ears exposed his panic at the moment.

"This is better to handle." Chen Qi did not find any abnormality in Aze. Naturally, he picked up a pottery jar and filled it with half water. He dug a hole with ventilation on both sides. Although the sand in the beach was dry, it was not hard. Chen Qi dug it up by himself very quickly. Just above the hole was a pottery jar that could be placed. After finishing it, Chen Qi ran to a nearby place and easily pulled back a large pile of hay and stuffed it into this simple stove. "Aze, lighter."

Aze lit the hay with a lighter from his pocket. The heat conductivity of the pottery jar was good. It didn't take much time for the water to heat up. There were many large leaves on the riverbank. Chen Qi picked many and dug a shallow pit into which two pheasants could be put. The pot was paved with several layers of cattail leaves. Only then did the boiled hot water slowly spread on the pheasants in the shallow pit.

Puye well hindered the leakage of hot water. Chen Qi scalded the pheasant in the hot water for several minutes. He did not take it out until the chicken feather fell off when it was plucked and handed it to Aze. "Try and see if the pheasant's fur is better than before."

Aze stretched out his hand and took it. With little effort, he plucked a large piece of chicken feathers and said in surprise, "It's really much easier to pluck and cleaner than before."

Chen Qi smiled and decided to continue his bathing career. Seeing that Aze would throw the plucked pheasant feathers into the river, he hurriedly stopped and said, "Don't throw chicken feathers. This is very useful."

Aze stopped doubtfully. "What's the use of these small hairs?"

Chen Qi held his chin up and thought for a moment. What's the use of chicken feathers? Making feather dusters? Although I've seen it before, I haven't done it myself. I don't know if I can do it. Making quilts? How long will it take to make a bed? "I haven't figured out what I can do yet, but this stuff is very useful. It is more useful than animal skins. Don't throw it away."

Aze nodded and put the chicken feathers away with a bigger leaf of cattail. Only then did Chen Qi feel at ease in the underground river and picked up two figs, which Aze handed to him when he came to the river. Chen Qi completely forgot that this thing can also be used as soap. When he came, he was full of bathing and forgot to pick it. I have to say that Aze's mind is really not as delicate as usual in some aspects.

As long as the fig is twisted gently, it will flow out green juice. After rubbing on the head and body, white foam will pop up in an instant. Having seen the ferocious carnivorous fish before, Chen Qi also dare not run to the river to have a good swim. Standing in the shallow water of the river, he took his shirt as a bath towel and cleaned himself up and down inside and out.

After Chen Qilian washed his clothes and came out from behind the river rocks, Aze had already disposed of the pheasant and the two pottery pots were full of water. Aze's hair was dripping with water drops, and his body was carrying the unique faint fragrance of figs. Apparently, he had also bathed in the river just now.

Aze tied the two pheasants together with tough hay and carried them on his shoulder. he stuffed the bag of pheasant feathers into Chen Qi's arms, picked up a pottery jar filled with water in one hand and said to Chen Qi, "let's go home."

Looking at Aze's relaxed face, and then thinking about how tired he was when he came, he was just holding an empty can. After a moment of silence, he replied, "Good."

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