After returning home, Chen Qi took over the two pheasants and proposed to cook lunch by himself, sending Aze out to build a simple rack to dry his clothes. Aze did not refuse. He listened to Chen Qi talk all the way when collecting Perilla frutescens. He was quite curious about what food Chen could churn out with the picked Perilla leaves and wild ginger.

One pheasant had Aze cut into pieces for later use. Aze's house was piled with a lot of pottery. Apart from a few pottery plates containing some unknown bones, the rest were almost empty, and I don't know what use he had to keep all the pottery.

Chen Qi took a Tao Pan with a pan-like appearance. Because there were only two cans of water, he washed Tao Pan once and then put the cut wild chicken into the pan for blanching. After Tao Pan was carefully washed again with the soup with blood foam removed, the chicken and the cut wild ginger were filled with water and stewed in the fire.

Another pheasant was strung together on the fire with clean sticks as usual, but Chen Qi was not in a hurry to smear salt stone on the roasted pheasant. With another smaller pottery dish filled with a little water, put a piece of salt stone into it and mash it with a wooden stick. The salt stone melts quickly when it meets the water. After the salt stone dissolves, less than half of the clear water in the dish turns into a gray and turbid state. He reached out and touched it with a touch somewhat like small sand and stone. Chen Qi looked at the salt water in silence. How many impurities did the salt stone mix? It's really a pity that Aze didn't eat anything for so long.

Chen Qi wanted to filter this dish of salt water, but looking around the contents of the house, he found nothing useful. He held his chin up in agony and thought for a moment, wondering if his shirt could be used for filtering.

Out of the door, Aze was airing his last coat on a wooden pole. I don't know where he found two tree trunks with branches and inserted them into the soil to make two brackets. A wooden pole was placed horizontally on the wooden pole to air clothes, but it did look good.

Seeing Chen Qi coming out, Aze hung up his coat and asked, "Is the food ready?"

Chen Qi shook his head. "Not yet. It may take a little time. I made some chicken stew."

Chen Qi walked to the front of the clothes hanger and took the shirt hanging on it back and forth to the room. Aze looked at his movements strangely. He did not understand why the other party took back the dry clothes and followed him into the room.

As soon as Aze entered the door, he saw Chen Qi with a shirt in one hand and Tao Pan frowning in the other. Aze hurriedly walked over and asked with concern, "What's the matter? Can I help you?"

"Yes." Chen Qi handed the shirt to the other party and pointed out, "You hold the shirt like this and open a hole." After that, he filled the shirt with a clean Tao Pan and began to slowly pour salt water into the shirt.

Chen Qi's shirt was a bit white, and the places where salt water poured in and was soon wet with water were all dyed gray. The shirt was folded by two layers, and the water leakage slowed down a bit, but the filtering effect was still very good. The two men got Chen Qi's relatively satisfactory results after two or three times of filtering.

The chicken soup has already boiled. Chen Qi scooped some filtered brine into the shell of the milk fruit and put a handful of perilla leaves in the chicken soup. This is Chen Qi's first time to add perilla leaves to the chicken soup. I hope the taste will not be too strange. Roasted pheasants have already begun to emit fragrance, which makes people salivate at the sight of Chengcheng Huang. Chen Qi picked a few fluffy pheasant hairs and tied them together to serve as brushes. He carefully brushed the salt water on the wild chicken three times, then took out an apple, cut it into two halves with a sword knife, squeezed out juice and smeared it on the barbecue twice.

Chen Qi pulled out some red-hot carbon, put one or two sticks on it to light a small fire, and put the Tao Pan with salt water directly on it to burn slowly. After all this tossing and turning, the water in the two large pottery jars that were returned was used in 7788. The rest of Chen Qi poured into the shell of the water-bearing fruit, took out the remaining pieces of green peel from last night, put them into the shell and boiled them together with water. Chen Qi thought to himself, this is also a green fruit tea.

When the green fruit tea was boiled, the roast chicken was almost roasted. Chen used a sword-horn knife to cut off a small piece and put it into his mouth to taste the taste. finally, the bitter taste on the roast meat disappeared. Chen Qi smiled happily at Aze sitting on one side. before Aze came back to his mind, he stuffed a piece of roast chicken into the other side's mouth, "you have to taste it and see if it has become delicious."

Aze doesn't like eating too sweet and greasy things. When he saw Chen Qi smearing apple juice on the roast meat, Aze thought to himself, no matter how bad the roasted meat is, he should eat it all calmly. I don't know if there is not much fruit juice smeared after eating the roast meat handed to my mouth. The sweet taste is just within the acceptable range of Aze, and without the bitter taste of salt stone, it is not a bit stronger than before.

Aze looked at Chen Qi pleasantly surprised. "This is much better than my roast. Chen Qi, I didn't even see you smearing salt stone on the roast. Why is this meat salty?"

Chen Qi pointed to the salt water that was set aside for burning and explained: "I have melted the salt stone into the water, and now I will burn it out again."

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"Can the salt stone be burned out again by this way?"

"Maybe." Chen Qi is also the first time to do such a thing, and he is not sure, "The burnt appearance is not the same as that of salt stone, and it will probably turn into sand-like salt."

Aze exclaim 1, look at Chen Qi's eyes with a little complicated look, know so much Chen Qi must be many female pursuit.

Chen Qi scooped up some chicken soup that was still stewing from the remaining small piece of fruit shell of the shea butter and tasted it. How to say, the salty soup is neither delicious nor difficult to drink, it is very common. Chopsticks made from the branches of the acacia tree took a bite of a piece of stewed chicken. The chicken had little taste after stewing in water, and had the taste of firewood.

Chen Qi gave Aze a taste of both. The broth was better than Aze's own. At least it did not have bitter taste, but it was not as delicious as the broth cooked with fruit juice. The stewed chicken had no taste, but Aze did not mind. After lunch, most of the roasted chicken went into Chen Qi's stomach, and Aze almost wiped out the stewed chicken.

Satisfied with food and drink, Aze wrapped all the used pottery dishes in a large animal skin, and with the other hand he carried a pottery jar to clean up the Chishui River and fetch water. Chen Qi used a stick with branches to fork the gum fruit picked that morning and baked it in the fire. The gum fruit was not only hard, but also showed little sign of melting after half a day of baking. Chen Qi placed a small Tao Pan under the gum fruit and melted the gum fruit liquid.

Chen Qi took out the sword horn knife and the rubber branch. The rubber branch was handled by Aze, who was sitting idly on one side, when Chen Qi was handling the food. The length was cut to the length that the palm could hold. One end of the branch broke a narrow hole, which was just enough to insert one end of the sword horn knife. Chen Qi stared at the two things in front of him for a moment. He stood up and went outside to get some hay to come in. He burned it into ashes and put it on the leaves of the cattail, adding a little water to muddy it.

The jelly has melted by about one third. Chen Qi took out the jelly and mixed some jelly into the straw ash. After the treatment, he used a thin piece of wood chip to carefully wipe the mixed version of glue into the hole in the jelly branch. It will take a long time to dry after the jelly melts. Chen Qi smeared the branch opening with jelly before inserting the sword angle knife, and then tightly tied the opening with a straw vine, thus completing the simplified version of the original knife. Chen Qi looked at it several times with joy. After confirming that there was no problem, he put the sword into the corner of the house and dried it in the shade.

After Aze returned from the water fight, the smaller half of the plate of salt water was almost burnt, and white solid began to appear on the surface. Aze put the things down and leaned over in surprise. Chen activated a wooden stick and kept stirring it until the salt was almost separated out before putting out the firewood. He motioned Aze to take out the pottery dish from the fire wrapped in animal skins, and waited for the salt to completely dry out with the remaining temperature.

Aze touched a little white salt with his finger and tasted it, which was much better than the salty stone. "Chen Qi, this is salty too, much better than the salty stone."

"Do you have any other salt stone? I'll use this method to deal with it, and I won't eat salt stone again."

Aze went to the place where the pottery was placed, pulled out a small bag of things wrapped in animal skins, and opened it. There were two or three pieces of salt stones the size of half a fist. The color was the same as the one used before. They were all gray and white. At first glance, they were mixed with many impurities.

Chen Qi picked up a piece of salt and weighed it. Such a piece of salt can only separate out less than 2/3 of the salt. Winter here lasts for several months and there is no prey in winter. Only a few pieces of salt are not enough to store food. "Aze, where did you get these salt stones? Can we get more?"

"Do you need more salt stone? This was exchanged with other tribes from the meeting last year. The lion and wolf tribe will hold an annual meeting in another two months without a day. I can go and exchange some more."

Chen Qi nodded. "Winter is coming soon. These salts can store food better. If only we could get more." Speaking of food storage, Chen Qi looked at Aze, "Aze, should we start preparing winter food? Is it too late?" It's only a few days before winter comes.

"well. I'll take you to see the tribe later, and I'll hunt again when you're settled." Aze paused, adding: "You don't have to worry. I can hunt fast enough for winter food."

Chen Qi smiled and put aside the salty Tao Pan. "There is no other thing to do now. Can you go to the tribe to have a look? Or will it be later?"

Aze looked at the sky. Uncle Azhang went hunting in the morning and should have returned by now. He stood up and said to Chen Qi, "Let's go to the tribe now."


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