Aze's tribe is called Yanshan Tribe because it is backed by a small rock mountain. Twenty years ago, it merged several small tribes around it, with a scale of about 1,000. It is a relatively famous medium tribe nearby. Three years ago, the hyenas suddenly attacked me every day for one month in winter. The females of the tribe died more than one third to protect the tribe. Although they eventually repelled the hyenas, the losses of the tribe were too heavy. After all, the Yanshan tribe was too close to the Loya forest. Before the coming of the winter of the second year, many males worried that there would be hyenas in winter, and suggested the patriarch to leave the place. Finally, the patriarch decided to lead the clan to a nearby large tribe far away from the Loya forest, the Lion Wolf tribe.

Of course, there are still some people in the Yanshan tribe at present, but most of those who are left behind are injured, old or female sons who have lost their partners. They are all people who are afraid of bringing burdens to the tribe in the new tribe and plan to bury themselves in the place where they grew up from childhood. Most young children and males will not choose to stay.

The Yanshan tribe did not have walls or anything like that. Only a few withered trunks served as fences. A middle-aged female was sitting on the crown of a tall fig tree on the periphery. She only nodded faintly when she saw Aze coming. Her eyes were a little more surprised when she moved to Chen Qi.

Chen Qi walked into the tribe. The entrance was full of jumbled square houses built without any planning. Some buildings were crowded together and some were far apart. The direction of the door was also in all directions. The crooked roads and corners were overgrown with weeds. Some houses collapsed in half. The door without fur curtain was like a dark hole. All the houses have no windows. The area of the house is only half the size of Aze, and its height is a little higher than that of Aze. Chen Qi can reach the roof by stretching his hands on tiptoe.

Chen Qi looked at these houses which are totally unsuitable for people to live in for a long time. He could not imagine what it would be like to live in such a low and narrow house for several months in winter. It seems that if you want to live comfortably, you can only build another one by yourself. "Aze, I'll build another one next to your house." Chen Qi said to the people beside him as he walked with a sigh.

Aze stopped and looked at Chen Qi's back with surprise.

Chen Qi turned around and asked curiously, "Why don't you go?"

"Let's go. I'll take you to Uncle Azhang first. Those who stay here need to report to Uncle Azhang." Aze took a few quick steps to hide his overflowing happiness. His thin lips, as if remembering something, recalled slightly, "I'll help you build the house."

Chen Qi smiled, "Good." Of course, he won't let Aze help him build a house like his. I don't know if those house designs could be copied in the past, but anyway, what he got from a civilized society will at least be better than what these primitive beasts got. Chen Qi became a little eager to try.

Most of the people who survived moved to the foot of the Rock Mountains, and only Aze's younger brother Ka Luo's family and a female named Ali and Azhang persisted in living in the tribal center.

Aze is now taking Chen Qi to find Azhang, who is now the acting chief of the Yanshan tribe and is responsible for leading the females in hunting, arranging defense and other work.

Chen Qi found that only the houses on the periphery of the tribe were seriously collapsed. Most of the houses near the center were still intact, but it seemed that no one lived there.

A female dressed in gray fur is folding a pile of branches into sections of equal size in front of the house. These are firewood for use in winter. The more firewood stored, the greater the chance of surviving in winter.

However, Azhang did not prepare this pile of firewood for himself. The females have the ability to turn fur into animals in winter, but those who are seriously injured will lose the ability to turn fur. Ali is because his right foot has been seriously injured and he can't walk fast. In recent years, Azhang even struggled to turn into animals. Therefore, Azhang began to prepare a large amount of firewood when the first snow came, on the one hand, for Ali, on the other hand, for the elderly females who are still in the tribe and have difficulty in moving, and for the few young children who are unwilling to leave.

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"Uncle Azhang." Before the two men came near, Aze shouted when he saw the figure of the other.

The female's hearing is very sensitive. Although there is still a distance between them, Azhang stopped his movements and raised his head when he heard the cry. He saw that Aze was still showing a slightly simple and honest smile.

Uncle? Chen Qi looked at the Beastmen in front of him. What do you think of him? He is only about 30 years old. He has short brown and black hair. His facial lines are very rigid. A smile will give a simple and honest feeling. His hands are very muscular and a little taller than Aze. When he gets closer, he feels like a wall.

Azhang threw the wood aside and lit Chen Qi beside him with his chin. "Is he the male you brought back?"

"Yes, his name is Chen Qi." Aze nodded helplessly. It seems Ka Luo had already come to help him say hello in advance. Otherwise Azhang would not have known at the sight of Chen Qi that this was the person he brought back.

Before Chen Qi could say hello to each other, Azhang clapped his hands and turned into the room, "Come in."

The two men followed into the house. Azhang's house was smaller than Aze's, but its contents were much more than Aze's. The only difference was that there were also many pottery pots, almost twice as many as Aze's.

Azhang walked to the front of a white pottery jar by the bed, stretched out his hand and pulled out a round white stone from the inside, then walked to Chen Qi's side, grabbed Chen Qi's hand, his right index finger suddenly showed a long fingernail, and scratched it gently in Chen Qi's palm.

Chen Qi bared his lower teeth in pain and said angrily, "What are you doing?"

Azhang didn't wait for Chen Qi to retract his hand. He took a white stone and rubbed it at the place where Chen Qi was injured. The stone gave off a little invisible light. The blood stained on it changed rapidly and slowly became the silhouette of a dragon. Azhang stared at the silhouette formed by the blood for a moment and asked slightly doubtfully, "Are you from the Snake clan?"

Chen Qi naturally saw the change of the stone. Before he could be surprised, he heard Azhang's question and said, "That is a dragon." You are the snake, he is the descendant of the dragon. Well, in fact, Chen Qi also did not understand why the stone became a silhouette dragon after stained with his own blood.

But dragon is not a beautiful thing here.

Azhang said nothing, took the stone back to the bedside and put it in front of a red pottery jar. He waved to the two men and said, "You can go."

Aze heartily took out the skins that had been prepared for a long time and wrapped Chen Qi's injured palm. He explained, "This is a stone that records information. It can record the most primitive taste in your blood. Even if you disappear, I can still find you according to the taste in the stone." After that, he handed a piece of hide to Azhang. Aze carried a dozen skins when he went out. Chen Qi almost thought he was going to move. "Thank Uncle Azhang, then Chen Qi and I will go first."

Azhang was also not at all polite. He took it and gave Aze a good knock on the head. He scolded: "How many times have you said not to call me uncle? I am only 55 years old and still young. I want to call him brother."

Chen Qi turned over his supercilious look and asked others to call him elder brother at the age of 55. He is smelly and shameless. Don't think he is not old with a young face. All right, Chen Qi is complaining that he drew his own knife without saying hello. It hurts. But when it comes to age, Beastmen generally seem to have a life span of more than 200 years. Chen Qi silently envied them and wondered if he could live that long.

Two people left Azhang's house and went to the next door's Azhang's house. Aze wanted Azhang to make some fur coats for Chen Qi. Chen Qi's thin coat could not withstand the severe winter here.

Ali stayed in the house for many years because of his inconvenient legs and feet. His skin color was whiter than that of the average female. He looked gentle and gave a very gentle feeling. He heard Aze say that Ali was nearly 80 years old, but he looked 3056. Because of the bad environment, the Beastmen would not enter the aging period until he was 150 years old. Aging too early was not conducive to the survival of this race.

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When the two men came in, Li was weaving. yes, that's right, he was weaving. however, his method of weaving was different from what Chen Qi knew. in front of him were several basketballs-sized woolen cocoons. the lines were a little rough, but they looked very light and soft. he pressed one side of the woven cloth with a few stones, and then constantly adjusted the positions of several woolen cocoons alternately. he also stopped from time to time to check if the woven place was too loose, too loose, and his hands pressed tightly before continuing. The area of cloth thus woven is not large and the speed is very slow.

Chen Qi leaned over in surprise and looked curiously at the small piece of cloth that had been woven. Then he looked at the several woolen cocoons. He reached out and touched them. They were soft and felt a bit like wool, but they were thinner than wool. No wonder Aze was not surprised to see the clothes he was wearing. It turned out that there was already cloth here.

"Do you like this cloth?" Ali's voice is as gentle as his appearance.

Chen Qi stepped back slightly awkwardly for his impolite behavior, nodded and asked expectantly, "Can you help me weave some cloth? I can pay you."

Ali didn't answer him. He smiled and looked back at the tall Beastmen who was putting the hide beside him. "Is this the male you brought back?"

Aze nodded. "His name is Chen Qi."

"That's a good name." Ali looked back at Chen Qi. "I knitted this for Ake's unborn child. Do you want cloth now or are you planning to have children?"

"children?" Chen Qi looked at Aze doubtfully.

Aze explained: "Only Beastmen babies here wear cloth clothes."

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