Chen Qi has black face. Of course, he does not want children. Who does he want to have in this world without women? Looking for Aze? After grinding, the molar tooth explained, "I want to wear it myself." Although skins have been tanned, it is obvious that the tanning technology is not mature enough. There is no cloth between them. Every pore of the skin is clamoring for the roughness of this fur garment.

Ali did not care who was wearing the cloth he knitted. He hooked his lips lightly and said realistically, "You need to prepare wool cocoons for yourself. A piece of cloth must be exchanged for at least the meat of an adult antelope."

Hairy cocoons are silk cocoons spun by caterpillar dragons. They are generally prepared for young animals to winter. However, dragons live in Loya forest. Even if caterpillar dragons are harmless dragons, their cocoons are not so easy to obtain.

Chen Qi frowned slightly. He could not get these two things now. It seems that the cloth thing can only be put aside for the time being. Aze took over the words: "I'll have meat and wool cocoons ready tomorrow. The skins here please help Chen Qi to make several sets of fur coats. I'll also go hunting tomorrow."

"Mmm." Ali stood up, limped and limped slightly and staggered to the front of a pottery dish. he took a timbo and came back to measure Chen Qi's length. he broke the timbo at a certain length. he asked casually, "have you found a good house yet? There should be many empty houses over there."

"Chen Qi plans to build a house next to my house." Aze brought a smile between his eyebrow and eyes.

"oh?" This was beyond Ali's expectation. he couldn't help staring at Chen Qi again and again. Chen Qi was all over with hair. Ali turned and walked to the place where hides were piled up. he took out a piece of cloth, which was not too big. it was only about 1. 5 meters long and 1. 5 meters wide. he handed it to Chen Qi. "take it back and use it first. I'll help you with the rest when Aze finds the wool cocoon."

I don't know if it's Chen Qi's illusion, but I always feel that this female's expression is much kinder than at the beginning.

"thank you." Chen Qi took over the cloth. Although the cloth looks slightly rough, it feels surprisingly soft, just like silk. His heart is even more joyful. It seems that the world is not as bad as he imagined.

The three men chatted a few more words. Most of them asked if Chen Qi really wanted to live in this tribe and got a positive reply. They also told Aze to help Chen Qi build a strong house and come to him if there was anything he needed. Chen Qi and Chen Qi went back to their hometown after a long talk. Everyone was very busy in the month before winter, and there was not much time to waste on greetings.

When the two left the tribe, Chen Qi sincerely said to Aze, "Thank you." In various ways, the Beastmen really helped himself too much and owed too much to each other. However, Chen Qi, who owes too much to the other party, does not struggle. He is still in a period of adaptation to the new world. It is good to repay the other party slowly when everything is all right, and he does not have the ability to be melodramatic now.

"Don't mention it, do you want to find the food buried underground? There is still some time before dark, and we can find it all the way back." I can see that Aze is in a good mood now.

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The tribe is still some distance away from Aze's family. Chen Qi's interest in finding food is still high and he happily accepted Aze's proposal. The two were extremely happy to find some familiar plants along the way. On the way, Chen Qi also found a small bamboo forest. The bamboo was very tall and thick. Unfortunately, bamboo shoots were not found at this time of year. What delighted Chen Qi was the discovery of a potato near a small bamboo grove. There were actually five or six potatoes dug out, each about the size of a fist.

Until the sun goes down, the two men's harvest along the way is these potatoes. Aze originally wanted to send Chen Qi home to go hunting. At this time, there is no shortage of prey on the Dora Plain. Before arriving home, the two men met the fat rabbit that popped out suddenly. The rabbit actually crashed into Chen Qi's leg. Aze won't let it go this time. He was caught in his hand as soon as he bent down and reached out. Before Chen Qi could react, Aze had already twisted the rabbit to death.

Chen Qi looked at the potato in his arms and at the rabbit in Aze's hand. "Let's have a rabbit stew potato tonight."


Of course, Chen Qi didn't cook potatoes with rabbits at night, because Aze returned from hunting a warthog and finally cut a large piece of pork to make potato stew. Although the seasoning was only salted wild ginger and a handful of perilla leaves, it was surprisingly delicious. Chen Qi also used a large piece of fat to fry a little lard and asked Aze to slice a pig leg into pieces and fry a large piece of pottery meat. In a different way of food, Chen Qi ate very well after the barbecue with salt. The two men almost eliminated half of the wart pork and the five fist-sized potatoes.

The Beastmen' cooking method is very simple, almost either baking or cooking. Aze is the first time to eat this kind of food, and almost can't stop, "Chen Qi, can we still cook like this tomorrow?" Aze asked, wanting more.

Chen Qi collapsed and sat by the fire, rubbing his swollen stomach and laughing. "Of course, but potato stew may not be able to do it. We have run out of potatoes tonight."

"I'll look for it when I hunt tomorrow. I remember what potatoes look like." Aze knew for the first time that the root of this buried plant was stewed with meat. Not only did the meat become delicious, but the root itself was so delicious.

Chen Qi's eyes brightened. "Do you still remember what the sweet potato Perilla wild ginger looks like?"

Aze nodded. "Remember, I have a good memory."

"You must dig it back when you see it." Chen Qi patted Aze on the shoulder and solemnly confessed.

Aze smiled, "Good."

Tonight's moon is much darker than last night's. Tomorrow is probably the end of the month, and winter will be three months from now. Beastmen have the habit of going from sunrise to sunset. Chen Qi, who usually brushes a web page until midnight, does not have this habit. He looked at the remaining half of the warty pork and the rabbit that had been processed but had not been ready to cook. The little salt refined at noon did not know whether it was enough to cure these things.

"Aze, cut these warty pork into strips." Chen Qi indicated the approximate size of the wart pork nearby.

"We can't eat any more. Let's cook these tomorrow." Aze looked at Chen Qi's protruding stomach and urged.

"I don't want to eat, I want to preserve them in salt until winter."

"Salted? Isn't it cooked and dried in the sun?"

"In the sun to dry? Is this delicious?" Chen Qi took a puff at the corner of his mouth. This is what the original meat is for.

Aze shook his head, "it's not delicious, but it can last for a long time. The first month has not come yet. If we need to store food well cooked and put it in the sun to dry, we can store it directly when the weather starts to turn cold in the third month. However, the animals on the Dora Plain have migrated almost by then, and not many animals have been hunted. If we want to store more food, we must go into Loya Forest."

"It's okay, the food pickled with salt can be stored for a long time, and it must be better than your dried meat. Please cut the meat according to my method first, and don't need bones."

"good." Aze does not believe Chen Qi's claim that salting can keep food longer, but even if Chen Qi wastes the food, it is good to hunt it back again. It is not yet the best time to store food, and there is still time for Chen Qi to toss it around.

Chen Qi used pottery to burn half a plate of water, then found a clean pottery dish and put it aside for later use. After the water boiled, he used a long wooden stick to hold the cut meat strips and put them in boiling water for scalding. When the meat became discolored, he took them out, carefully smeared them with salt on the surface of the meat strips, and then put them into the clean pottery dish next to him.

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In this way, put a layer of salt on it again until all the meat has been processed. Pottery also packed a large plate of meat. Chen Qi put the meat-filled pottery by the door, which was far away from the fire and ventilated, and left his slightly sour arm with satisfaction. "Just wait until tomorrow to find a cool place to air it."

Aze looked at the sky and asked, "Then rest today?"

"Mmm." Chen Qi was also a little tired after a busy day. Before going to bed, Chen Qi stewed a large plate of bone soup on the fire. There were still a lot of bones in a warthog. Chen Qi only chose a few segments of bone, and let Aze break them. After blanching the blood foam with the water that had just treated the meat strips, he added a few pieces of wild ginger slices to stew, so that he could have bone soup to drink together in the morning. Bone soup is much better than pure broth.

This night was Chen Qi's most comfortable sleep since he came to this world. The rumbling sound in my mind that I hadn't stirred for a long time resurfaced, but this time the melody of the sound became a mysterious and beautiful beat. Chen Qi felt that he was finally going to blend into the world, and he also realized once again that he might never return to the original world. He will live to the day when he will bury his bones as a creature of this world.

Aze stretched out his hand to smooth out Chen Qi's still tightly frowning brows in deep sleep. He could feel the faint loneliness spread by the other party. Although he did not know what Chen Qi saw in his dream, he knew that he would protect the man in front of him in the future. As long as he stayed by his side, Aze would protect him to the end.

Aze turned down the firewood for the fire a little bit. Pottery, who had no lid, could see the bones tumbling in the water, emitting tempting scents. He tore through the hide beside him and laid it on the ground. He thought to himself that he should be able to have a dream full of food tonight, even better if Chen Qi was in the dream.

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