The next day, I woke up and found that Aze had already gone out. The bone soup in the pottery dish was less than one and a half. There was also a half roasted rabbit by the fire, which was risking tempting fragrance. Last night Chen Qi pickled only wart pork. The rabbit was going to make breakfast this morning. It seems Aze did not go out until he had finished cooking.

Chen Qi went to see the cured pork last night and picked up one and smelled it. There was no strange smell. Although it was simple, this curing method should be feasible.

The handle of the sword angle knife made yesterday is almost dry, and it was left in the hand. The grip was good. Chen Qi took out the cloth sent by Ali yesterday and cut a small piece of cloth with it to make dishcloth. He carefully cleaned the knife body with figs. After cleaning, the knife body was shiny and felt cold light at any time. Does it really contain metal? Of course, Chen Qi also has no way to prove his theory. He only has this sword and horn knife. He can't take it and melt it.

I smeared half apple juice on the roasted rabbit, then slightly roasted it on the fire, filled some bone soup with the burnt-out water milk shell, ate the roast meat with the blade of sword horn and looked at the water milk shell that was used as a bowl with abandon. I don't know who made those pottery pots. It seems that I need to ask Aze to see if I can burn some pottery bowls.

After eating, wipe off the blade, wrap the body with the hide that was used as the scabbard yesterday, and plug it into the coat pocket. Last night, he had already changed his clothes. Because the shirt was filtered with salt, even though Aze washed it carefully with figs, it still left a gray mark. As long as he could still wear it, Chen Qi did not mind.

Today, Chen Qi plans to explore the place where the house will be built. He has chosen a piece of land next to Aze's house, where there is a tall fig tree, which can be planned into the later yard, so that there can be a place to enjoy the cool when it is hot in summer.

Although it is the land, looking at this full of all kinds of withered and yellow weeds, Chen Qi can't help but have a headache. It seems that this place must be cleared before the house layout can be determined.

After wandering around the neighborhood, no one walked through the place at all, so naturally there was no way. Fortunately, the grass was knee-high and Chen Qi could see clearly the situation in the grass. Chen Qi did not dare to be careless either. He found a branch of acacia tree as a probe stick, took the saber to his hand and walked bit by bit along the size of the house.

Chen Qi also does not know how big the house needs to be built. Ideally, he hopes to build at least 100 square meters, but he does not know that the technical support here does not support his hope. It is initially assumed that the house is two rooms, one hall, one guard, and the room is one for Chen Qi and Aze. Chen Qi has not told Aze about this matter. Chen Qi is determined to invite the other party to move in after the house is completed. after Aze has lived in the dark house for a long time, Chen Qi is really worried about whether the other party will have any problems. of course, the other party does not know how many years it has lived here, and it may only be Chen Qi himself who has lived for a long time.

Walk to the back of the house, Chen Qi found a clear gap not far away, approached to look at the original is a trench, there are about half a person more than one meter high and wide appearance, has been extended to the distance, let Chen Qi surprise is sparse on the edge of the trench with a few dandelions.

Chen Qi squatted down to take a closer look. This is still a dandelion with tender yellow petals. Chen Qi is still very familiar with this common plant. He once worked on a project with various flowers as the theme and learned that dandelion is actually a edible wild vegetable. For Chen Qi, who has been eating meat for several days in a row, he can already see the dandelion after it is cooked.

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He ran home and took a piece of hide and went back to the moat. He spread the hide on the ground, took out a sword and a horn knife, grabbed the dandelion's stalk, cut it off, and gently placed it on the hide. Dandelion grows very thinly. Every time you pick one, you have to move your position. Some of them are still hidden in the withered grass. You need to pull the grass apart to find its existence.

After picking up a large pile, Chen Qi found that he had left the house for a long time, stretched out his waist, which was a little weak because of squatting, and found that there was a banyan tree not far away with small yellow flowers all over it.

Chen Qi came a little closer. Before the banyan tree was covered by a tall locust tree, so Chen Qi didn't see it. Compared with the banyan tree, which is more than ten meters tall, it looks like three or four meters by visual inspection. The branches are not as thick as the acacia tree, but each branch has roots like hair. Chen Qi pulled it off. The roots are very tough and soft.

Just now, he also rejected the inconvenience of using animal skins to hold dandelions. it would be nice to have a bag. unexpectedly, he found these roots right away. they should be used as ropes to sew a bag of animal skins. Chen Qi thought.

The trunk of the banyan tree is potholed. The reason why Chen Qi thinks it is a banyan tree is that the tree looks like its leaves from the outside. The trunk is only more than two meters high. Chen Qi has tried it and should be able to climb it. He plans to cut off the roots for later use. He hopes that the roots will not become brittle and fracture after being penetrated through the Xu Qian.

After climbing the tree, he approached Chen Qi and found that the small yellow flowers on the tree turned out to be golden needle flowers. After being dried, they were actually golden needle vegetables sold in supermarkets. Chen Qi has stopped worrying about why the golden needle flowers grow on banyan trees. This kind of flower is also called day lily and can be boiled directly for eating. However, Chen Qi is not sure that this kind of flower is different from his own cognition because it is on this strange tree. He plans to take some of it back and ask Aze before making a decision.

Chen Qi carefully climbed the branch to prevent himself from falling off the tree. He cut off a handful of roots with a sword. The roots were very long and almost fell to the ground on branches more than two meters high. There were dozens of such a handful. Chen Qi was not greedy either. He only cut two and decided to go home to test its usage.

Just as he was about to climb down the tree, he heard a loud noise in the grass nearby. Soon a small impala broke into Chen Qi's sight, while the impala was chasing a male cheetah who had just come of age.

Chen Qi tightened his body tightly, clinging to the branches of banyan trees, praying in his heart that impala could lead cheetahs away in another direction. However, the impala obviously couldn't hear Chen Qi's voice, and saw it suddenly turn around sharply, intending to shake off the cheetah, but it ran straight towards the banyan tree where Chen Qi was hiding. how could the cheetah do what it wanted? it was reputed as the king of speed. finally, 50 meters away from the banyan tree, the impala was thrown to the ground by a leap and grabbed the other's throat without waiting for the impala to struggle.

Behind Chen Qi, a layer of white-haired sweat developed. He was too close to the cheetah and had never been to the zoo several times. It was the first time he had encountered a big cat so close.

The cheetah also obviously found Chen Qi on the tree. There is no too many branches and leaves on the banyan tree trunk to hide Chen Qi. The cheetah is still tightly biting the impala's neck. Chen Qi knows that it is waiting for the impala to die. At this time, the cheetah is running at a high speed and has no strength to pose a threat to Chen Qi. However, Chen Qi also dare not climb down the tree and run away at this time. It will take another minute for the cheetah to catch up with him after breathing evenly.

But he can't stay in trees all the time. cheetahs are not as good at climbing trees as leopards, but cheetahs can still climb trees. Chen Qi tightened his sword in his hand and began to regret that he should not have run so far from the house. He did not know when Aze would come back and whether he found himself here.

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Cheetah golden beautiful pupil has been following Chen Qi's action, found that it is not the Beastmen who let it fear slightly narrowed his eyes, gracefully let go of the suffocating impala stood up and looked at the surrounding situation, the grass here is not high, not enough to let it hide in, but the banyan tree is a good place, at least to block the sight of those damn vultures, the most important is banyan tree is closest to its current position, it has no strength to drag the prey to move.

The cheetah bent down and bit the impala's neck, dragging the impala to the banyan tree, biting off the soft fur of the impala's hind legs and eating it, looking up at Chen Qi with one bite, then looking up with another bite. it seemed to see that Chen Qi was not in any danger, and there was no fear in his eyes. instead, there was a bit of prank.

The cheetah eats very fast, swallowing the torn meat almost without chewing. The cheetah was full when the coyote couple who followed it found that the cheetah had caught its prey. The Wolves did not come near, but not near, shouting to attract other predators to drive the cheetah away so that they could seize the opportunity to graze on a free meal.

The cheetah licked its paws gracefully. After hearing the cries of vultures that made it sick, it glanced at Chen Qi in the tree and left quickly with its long legs.

I don't know if it was Chen Qi's illusion. The meaningful glance when the cheetah finally left always made him feel like he was despised by the other party. Chen Qi's head was full of black lines. He didn't want to admit that he was despised by a male cheetah who had just come of age. Are all the animals here fine?

The Wolves took advantage of the fact that other predators had not yet arrived and rushed to the impala to eat. Soon a lion roar came from nearby. It was an old stray lion that followed the vulture's cue. Although this is orcish territory, it has not eaten for a long time. The old lion who has lost his hunting ability can only pick up the food discarded by other animals, so he knows that there may be danger here, and he still plans to try his luck.

Chen Qi has the heart to cry. What luck is this today? A cheetah just left and a lion came.

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