Hu Lang and his wife are obviously not afraid of this old lion. While eating meat, they bared their teeth and looked at Chen Qi in the tree. Their eyes showed greedy desire, apparently considering how to turn the Beastmen into their own food.

The lion is too old. If it were a little younger, how could it look at a coyote? Now it knows that it can't help coyote. It gives the coyote couple a light glance and goes to the other side to stammer. Both sides want to eat as much as they can before other predators come, which is a rare harmony.

Chen Qi, who was still in the tree, felt a little more subtle. He could almost imagine that the impala would end up for a while. It would only gather more and more predators. Chen Qi, who had never encountered this kind of situation, could not think of any way to save himself. The only thing he could do now was to stay in the tree and try to drag Aze back and find out where he was.

The vultures here are obviously a little different from Chen Qi's cognition. They not only have bad calls but also have a long distance to spread. More and more vultures who hear their companions' calls are coming from a distance. Some powerful vultures even begin to swoop down from the sky, intending to drive off wolves and lions and monopolize impala.

How can a jackal, as vultures wish, bares its teeth whenever a vulture approaches, looks ferocious and intends to bite the vulture hard at any time? Vultures also don't plan to fight with the Hu wolf. they fluttered their wings and flew to the sky with their paws harassing. the Hu wolf can't help them either. they can't help it. vultures are too annoying. the Hu wolf couple can only eat one and catch the vultures. when they finish eating, they change to another. Relatively speaking, the lion is much more miserable. He didn't eat a few mouthfuls and was scratched by the vulture's sharp claws. No matter how angry and irritable it is, it can't help these annoying winged creatures. However, he can only look at the impala on the ground and walk back one step at a time. If the vulture gathers more and more, it is estimated that it is not a problem of not being able to eat food, even if he himself will become food.

Chen Qi swallowed his saliva with fear and looked at the banyan tree he was in. He chose a branch with more branches and tried to climb over it with less effort. Fortunately, the vultures are still paying attention to the impala, which has been wiped out by half, and have not taken a chance on Chen Qi in the tree.

Hu Lang couple although not full, but looked at more and more vultures also came back, after glances both fled into the withered grass to leave, more than 20 vultures poured down, the head has been gnawed scattered impala surrounded, impenetrable, one by one, the innermost vultures ate about enough to give outside crowded not to come in.

A impala was quickly wiped out by vulture groups, and even fur and blood dripping on the ground were not spared. Chen Qi could only see a dense bone when vultures came down from the impala.

Chen Qi tightened his body, his back tightly attached to the rough trunk of the banyan tree, and after a pause, he placed the sword in front of him and made a defensive gesture. More than 20 vultures all stood under the ground less than 50 meters from Chen Qi, leaning back their ugly bald heads, their dark eyes rolling round and round on Chen Qi, as if considering where to put the mouth to turn the Beastmen into delicious food.

Aren't vultures all scavengers? Why can't vultures here just eat dead animals like they saw on TV before? When did vultures, the freeloaders, learn to hunt like hawks? Chen Qi was raving frantically. How much he missed the normal creatures of the past at this moment.

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A single, lean vulture was obviously unable to contain itself. It took two steps back, spread its huge wings and fluttered for a few times. Suddenly, it rushed straight at Chen Qi, with its hooked mouth slightly open, making a threatening cacophony. Chen Qi held a branch. The branch formed a radian in front of the vulture. When the vulture reached it, Chen Qi suddenly let go of his hand. The branch clapped straight at the vulture, making a dull thump. The vulture flew straight out. Before landing, it narrowly flapped its wings a few times to stabilize its shape. This prevented it from falling to the ground.

Chen Qi gave a regretful tut and pulled the branch back to protect him.

Vultures were obviously angered, tearing their necks and shouting. Several vultures nearby who heard the sound all set up their wings at the same time and opened their huge wings. As long as their companions commanded, they would rush to the cunning Beastmen hiding in the tree and drag him down with their hard mouths.

Chen Qi's forehead slipped into a few drops of cold sweat. If so many vultures attacked at the same time, he could no longer resist. Even if he was not dragged down from the tree, he would still have to be injured in the next attack.

At the moment the vultures launched the attack, there was a sudden roars not far away, a tall and vigorous black shadow suddenly appeared in front of Chen Qi, the head first rushed to his vultures abruptly stopped, one hand grabbed the vulture's neck, one hand grabbed the vulture fluttering wings, a hard pull, vulture that soft long neck was abruptly torn off by each other, blood spattered on his black fur coat, is not obvious.

The tall Beastmen bowed themselves and threw vulture corpses in their hands into the vulture group with hideous faces. Their throats made threatening noises. The vulture with the highest body size grabbed the corpse of its companion, gave a loud cry, and staggered with its huge wings and flew into the sky. Other vultures also followed its pace in panic. In a short time, all the vultures disappeared completely. If it weren't for the impala bone on the ground, which also showed what had happened here, no one could see that Chen Qi was still in a state of worry for his own life and safety just a few minutes ago.

The tall Beastmen turned around, wiped the blood on his face with his finger, put his finger to his mouth, licked it, and frowned. "The blood of these annoying guys is still as bad as before." Looking up at Chen Qi, his good-looking lip angle slightly aroused, revealing a domineering and wild smile, "Can you come down?"

Chen Qi nodded stiffly. He had not yet recovered from the shock of the Beastmen tearing vultures with their bare hands. He climbed down the banyan tree with difficulty, and did not forget to take the two severed roots with him. "Thank you for saving me." Chen Qi thanked him sincerely.

"Are you Chen Qi?" Strange Beastmen that sharp eyes looked at Chen Qi, although is asking, but the tone is very sure.

Chen Qi was surprised. "Do you know me?"

"I am Ka Luo's partner, Ake."

"A . . . . . . ke?" Chen Qi's eyes rested on each other's flat and strong abdomen, covered by animal skins, where a strong vine was tied to make a belt. How to look at it is not like pregnancy, and so domineering tall man was pregnant with children? Rao is Chen Qi's acceptance ability is already very strong, at this time also unavoidably messy.

"You shouldn't have run that far alone without Aze." Ake blamed, with an inherent dignity in his tone.

Chen Qi subconsciously bowed his head and apologized, "I'm sorry."

Of course, Ake didn't want to teach Chen Qi, but he was not angry at the thought that if he came late, the audacious male would be buried in the vulture's belly, and he didn't know what kind of expression Aze would have had if he had known that the male had almost had an accident. The expression on his face was a bit weak at the thought. "Go home."

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"good." Chen Qi promised that he did not want to stay in this place for a long time. He walked to the root of the banyan tree and there was a big bag of dandelions he picked with animal skins. Fortunately, the carnivores were not interested in these things, and the animal skins were still intact. Chen Qi folded the two long roots and hung them on his shoulder. He picked up the bag of dandelions and caught up with Ake.

Ake, who was walking in front, saw that the other party had not followed him for a long time. As soon as he turned back, he saw Chen Qi holding a large bag of things wrapped in animal skins and asked grumpily, "What is that?"


"dandelion?" Beastmen don't have a name for things they can't eat that they haven't heard of, so Ake has no idea what Chen Qi said. "What's the use?"

"Yes." Chen Qi explained briefly.

Ake noncommittally, watching Chen Qi catch up, quickened his pace. Ka Luo was still waiting at Aze's house. Vultures even appeared in such a close place. He didn't know whether Aze's house was safe. He had long suggested Aze move back to the tribe. The stubborn guy just wouldn't listen. He not only worried himself, but also worried Ka Luo. Thinking of this, Ake couldn't help itching his fist and wanted to beat Aze again. It's a pity that he can only draw with that guy at most.

Chen Qi had been picking all the way before, but he didn't feel how far he had gone. It took him more than ten minutes to come back. Looking back at the banyan tree, which had long been blocked by the tall acacia tree, everything seemed to be calm.

"Why has it taken so long?" A man with heavy eyebrows and dressed in a tiger's skin and beast's clothing, with his waist crossed, questioned the two men approaching with great arrogance.

Ake's expression instantly became soft and watery, with a ingratiating smile on his face, explaining, "I met a few little birds and it took me some time to run."

Vultures are birds? Well, it's no different from a bird to think of the other person tearing vultures with his bare hands. Chen Qi looked at the new stranger. The person who could change Ake's face like a change of face in an instant should be Aze's brother Ka Luo.

Chen Qi wrapped the hide in his steps and gave each other a smile that he thought was kind. "Hello."

With a snort of light, Ka Luo obviously didn't intend to take a reason Chen Qi, turned around and simply walked into the room.

Ake shrugged his shoulders and followed Ka Luo into the house.

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