Chen Qi picked up the hide and wrapped it in the room. Ka Luo and his wife had already sat by the fire. The fire by the fire had long been extinguished by Chen Qi. Now only a little red carbon was still in full play. Ka Luo was holding a stick and poking at the bone in the bone soup Chen Qi hadn't finished drinking in the morning. He couldn't eat it. Why bother cooking it? Ka Luo picked his eyebrows contemptuously.

Chen Qi is a person who is not very good at dealing with others, especially when others act like they don't want to ignore you. He thought all the Beastmen would like Aze to bring the strangers in trouble home and help them. It seems that these two people obviously have a little picky hostility towards themselves.

Chen Qi had a headache, but the other party was also Aze's family. He was living under a sponsor. Besides, one of them had saved himself just now, so he could not be too disrespectful to them. Wanted to think, carefully picked a handful of tender yellow dandelion flowers from the hide package, found a relatively small pottery, carefully washed it, put a few sticks of wood in the fire to light the fire, put less than half a plate of water in the pottery dish and put it on the fire to burn.

In the morning, Chen Qi found the fresh water from the two pots. He also did not know when Aze got up. He was able to fetch water and roast meat before Chen Qi got up. Chen Qi clearly remembered that the sun had just risen when he got up.

Although the dandelion's flowers look clean, they are not short of water now. Chen Qi washed them with water a little, and put them in after the water in the fire opened. the beautiful flowers instantly rolled in the boiling water, which was really beautiful.

Although Ka Luo seems to have no interest in Chen Qi, his eyeballs always float to Chen Qi intentionally or unintentionally. He finally cannot help but ask curiously: "What are you doing?"

"Boil tea." The only smaller vessel that can be used to hold things is the shell of the fruit that has been burned dark. Chen Qi sighed silently. It seems that it is necessary to get the pottery bowl earlier. Now it is too inconvenient.

"Boil tea? What is that?"

Chen carefully cleaned the fruit of figs several times. in the morning, he just used this fruit shell to drink bone soup, which was covered with grease. Without lifting his head, he explained, "A kind of water with flavor."

"Smelly water? Can I drink it?" Ka Luo curled his head, his brow and eyes still wore a childlike look like a curious good student. Ake was not interested in Chen Qi's tea. He used a wooden stick to carry firewood in a daze. His mind was thinking about which animal would be better to hunt after returning Ka Luo to the tribe in the afternoon.

Chen Qi handed Ka Luo the shell containing less than half of dandelion tea. "Try it, there is only one shell left here. Do you mind drinking together?"

Ka Luo abandoned the corners of his mouth and reached for it. The boiling water was still steaming. Ka Luo blew a few times before taking a sip. Chen Qi didn't put many flowers, the taste was very light, only a little flower fragrance, "nothing special." Ka Luo said, handing dandelion tea to Ake next to him. Ake felt bored and was not afraid of scalding.

Ka Luo glared at him angrily. "Nobody's robbing you again. Can't you drink slowly?"

Ake smiled at him and returned the empty shell to Chen Qi.

Chen Qi took it over. The two apparently showed no interest in this dandelion tea. The tea was not easy to drink. Chen Qi did not renew the cup for the two. The atmosphere changed back to a slightly awkward silence. Chen Qi sighed softly in his heart. Forget it. It's not disrespectful to drink tea anyway.

Chen Qi stood up and planned to go to the back room to get some longer sticks of wood. Aze had already chopped several bundles of wood in this room. The longest one was the length of the forearm, which was not suitable for drying bacon on a shelf. In fact, Chen Qi initially planned to set up a shelf under the fig tree next door to dry it. However, after the vulture incident just now, he was also afraid that the meat would attract all kinds of predators when it was hung out. Aze could not handle the much more violent creatures without him, so he could only air it in the room next to him.

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Ka Luo saw Chen Qi planning to go out and asked discontentedly, "Where are you going again?"

"I'll go to the back room and get some firewood."

After seeing Chen Qi disappear at the hide curtain, he also stood up and followed out. Ka Luo had to follow Ake when he wanted to leave.

The three men came to the back house, and Chen Qi picked out several half-height wooden sticks. Seeing that Chen Qi had come to collect firewood, Ka Luo secretly relieved. The male son Aze had rescued before was full of lies. He clearly said that he didn't want to find a partner. As a result, he turned to hook up with the son of the patriarch. Ka Luo thought of this and angrily ground the molar teeth after grinding. Ake rubbed his head comfortingly and Ka Luo gave him a dirty look.

Chen Qi took the wooden stick back to the front room and checked the two banyan roots cut back first. He looked at at least 1,200 of them visually. He picked up one and pulled it hard, making a slight "cracking" sound. It was tough and not easy to break. Chen Qi satisfactorily selected two or three sticks and simply kneaded them together. He tied the three sticks together and made a simple tripod. The other one was also placed near the door where half the door curtain was opened after the same treatment. This is the most ventilated place, which is conducive to dry cured meat in the shade, but the taste of the room may not be very good.

Place a stick between the two tripods, and a simple drying rack is completed. It looks like it is still in good shape.

Ka Luo became curious about the baby again. he could not help but ask after seeing Chen Qi finish the shelf: "what are you doing with this thing in the room?"

Chen Qi went to the pottery dish beside which the pickled meat was placed and pointed to the neatly packed strips of meat in the dish and replied, "Dry the pickled meat."

"How to dry in the room?" Ka Luo is still puzzled.

"Well, this meat can't be directly exposed to the sun, it can only be dried in the shade." Chen Qi finished sitting on the floor, picked up a few root hairs of banyan trees and began to weave ropes just like weaving hair. He also weaved such a weaving method. Although the root whisker is very tough, Chen Qi still plans to make the rope thicker with a little insurance.

The rope was soon made up. Chen Qi picked up the sword and cut a hole in the salted wart pork. He used the rope to pass through and cut off the extra rope after visual inspection of the required length. He hung the tied wart pork on the shelf just made.

Unconsciously, Ka Luo had gathered around Chen Qi and looked at each other busy. When the bacon was packed in the pottery dish, it looked like a lot of things. Now it's only half a stick.

Looking at Chen Qi washing his hands with figs in the pottery dish, Ka Luo asked, "What else do you want to do next?"

Chen Qi thought for a moment, "Clean up the land where the house is to be built."

"Clean up? Clean up what?"

"Weeds and stuff."

"Not directly cover stone? There are a lot of empty houses in the tribe now, just go there and carry the stones instead of looking in Loya forest."

Chen Qi paused. "Don't you need to dig the foundation before you build your house?"

"What is the foundation?" Ka Luo asked incredulously, which made him feel angry again. Why does this male son always fail to understand what he said?

Chen Qi was silent for a moment. He finally knew why all the houses here were built so short. No wonder the stone slab on the base of the house was very thick. The feelings were built directly on the flat ground, and it was hard for them to build the house so firmly. Chen Qi sighed softly, "My house over there is a little different from yours. I plan to build a house like mine."

"What's the difference?"

Chen Qi compared the height. "Well, it's at least a little higher than your house here."

"Too high to collapse? The previous patriarch built a very high house, but it collapsed before the first winter and moved back to the original house despondently." Speaking of this, Ka Luo couldn't help gloating.

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Chen Qi also did not know how to explain it to Ka Luo. He replied vaguely, "Mine should not collapse." Then picked up the sword Angle knife to go out. Ka Luo hurried out. gram threw the stick that had been pulling the charcoal fire into the fire and followed them out.

Chen Qi has already demarcated the scope of the house to be built. Although the demarcation line drawn by his feet is crooked, it is still sufficient to use it only to distinguish regions. Chen Qi crouched down, grasping the yellow weeds in one hand and working with the sword and horn knife in the other. There are many kinds of weeds, most of which are unknown to Chen Qi. Some of them are still green. Chen Qi directly pulled them out and put them aside. He plans to carefully identify if there are any kinds that have a little impression on him when all of them are finished.

"Just clean up this weed?" After watching for a while, Ka Luo asked.

"Well, just clean up along this area that I stepped on."

Ka Luo raised his chin at Ake. "Let's help too." I didn't think this male son really planned to build a house next to Aze's house. I thought he could not bear to have Aze send him to the big tribe. Looked at Chen Qi, who was busy in the grass. Ka Luo's eyes, which he had always rejected, were slightly softer. Forget it. Watch it for a while. If he dares to bully Aze, he has plenty of opportunities to clean up the other side. Ka Luo showed his sharp little tiger teeth and smiled sadly at Chen Qi's back.

Ake looked at Ka Luo, grinning like a little milk cat, with a funny look. He stretched out his long fingernails and squatted down to work. Chen Qi was somehow brought back by Aze. He did not have the same preconceived hostility to Chen Qi as Ka Luo.

Chen Qi froze and smiled helplessly. Ka Luo is really Aze's younger brother. Although his face has always been full of critical expressions, he will enthusiastically help him with a head. He looks more like an awkward older child.

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