Ka Luo took out from his pocket a osteotome wrapped in animal skins. The osteotome was very white and smooth, and I could see that it had been carefully polished. He grabbed a handful of yellow weeds. Obviously, it was more than enough for Zhuo Zhuo to use the osteotome to deal with the weeds. As the osteotome passed, the weeds were cut off at their roots.

Chen Qi marveled that the osteotome could be so sharp. "How did you polish this osteotome?"

Seeing that Chen Qi would even ask himself questions, Ka Luo could not help propping up his chest and explained generously: "There is a kind of rough black stone in Chishui River, which can be used to grind bones very sharp slowly." Then he snorted softly, "It's a very laborious job. If you just grind it casually, it won't have the same effect as mine."

Rough black stone? If it can be polished, it should be something similar to a millstone. After understanding it, Chen Qi bowed his head and continued his work.

Ka Luo saw Chen Qi didn't even ask himself. He was a little unhappy again. He was a little sour when he saw the sword in Chen Qi's hand. Before he asked Aze for Aze, he didn't give it to him. It really doesn't matter what his brother is after he has a male son. Ka Luo yanked the weeds in his hand and made a loud noise.

Chen Qi looked back doubtfully and saw Ka Luo's face stinking again. He could not help but look at the black question mark on his face. How did he offend the little ancestor? Was he just fine?

Ake leaned close to Chen Qi through the clearance of weed treatment and whispered: "He is jealous that you took Aze's sword horn. At the beginning, he asked Aze several times and Aze didn't give it to him."

Chen Qi looked down at his modified sword and asked tentatively, "Shall I transfer it to him?"

"No." Ake waved, "If you give Ka Luo, Aze will be angry."

"What then?" If you don't give it to Ka Luo, if you give it to Aze, what can he do?

Ake smiled. I have to say that Ake's smile is very attractive and can make people feel at ease. "Do you think Ka Luo always looks like he doesn't like you?"

Chen Qi nodded hesitantly.

"It's okay. He's not really angry with you. He's just angry with the past." Ake gave a specious explanation and went to Ka Luo's side to help him deal with a small sapling that could not be cut by a bone knife.

Chen Qi also did not struggle, as long as Ka Luo was not angry with himself. As for the reason, it was natural to know when it was time to know. He was not a gossip either. The more important thing at present was to fix the house first. After all, all the problems were not big enough for survival. Winter was coming and he had no time to waste.

I have to say that a piece of land that looks less than 100 square meters was soon sorted out after Ka Luo joined. Chen Qi tied the cut hay into bundles with banyan roots and neatly packed it beside the house. These are all materials that can be burned and cannot be wasted.

Ake was rubbing Ka Luo's arm. Ka Luo glared at Ake with disgust. The action was quite enjoyable. Chen Qi didn't have time to listen to the shuffle when couples spend. He was sorting out a small pile of green weeds, mostly plants that Chen Qi didn't know and didn't look like they could be eaten, but there were two plants that looked very much like a plant Chen Qi had often seen before, the artichoke.

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Speaking of the name of artichoke, Chen Qi found it out when he was doing the project, because its flowers are purple, although small, they are very beautiful. Although the two trees in hand are not yet in blossom, Chen Qi, who has long leaves with thin thorns, will not admit his mistake. The main reason is that this is more common than dandelion. It is found downstairs in the community where he used to live. Moreover, it can not only be eaten as a dish, but more importantly, it has hemostatic function. In this place where there is no medicine at all, Chen Qi was very happy to find this little hemostatic grass.

Chen Qi couldn't wait to test the effect of the artichoke. He took local materials and picked a stone that looked clean. He wiped it with hay. He took two leaves from one of the artichokes and mashed them carefully. The hand scratched by Azhang yesterday had not bled for a long time, but the wound was still there. After returning, he changed the cloth and tied it all the time. Chen Qi took off the cloth strips, covered the crushed artichoke leaves on the wound, and then tied the cloth strips back. Just finished, he saw Aze come back with a warthog and something wrapped in cattail leaves in his hand.

Aze walked to the front of several people, looked at Ka Luo with a little surprise, but asked Ake, "Why are you here?"

"when I gave uncle Ali the antelope meat that was paid yesterday, I heard him say that you might go to Loya forest to look for cocoons. we will come and see."

"Fortunately, we came to have a look." Ka Luo took the words and looked meaningfully at Chen Qi.

"Are you back? What's in your hand?" Chen Qi carefully put the artichoke in his coat pocket and took the topic with a ha ha. The vulture incident was over anyway. There was no need to let Aze know.

Aze happily lowered the wart pig and opened the leaves to reveal a pile of potatoes still stained with soil. "I found two potatoes from yesterday, ten of which can continue to be potato stew today."

"potato stew? What is that?" Ka Luo leaned in and looked at what Aze was holding and asked curiously.

"Well, you can stay and eat later." Chen Qi took over the potato and said to Ka Luo.

"Hey? OK? Okay. Ake, let's eat here today."

"good." Ake indulged in rubbing Ka Luo's head.

Aze glared at Ake. He would not bring food to eat without asking his master's opinion.

Ake smiled and picked up the warthog on the ground. "haven't you dealt with your prey yet? I'll take it to Chishui River for treatment."

"Wait." Chen Qi stopped Ake, who wanted to leave when he picked up the prey. "Don't throw away the internal organs." Before Aze threw away his internal organs directly, but now he is not in the wild. Naturally, what he can eat should be left behind.

"Keep the internal organs? Do you want to eat?" Ka Luo frowned. They had never eaten internal organs and no one had ever tried to eat internal organs. Every time they hunted prey, they had to remove internal organs and head. Do they still have internal organs to eat?

"Haven't you all eaten yet?"

Three qi qi shook his head.

Chen Qi tentatively asked, "Can't you eat or just haven't eaten?" After all, the people here have animal gods to worship. In some aspects, it is better to ask a little more clearly first. In case of any taboo violation, it will be in trouble.

"I haven't eaten." Aze replied, "It has always been a tradition to remove the entrails and heads of prey before eating. When animals from Dora Plain migrate back, we do not lack food. Most of the entrails of dragons are poisonous, so no one has tried to eat them."

"Then let's try today? Just leave the warthog's heart and kidney. If you think you can eat it, we'll leave the rest next time? How about throwing it away if you can't eat it?"

Aze nodded, "Yes." Ka Luo naturally has no problem with the two. They just came here to get free food.

At last Ake shouldered the warthog. Aze went back to the house and took two pottery pots. The two went to Chishui River. Before leaving, Chen Qi also told Aze to bring back a piece of black stone that can polish bone knives. Aze agreed. Then Chen Qi and Ka Luo went back to the house.

Chen Qi cleaned the soil on the potato surface and began peeling with a sword-horn knife. Ka Luo still felt a little uncomfortable being alone with Chen Qi. After wandering around the room, Chen Qi looked up and asked, "Can you help me peel these potatoes?"

Ka Luo skimmed the pie mouth, but said nothing. He sat down beside Chen Qi and took out his osteotome. The potato, belt and meat were cut off with one knife. Ka Luo dazed, slightly embarrassed glancing at Chen Qi expression. Chen Qi did not blame the other party. Novice is bound to make mistakes. Chen Qi took the potato and demonstrated, "Look at me like this, it's a little lighter."

After a pause, Ka Luo imitated Chen Qi's movements and tried several times before he finally looked a little bit like that. After successfully cutting a potato, Ka Luo could not help but raise a smile at Chen Qi. Then he realized in hindsight that it was Chen Qi and withdrew his expression in regret.

Chen Qi looked at him with amusement." Then please peel all the remaining potatoes. I'll deal with the wild vegetables." Ten potatoes are not many. Chen Qi has already dealt with four or five of them. Leave the rest to this awkward child to do it himself.

The dandelion has just blossomed and there is no elder yet. Chen Qi only needs to remove the leaves with yellow roots, while the flowers on the leaves are stored separately, and he plans to dry them and soak them in scented tea. Although Chen Qi picked a large bundle of dandelions, he did not intend to finish it in one meal. The three Beastmen here have always been carnivorous. All he needs to do is stir-fry a small handful of meat slices. The rest is going to stay until the next meal and tomorrow. He doesn't know when to find the wild vegetables after the dandelion is finished.

The potatoes were all processed. Chen Qi took a few peeled potatoes and cut them into shreds. This can be made into fried potatoes and meat. The rest can be cut into pieces and stewed with pork. Unfortunately, the seasoning here is only salt and oil can only be fried with warthog fat. Only a few pieces of perilla leaves were left, and there are still two pieces of wild ginger. Although it is not big, it can still be used for a few days with a little saving.

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Such as Chen Qi will do the preparatory work about the same time, Aze two people also came back, don't know whether Chen Qi illusion, always feel out after a trip back Aze expression is a bit strange, silently put down the pottery filled with water, looked at Chen Qi a bit awkward, but said nothing.

Ake put wart pork on a piece of clean hide, and brought back a pig heart and kidney. Chen Qi was satisfied with the clean materials.

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