Aze helped Chen Qi, while Ka Luo was sent by Chen Qi to cut the other potatoes into pieces. Ake separated several pieces of burning wood from the big fire before and lit a small fire again. Chen Qi put Aze's broken pig bones into a pottery dish for cooking soup, filled it with water and put it on the small fire to boil the bone soup first.

When Ake finished the fire, he wanted to take over Ka Luo's job. Chen Qi ordered him to wash his hands before touching potatoes. Joke, the hand that has just touched the firewood will directly touch the dish to be cooked without washing. Is it still to be eaten? Ka Luo naughtily vomited his tongue at gram as if he hadn't seen it.

A spatula is naturally needed to start cooking. Now there are only two pairs of chopsticks made of acacia branches in the home, of which Aze's are specially sharpened. Although Chen Qi has taught the other party how to use chopsticks, Aze is still not very skilled. He will fall off several times every time he picks up something, and he will still grasp it directly when eating barbecue. There is no way out. Chen Qi can only sharpen one end of the chopsticks so that Aze can eat it with a fork at least when eating stew.

However, the quantity of the dishes Chen Qi is going to cook is relatively large, so it is obviously inconvenient to use chopsticks as spatulas. In a pile of wood, I chose a piece of wood that I don't know what kind of wood it is. The wood has a solid texture. Aze drew a rough shape of a spatula on the ground with cooled charcoal to show Aze how to do it. Aze can cut faster than Chen Qi himself with a saber.

Ake cut the meat quickly. When Ka Luo finished the potatoes, Ake had already cut two whole pieces of meat from pottery. If Chen Qi hadn't found out that the other party was even going to cut off the whole warthog.

I used a lot of refined salt to marinate the meat yesterday, and now the rest is just enough for this meal. Chen Qi took advantage of the gap between Aze's spatula to put potatoes and meat in a pottery dish, added ginger slices and the last few pieces of perilla leaves, mixed them with salt, and put them on the fire to stew. Because there is no cover, Chen Qi directly asked Ake to chop a piece of wood with very light taste. This wood still has a little fragrance when burned, and covered it on the pottery of stewed meat, so the meat won't catch any strange taste because of the wood.

Chen Qi, the pig heart and kidney, did not let them take over the treatment. Instead, they took out their swords and horns and sliced them themselves. Although the appearance was not very regular, the thinning effect was achieved. Later, it was found that Ake was obviously better at this meticulous work, so Ake was asked to cut a plate of meat slices according to his appearance. Needless to say, Ake was more regular, even in thickness and much better looking than Chen Qi. Chen Qi comforted himself that the taste of food in his mouth was the king's way, and what he looked like was almost enough.

At this time, Aze's spatula was also ready. He also cut two pairs of chopsticks exactly the same as those he used and washed them with fig fruit. Although the shape of the spatula is a bit awkward, at least it still looks good. Chen Qi took it in his hand with satisfaction, shook it off, rolled up his sleeves, and prepared to cook.

Potato shreds are divided into three portions, which are fried pork slices, fried pork heart and fried pork kidney. Chen Qi took a pottery dish and fried it with wart pig fat. The fat of wild boar is not very much. Chen Qi can only save some use. Fortunately, these Beastmen are all cooking for the first time, and Chen Qi does not intend to make too much. In case they are not used to eating this food, it is not a waste.

The Aze family's pottery is really numerous. This room alone has more than a dozen, not counting the room behind which is full of sundries, so Chen Qi is almost a dish in exchange for a pottery as a pot.

The three Beastmen, like the three curious spectators watching the performance, all sat around with their eyes fixed on Chen Qi's movements and the stir-fried dishes in the pottery dish. Aze, sitting next to Chen Qi, would occasionally pass materials to Chen Qi and so on.

Chen Qi seemed to think of something and said to Aze on one side, "Go and chop down a bamboo and come back. There is one where we passed last night. Just choose one that is not too thick and has many bamboo joints."

"Do you want bamboo? Ake and I will go. We can't understand all the dishes you cook. We can only sit around and let my brother stay and help you." Ka Luo suggested that from the beginning, he found that his brother's look was a little unnatural. His eyes always fell on Chen Qi from time to time. He needed to ask Ake what had happened and he was fine when he came back.

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"Well, all right, then be careful."

Ka Luo winked at Aze before pulling Ake away.

Chen Qi poured pottery with shredded potatoes into clean water and washed it. He put a little fried lard into the pottery dish used as a frying pan and put the meat slices into it, because there was really a lack of seasonings. After the meat slices began to change color, he put the shredded potatoes into it, and when it was almost time to add salt and stir-fry it, a simple potato stir-fry was finished. In fact, it should not be called potato stir-fried meat slices, but rather meat slices stir-fried potatoes, because there are too many meat slices, and potatoes are more like being decorated with meat, which is almost all meat in a large plate.

However, the other two fried pork hearts with potatoes and kidney with potatoes look fine because they are not in large quantities. Chen Qi was afraid that the internal organs might taste and put two pieces of ginger slices to remove the taste.

The two returned after Ka Luo had finished cooking these potatoes. Chen Qi also instructed them how to cut the bamboo into the required shape. in fact, it was cut according to the length of bamboo joints. the bamboo was very long. Chen Qi only let gram get four. without a bowl, he could only use a bamboo tube as a bowl. he could not return the four to drink soup with a burnt shell of water, milk and fruit.

After the bamboo tube was finished, Chen Qi went back to the fire to be busy. The dandelion was only given a handful and Chen Qi divided it into two parts, one for stir-frying meat and the other for stir-frying with pig heart and kidney.

After finishing a few dishes, I moved to Aze's hide blanket, which was already paved by Aze. Eight big pottery, seven dishes and one soup, two of which were potato stew. At first glance, it turned out to be spectacular. There is still a warthog leg left, which is going to be baked when the Beastmen are not used to it.

Chen Qi handed the bamboo tube filled with soup to several people. Ka Luo already couldn't wait to reach out and grab the dish to taste it. Aze patted each other's outstretched claws with chopsticks.

Ka Luo looked at Aze bitterly and withdrew his hand. "Elder brother, what are you doing? Isn't this dish ready?"

"Use chopsticks." Aze replied with a straight face.

Chen Qi smiled and handed the two special chopsticks to Ka Luo. Ka Luo looked up and down at the two sticks. "How can I use this?"

"I'll show you how you look at me and hold it like this." Chen Qi easily picked up a piece of meat and put it into the import. Perhaps it was the reason why he had not eaten fried meat for too long. Even if only salt was a condiment, Chen Qi felt unexpectedly delicious.

Ka Luo learned Chen Qi's action and stretched his chopsticks into the potato stew in front of him. He did not clip the meat slices several times. The most successful one was just about to be put into the import, but it fell off, leaving a pool of oil on the tiger stripes fur coat. Ka Luo stared at his eyeballs and looked angrily at the two sticks in his hand. He stretched out his claws and picked up the pieces that fell onto him and stuffed them into the mouth. He chewed them severely. Gee, the taste of this meat is very different from that of barbecue, and it is not as bland as that of meat in broth. The expression of anger spread out instantly, and I picked up a chopstick directly. I didn't need to hold it. I just forked out a large piece of meat and passed it to Ake's mouth with sparkling eyes. "Ake, try it. It's not like barbecue at all. It's delicious."

Ake took Ka Luo's hand and swallowed the meat from the chopsticks into the mouth. after chewing for a while, it tasted really good. he exclaimed, "I didn't think there was such a way of eating meat."

Chen Qi smiled awkwardly. He said this was the simplest way to do it. In fact, the craft was not very good, but it was not bad. The Beastmen probably had long been fed up with the taste of roast meat. Only when they ate meat with other tastes for the first time would they feel that it tasted very good. "You like it."

Ake did not eat meat with a chopstick like Ka Luo, but with Chen Qi. although he failed several times, he didn't expect to get better and better. he was the first one who learned to use chopsticks skillfully. Chen Qi was surprised. "you learned very quickly."

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"Of course, my Ake is very good." Ka Luo had a rather small chest, as if Chen Qi were talking about him.

Aze glanced lightly at Ake and moved potato stew in front of him toward Chen Qi. He tasted it one by one just now and still felt that potato stew tasted the best. After moving, he also stopped eating meat with his fork and changed it into a clip. Only after dropping it several times can he succeed. As a result, Ake and Ake ate a lot and Aze ate only a little, but they still did not change their chopstick-holding posture.

Chen Qi helplessly looked at Aze, who was still indifferent in his face. He clamped the meat piece onto a leaf of cattail and handed it to the other side. "It would be more convenient to eat it with it."

Aze paused, his ears slightly reddened and whispered softly, "Good."

A meal was going on in such a harmonious atmosphere that the three Beastmen were obviously more interested in meat. dandelion fried all the meat in the meat slices, but dandelion only tasted one bite and never touched it again. Although the pig heart and kidney can eat some, they are obviously not interested. But potatoes, whether potatoes in potato stew or potatoes in fried pork slices, were swept away by the three.

At the end of the meal, the wart pig Aze hunted back was left with the roast leg Chen Qi had planned to keep. The rest was all cleaned up. Ka Luo's stomach was bulging. Ake rubbed him anxiously, blaming him not to eat so much next time. Ka Luo smiled in a coquetry and nestled in Ake's arms. He did not know if Ake's words had been heard.

"Ake, I'll do the same for you next time." Ka Luo reached Ake's ear and bit his ear.

Ake rubbed his hair. "Good."

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