Aze automatically contracted the task of cleaning pottery. Chen Qi was the kind of person who could do a meal but hated washing dishes. Because of this problem, he was too lazy to cook for himself at ordinary times. Most of them were done by making a phone call and ordering takeout.

Ake was sent by Aze to fetch water. After all the previous ordeals, the water in the pottery jar was almost used. Looking at Ake running away with two large pottery jars, Chen Qi almost wanted to ask the man who was a companion and brother-in-law, was Ake pregnant? Why didn't you get the so-called pregnant husband? The treatment? As for the plain abdomen, is there really a life in it? Chen Qi swallowed the question silently, always feeling that the answer he got after asking would open a new door for himself.

People who eat and drink enough will be lazy. Chen Qi walks slowly around the clearing cleared in the morning. A home that he will live for a long time in the future will be built here. It belongs to him completely. The word "own" gave Chen Qi an overflowing sense of satisfaction. After working for several years, he still couldn't afford to pay the down payment. I didn't expect to have a piece of land completely owned by himself after crossing, or to have as much land as he wanted. I can build the house I want on it, make a small garden I always wanted, plant a few fruit trees, and make a reclining chair to lie under the tree to enjoy the cool in summer, just like my life after retirement, when I work late into the night. This kind of mood is very subtle.

However, no matter how beautiful the imagination may be, Chen Qi has to be defeated by reality. First of all, he has not built a house. Even if the Beastmen method can be used to build the house, if the foundation is not well laid, the house will still be as low as before. Chen Qi just couldn't stand the fact that their house could touch the roof with a lift. There was not a single window that could transmit light. After the hide curtain was lowered, it was dark before he planned to build it himself.

Then the question arises, first of all, what are the load-bearing pillars to use? Wood? Has the wood of those wooden houses been treated? Will wood decay over time? Chen Qi did not understand anything.

Headache to crouch down, tilted his head to see beside carefully holding fig fruit cleaning the pottery Aze, like asking, like talking to himself in a low voice asked: "Aze, do you have that kind of long, hard bearing capacity is strong and will not rot like pillars?"

Aze stopped his action and looked up doubtfully at him. Chen Qi sighed dejectedly again. If there were such ready-made pillars, would the wisdom of Beastmen who could build stone houses still live in such low-rise houses?


"ah, what is it?" Chen Qi hasn't responded to what Aze said. Aze has washed the foam off his hands in another plate of clear water and went to the debris room at the back. Soon he came back with a white bone only about one meter long.

Aze handed Chen Qi the arm-like bone, "Is that what you want?"

Chen Qi took it over. The bones were not as heavy as they looked, and the surface felt rough. Aze said: "The keels of this sword were from the small stegosaurus I hunted when I was an adult. At first, my house had not been built. It was placed outside for two years. Now it has not changed, and the bones of the stegosaurus are very hard." Aze gesticulated, "Harder than rubber tree trunks, harder than rocks, and not afraid of fire or rain."

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Chen Qi was surprised to take out the sword horn knife from his pocket and cut it hard on the bone. There was a clear and crisp sound from the contact area, leaving no scratches. Chen Qi looked and looked joyfully. If there was such a bone, it would serve as the base pillar of the house. Then he collapsed his shoulder. "This bone is too short. If only it could grow two or three times longer."

"I'll bring you back a bone from an adult stegosaurus tomorrow. The adult stegosaurus is much bigger than this one."

Chen Qi got a fright and hurriedly said, "Are you going to hunt stegosaurus? That's too dangerous. No, no, I can find wood instead." Big deal wood rotted and then build another one. Didn't those wooden buildings that had survived for hundreds of thousands of years also experience the same wind and rain? Chen Qi didn't believe the wood here would be worse than his original world.

Aze smiled. It seems that Chen Qi's previous stay is different from their adult ceremony here. He explained: "I didn't want to hunt stegosaurus. Our tribe used to have a long-standing adult ceremony. Every year when 30 newly-adult females are gathered, they will go to the depths of Loya forest to hunt a stegosaurus. The bigger the stegosaurus, the stronger the ability of the females. The bones of stegosaurus were too big and too hard, so the tribe dug a deep pit behind the rock mountain to discard the bones."

"Isn't your tribe's bar mitzvah a stegosaurus hunter?" I don't know when to come out. Ka Luo interjected.

"Our tribe has no coming of age ceremony." Perhaps there is one somewhere, but Chen Qi himself has never experienced it. When he was an adult, he was an ordinary and good student in the school.

Having solved the problem of the foundation pillar of the house, Chen Qi will have another headache. How to dig the foundation? Can't Aze be left to work alone with his paws? The eye caught a glimpse of Ka Luo, who had gathered at the edge of pottery to help Aze clean pottery. Suddenly his eyes lit up and he put aside the bone in his hand. "Aze, can I use the bone in your house?"

"Yes, you can use whatever you need, without asking me."

"What do you need so many bones for?" Ka Luo washed away the foam on pottery with clear water and asked curiously.

Chen Qi smiled at Ka Luo and did not answer. Ka Luo's attitude towards himself changed obviously after a meal. He did not look like a fried hedgehog when he first met. No matter what he said, he wanted to choke first. Chen Qi also didn't want to narcissistic thought is his food captured each other, can't wait to come into the room, Ka Luo's osteotome is really sharp and easy to use, if can use bones instead of metal to make all kinds of farm tools, then a small foundation is difficult to beat him.

The bones collected by Aze are not fixed, and each one is different in appearance and color. There are also several Chen Qi who just tried to test its hardness with a gentle break with their hands, and the result was directly broken into 20%. There is a kind of brilliant red bone shape like coral, good-looking is good-looking, Chen Qi really can't imagine what kind of creatures will have such bones. A big pottery bone besides good-looking this completely can't find a practical, Chen Qi not depressed, and went to the back of the sundry room to see, there is also a big pottery bone collection.

When Chen Qi left, Ka Luo leaned close to Aze and asked in a low voice, "Brother, are you considering sending Chen Qi to the Lion Wolf Tribe?"

Aze paused, "No."

"Don't lie to me, Ake told me because of something that almost happened to him this morning?" Ka Luo snorted softly. Don't he know about Aze yet?

"I was wondering if it would be too dangerous to let him live in the tribe and follow me in this wilderness."

"Where is the danger? The animals here will migrate in more than ten days. They will not come back next year. You just need to pay attention during this period."

Aze sipped his thin lips and did not speak. I won't come back next year, what about the following year?

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Ka Luo couldn't help patting Aze's head and smearing the foam on the other side. "I think Chen Qi is fine. If you are worried, I can come every day, or you can ask Uncle Ali to stay with you during the day. Don't Chen Qi want cloth? Uncle Ali weaves the same cloth at home as you do here, and Chen Qi's food is so delicious that uncle Ali will definitely agree." His eldest brother is too unsure of himself at this point. He feels quite at ease when Chen Qi lives here. He is not unwilling at all. This is also the reason why he has changed his attitude towards Chen Qi. Ka Luo, who really wants to get along with his elder brother, will have a favorable impression on that person.

"Will you be bought in one meal?" Ake, who has just returned, heard Ka Luo's words and moved forward.

Ka Luo rolled his eyes. "I am thinking of my brother."

"I don't know who shook his face at the sight of him this morning?"

Ka Luo ran angrily to grab his arm and took a bite. He did not exert himself, leaving only a faint mark on his teeth. Ake cried out in an exaggerated way: "Are you a wolf cub? You've bitten me red. What if the baby bites like you in the future?"

"I didn't bite anyone, I only bit you." Ka Luo protested defiantly.

Looking at Ka Luo's irate little face, Ake couldn't help stealing a kiss at the corner of his mouth. If Ka Luo had kicked him long ago, he would have no choice but to sulk with himself.

Ake soothed Ka Luo and said to Aze: "In fact, what Ka Luo said is also reasonable. Let Uncle Ali come over tomorrow. We are enough for the hunting." No animal with a female at home will come near." Seeing Aze not talking, Ake patted each other on the shoulder. "Don't give up what you want so easily, think about whether you will regret it later."

Aze touched the hide tied to the wrist of his right hand and gave a gentle grunt.

After cleaning pottery, Ake and Ka Luo said hello to Chen Qi and returned home. The two of them wanted to come over temporarily today, and there was no treatment for the game they hunted back yesterday.

Chen Qi is sorting out the bones in the debris room. After a round of careful selection, he found only three pieces of bones that meet his own requirements and can be used. One is as thick as a little finger. As long as one end is sharpened, it should be used as a bone needle. The other one, which is much smaller, is completely a bone needle, only as thick as a toothpick and has sharp ends. In order to prevent injury, it is better to blunt one of the sharp ends before using it. The last one is much bigger than the first two. It is almost as big as the forearm and two fists. It is blunt on all sides, but it may be used as a hoe after polishing.

Later Chen Qi asked Aze before he knew that the flat bone and the slightly thicker bone needle were the bones of stegosaurus, and the smallest was the bones of hyenas. Chen Qi had to sigh that stegosaurus was really a treasure.

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