"Aze, can you help me break this tip of this bone?" Returning to the front room, Chen Qi said to Aze, who had piled a bundle of new firewood in the corner.

Aze took it and compared it to a length. "Is it okay to be here?"

"that's ok." Chen Qi nodded. Aze's fingers snapped with force, and the bone broke.

The place where the bone broke was quite flat. Chen Qi rubbed it and the contact surface was a bit rough. "I wish I could find a millstone." After polishing, you don't need to worry about hurting yourself when using it.

"Millstone? Do you mean the kind of black stone you asked me to find in Chishui River?" When fetching water at noon, Aze wanted to wander around Chishui River to see if there were any stones that Chen Qi needed. As a result, Ake heard about Chen Qi's encounter with vultures in the morning, and he was worried and hurried back.

"Mmm." Chen Qi waved the other two bones in his hand. "If these two bones can be polished with a grindstone, they should be as sharp as Ka Luo's osteotome."

Aze was silent for a moment. "I'll go to Chishui River and find out. Chen Qi, you stay at home and don't go anywhere."

"Well, the salt has been used up. I'll filter the rest of the salt." Chen Qi nodded and replied.

Aze hurriedly turned out the rest of the salt stones and piled up the water from the two large pottery pots Ake beat back to the fire. Aze knew that refining salt was a very time-consuming thing, so Chen Qi wouldn't wander around.

Watching Chen Qi melt a piece of salt stone into the water of a small pottery, Aze left. After walking for some distance in the direction of Chishui River, he suddenly turned around and ran rapidly in another direction.

After Chen Qi melted a piece of salt rock, he found a small branch and folded it into an oval shape, intending to make a simple filter screen. Fix the shape of the twig with the root of the banyan tree, take out the piece of cloth that has been cut by Chen Qi, compare the size on the branch, cut down the appropriate shape, tie the root to the simple treated small spicule, and sew a small cloth bag on the branch. In order to achieve better filtering effect, Chen Qi sewed two layers.

After finishing, filter the melted salt water several times before slowly baking it on the fire. It takes a lot of time to burn out the salt again, and Chen Qi does not want to stay in the waiting time.

Chen Qi almost picked dandelions growing on both sides of the trench. Although he used a small handful to cook two dishes before, there was still a large pile left. Carefully picked the flowers, cleaned them a little in clear water, removed some dirt and grass dust, found a large leaf of cattail and spread the flowers on it. Outside it was the hottest time of the day when Chen Qi cleared a small space beside the door and put the leaves of cattail with flowers on the ground to dry. These flowers can be used as scented tea materials in the future, so that you don't have to drink plain boiled water every day. The rest of the whole dandelion tree is piled up in the corner and is intended to be used for cooking at night and tomorrow.

The gold needle in the pocket may have been squeezed for too long and felt weak and weak. I forgot to ask Aze if there is any problem with this thing before, but Chen Qi was not in a hurry. He put the gold needle in the water and put it aside. He planned to wait for Aze to come back and ask again.

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There are many hides in Aze's family. Chen Qi picked them out and found a grayish brown hide that is a bit like cowhide. The hide is very tough and light, so it doesn't feel too heavy to hold it in his hand. Chen Qi plans to sew a backpack with it. It is too troublesome to always use the whole hide to pack things, and if he doesn't pay attention, he will spill all over the floor.

There is no pen here. Chen Qi took a small piece of charcoal, found a smooth small stone slab and drew a simple backpack design drawing, fearing that he could not sew out too complicated things. The design drawing is also the simplest style.

I simply drew the line to be cut on the hide. Chen Qi didn't plan to cut the hide piece by piece and sew it according to the appearance of the backpack. Instead, he cut off the unnecessary hide with a sword and corner knife, directly made the whole hide into the shape of a backpack, and then fixed it with light and soft twigs at the bottom of the backpack, so as to avoid squeezing together when putting things in the future. Using six or seven roots to knead into a rope for sewing, skins are very tough, only a little bit of bone needles can be used to make small holes in the above to sew with the rope.

The suspenders are made of double skins. In order to bear more weight, Chen Qi sewed four or five layers tightly at the joint between the suspenders and the backpack. Although the appearance is a little ugly, it is strong enough. Who will look behind him? When the hole in the back cover is opened, a simple backpack is formed after the root string is strung.

This backpack is almost half a person's size. Chen Qi was going to pick up some stones outside to try the weight of the backpack when he found that it was already dark outside.

The two or three pieces of salt stones were refined on the way to make the backpack, because the salt stones were large enough, and even after refining, there was a layer of salt with a thick ceramic plate, which should be used for a period of time. Chen Qi went to the door and brought back the dandelion that had been aired before. When he went out, he found that there was no light outside. Even the tall fig tree beside him could not be seen. The surroundings were very quiet. At night, the noisy insects did not make any noise, just like being completely in a complete darkness and isolated from the world.

Aze hasn't come back yet, Chen Qi thinks that the other party will almost come back just by going around Chishui River. Chen Qi was a little regretful and should have told Aze to come back earlier even if he could not find it.

Today should be what Aze said before. Chen Qi didn't expect the darkness to be so thick and so quiet. Apart from the crackle of firewood burning in the room, only his deep and rapid heartbeat reverberated. Can Aze find his way home in this opaque night?

Chen Qi walked around the room twice, adding some firewood to the fire to make it more prosperous. After thinking about it, I found two big pottery with shallow plates. I put some firewood in the pottery plate and lit it from the fire. I moved pottery to the door of the house, one on the left and one on the right. Fire can resist attacks by most wild animals and illuminate the way of people who want to go home. In such darkness, even a little light can spread far.

Skin curtain is still kept half open and half closed, but no wind will affect it tonight. Chen Qi made an afternoon skin backpack beside it, but this backpack can no longer arouse his half happy mood.

Chen Qi was sitting by the fire, thinking about what happened in the real world and what happened in the past few days. After the first month after the first snow, when there was no day, it was three weeks before winter. There is no sign of getting cold yet. Will it suddenly enter winter that day?

Chen Qi picked up the small stone slab used to draw the backpack design before, dipped in water and wiped the carbon mark carefully with a rag. After the fire was dried, he drew the first stroke of "Zheng" on it neatly.

I don't know how long after, there was a sound outside the house. Chen Qi thought that some animal came in and retreated to the back of the fire with a sword and a horn knife to take defensive actions. when he saw Aze, who was carrying a small gazelle, he breathed a sigh of relief secretly. his expression, which had been tight all along, also eased, "you are back." Even Chen Qi did not know how much expectation he had in his tone.

Aze froze, sipping his lips and staring at Chen Qi for a long time before he gently replied, "Well, I'm back."

Aze found a piece of hide and laid it on the ground. He put the small gazelle on his shoulder. The action was a bit awkward. Chen Qi discovered that Aze's hair and fur were still carrying moisture. The hide tied to his right wrist was tied to his left arm. The entire upper arm was tightly covered. There were several faint scratches behind his neck. If Aze had not crouched down, Chen Qi could not have found it.

"Are you hurt?" Chen Qi tentatively asked.

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Aze's expression appeared a little flustered, and soon calmed down. He turned aside from Chen Qi's line of sight and denied: "No."

Chen Qi picked his eyebrows, so obviously want to hide action also want to deceive people? "Is your left hand injured? It's hard to catch prey?" Chen Qi's eyes fell on the small gazelle. If even Aze would be injured, the living environment in the world would not be as bad as usual. He had seen Aze hunt, and what exactly happened to the man who could kill an adult male warthog with ease? I don't know if I can make some traps to catch the prey. If Aze has been risking his life to hunt, it is not the way.

"No." Aze explained anxiously, fearing that Chen Qi might doubt his hunting ability, "I didn't hurt myself while hunting."

"Not hunting hurt? Is it to fight?" Chen Qi wondered, it is impossible to fall on the road without getting hurt anywhere else, only the neck and arm will get hurt?

Aze lowered his head like a big dog that did something wrong. It took a while before he let out a gentle grunt.

"what? Did you really go to fight? With whom?"

". . . . . . vultures."

Chen Qi thought he had a hearing problem and asked uncertainly, "Did you fight with vultures? Have you met vultures?"

"No, I ran to vulture territory to fight them."

Chen Qi choked.

Aze continued, "Not only vultures, but I also fought with cheetahs, lions and coyotes. I killed the lion and the wolf. The lion was too old and the meat of the wolf was not good, so I didn't bring it back. The cheetah was too cunning and too fast. I let it run away after it gave me a paw. Vultures have also been killed by me for less than a half. They have already started to migrate ahead of time."

"why?" Chen Qi swallowed and asked with some difficulty.

Aze looked up at him. The beautiful pupil reflected the leaping fire beside him, which was horribly bright. "then you will walk around during the day and no animals will attack you again."

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