Chen Qi was silent for a moment, slightly uncomfortable to avoid Aze's eyes. He took out the two artichokes in the pottery dish where the articles had been placed and sat opposite Aze. "Show me the wound."

Aze hesitated a little. His right hand caressed his left arm, which was tied with animal skins. He did not move.

"I just want to see if your wound is serious and has it been treated?" Chen Qi patiently explained.

Aze hesitated for a moment and slowly took off the hide. When he took it off, he accidentally touched the wound. Aze frowned unconsciously. When the hide was uncovered, he brought down a large piece of maroon mud.

Chen Qi looked intently, his pupil shrinking and his voice rising several degrees unconsciously. "Is that how you treat your wound?" He knew that in such a place where there is no medicine, no medicine, and no medicine, it would be strange to take good care of the injured.

I saw several scratches on the wound that were almost deeply visible bone. The soil covered on the wound was not sure whether it was reddish brown or red with blood. It was brought down in large pieces by animal skins. It looked horrible. To be honest, Chen Qi lived to be so big. Apart from seeing all kinds of bloody scenes on the screen, it was the first time that he saw such a serious injury at close range. But now the injured man is sitting in front of himself with such a cool face, as if it was not himself.

Chen Qi did not know whether the animals were all directly smeared with mud on the wound, but now it seems that the effect of mud is not so good, and I do not know how many bacteria are hidden in the mud, and whether this arm will be directly discarded.

Chen Qi got up in silence and found a clean pottery and came back with a little warm water. Before, because Aze had nothing to do while waiting for him, he burned half of pottery's boiled water for later use. Unexpectedly, it was used to clean up the wound.

The cloth that was taken back from Ali has already been used by Chen Qi in half. now the rest has been cut into two pieces of cloth to be used as bandages. He took out a small piece of cloth used as a towel and cleaned the mud from the wound with hot water. As soon as the towel touched Aze's arm, he heard Aze draw a gasp and quickly astringe his expression. From time to time, his small eyes glanced at Chen Qi and looked down carefully.

Aze's wound may have been covered with mud, or the Beastmen themselves may have strong self-healing ability. Although the wound looked horrible, there was no massive hemorrhage. Chen Qi gently blew on the wound while washing, occasionally looking up and asking Aze, "Does it hurt?" See Aze shook his head before continuing.

After cleaning up the mud, smash the artichoke with a stone, apply it gently on the wound mixed with the juice, and then wrap it with spare cloth strips. Chen Qi has few opportunities to bind up, so the binding effect is not very good, but the binding is quite firm, even if Aze moves his arm carelessly, he will not loosen it easily.

The wound on the neck was only a few shallow scratches, and there was no skin bleeding. Chen Qi only knew that artichoke had the effect of stopping bleeding. It was not clear whether it had the effect of removing blood stasis or not. However, he smeared some juice on Aze's neck and felt the other side cringe when his fingers touched Aze's skin.

After the treatment, Chen Qi cleaned up the things and told him, "You should not touch the wound casually today and you should not go hunting tomorrow."

Aze's lips and jaw moved a few times, just want to say that he is not that serious, he has received more serious injuries, at that time still can hunt alive and kicking. Chen Qi interrupted, "Please accompany me to pick the golden needle flowers tomorrow, where I met vultures in the morning." After getting along for a few days, Chen Qi also knew about Aze in the 7788' s. As long as he asked the other party not to refuse, having his own eyes can also prevent the other party from moving at will and tearing the wound.

Aze did not refuse Chen Qi's request and gently nodded, "Good."

Chen Qi remembered the golden needle flower growing on the tree and did not know if there was any problem. He took the withered flowers and showed them to Aze.

Aze looked at it carefully and sniffed it under his nose. "This flower is not poisonous and should be fine to eat."

Chen Qi breathed a sigh of relief gently, raised a happy smile and added another kind of food.

Aze, as if remembering something, pulled out a piece of black irregular stone from under the fur of the small gazelle beside him and handed it to Chen Qi, "millstone."

Chen Qi took it over. Except for the shape, the texture of the stone is very similar to that seen in shops. "Thank you. Are you hungry? I'll cook."

Chen Qi walked to the side of the small gazelle. The gazelle had been disposed of by Aze long ago. The head and internal organs were probably thrown into Chishui River long ago, but the heart and kidney of the sheep were left behind by Aze.

Chen Qi smiled. He cut the sheep heart and kidney in half, put them into hot water and blanched them with blood. Then he fried a dish of dandelion to fry the sheep heart and kidney. At noon, the remaining pig leg was also cut in half for frying. The remaining half was cut into strips by Chen Qi, smeared with salt and put in a temporary shelf set up by the fire to make simple smoked meat. In fact, the water in the meat strips was evaporated by the heat of the fire, so that the meat could be kept longer.

The bone soup has long been stewed with warthog bones at noon, and only a little salt is needed at this time. Chen Qi, the remaining gazelle, cut off two legs of sheep and roasted them on the fire. Now there is no seasoning to remove the smell of sheep. The roasted ones will taste better than other methods.

Chen Qi has not known exactly how much the beast people eat. Sometimes Aze can eat half an adult male warthog alone, and sometimes a little hare or several fruits can also cope with a meal. Therefore, when cooking, Chen Qi is always entangled in quantity, fearing that if he does too much, he will eat all of them, and if he does too little, he will be hungry.

A meal is either roast meat or stir-fried meat, which does not take much time to prepare. At noon, Aze only tasted the pork heart and kidney. I didn't think he ate half of the sheep heart and kidney alone at night. Chen Qi was very happy that the Beastmen could accept the internal organs of animals. In this way, there would be no need to waste them later. Maybe he could try to keep the head too, and there would be a lot of meat in the head. Chen Qi thought as he stuffed a wart pork into his mouth.

After dinner, there was not enough water to wash the utensils. Chen Qi piled things in the corner and planned to deal with them tomorrow. After a brief wash, Chen Qi did not agree that Aze should continue to sleep on the ground tonight. Joke, he was still the owner of the place and had occupied the bed for several nights. Aze couldn't resist him. He laid several layers of skins by the fire where he slept before he made a compromise. Chen Qi took a puff at the corner of his mouth. This kind of weather just like early autumn requires several layers of animal skins to sleep by the fire at night, and he is not afraid of getting hot in the middle of the night.

However, Chen Qi did not directly refuse. He moved the hide mattress away from the fire. Needless to say, it was quite comfortable to lie down. Chen Qi slept soundly.

The next morning it was still not bright, Chen Qi doubted whether he woke up too early, but he saw Aze already sitting by the fire cooking broth, and today it was gazelle soup.

"Morning." Chen Qi rubbed his eyes and got up. He rolled up the skins and piled them back into the pile of skins by the bed. When the curtain was lifted, the two fire pans at the door had long been extinguished, leaving only a layer of gray-black carbon.

The sky is still dark, can't see things, can't hear the sound, the silence is terrible. Just as Chen Qi was going to turn around and return to the house, the sun rose from a corner of the horizon. In an instant, the darkness was quickly evacuated as if driven by something. Almost no transition took place from night to day. Chen Qi was shocked by this phenomenon.

"Chen Qi, the broth is ready." Aze shouted in the room.

After a pause, Chen Qi should get used to the strange events in this world.

Just after the two had finished eating, there was a voice outside the door. Before Chen Qi got up and went out to check, Ka Luo had already run in and shouted as he ran, "Chen Qi, I've brought the bone here. Please see if it's the kind you want." Then pull up Chen Qi and went outside.

Outside, besides Ake, Ali was standing with a large animal skin package on his back. White bones were piled up at Ake's feet. About half of them were about three or four meters thick and folded.

Chen Qi said hello to Ake and Ali, squatted down in front of the sword bone, stretched out his hand and knocked, giving a dull sound. "Is this bone really hard without fear of rain or fire?"

"Of course." Ka Luo replied, "This is the bone of stegosaurus. This was the same bone that Ake came back from hunting with the females of the tribe when he was an adult. It has been many years and has not changed at all."

"We decided to use it when we built the house." Chen Qi clappers.

"Can this thing build a house?"

"Yes." Chen Qi smiled mysteriously, "You will know when it is completed."

"Humph, it's a mystery." Ka Luo snorted and turned to Aze who followed him. "Elder brother, go hunting with Ake today."

Before Aze could reply, Chen Qi said aloud and refused: "Aze will not go hunting today."

"why?" Ka Luo looked at Chen Qi doubtfully. Where does his brother get his food if he doesn't hunt?

"I was injured yesterday, so I won't go hunting today. If you want to eat here for lunch, let Ake send the food here. We only have a gazelle." Aze glanced at Ake and explained lightly.

Ka Luo choked. This is really my brother. Then he asked anxiously, "where did you get hurt? Is it serious?" Eyes looked up and down on Aze, didn't see where the injury.

"It's not serious. It's just a scratch on the arm. It'll be over in two days."

"scratch a little skin to the bone." Chen Qi murmured, male son hearing not sensitive female son, Ka Luo did not hear, but gram and Ali heard Chen Qi whisper, two people looked at each other, the in the mind secretly relieved, it seems that the male son to Aze is not without concern.

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