Ali took his hide package and limped into the room. Chen Qi hurriedly followed. He wanted to take the other's luggage and was rejected by Ali. He was only injured in his leg but not in his hand. Two or three Chen Qi were not necessarily better than his strength. Ka Luo and Ake said a few words and followed.

Chen used yesterday's cleaned bamboo tube to hold two portions of broth and handed them to Ka Luo and Ali. The water used yesterday was already used up. At this time, there was no spare water for Chen Qi to boil scented tea, so he had to make do with the broth. Ka Luo took it and gulped it down. He wiped his mouth with the back of his hand." Chen Qi, how do I find what you make better than what I make?"

". . . . . . Your brother did this."

Ale also took a sip and said in surprise, "why is this soup not astringent? But it is salty, you should add salt stone?"

Chen Qi remembered those salty rocks with bitter taste. He turned around and brought over the salty pottery. He said to the two, "I have removed all the strange taste in the salty rocks."

Ka Luo looked curiously at the sand-like salt in the pottery dish. Ali held out his finger and licked it. "Is this really a salt stone? How did you do it?"

Chen Qi explained it to the two men, but the two men obviously didn't understand, "Otherwise, I'll show you how to deal with it when you come next time."

"That's great. I won't have to eat those bad salty rocks again." Ka Luo said happily.

Chen Qi black line, originally the beast people will also think that the salt stone is disgusting, also really difficult to eat for them for so many years.

"Chen Qi." Aze came over and interrupted several people who were having a good chat. "The water in the pottery jar has been used up. I'll go to the river and fetch some water."

Chen Qi frowned with a twinge. If he went to fetch water himself, he would not be able to fetch much water at his own speed. This time it would take more than an hour, but Aze was still a wounded man. It would be inhumane to let him fetch water, and it was also a problem that there was no water.

Seeing Chen Qi's worry, Aze shook his intact right arm. "I was injured in my left hand, and my right hand is completely free of problems, but there will be no obstruction if I draw water."

Alley also said, "Chen Qi, the female is not as weak as you think."

"That is, if you look at my brother like this now, there is no problem for him to go directly to hunt a warthog and come back."

Chen Qi looked at Aze and found that the other side looked peaceful except for the cloth strip tied to his left arm. If it weren't for the deep bone wound he saw last night, he couldn't see that this was still a person with injuries. Chen Qi, who had been silent for a long time, finally agreed to nod, picked up the new backpack he made last night and stuffed two large pottery jars into the backpack, just enough to fit in.

Pass the backpack to Aze. "You use your backpack to pack pottery jars, so you don't have to run so many times and you can get more water back."

Ka Luo leaned in, "Chen Qi, why are you such a strange animal skin?"

"This is the backpack I sewed." The Beastmen here have a very strange phenomenon. They can weave cloth and make pottery, but they can't sew or change the shape of pottery. The pottery pots in Aze's family are all the same size as straight ones, except that the shorter ones are called pottery by Chen Qi and the taller ones are called pottery pots. Seeing that other animals were full of curiosity about this new backpack, Chen Qi added, "I'll teach you how to do it later."

"That's a deal." Seeing Aze leave with that novel backpack, Ka Luo turned and stared at Chen Qi, as if afraid he would go back on his word.

Chen Qi responded with amusement.

Ali began to take out the contents of his fur package, four wool cocoons and several skins. Ali handed the skins to Chen Qi. "This is the fur coat Aze asked me to help make before. You wear it first, and the rest will be ready before winter comes."

Chen Qi took it and said that the fur coat was actually cut according to Chen Qi's size. He pulled out two holes that he could reach into. It was simply a crude style that could not be used again. He also did not know how they could keep out the cold when winter came, wearing this kind of clothes without sleeves. Do you tie other skins directly to your arms? It seems that you still need to do it yourself if you want to wear decent clothes, but Chen Qi thanked Ali gratefully.

"Chen Qi, what are you going to do next?" Ka Luo found that the male son his brother picked up this time would always come up with many novel ideas, but each idea was very useful and he had never seen or heard it before, so he couldn't help wondering what the other party would do next.

Chen Qi put away the fur coat, thought for a moment and replied, "Make some small traps to catch rabbits. "If Aze is not allowed to hunt now, he can't sit back and eat.

"Hares run very fast. It is impossible to catch them at your speed."

Chen Qi looked at Ka Luo thoughtfully, revealing a mysterious expression. "That's not necessarily true."

The trap of catching rabbits was simply too simple to explain. Chen Qi did not explain to the two men. He took out the root of the banyan tree and began to weave the rope. Although Ka Luo was itching for Chen Qi to do it, Chen Qi clearly did not explain to him as if he wanted to keep his appetite. However, Ka Luo could only lean in and wanted to learn how to weave the rope from Chen Qi. This Chen Qi patiently taught him, and this braiding method like braiding was learned by Ka Luo before long. He even made several more beautiful than Chen Qi's.

Later, Ali, who had been sitting nearby, was also intrigued and dropped his work to follow. When Aze brought back the water, several people had already made up 20 or 30 ropes.

Chen Qi got up and took Aze's backpack. Needless to say, the water in the two pots was really heavy, and he almost fell to the ground by Chen Qi. Fortunately, Aze gave him a hand with his load on his hands. Chen Qi put the pots away with fear. It seems that he will have to strengthen his physical training in the future. Even his weak body, which cannot hold the water in the two pots, is not suitable for living here.

Chen Qi carried the empty backpack to his shoulder, picked up the pile of ropes and some picked branches, and said to Ka Luo and Ali, "Aze and I are going to pick the gold needle flowers. We've got to set the trap together by the way. Are you going?"

"Go, of course, I have a part in making up this rope." Ka Luo jumped to his feet.

Ali also stood up and nodded with curiosity in his eyes, indicating that he would also like to see it.

"But whether this trap can catch rabbits depends on luck." Chen Qi greeted the two in advance so as not to be disappointed if they could not be caught.

A few people went out of the door. Chen Qi picked some figs from the fig tree and smeared the fig juice on his hands and the ropes and branches to be used. Figs can well cover up the smell of Beastmen. Ka Luo also learned from Chen Qi's appearance and got some fig juice in his hand. Chen Qi stuffed everything into his backpack before he set off.

Chen Qi described the path of the hare to the public and asked them to help find the narrow crossing with weeds. The chances of catching the hare in this place will be higher.

Chen Qi and his family had caught rabbits nearby before, so it was not difficult to find the trail of rabbits, only several were found on the way to banyan tree.

Chen Qi took out the rope and branches, tied a finger-wide hole at the end of the rope, passed the rope through the hole, leaving a hole a little bigger than his fist, tied the rope to the branches, then firmly inserted the branches into the grass beside the animal path, handled the height of the rope, and spread the rope with the weeds beside it, so that when the hare passed by, it could be tied to the hare's neck. A simple trap became like this.

"So we can catch rabbits?" Ka Luo looked at the simple device and asked suspiciously.

"Probably." Chen Qi is also the first time to do it. He is not 100% sure, but the method should not be wrong. Ka Luo, the next place to set traps, said that he would try it, and then until he reached the banyan tree, several people set more than a dozen traps for these animal tracks.

Chen Qi stood under the banyan tree and looked up. The flowers on the tree seemed to bloom a little more than yesterday. It was said that when the golden needle flower was still a bud, the taste would be better. Chen Qi had never eaten the freshly picked golden needle flower. He had just returned to absolute being and saw that Aze was already planning to climb the tree. He made a noise to stop it. Was this man not conscious of the wounded? Also not afraid of the wound burst.

"It's okay." The uneven trunk of this banyan tree is very rough and not high. Aze can climb it with one hand.

Seeing that the other party had climbed to the top of the tree with more flexibility than himself, Chen Qi silently swallowed what he wanted to persuade the other party, only telling the other party to be careful not to try to be brave.

Aze smiled and nodded in agreement.

Ficus microcarpa is short, but it is very big. Ali also flexibly helped with the tree. The flowers he picked were thrown to the ground. Chen Qi and Ka Luo were responsible for picking them up and stuffing them into the backpack. The ropes and branches that set traps in the backpack had been cleared.

I have to say that the females' practical ability is very fast. Soon the backpack was full. Chen Qi also asked Aze to take the flowers from the backpack home and bring back some skins. Chen Qi was satisfied when several people picked up all the golden needles in the tree.

On the way back, Chen Qi took a detour and found several places frequented by rabbits to set up traps before going back to the house. Then Chen Qi looked up and saw yesterday's male cheetah, who had sunk himself in a tree.

The cheetah has just hunted an adult impala. Today, there are no annoying coyotes following behind. The annoying vultures are not visible in the sky. They are planning to enjoy a good breakfast. The life of the impala has just come to an end. The Beastmen of yesterday were seen before their teeth were removed from the neck of the impala. Although the cheetah is quite far from Chen Qi several people, but the whole body hair already could not help but burst up.

Chen Qi narrowed his eyes slightly. It's really a narrow way to go.

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