Aze also found the cheetah in the distance and stepped forward to block Chen Qi. Aze was naturally not afraid of cheetahs in Chen Qi. His eyes fell on the impala and smiled at the cheetah. Yesterday's enmity in the pit seemed to be recoverable in another way.

Chen Qi, a big cat like cheetah, is still very fond of it in his heart, provided that the other party will not endanger his own life. Of course, he also does not want to kill the other party. In Chen Qi's impression, cheetah, a big cat, still belongs to the category of protected animals. Of course, it is not clear whether the Beastmen hunt cheetah Chen Qi.

Chen Qila took Aze's hand and walked slowly towards the cheetah. Cheetah is a creature that is very afraid of being injured. Generally, injuries are almost equal to death. Without full assurance, cheetahs will not confront creatures stronger than themselves. This also leads to the fact that even wolves and vultures can sometimes bully cheetahs with their numbers.

The male cheetah obviously knew Aze, and just yesterday it left several paw prints on the neck of the other while the Beastmen female was not paying attention. The cheetah's throat uttered a few threatening growls in the hope of driving the two approaching Beastmen away. It had just caught its prey and had no time to take a bite. The cheetah angrily scolded.

Cheetah's strength is not big actually, they give up a lot of things for speed, this adult impala with cheetah's small plate is absolutely can't drag away, tangled repeatedly, cheetah slowly loosen the impala has been biting, to Chen Qi pick mix after a loud roar and feet into the distance of high grass dun, between three to five ups and downs will never see its figure.

Chen Qi went to the impala and reached for it. The body was still warm. He smiled and said to Ka Luo and Ali who were following him, "Our lunch has fallen."

Ali mouth smoked, and it was the first time he had seen a male son snatching food from a cheetah.

Ali took Aze's stuffed backpack. Aze threw the impala onto his shoulder with one hand. After this trip, the four returned with a full load.

After returning, Chen Qi found several large skins, paved the ground that had been cleared for building the house, and placed the gold needle flowers on the skins to dry. At the present temperature of the sun, it would be enough to dry for about two or three days.

Due to the addition of an impala, Chen Qi started to prepare lunch before Ake returned from hunting. Of course, the impala needs to be disposed of before preparing lunch.

Due to Aze's arm injury, Chen Qi is a half-baked modern man who has lived for nearly 30 years without even killing a chicken. Therefore, it is naturally Ali who finally handled the impala.

A few people found a piece of vacant land with not too high weeds outside the door and spread it on the ground with a piece of worn-out animal skins to install unnecessary viscera and the like. Ali cleanly peeled off the sheepskin first, and Chen Qi pointed out what was needed and what was not needed when he began to gut. Naturally, things like sheep liver, sheep heart and sheep kidney should be left behind. Chen Qi wanted to leave the sheep intestine too, but it was too far from the river. It was very waste water to treat it. Chen Qi had to give up with pain. After Aze was injured, he must go to the river to treat a sheep well.

Chen Qi baked whole sheep for lunch, smeared the impala inside and outside with salt, took out the last two apples, cut them with a saber, and smeared the juice on the impala. The rest of the viscera was fried with dandelion, while the golden needle flower was directly blanched with a little salt. I don't know if it tastes good without oil.

When Ake came back with a warthog on his shoulder, lunch had just been prepared, and Ake was accompanied by acting patriarch Azhang. Azhang sniffled and laughed heartily as soon as he entered the door. "I can smell mutton from a distance. how do you feel a little different from what I usually bake?"

"Uncle Azhang, you have a really good nose. It is baked with processed salt and red berries." Ka Luo swallowed and replied to Azhang that he could not wait to tear off a piece of mutton and try it, but Chen Qi did not say he could eat it. He was too embarrassed to start work and had to wait patiently.

"Treated salt? Can red berries be roasted?" Azhang naturally sat down beside Ali and looked at Chen Qi doubtfully.

Chen Qi smiled politely. "Red berries have a lot of juice and are very sweet. A little smearing on the roast meat can make it more tasty." After that, he cut off a small piece of golden meat that had already been roasted with a sword-horn knife and handed it to Azhang. "Try it."

Azhang took it and took a bite of it to show surprise. "It's much more delicious than what we usually make."

"Chen Qi, you are eccentric." Ka Luo pouted and shouted.

Ake stared at Chen Qi. Chen Qi had black hair and could only speak and say that he could eat. Ake cut a large piece and stuffed it into Ka Luo's face. Ka Luo took a bite with smile immediately. The roast was too hot. Ka Luo gasped and slurred his speech. "Delicious," he said.

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