Aze was much more gentle. He cut the mutton into pieces and placed them neatly on the leaf of cattail. At first glance, it looked good and handed it to Chen Qi with chopsticks.

Today, Chen Qi did not cook bone soup. He cooked a plate of dandelion tea with pottery and filled it with bamboo tubes made of yesterday's bamboo. Each person was given a portion. "If you eat too much meat, you can drink a little tea to relieve the boredom."

Ka Luo took it with a little abandon and curled his lips. "This stuff is not good to drink."

"You can eat meat before drinking." Chen Qi suggested.

Aze gave Ka Luo a light glance. Ka Luo secretly vomited to stick out his tongue. He stopped talking and concentrated on eating meat.

Chen Qi took a piece of golden needle flower and ate it. It tasted a little sweet and bitter. Perhaps it was because the cooking method was too simple and not very delicious. But in this place where vegetables are completely lacking, Chen Qi is already satisfied with cooking a golden needle flower.

Azhang and Ali are the first to eat vegetables and animal viscera in this way. They have tried each one a little bit. Compared with meat, the taste is a bit strange, but it is not exclusive. "Maybe we can also keep our internal organs in the future so that we can reduce the number of times we enter the forest in winter." Azhang commented.  

Several other Beastmen also nodded in agreement. The reason why they didn't eat the internal organs of animals before was not that they couldn't eat them, but that was the way to deal with animals that has been handed down since ancient times. For hundreds of thousands of years, no one had ever thought of a change. Moreover, there is no shortage of food in the Dora Plain in summer, and animals migrate away in winter. Naturally, no one will consider whether the internal organs are edible or not.

After eating and drinking, Ake and Aka need to continue hunting. Winter will come in three months without a day. Aka needs to take his tribe to the Lion Wolf Tribe next week to exchange salt stones and flints, so time is very tight.

"Chen Qi, lend Ake your backpack this afternoon. The backpack can hold many things as long as you carry it on your back, so Ake can collect edible wild fruits on the road. "Before the two were ready to leave, Aze suggested.

"Yes, yes, that backpack can hold a lot of things, and don't worry about falling out." Ka Luo chimed in.

Azhang wondered, "backpack?"

Chen Qi took out the empty hide backpack and taught Ake how to carry it. Azhang leaned over curiously and tugged at it with his hand. He found it very firm and his back did not affect his movements. If every female can have one of these backpacks, it will save a lot of time to find food.

"Chen Qi, can you still make this backpack?" Azhang eyes jingjing asked brightly.

Chen Qi hesitated and said, "Yes, I can, but I still have to build a house and probably don't have that much time." Azhang is the acting chief of the clan. Chen Qi can guess each other's thoughts by thinking a little.

"You can teach me and Ka Luo how to do it. Besides, we can also help with the building of the house. Now winter is approaching, so it is better to build the house earlier."

"I haven't thought about the specific plan of the house yet. why don't I teach you how to make backpacks in the afternoon? I'll plan and design the house in the evening. how about you help together tomorrow?" There are so many people working together that it must be much faster than he and Aze.

"Yes." The crowd nodded in agreement.

After confirmation, Ake and Azhang left. Chen Qi dug out several suitable bones in Aze's bone collection. The tip of the bones was a bit blunt. Chen Qi motioned Ali and Ka Luo to grind the bones into the appearance of the bone needle they used. He took a stone slab and drew a simple backpack front and back picture on it with cooled charcoal.

The millstone was only the one Aze brought back last night. Ka Luo did not do this kind of work that requires strength as well as Ali. As a result, Ali polished the two bone needles by himself. Chen Qi and Aze took advantage of this gap and soaked the antelope meat left over yesterday in boiling water, then salted it with salt, strung the banyan root whiskers together and hung it on the newly-made drying rack. Before the wart pork also need to use salt to wipe again.

Only when Chen Qi has disposed of the meat will Ali finish polishing the two spicules.

Chen Qi found some light and tough skins and brought over the design drawing on the stone slab to explain to the two men. Aze sat next to them. According to Chen Qi's request, he slowly polished the bones that Chen Qi had chosen to make hoes with one hand. The bones of stegosaurus were very hard. Grinding this was not just a matter of strength, but also required more patience.

Even if Chen Qi had tried to explain it in straightforward words, the two men could still hear stun. There was no way out. Chen Qi could only demonstrate and say it. Beasts have strong learning ability, but their thinking is fixed and they can't turn around. If they do it in imitation, they will generally do better than Chen Qi, who teaches people.

Chen Qi's methods are all made by sewing a whole piece of hide. As long as there is a general idea, the prototype of the backpack will be ready soon. The difficulty is in the process of punching the hide. When Chen Qi started teaching, he asked them to rock the bone needle into the hide to make a hole. Later, he wanted to think that the female's nails were much sharper than the bone needle, and suggested that Ali could use the nail to make a hole. Unexpectedly, Ali could use the bone needle to make a hole much faster. Finally, even the backpack made by Ka Luo needs Ali to help open the hole.

It is the first time for the beast people to take a needle and thread. Although they always accidentally prick their fingers in the first few times, they are also better-looking than Chen Qi after using skillfully.

Several people stumbled, one taught, two learned, the atmosphere is rare serenity. Aze polished his bones and occasionally looked up at three people. If he knew that the years were quiet, then these four words are the best portrayal at this moment.

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