"It's done." Ka Luo excitedly lifted his sewn backpack above his head.

Ale was also very happy. He never thought fur could do this.

Chen Qi smiled, stood up and stretched himself. It is also tiring to sit on the hard ground all the time. Looking at the sky, there is still some time before evening. He suggested, "Let's go around with our backpacks to see if we can find other food, such as potatoes, and also to see if the trap catches anything."

"Chen Qi, I want to eat potato stew." Ka Luo licked his lips, a face of chan phase tunnel. Ake came back from hunting a warthog specially at noon. He must also want Chen Qi to be a potato stew again. Potatoes are much better than weeds and flowers.

Ale hasn't eaten, but after lunch at noon, the taste that Ka Luo can remember will certainly not be any worse. I can't help but look forward to it.

Chen Qi thought for a moment, "If we find potatoes later, let's do this at night."

"Chen Qi, why don't you teach me how to do it?" In that way, he can cook for Ake every day. Ake's appetite has decreased a lot recently, but he can eat a lot here in Chen Qi.


Aze took Chen Qi's hide backpack as a demonstration for the other two, and the four headed for the first place where the trap was set.

In the morning, several people walked straight towards the banyan tree. Now they have to look for food in the grass. Naturally, the speed is much slower and the range is much wider.

After the first snow, most of the weeds in the Dora Plain have withered and yellow. A few people will ask Chen Qi to go and see if they can eat when they see a little green plant Ka Luo. After running down several times, Chen Qi's small body was very tired. I don't know how many times I secretly decided to schedule physical exercise as soon as possible. Chen Qi gasped for breath for a moment and said to some serious people buried in the grass, "Follow me, and when I find something to eat, you will remember its shape and look for it as it looks."

Aze had seen the appearance of several kinds of food eaten in recent days, so he didn't need to be ordered to follow behind by Chen Qi like the other two. Aze was digging the root of a plant with one hand at the moment, and soon he pulled out three fist-sized ovals from the soil. Aze frowned slightly. He remembered Chen Qi said that it was called sweet potato, but the color was different from those he and Chen Qi had eaten before. "Chen Qi, I dug something very like sweet potato."  Aze shouted loudly to Chen Qi in the distance.

Chen Qi hurriedly rushed over and squatted on the ground carefully rummaging through.

Aze explained: "Although their colors are wrong, there is no problem."

Chen Qi excitedly picked up the three sweet potatoes. "Aze, you are too good. This is also sweet potatoes." These are really different from the orange ones found before. This one is purplish.

Chen Qi put the sweet potato into Aze's backpack, picked up the withered and yellow potato vine on the ground, handed it to Ka Luo and told him, "You two should look for it just like this potato vine."

Ka Luo glances at each other, holding a potato vine and looking for it in the grass beside him. After Chen Qi and the two separated, Aze naturally did not dare to stay too far away from Chen Qi. He followed at the distance that he could quickly get to the other side, watching the surrounding movement while looking for it.

However, Chen Qi knew and could eat very little on the plain. Until he reached the first trap setting point, only a few sweet potatoes that Aze had found were harvested. The trap was empty. Obviously, no animals passed by and touched the device during this period of time.

Ka Luo was a little disappointed and doubted that this kind of thing could really catch those cunning rabbits. As a result, when walking to the fifth device, Aze heard a noise in the grass from a distance. His speed was relatively fast. He was the first to reach the trap position and looked at the fat rabbit trying to break free from the rope with a little surprise.

Ka Luo was the second to arrive. When he saw that a rabbit was really tied to the rope, he excitedly waved to Chen Qi behind him, "Chen Qi, Chen Qi, I really caught it. It was a rabbit."

Chen Qi came up and was a little surprised himself. After several previous failures, he thought there would be no harvest today. Come forward to untie the rabbit from the rope, pass it to Ka Luo, and rearrange the trap.

As soon as he got up, he saw Ka Luo carrying the rabbit's ear and trying to put it into the backpack. Chen Qi stopped him at once. "This rabbit is alive. If you put it into the backpack like this, it will run away."

"What then?" Ka Luo stopped, did he keep carrying it like this?

Chen Qi broke a few tough weeds from the grass, tied the rabbit's limbs, made sure they were strong enough before he put Ka Luo into the backpack, and then taught him how to tie the rope at the opening of the backpack.

"This backpack is really convenient." Ka Luo smiled and praised, "Let's continue to see if the rest have caught rabbits."

Also don't know if they are lucky today, the remaining dozen traps and harvest two rabbits, Chen Qi points out one to Ali, the other to Aze, because Aze's backpack contains something, Chen Qi let Aze with hand.

Only when the sun was going down did a few people return to their homes. Of course, potatoes were not found. Even if Ka Luo, the rabbit, was caught, he was a bit weak and weak. Today there was no potato stew to eat.

Only the three sweet potatoes and a handful of wild ginger were found, but to Chen Qi's delight, he found more than a dozen artichokes, so many of which could help Aze change his medicine tonight. Unfortunately, he did not find any other familiar herbs, not even half of the plantain that was as rotten as the artichokes.

"I'll show you how to make potato stew next time I find potatoes." Chen Qi tried to comfort Ka Luo.

"Mmm." Ka Luo replied weakly.

After returning home, Ake was already waiting at the door. At his feet was a bulging backpack. Ka Luo saw him running happily. "Ake, what did you find?"

Ake rubbed Ka Luo's head habitually, crouched down, picked up the backpack and opened it, showing Ka Luo what was inside. "I found a milky fruit tree today."

"and red berries and grapes." Ka Luo said pleasantly surprised.

Ake handed the backpack directly to Chen Qi. "What's in it is for you. If it weren't for this backpack, I wouldn't have brought back so many things."

"So much?" Chen Qi wants to refuse.

"You can take it. Since Ake has given you this to prove that there must be a lot in his family, you have taught me and Ka Luo so much today, and this is right." Ali knew these people quite well and explained to Chen Qi with a smile. And decided to bring a few pieces of cloth to Chen Qi tomorrow.

Ka Luo nodded.

Azhang also came at this time. He said hello to the crowd and asked Ali, "Do you want to return to the tribe now?"

"Today we met a small group of warthog crossing the river and hunting a lot of prey." Ake interjected.

Alai naturally knew that things were busier in the tribe at this time and nodded, "Let's go home first today, Chen Qi, and we'll come back tomorrow."

"good." Chen Qi just knew that Azhang had come here with Ali behind his back.

Ka Luo didn't find potatoes and he didn't want to stay. After all, the distance from the tribe is still a little far. It is safer to go with more people at night, so he went back with them first.

Chen Qi and Aze took the basked golden needle back to the room. It reminded them that there was also a warthog that Ake had hunted back at noon.

"What should I do?" Chen Qi looked at the warthog lying on the ground and asked Aze somewhat speechless.

"Since Ake brought it here for us, it is good to stay."

Chen Qi paused. "I mean let it lie like this?" Let him handle this warthog? Chen Qi, who had not even killed a chicken, swallowed saliva silently and hesitated.

"Actually, my hands are fine."

Chen Qi turned over his supercilious look. "Forget it. Let's do it tomorrow. Today we'll eat rabbits." He can't handle large animals. He can still try small animals like rabbits.

So the evening dinner was roast rabbit. Chen Qi cut off a large piece of mutton pickled at noon and copied it with the last dandelion. I don't know if Chen Qi was under the illusion. Today's Aze obviously doesn't eat as much as usual. "Did I do it to your liking? How do you eat so much less than usual?" Chen Qi asked doubtfully, Aze ate half a roasted rabbit and a few pieces of mutton and didn't eat it.

"No, I didn't go hunting today, so I ate less."

"Will there be less food for non-hunting?"

"Mmm." Aze nodded.

Chen Qi suddenly realized that he was worried that if Aze's appetite was followed, no matter how much food he stored in winter, he would not be able to eat enough. It turned out that as long as they did not hunt, the relative demand for food would decrease accordingly, so that when hunting was not allowed in winter, the beast people could live through the winter on the stored food.

Chen Qi packed the leftover food with pottery, put a pottery hot water on the fire after cleaning it up, dug out a few artichokes from his backpack and mashed them up. Today he found more, so Chen Qi did not need to save. "Come here, let me change your medicine."

Aze sat down in front of Chen Qi. Chen Qi gently removed the cloth strip from his shoulder and wiped away the herbs that had been covered a little discolored. He was surprised to find that the wound had begun to heal. Is this weed called Cephalanoplos too effective or is the beast's self-healing ability too strong?

Seeing Chen Qi's surprise, Aze's mouth turned slightly upward. "The females have good self-healing ability, and the wound will heal tomorrow."

This is not simply very good, but has to go against the weather, you know yesterday he can see the bones from this wound. Chen Qi said in his heart, silently applying the newly mashed herbal medicine to the wound and tying it again with cloth strips.

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