After helping Aze deal with the wound, Chen Qi poured a small dish of hot water and went outside to scrub himself. He hadn't bathed for more than two days. It was very inconvenient for Aze to take himself to the river after he was injured. Chen Qi could only clean up like this.

When he returned to the room, he saw Aze sorting out the contents of his backpack. The fruit Ake brought back was filled with a large pottery. There were five of the largest water-based fruits in a single volume, four red berries like apples, and then a bunch of grapes.

Chen Qi gathered in the past, casually picked a grape, wiped it with his sleeve and put it into his mouth. It was a little sweet and a little sour. What he bought in the supermarket at peace was no different in taste.

"Do you want to drink milk fruit?" Aze picked up a shea and asked, the shea Ake picked back were yellower than Chen Qi had seen before.

Chen Qi nodded. Aze cut open the shell of the fruit with his fingernails. Chen Qi took it and took a sip. He smashed his mouth. "How do I feel sweeter than before?"

"This is completely mature and tastes sweeter. Do you think the liquid in it is clearer than before?"

Chen Qi noticed that the liquid in the fruit was not completely milky white, but more like water. Chen Qi mused at the water and milk fruits in his hand.

Aze cleared the contents of the other backpack into another pottery dish, sighing, "I always thought that the pottery exchanged from uncle Ali was useless, but now almost every one is used." Now Chen Qi needs pottery for everything he does. Almost all the pottery in this room has been used. If he wants to install new things, he can only go to the sundry room to take the stored pottery.

"Are these pottery made by Ali?" To make Chen Qi call a person who looks not much bigger than himself an uncle, Chen Qi really can't call it out, so he calls Azhang Ali by his first name.

"yes, uncle Ali is the only one in the tribe who can make pottery now." Seeing that Chen Qi only held water and milk fruits but did not drink them, Aze felt a little strange. Didn't Chen Qi enjoy eating those sweet and greasy apples? It can't be because the taste becomes sweet and you don't like it, "what's the matter? Don't you like such sweet water and milk fruits?"

"No, I just had a new idea." Chen Qi said, taking out a smaller pottery, filtering the juice of the shea butter with a simple filter cloth that had previously filtered the salt stone, and then putting pottery with the filtered juice on the fire to burn while stirring with a clean wooden stick. Chen Qi did not take the pottery dish out of the fire until the juice became thick and almost burnt. He put it on the fire and warmed it with the warm glow of the fire. Yes, Chen Qi wants to try to make sugar.

Sugar doesn't separate out by directly drying water with fire like salt. Chen Qi will temporarily ignore the syrup after treatment. he will take out several flat slates and paint them with a piece of fine wood carbon. while painting, he will recall the process of how others have built houses before.

Aze disposed of the things and brought several bundles of firewood from the debris room. Chen Qi was still immersed in his thoughts. He carried the warthog at the corner out of the room for disposal. Although Ake and Ali can be called on for help tomorrow, the warthog has lost its breath for a long time, so the meat quality will change tomorrow if it is left overnight. Moreover, if Ake knows that he can't even handle the prey due to such a small injury, how can he laugh at himself sometime?

However, Aze did not blame Chen Qi for caring too much. Instead, he was filled with joy that Chen Qi cared so much about his injury. Considering this, his actions also accelerated a lot.

When Aze finished disposing of the wart pig, he went back to the house and saw Chen Qi staring at the slate with a frown and a worried look on his face. "What's the matter?" Aze asked anxiously.

"I'm thinking about what the windows of the house should look for to replace the glass. if wooden windows are used, I'm afraid that once the windows are closed in winter, the house will be dark again." Chen Qi habitually wanted to bite the pen head. When he found that he was holding charcoal, he stopped at once.


"It is a very hard and transparent thing." Chen Qi explained.

"Like the eyes of a locust dragon?"

"Yes, like the locust dragon . . ." Chen Qi paused and suddenly looked up at Aze. "You said the locust dragon's eyes?"

Aze doubts, "isn't it? The locust dragon's eyes are hard and transparent, and even after death, the locust dragon will remain uncorrupted for decades."

Chen Qi remembered the corpse of the locust dragon that he had seen on his way here. "Aze, you are too good. How could I not have thought of that?" Chen Qi excitedly wrote down the word locust dragon next to the window on which the embryonic form had been drawn on the stone slab, and asked, "Are locust dragon's eyes easy to get?"

"By now, the locust dragon has basically entered the deep forest. It is not so easy to find the locust dragon, and the protective film on his eyes can only be removed after the locust dragon has died for a period of time." Aze leaned over and looked at what Chen Qi had painted on the slate. Well, he couldn't understand it.

Chen Qi is a little frustrated, "can't you get it now? I don't know if the locust dragon we met before is still in its original place."

"Do you want? I can go and get it back." Aze suggested.

Chen Qi hesitated a bit. The place where he met the locust dragon was too far away.

Aze saw each other's worry. "I can come back at my speed in two days and one night. I slowed down my speed because I took you with me before. You can stay in the tribe for one day and I will be back the next night." Before, with Chen Qi, Aze's journey was relatively safe. Naturally, he needed to take a detour. If he was alone, he would have no worries at all. What worries him is that Locust dragon's eyes are too large and it may not be possible to move all six eyes back at once.

Chen Qi was somewhat moved by what he said. After all, the windows in a house are still very important. After thinking about it, he nodded and agreed, "But tomorrow you'd better rest for another day and go back when the wound is almost healed."

"well. My wound will be almost healed tomorrow."

Chen Qi discovered that the wart pig beside him had been treated. This time Aze left the wart pig's heart, liver, spleen, lung and kidney. Only the hard-to-treat intestines and pig bellies were thrown away. Chen Qi inclined Ni gave each other a look, rolled up his sleeves, and planned to marinate the meat and eat the viscera tomorrow.

It takes a lot of salt to pickle a whole warthog. Aze looked at it and reduced a lot of salt. It seems that the lion and wolf tribe's meeting will need to be held in a few days. He began to wonder how many skins in his family can be exchanged for salt.

Chen Qi cleaned some pig bones, stewed two big pottery bone soup with a small fire, and cut pig lungs and wild ginger into the soup, so that the soup can be drunk directly by tomorrow morning.

Chen Qi was driven back to the slate bed tonight. No matter how to protest Aze, Aze was unmoved. Later, Aze found a hide ball and lay down by the fire to sleep. Before falling asleep, it seemed to hear Chen Qi's low laughter coming from behind.

Wake up the next day, Chen Qi went to check the boiled water lactulose syrup last night. A whole water lactulose was only boiled out of a thin layer. Chen activated a wooden stick to stir it, and it was sticky. After thinking for a moment, he picked up the syrup-filled pottery and went out of the door. The sun was very good today. He was going to bask in it. I don't know if it would be easy to separate out sugar crystals.

Today, Ake was still carrying Ka Luo. Azhang came here carrying Ali. Ali's backpack was bulging. He came to the advanced room following Chen Qi to clean up the contents of the backpack and handed the empty backpack to Azhang.

Ake still carried a thick sword keel. After lowering Ka Luo, he took the sword keel to the position it was placed yesterday.

After sending Azhang and Ake away, Ka Luo skipped to Chen Qi and said, "Chen Qi, what are you going to do today?"

Ali also came up from behind, "your room seems to hang a lot of meat, just hanging is not afraid of deterioration? Don't you need to take it outside to bask in the sun?"

"The meat strips will not deteriorate so easily after being salted. It is too hot in the sun outside now, so it is not suitable for curing meat, and it is better to dry the cured meat in the shade." Chen Qi said and turned to Ka Luo. "Today, we can go and see if the trap has caught any rabbits. Then I will draw the basic plan of the house."

Today, there are only two backpacks made by Chen Qi. Chen Qi gave a backpack to Aze to carry to fetch water. the other backpack was Ka Luo's. Aze also felt relieved to let the two males move nearby.

Today's trap also yielded two fat rabbits. Ka Luo happily tied up the rabbit's limbs and stuffed them into his backpack. Yesterday he learned how to tie the rabbit. Now he does it again. He is much more skilled than yesterday.

After returning, Chen Qi found a lot of cooled charcoal and a thick rope specially made up yesterday to measure the distance. He looked at the ground and took out several slates with design drawings. He probably determined the position. Only then did Ka Luo and his wife help.

Chen Qi's house is very simple. It has four symmetrical rooms with a hall in the middle. Originally, he wanted to build a house of the same specifications as the modern house. Unfortunately, after much consideration, he had to be defeated by reality because he did not know how to build a house. The houses of the Beastmen are all four-square and four-walled rooms. The clutter room of the Aze family looks like it is connected to the front room, but it is also separated, with a fist gap close to it. Therefore, in order to build a house, it is not only necessary to plan it well, but also to consider such issues as bearing capacity.

Chen Qi, who would not build a house, considered the simplest and most possible solution, making it symmetrical and using the wall separating the hall and the room as the bearing wall.

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