Chen Qi simply drew the required room structure with charcoal ash on the ground. Although it would be a bit wrong to use a rope as a measuring tool, it can only do so now.

Al-Ali watched Chen Qi sprinkle charcoal ash on the path of the rope stretching. when Chen Qi finally finished his work, he pointed doubtfully at the small squares that were pulled out by the black coil. "Chen Qi, what are these for?"

Chen Qi looked at the place he pointed to and replied, "It was for the sword keel to be used as a pillar after digging."

"How deep will it be?"

Chen Qi made a visual inspection of the height of the keels of the swords. The keels were about four meters long. After thinking for a while, he replied, "It's only about half a man deep."

"According to the black coil out of the scope of digging?" Ali opened the curious baby mode and continued to ask.

"Mmm." Chen Qi replied, remembering the bone that Aze helped polish yesterday, he went back to the house and found that the sharpness of the bone had been almost polished. It was a mistake not to make it into a hoe first last night, otherwise it would be usable now.

There is no long wooden stick suitable for making hoes in the house. Chen Qi turned out the rubber fruit and put it into the fire to melt, intending to use it later when making hoes.

When I went out, I saw Ka Luo lying on the ground. When I saw Chen Qi coming out, Ka Luo hurriedly waved, "Chen Qi, come and have a look."

When Ali heard the sound, he also leaned out of a hole in the open space where the house was built and shouted at Chen Qi, "Chen Qi, is this depth ok?"

Chen Qi got a fright and hurried over to have a look. How long has it taken? Ali has already dug a half-human column pit. "How did you dig so fast?"

"Uncle Ali is a female."

Chen Qi choked. This is really a powerful reason. It seems that his bone hoe is not comparable in front of the female's fingernails.

Chen Qi made several rounds around the pillar pit. "Let's put the keel of the sword into it to see the effect."

Chen Qi went to the place where the keels of the swords were piled up and wanted to lift the keels of the swords. Although Ake could carry the keels of the swords with Ka Luo on his back, he could carry them with a relaxed face. Chen Qi almost couldn't stand up straight when he picked up the keels of the swords, and he almost hit his foot when he let go because he couldn't hold them firmly. Fortunately, he didn't have any trouble until he flashed quickly. Ali couldn't see the past, hurriedly came to help, stretched out his hand and took it easily. Chen Qi touched his nose slightly awkwardly.

The keels of the swords still look good after being put into the pit.

Aze also returned from the water supply at this time. When Chen Qi heard that he wanted to build the pillar pit with the keel of the sword like a house, he went to the river and dug two large bags of silt. The building method of the beast people's houses is very simple. The melted rubber fruits are mixed with sand and water and poured into the large stone slabs piled up. When the water in the rubber fruits and sand is dried, the houses are built.

Of course, the pillar pit cannot be plugged into the stone slab, but there are many fine stones in the wilderness. Aze melted another jelly fruit. In the process of waiting for Aze to mix the sand and jelly fruit, Chen Qi and the other two collected many such fine stones, then paved the pillar pit with a layer of crushed stones, poured another layer of jelly fruit sand, and then paved it with new crushed stones, so many times until the pillar pit was filled. The rest is to wait for the cold to dry.

In order to prevent the keel from tilting to one side because it is too high, Chen Qi also made a simple tripod with a long wooden stick to fix the position of the keel. In this way, a foundation column is basically completed.

Chen Qi didn't want to waste time. He planned to do this again for the rest of the pillars. In this way, the keels of the swords and the rubber fruits were not enough. So several people split up. Aze went to fetch the keels of the swords, while Ali took Chen Qi and Ka Luo to pick the rubber fruits.

Chen Qi came back after picking the jelly and saw Ake and Azhang coming back with their prey. Today it was the gazelle. Because he promised to help Chen Qi build the house yesterday, Ake and Aka came back earlier this noon, hunting enough food for today. Ake also brought back a few sweet potatoes. It was yesterday that Ka Luo stuffed the sweet potato cane he brought back into his backpack and told Ake to dig it back when he saw something similar. I didn't expect Ake actually met one when hunting today.

With the addition of two females, the progress was naturally much faster. Twelve pillar pits were dug before lunch, and twelve keels of swords were moved back.

Because they didn't want to waste time, Chen Qi still got roasted whole sheep at noon. This time, Ali and Ka Luo also came to help. They also brought two pieces of salt stones today. Chen Qi was teaching them how to filter and refine the salt stones while waiting for the antelope meat to be roasted. Ake and Aka also sat next to them and carefully noted down the steps.

Dandelion was finished yesterday. Chen Qi, the remaining wart pig viscera last night, directly fried with several pieces of wild ginger and cut two water-based milk fruits into a pottery dish. Chen Qi worried that the water-based milk fruits were too sweet and added some water to mix them together. Chen Qi made a sweet potato syrup filled with pottery. Although it was the first time for several people to eat such things as sugar water, they all showed different degrees of love. Azhang also asked Ake to give him the sweet potato cane found today and planned to look for it himself tomorrow.

"This sweet potato can be stored for a long time, and the longer it is stored, the sweeter it will become. If you find more, you can store some and eat it in winter."

"Chen Qi, you are too good, how do you know so much? Do you know anything as delicious as this sweet potato?" Ka Luo's mouth was full of food and he was not busy praising.

Chen Qi funnily refilled his empty bamboo tube. "Yes, there are still many delicious things you haven't eaten, but I'll let you know next time if I find them."

"It's a deal." Ka Luo took the bamboo tube filled with sugar water again and ate happily. He completely forgot that there was a whole gazelle roasted on the fire nearby. However, if the meat was roasted, the animals would eat it every day. Naturally, this new sugar water was not as attractive as this one. Chen Qi sighed softly. He should put the sugar water into the dessert after the meal.

Chen Qi was called aside by Ali after the meal, while several other people were responsible for tidying up the mess. Although they all wiped out the big pottery syrup first, there were four females and a gazelle could not be left.

Ali handed Chen Qi several pieces of cloth brought in this morning. "This is what I knitted and kept when I had nothing to do before. Please use it first."

"But I haven't paid you for the last cloth."

"I gave you this." Ali smiled and stuffed the cloth into Chen Qi's arms. "You taught me how to make backpacks and how to set traps. This morning I also set several rabbit traps around the tribe. If I could catch the prey, what would these few pieces of cloth count as? Besides, Aze used to exchange a lot of prey for useless crockery at my place. You can also assume that he paid in advance."

Chen Qi hesitated for a moment and then stopped postponing it. Anyway, he still had to deal with Ali for a long time. If he had to pay, he wouldn't be in a hurry. With these pieces of cloth, he could finally change his clothes that had been worn for several days.

After a short rest, the crowd continued to work. glue and fruit needed a lot of water to mix the mud and sand. Azhang and Aze were responsible for fetching water and digging mud and sand. all four skins and backpacks were used. Several others gathered together the rubble nearby, and Ake, who was too big, was responsible for smashing them.

It was not until late afternoon that all the twelve keels of the sword were finished. Chen Qi was too tired to sit on the ground and even had no strength to stand up. Aze gave him half a bamboo tube filled with cold boiled water. Chen Qi took it and gulped it down.

"Ka Luo, tomorrow I will leave for one night, you don't have to come over, I will send Chen Qi to the tribe in the morning, you still have the room I used to live in? Let Chen Qi stay there for one night, and I will pick him up the day after tomorrow." Aze said to Ka Luo, who was equally tired sitting next to him.

Although Ka Luo was tired, he didn't want to move without Chen Qi lying on the ground like this. He was leaning comfortably on Ake's shoulder and asked Ake to rub his sour shoulder. He raised his head when he heard Aze saying, "Elder brother, where are you going?"

"He is going to fetch the locust dragon's eyes. We saw a long-dead locust dragon on the way back before." Chen Qi explained.

"What do you do with locust dragon's eyes?" Ali interjected, Locust dragon's eyes are thin and hard. What can they do?

"Make the windows of the house."

"Windows? What is the window?"

"It's just that people can see things outside in the house."

Azhang's eyes lit up, so the house wouldn't be dark again? "Chen Qi, when you want to make a window, you must call me. You two are not allowed to finish it secretly."

"Me too, me too." Ka Luo hurriedly raised his hand. Although he did not quite understand what the window was, Azhang's reaction must have been something very useful.

Chen Qi nodded helplessly, "Good." With them, the progress of the house could be faster. Chen Qi would certainly be happy to let them come.

Chen Qi really didn't want to move after a busy day. Aze took advantage of everyone else's time to go to the place where the trap was set to see if he caught any prey at the end of the day. Ka Luo also didn't know where he came from. When he heard about the trap, he also quickly followed. However, perhaps it is the reason why the hares around him have already been caught. Aze only brought back one hare this time.

After collecting the trapped prey, Ka Luo several people went back to the tribe. Chen Qi wanted the other gazelle they had hunted back at noon to take back, but several people did not want it. Later, it was suggested to roast the gazelles and let them go after dinner, but Azhang said there were still many things to be done in the tribe and it was dangerous to go back too late, so Chen Qi had to give up.

After several people left, Chen Qi sat outside the door in the afterglow of the setting sun and looked at a dozen swords and keels standing beside him. His heart was filled with satisfaction.

This is his future home.

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