The next day.

Chen Qi woke up before dawn and packed the bamboo tube with salt and flint into the backpack to carry Aze. Aze kept the lighter he brought with him when he crossed. The rabbits caught in the trap yesterday were simply salted by Chen Qi, wrapped in cattail leaves and stuffed into the backpack. There was also a thick rope made overnight, which was intended to bind the eyes of Locust dragon. Chen Qi taught Aze a simple knot for tying things. He was relieved after confirming that Aze had made no mistakes several times in a row.

After a simple breakfast, Chen Qi carried another backpack on his back, which contained two bone needles he had made before, a large number of banyan tree roots, a piece of cloth from yesterday's Ali, and a sword-horn knife kept in his coat pocket.

Chen Qi checked the boiled syrup before going out. It was still sticky and no crystals were precipitated after a day of sun exposure. Fortunately, the color still looked milky white and there was no sign of deterioration. The rack for drying pickled dried meat was moved to the door. A slit was opened in the skin curtain for ventilation, fearing that passing animals would come in smelling the smell of meat. Chen Qi put a lot of thorns at the door as barriers, and several rows of small traps were strewn at random around the house. This led Aze to carry it to the tribe.

This is Chen Qi's second visit to the Yanshan tribe. The guard on the fig tree outside the tribe has been replaced by a younger female, who will wave enthusiastically when he sees Aze.

Ka Luo's house is not far from the Ali's, with four or five houses in between, but because it is just behind a corner, one cannot see the other's house without going to the intersection.

When Chen Qi arrived, Ka Luo was taking the meat out of the room to dry. The ground was covered with thick cattail leaves or clean skins. Carroll's dried meat is not cut into strips like Chen Qi's, but in chunks. The dried meat is placed outside the house during the day and moved back to the house at night. It will continue to be dried by the waste heat of the fire until the dried meat is completely dehydrated so that it can be stored until winter.

"Here you are." Ake took out the last plate of dried meat with his backpack behind him, as if he were ready to go out.

"The room has been packed and is next door. Chen Qi can stay as long as you want." Ka Luo finished his work, wiped his greasy hands with the hay on the side of the road, and said.

"Chen Qi will trouble you to take care of him." Aze lowered Chen Qi and said to the two.

"Who will take care of who is still unknown." Ake poured the dried meat from the pottery dish onto the leaves of the cattail. "Today, people from the tribe are going to Loya Forest, and they are also going to leave the tribe. Let's go together."

Aze nodded, and told Chen Qi a few words to let him have something to find Ali or Azhang. Chen Qi secretly turned over a supercilious look. Now it is he who is going out of town. How can he act like he is going out of town?

The two men told each other a few words before Aze and Ake left. Ka Luo took Chen Qi to the next room. The structure of the room is similar to that of the Aze family, except that the space area is less than half and the height is shorter. This time, it seems that you don't need a master lift to touch the roof. You can probably have a close contact with the roof with a little padding on your head. There was only one slate bed in the corner, and in the middle of the house was the place where the fire was burning. Two bundles of dry wood had been placed beside it.

Chen Qi put his backpack on the bed and said to Ka Luo who followed him: "Ka Luo, I'm going to visit the Alleys."

"Well, I'll go with you."


A lot of dried meat was also placed outside the Ali's house. A few rabbits were hung on several simple shelves. The shelves were somewhat like those made by Chen Qi to dry pickled meat. Ka Luo slapped his forehead when he saw them. "Why didn't I expect to make two shelves? It's much more convenient. It doesn't have to spread all over the floor."

Ali's hide curtain was pushed aside by several thick wooden poles to reveal half a hole, and the sunlight was just scattered through the half-opened hide curtain. When the two entered the room, Ali was busy weaving cloth. He was following Chen Qi for two days. The cloth needed by the Akers had been delayed for several days. Fortunately, the baby would not be born for several months, but it was not in a hurry.

See into the room of two people, Ali stopped his work with a smile, "why are you all here? You don't need to build a house today, do you? Why don't you let Ka Luo take you to the abandoned houses of the tribe to choose slates?"

Although the tribe is called the Yanshan tribe, the rock mountain on its back is not large, and its height is only about 20 meters at most, so the people in the tribe will not use this mountain as a barrier as a material collection place for building houses. However, since it is near Chishui River, it is much more convenient to use water. It is not necessary to go all the way home like Chen Qi and his family.

The Dora Plain is not rich in large stones. Beastmen in the tribe have to go to Loya Forest if they need to build houses. There are several large rocky mountains in Loya Forest, and the stones there are much larger and harder than those in this rocky mountain in their tribe.

"I still have to stay here for one night, not in a hurry." Ali do not burn fires during the day. In the Dora Plain, there is not only a shortage of stones but also a shortage of trees. All the wood burned at home needs to be cut down in Loya forest. Ali has inconvenience in legs and feet, and most of the firewood is cut back by Azhang. The opposite Ali will help each other cook or handle tanning of various skins and other things.

Chen Qi picked up a palm-sized stone slab on his way here. At this time, he took a piece of charcoal directly by the extinguished fire, drew a bowl shape on the stone slab, and then handed the stone slab to Ali to see. He said straight to the point: "I heard Aze say you made all the pottery in his house. Can you help me make some pottery bowls?"

"Pottery bowls?" Chen Qi's painting is only a simple side view. For the beast people who cannot see the plane, they cannot understand what it should look like.

Chen Qi wanted to think, "Do you have any clay here? I'll show you one and you'll understand." Although Chen Qi does not know how to burn and wash, he has done some design work for several years. He can still make a rough impression with clay.

"Yes." Ali dug out a handful of clay, which was a little dry. Ali added some more water to knead it and then handed it to Chen Qi.

Ka Luo also leaned in to see what Chen Qi could come up with.

Although the bowl is only a simple shape, it is really not an easy thing to make it look good. Chen Qi probably figured out the size and shape of the bowl and Ali understood it. After all, he is also a person who has made pottery for decades. Naturally, his speed and technique are much better than Chen Qi's amateurs. When Chen Qi finally finished kneading a slightly crooked pottery bowl, Ali also finished one.

"Chen Qi, why do you want such small pottery?" Ka Luo asked incredulously. Chen Qi's pottery bowl is not the kind of small rice bowl used at home, but more like the kind of sea bowl in Lamian Noodles's store. This is also considering Aze's appetite, and it is more convenient to use this size of sea bowl for meat.

"Use this instead of the common cattail leaf used to hold meat." Remembering that Beastmen eat roast meat directly by hand, Chen Qi added, "moreover, using it instead of bamboo tubes to contain sugar water will make it much easier to eat and clean."

Ka Luo remembered yesterday's bamboo tube. Although it is quite convenient to hold soup, the bamboo tube itself is relatively deep in height, and its opening just fits into a fist. It is not convenient to say when cleaning, and if you accidentally stab your finger with a bamboo thorn, then look at the pottery bowl made by Chen Qi and Ali, and it feels really better than the bamboo tube. "Uncle Ali, please help me make some of these pottery bowls."

Then Ka Luo also learned how to pinch a few of them, but he pinched them even worse than Chen Qi's, crooked, but Ali didn't intend to rebuild them.

Ali took out all the clay left in the house, because it was quite a long time since pottery was made. There was not much clay left in the house. After about a dozen bowls of clay were kneaded, the clay was used up. Chen Qi also took advantage of this opportunity to knead several cups.

The three men had been busy all morning. After the pottery blank was finished, it could not be fired in the furnace immediately. It needed to be left to dry for a period of time.

Because Ake followed the tribe to Loya Forest and could not return at noon, the two had lunch at the Alleys.

Ali took the opportunity to let Chen Qi teach him how to marinate his kind of pickled meat. Chen Qi said it carefully one by one, demonstrated it once, and then asked Ali to do it again. Finally, he reminded the other party that pickling meat is not enough to apply salt once. If you want to preserve it longer, you can apply it again every other day, about three times or so. Moreover, it is forbidden to take it to the sun to dry immediately after pickling. It must be put in a cool and ventilated place to dry in the shade for a few days, and it can be put under the sun in a few days. However, it is the practice of preserved meat.

Of course, there is no such detailed division in this lack of materials, as long as the meat can be preserved for a longer time. Moreover, this method of sun drying meat is only suitable to be done after the first snow comes, and summer sun is not suitable for curing meat. Ka Luo also took Chen Qi's words seriously into his heart. Ali also saved a lot of meat and he tried to do it again.

In the afternoon, Ali planned to finish weaving the cloth in his hand. Ka Luo took Chen Qi to collect the slates needed for building the house. Most of the houses in the tribe collapsed outside the tribe, but even if they collapsed, they would not damage the hardness of many stones. Chen Qi, in order to reduce the amount of time he has to carry stone slabs, has put his mind on these houses that have basically collapsed.

Ka Luo is not good at choosing what kind of stone slab to build a house. He has already decided that Chen Qi is very good at it. Chen Qi said that he would choose the collapsed houses. He took the other party to the outside. After all, a good house still needs to burn and melt the glue at the joint before pulling down the stone slab. With their two small plates without a female, they can't do it either.

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