Slate is very big, and very thick, Chen Qi saw the biggest almost about one meter high, Chen Qi is naturally a person can't move, Ka Luo's strength is bigger than Chen Qi, two people carried or can pull the slab from the ruins to a neat.

Chen Qi chose relatively complete slates, but because the slates were too heavy, the two were not fast enough. They had to work for almost an afternoon to get about a dozen slates. These slates could only trouble the women to move back to Aze's house.

Chen Qi originally wanted to try to make a wooden cart out, but later he seriously considered the feasibility of this plan. Without mentioning the distance between the two places, it would be faster to carry the strong females back by manpower instead of the wood wheels running smoothly through the wild grass-covered land on the way. As a result, the plan was rejected by Chen Qi as soon as it occurred in my mind.

As evening approached, Chen Qi was using a simple brush made of hay to clean up the rubble on a stone slab. There was also dry sand on the edge. Suddenly, a long howl of wolves came from nearby. Chen Qi's movements paused unnaturally. He thought with horror, wouldn't there be wolves in the neighborhood?

Ka Luo also stopped his action and came over, "Chen Qi, let's go home quickly."

"Is there a wolf pack coming?" Chen Qi asked anxiously. Wolves are social animals. Many females in the tribe went to the forest today. If a group of wolves rushed into the tribe at this time, the consequences can be imagined.

"It's not the wolves, it's the signal from the tribal guards. It's a reminder that there may be danger." Ka Luo explained, pulling Chen Qi's arm and walking towards the center of the tribe.

"Why do you want to use the Wolf cry to signal? What if there are real wolves?"

"Well, I'm not very clear about the details either. I heard Ake say that the howling sound energy travels far, and the whole tribe can hear it when it signals outside the tribe, and the howling sound energy drives away many timid predators."

Chen Qi knew that when they returned to Ka Luo's house, they gathered the dried meat that had been aired outside for a day and moved it back to the room together. A little while later, Ali also came over. Seeing that the two were all right, they breathed a sigh of relief. "Ka Luo, take Chen Qi to the ancestral house in front of Yanshan after putting the dried meat in place for a while, and I'll go first." Ali said and hurried away.

Ka Luo sped up his movements, and Chen Qi couldn't help but look dignified. Put all the meat into a pottery dish, move back to the room and cover it with a layer of animal skins. After all, Ka Luo pressed the hide curtain with stones to tightly press the lower part. Then he took out a few ghost needle flowers and crushed them. He sprinkled the flower juice several times along the door. Only then did he and Chen Qi walk to the rock mountain behind.

Yanshan's overall color is reddish brown and looks a bit like shale. The ancestral home was built right next to Yanshan. It looks almost 2. 5 meters high. It is the highest house in the tribe, but the area inside is narrower than that of other houses. It looks more like a towering pillar from a distance.

The function of ancestral houses is not to avoid disasters. What can really be avoided is the rock mountain at the back. There is probably a cave of about 30 square meters in the rock mountain, but it is enough to accommodate the people in the tribe who are unable to protect themselves.

Chen Qi followed Ka Luo into the ancestral home. There were about ten people in the ancestral home. Most of them were elderly people with disabilities or graying hair. There were three or four children who looked like they were only ten years old. They all looked at Chen Qi when they saw Chen Qi come in. Chen Qi naturally gave them a friendly smile as a greeting. The two men came to Ali, who was checking whether the entrance to the rocky mountain behind was blocked by rocks.

The ancestral home opened two gates one after the other. The rear gate was about one meter high from the ground, which could block the steps of most enemies who could not climb the wall and had poor jumping ability. The size of the entrance can only allow one adult to pass through, leading straight to the cave at the back of Yanshan.

"Uncle Ali, did the guards say what struck?" Ka Luo asked Ali, who had returned from the cave inspection.

"I've already been asked. I'll have the information back in a little while."

The two men were just talking about a young female who came in from the outside. Chen Qi knew the woman who was guarding the tribe in the morning, her name was A Le.

As soon as Ale came in, he was surrounded by the crowd. Ale walked over and asked slightly anxiously, "What's the matter? It's your turn to guard today, can you see what is coming?"

Ale's slightly immature face was full of dignity. "I saw some eagles flying nearby."

"Believe Eagle?"

"Impossible, letter eagle how can come here at this time? Winter hasn't arrived yet."

"Are you wrong?"

"Is that hyenas coming?"

". . . . . ."

Speaking of hyenas, everyone fell into silence. After all, the time between the last attack of hyenas and this tribe was not long. It was also because of the attack that only a few people remained in the tribe.

"Ale, are you sure you are right?" Ka Luo could not believe to confirm it again.

"No." Ale shook his head and took out a white feather from his pocket, which was wrapped in wisps of light fog. "In order to confirm whether it was a letter eagle, I went to look at it and found this feather on the way."

"how did you bring the feather of the letter eagle into the tribe?" Ali denounced. You should know that the feather of Xin Ying is used to transmit information. If Xin Ying's companions find the feather and discover the tribe, and then attract hyenas, it would be no laughing matter.

Ale was somewhat embarrassed and disturbed. "I'm afraid you don't believe me, so I brought it back to show you. I'll throw it away from the tribe now." Ale said before Ali could reply, he rushed out of the room like a gust of wind, and several ups and downs turned into the corner of the house and disappeared.

Ali soothed the crowd's mood before apologetically telling Chen Qi: "I'm going to check the situation nearby. You and Ka Luo stay here. Azhang and they are almost time to come back. Don't worry."

Chen Qi nodded, "I'm fine, you go to busy."

"Uncle Ali, don't worry, I will take good care of Chen Qi." Ka Luo backed up his chest and promised.

Ali smiled and rubbed his hair, then turned and left.

Azhang and Ake came back after the sun had completely set. Ake saw Ka Luo sitting in the corner intact as soon as he entered the door. He finally landed with his heart still in his hand, but he still couldn't help walking over to hug the person tightly in his arms and not busy gnawing at each other's face.

"I'm fine." Ka Luo patted Ake on the back and comforted him.


At night, all the people in the tribe spent the night in the ancestral home. Chen Qi only knew that the total number of the whole tribe was not more than 30 now. Among them, only ten were young and strong, and only Ka Luo was the young male.

Worried that hyenas would be nearby, Azhang arranged for the females to take turns to watch the night around the tribe. Chen Qi, the fighting scum, plus the identity of the male by default, naturally did not need him to watch the night. After a hard day's work yesterday, plus the fact that Chen Qi had been pulling most of the flagstones in the ruins today, Chen Qi's body was already too tired. After eating the simple roast meat given to him, he spread the skins that Ake brought from home on the ground. He originally wanted to bring up some spirit to pay attention to the development of things. I didn't expect to fall asleep soon after sitting down.

The next day, I woke up and found that the people in the room had gone. Only Ake and Ka Luo leaned together and whispered in each other's ear. Most of the time, Ka Luo was talking. Ake listened carefully and occasionally gave a slight grunt as a response. Seeing Chen Qi wake up, Ka Luo came over and asked anxiously, "Are you awake? Are you feeling unwell?" Want to know Chen Qi but sat directly and fell asleep last night, when the sound of falling to the ground startled everyone, and fell asleep and didn't wake up, Ka Luo didn't know how Chen Qi did it.

Fortunately, there was an old woman who checked and found that Chen Qi was really asleep, and Ka Luo was relieved.

"Mmm." Perhaps it was the reason why the hide he slept in last night was too thin. Chen Qi felt that every bone was sore and uncomfortable after waking up. Then he seemed to think of something, blushing slightly embarrassed and apologizing, "Sorry, I didn't expect to fall asleep at once." But also sleep until the big day, Chen Qi silently spit on yourself in my heart. Fortunately, he didn't know what he had done last night, otherwise he would have gone through a crack.

"It's okay, you're tired too."

"Where are the hyenas?"

"No trace of it has been found. It is estimated that yesterday's Xinying was just passing by." Ake handed Chen Qi a bamboo tube filled with broth and a piece of roast meat placed in cattail leaves. "Have something to eat first. It's almost noon. You should be hungry."

"noon?" Chen Qi choked and took the food stiffly. I didn't expect to sleep so long.

The gravy in the bamboo tube smells like sheep. The roast meat has a little bit of temperature left. It tastes very ordinary. Perhaps we refined the salt stone by our own method. neither the broth nor the roast meat has the unique bitter taste of salt stone.

"Ake doesn't have to go hunting today. We'll sort out all the stones you need in your house, and when my brother comes back, we can carry them back."

Chen Qi looked at Ake. "Is it because of hyenas?"

Ake nodded. "Today, the hunting team will stay in the tribe to observe the situation. Uncle Azhang has taken the men to a place some distance away from the tribe to find out and resume hunting after making sure there is no problem."

Chen Qi finished his food and stood up. "Then I'll trouble you today. Let's go."

Ali is going to make pottery made yesterday today, so the job of pulling the stone slab is only three of them, with Ake joining in. This job is obviously much easier. A stone slab that needs the joint efforts of Ka Luo and Chen Qi can be easily moved by Ake alone. In the end, it becomes Ka Luo and Chen Qi to clean up the stone slab. Ake is responsible for moving the stone slab to the same place and tidying it up.

By nightfall, the three had assembled three large piles of stone slabs, enough to build the outer wall of the house into two layers thick and more.

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