Aze came back when the three men had just returned to Ka Luo's house. He saw from a distance that he was carrying an adult male wildebeest on his shoulder and a impala tied with a rope on his back. The pace was steady and the three men standing at the door obviously accelerated.

Chen Qi rushed up to meet him. He wanted to take a head to unload the prey from Aze, but looking at the size of the wildebeest, and looking at his completely muscular arms, he felt more than he could handle.

The wildebeest was put on the ground by Aze, and when it touched the ground, it still splashed a layer of dust. Chen Qi looked at Aze's dusty appearance and did not know how fast the other side ran back. "Have you come back, have you encountered any danger on the road?"

"The road was smooth." Aze smiled at Chen Qi and then handed Ake the impala behind him. "This is for you. I met Uncle Azhang on the way and he was patrolling nearby. I heard that he found the trail of Shining Eagle. Is everything all right with you?"

Ake picked up the impala and said, "It's probably the Shining Eagle who got lost here. There's no problem for the time being."

"That's good."

"Elder brother, there are some hawks passing by nearby. It's too dangerous for you and Chen Qi to live outside. It's better to move back to the tribe. The house can also be built in the tribe." Ka Luo suggested with a little worry.

Aze hesitated a bit and turned to look at Chen Qi. He doesn't have any good memories of this place, but he doesn't know if it would be better to move back if it would endanger Chen Qi.

Seeing Aze looking over, Chen Qi did not speak. He went straight back to the house and took out his backpack. He said to Aze, "Let's go home."

Aze was dazed. Only then did he smile, "Good."

Chen Qi said to Ka Luo, "Don't worry, we can also live well outside. Your brother has lived outside for so many years and hasn't seen anything wrong with him."

Ka Luo sighed. He naturally knew that it was impossible to move back to the tribe with his brother's obstinacy. He thought he would change his mind considering Chen Qi, but he didn't even want to stay in the tribe. "Then be careful when you go back, and we'll come back tomorrow to help you build your house."

"Well, good." The two men replied, Aze shouldered the wildebeest on the ground and left with Chen Qi.

"If you want to live with Aze, we can move next to them." Ake looked at Ka Luo, who was somewhat lost, and said.

Ka Luo's eyes brightened, then he shook his head and reached out to touch Ake's strong and flat abdomen. "Wait until the child is born. Winter is coming. It's too dangerous to move outside the tribe now."

Ake shook Ka Luo's hand and said nothing.

Aze gave Ali the wildebeest. This was the cloth before and this time he was asked to come and accompany Chen Qi. Of course, it is not enough to have only one wildebeest. If time is enough, he also wants to help Ali hunt more food. Chen Qi still has a lot of things to do now. He almost takes up all of their time and can only go into Loya Forest to hunt some dolphins and dragons after early winter.

The pottery bowl and cup made yesterday have already been burnt out. Although several have been burnt out, the rest have been well burnt out. Although the reddish brown appearance is not very good, Chen Qi's current requirement is that it can be used.

Ali took out two more pottery bowls from another piece of animal skin. These two were not reddish brown, but blue, a deep indigo blue. Ali handed Chen Qi the two blue pottery bowls. "Yesterday I found two more blue dyed fruits in my house, and colored them."

Chen Qi was surprised to take over the two blue pottery bowls. He thought that the pottery making technology here was more primitive. Unexpectedly, he had already used color to color the pottery. Chen Qi remembered the white pottery he had seen in Azhang's house before. At that time, he thought it was the reason why the pottery was naturally discolored for too long.

After all, it was already evening, the sun was going down soon, and several people said nothing. Chen Qi chose five pottery bowls and two pottery cups, stuffed them into his backpack, and left the tribe with Aze.

In the evening, there were no voices, no cars, no traces of civilization familiar to Chen Qi, and only endless withered and yellow weeds and scattered towering trees were visible. Aze was not fast, and it was pleasant when the wind blew through him. Chen Qi was lying on Aze's back, so comfortable that he had an idea of hoping that the road would never end.

"Aze, do you have black dyed fruit?"


Chen Qi raised his head slightly, just in time he could see Aze's chiseled side face. "Then you can pick some for me next time."


Before they got home, they smelled a foul smell in the air. Chen Qi sniffled, "Aze, do you smell anything?"

Aze nodded. "Well, it tastes like a skunk." Aze was surprised that when he brought back the locust dragon's eyes, there was no such smell.

"skunk?" Why are there skunks here? Chen Qi was puzzled in his heart. Suddenly he remembered the many traps set before he left yesterday and asked with a little uncertainty: "Those traps didn't catch him, did they?"

"I don't know, let's go and have a look."


The smell grew stronger and stronger as we got closer to home. Chen Qi had to let Aze put himself down, took off his coat and covered his nose and mouth tightly. Only then did he feel a little breathing back. He also handed Aze the cloth that he was going to use to make clothes in his backpack and let him cover his nose and mouth like himself.

Aze looked at Chen Qi as if he didn't want to go any further. "Wait here for a while, I'll take care of it first." After that, he went to the place with the most foul smell.

Before Chen Qi could stop it, he was about to speak when a stench rushed into the entrance and almost made him spit it out on the spot. He quickly closed his mouth to make his coat more tight. The skunks here are also too strong. Is this one hundred skunks on the earth releasing stink at the same time?

Aze's speed is very fast. skunks spew out a poisonous liquid when they are attacked by the enemy. Aze shakes off the cloth in his hand directly. when he sees the gray-white struggling figure in the grass, he decides to cover it directly with cloth and tightly wrap the other side. his fingernails quickly turn into beasts and grow longer. he points down to his throat and the gray-white cloth is dyed red instantly.

Aze cut the rope that bound the skunk lightly, lifted the skunk and ran away from the house, digging a pit to bury it. Of course, the cloth is to be recovered, but Aze frowned when he looked at the cloth, which is almost as smelly as skunk. He thought for a moment, and put the cloth in the grass beside him, or wait for the odor to disperse before recovering.

When Aze came back, Chen Qi already felt that the smell in the surrounding air had faded, but when Aze approached, he could not help stepping back a few steps. Aze was even touched by the smell.

Seeing Chen Qi's performance, Aze stopped, raised his arm and sniffed. His face darkened quickly. Damn it, he forgot that skunks would dye stink to the enemy.

Chen Qi waved his hand in embarrassment and suggested, "Why don't you take figs and take a bath first?"

"Mmm." Aze replied sullenly and went back to the house with a dark face to get water. It's almost evening now, Aze can't leave Chen Qi alone and run to Chishui River to wash here. Fortunately, yesterday there was still a large pot of water left. Aze went directly to the door with the pot and picked a handful of figs and went into the tall grass.

Chen Qi also didn't want to stay in this stinking place. He remembered that there were still dozens of traps and planned to recycle them. As a result, he was startled. Almost one-third of the 40 or 50 traps were touched, and the ropes of several traps were bitten off. Only two days later, how many animals were moving around here?

Chen Qi didn't find skunks after a circle, but instead he harvested three rabbits and two big-eared foxes. After tying up the prey, Chen Qi wanted to think, to avoid the usual route for several people to go in and out, and to continue to decorate the trap around the house, even if not for hunting prey, can also give oneself a layer of security.

After all, the sun was setting. Chen Qi went back to the house and lifted the curtain with a wooden stick. After two days of absence, the house was full of the smell of bacon. He lit the fire in the middle of the house. Only then did the bacon hanging at the door move back to the corner. Aze hasn't returned yet, and I don't know if the smell on him can be washed off.

The water in the last pottery jar had been taken away by Aze. Chen Qi could only dig out two gouache fruits, cut a hole in the gouache fruits with a sword-horn knife, poured the juice into the pottery dish, cut several pieces of pickled meat and a handful of dried golden needle flowers into it and slowly boiled them. Because there was no water to clean, Chen Qi only handled a rabbit outside the door. After peeling off the skin and eviscerating, he strung it directly onto a wooden stick and put it on the fire to roast. Anyway, the fire can burn most of the dirty things. Chen Qi also has no serious cleanliness and can only do so. Other prey is tied with tough ropes and placed in the corner.

When Aze came back, he stood at the door hesitantly and did not dare to approach Chen Qi. His bare arms were rubbed red. He bowed his head and said with a little perplexity: "The smell cannot be washed off."

Chen Qi with black line, waved to the big man at the door, Aze hesitated to rely on the past. Don't have to close to each other, Chen Qi smelled the smell of skunk, the in the mind silently sighed, fortunately, after cleaning the taste is much lighter, now just within the scope of their own can accept, not like just don't cover your mouth and nose will almost think they will be alive smelly dead.

Looking at Aze's gloomy face, Chen opened the bamboo tube and filled a large bamboo tube with water, milk and fruit to cook meat slices for the other party, comforting him: "Don't worry, the taste will probably disappear tomorrow, just endure it for one night. Why don't you go to bed early after eating, and you won't be able to smell it."

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