"You . . ." Don't hate the smell on me? Why are you still willing to be so close?

Chen Qi saw Aze just staring blankly with a bamboo tube in his hand. His mouth and jaw moved a few times. He seemed to want to say something, but he didn't say anything with a tangled face. He couldn't help asking curiously: "What's the matter? Is it too bad to cook pickled meat with water and milk?"

"No, it's delicious." Aze nervously raised the bamboo tube. The meat slices were mixed with the soup and poured into a big mouthful. Perhaps they were a little anxious to eat. They choked and coughed a few times. The salty and sweet taste overflowed the mouth. Compared with the food Chen Qi made at ordinary times, this food really falls into the category of unpalatable and tastes a little better than the food made of salt stone.

Chen Qi hurriedly patted Aze on the back a few times to help the other side smooth the air. He chided angrily and laughingly, "No one will rob you again. Why are you in such a hurry? It's easier to digest if you eat slowly."

"Mmm." Aze's ears were reddish and he picked up the chopsticks lying in the bamboo tube next to him and bowed his head to eat them.

Chen Qi also filled himself with a bamboo tube. He frowned as soon as he ate one mouthful. It was salty and sweet. Why did it taste so much worse than the usual boiled meat slices made of milk and fruit? Is it because the amount of salt usually put is less? Chen Qi did not understand, but in his heart he had already crossed out the boiled and pickled meat from the future recipes. This dark dish will not be cooked for the second time.

Looking at the man next to him who was eating carefully, Aze stuffed the meat slices into his mouth with chopsticks. The expression on his face was no different from that when eating at ordinary times. It seemed that he was eating some high-grade food. Each piece of meat was chewed carefully before swallowing. If it was a few days ago, Chen Qi even had to wonder if there was something wrong with his taste, or if the boiled and pickled meat with water and milk fruits was not so bad, but now that he knew Aze's character, he was afraid that he could eat a plate of fried eggs cooked into coke without expression, and he could also eat a delicious food.

Chen Qi cut the last shea butter with a sword-horn knife and put it where Aze could reach. "Drink a little of the shea butter later to taste it."

Aze paused, swallowed the food in his mouth and nodded, "OK."

After the two had finished their dinner, Aze packed the leftover bones with animal skins and planned to throw them near Chishui River tomorrow, where many predators will dispose of the free food given to them in white.

Chen Qi turned around outside the door to help digestion. Originally, he wanted to see what was happening to the pillars of the house next to him. But according to the earth's algorithm, it is already Thursday today. The moon here at night is not as bright as it was a few days ago. Chen Qi can only give up. Anyway, he can see it tomorrow and is not in a hurry.

Back at the house, Chen Qi took out the cloth, bone needles and the roots of banyan trees. Last night, he wanted to take advantage of the evening time to make the clothes he had always wanted to make. As a result, he did not expect that he would sleep to death directly.

I took off my shirt and wore it for several days with a smell of sweat. Chen Qi put the shirt aside and changed it into an uncomfortable fur coat.

Aze, worried that the smell on his body would smoke Chen Qi, took a hide blanket and sat down at the door, but his eyes were watching Chen Qi's every move.

"Aze, come here." Chen Qi shook out the cloth and waved to Aze.

"why?" Aze although obediently gather together in the past, but still separated from Chen Qi a fire.

Chen Qi secretly turned over a supercilious look, picked up a string of whiskers and walked around the fire to Aze. The roof of the house is too low. Aze basically sits on the ground after entering the house. Chen Qi raised his chin at Aze. "You stand up."

Aze obediently stood up, Chen used the root hair line to measure Aze's lower body length, then let Aze beast melt his fingernails, took the determined length of the root hair line, and scratched Aze's fingernails lightly. The waist circumference, shoulder width and arm length were all measured in the same way. Finally, four different lengths of whisker thread were picked up and returned to the place where the cloth was placed.

Chen Qi is the first time to make clothes. Fortunately, he has his own shirt as a template. However, Chen Qi has not found anything to replace buttons, so this time he is not going to make shirts, but to make T-shirts.

Simply draw the outline of the T-frame with charcoal on the stone slab, then fold the cloth in half and determine the required size along the root line with good dosage at the edge of the cloth. Because the cloth is slightly white, Chen Qi was afraid that the outline drawn on it with charcoal would not wash out. Therefore, he chose a dark and soft stone in advance and drew the outline of the T-frame on the cloth with stone. Only then did he cut off the outline bit by bit with a sword angle knife.

After getting a piece of cloth with rough edges and corners, Chen Qi picked it up and sewed the edge opening bit by bit with a root thread according to the sewing method on the shirt. After the exercise of sewing backpacks two days ago, Chen Qi is not quite at ease now, but he looks like a model.

Sewing is the most time-consuming step. Not only must the edges be sewn firmly, but also those rough cut cuffs and necklines should be folded and sewed again for the sake of beauty.

Beastmen have no entertainment activities at night. Aze usually goes to bed after eating. At this time he saw Chen Qi busy. He didn't want to sleep alone, but he had nothing to do. He leaned against the door and looked at Chen Qi with his chin cupped.

Chen Qi's hair is very black, a little messy after several days of neglect, and his facial features are not very three-dimensional, but after a long time, he will feel that the other party is looking better and better. Aze looked at it with a bit of a trance. I don't know how long it took. Chen Qi suddenly looked up at Aze and raised a smile. "Well done, you come and try."

Aze was dazed and shocked by this smile. He did not return to absolute being until Chen Qi told him again. wait for a while walked beside Chen Qi.

Chen Qi handed the newly-made T-shirt to Aze. "Do you think it fits?"

Aze did not answer and asked uncertainly, "For me?" Didn't Chen Qi tell Uncle Ali that he wanted cloth to make clothes for himself? Why did you give it to him?

Chen Qi nodded. "Of course it's for you. Why don't you change it? If it is not appropriate, I will revise it."

Aze took the clothes and wanted to go outside to change before coming in. He stopped before taking the steps and took off his fur coat in front of Chen Qi. Perhaps I wanted to rub off the smell too much before, and Aze's body was still slightly red. Aze's body is very good, muscular and well-proportioned, with smooth lines. Even those who stay in the gym for a long time will have such beautiful muscles. Chen Qi secretly envied it. Seeing Aze holding T-shirt a little awkwardly, not knowing where to start to wear it, and a little funny, he took the clothes. Aze was half a head taller than Chen Qi, motioning Aze to lower his head slightly. Chen Qi helped the other party to put on the clothes.

Although the clothes made by Chen Qi are a bit rough, they look inexplicably good on Aze. "How do you feel?"

This time Aze felt his face and forehead were a little hot, "very good."

"really? Do you think it is too narrow? Does the neck opening feel tight?"

Aze felt it seriously, "It seems a little bit."

Chen Qi motioned Aze to take off his clothes. "It is my first time to make clothes. I may not be sure of the size. Let me make another one for you."

Aze was a little annoyed. He said he was dressed well as early as he knew. This was the first time that Chen Qi made clothes for him, but Chen Qi said he didn't want to refuse to let him take them off. He had to exchange his fur clothes reluctantly. Even if Chen Qi said he would help him make another one, he always felt that he was more concerned about the first one.

Chen Qi changed Aze after finishing the second piece of clothes. This time he was more skilled and made a lot more beautiful than the first one. The stitches on the edge were also more neat and compact. Aze really felt much more comfortable after wearing the second piece of clothes. He was just used to the heavy weight of the fur coat. Suddenly wearing this light and thin cloth still felt a little awkward. But even if uncomfortable, Aze didn't want to take it off and even slept at night. The first piece of clothes was changed by Chen Qi. After all, the shirt was full of sweat, Chen Qi

Ka Luo and Ali came at dawn the next day. Azhang and Ake did not go hunting first this time. After yesterday's letter eagle incident, they both planned to help move the slate here and build the house first. In this kind of wilderness, it is always safer to build the house.

As soon as Ake approached Aze, he couldn't help picking his eyebrows and glancing at each other obliquely. "Did you roll in the dung of Stegosaurus?"

Aze said gloomily, "This is the smell of skunks." It's been a night. Although the smell is much lighter, it hasn't completely disappeared. People can smell it as soon as they get close to him. Aze is almost depressed from getting up till now. He vowed in his heart that he must detour and walk as far as he can when he meets skunks.

Ake knew of course that this was the smell of skunks. He said this just to tease each other and saw Aze's gloomy face pat him on the shoulder to comfort him.

"Elder brother, how do you like Chen Qi wear cloth? And why is this shape so strange?"

"This is the clothes made by Chen Qi."

Ka Luo made two confused turns around Aze. "Are you comfortable?"

"It's quite good." Although it will feel a bit awkward when you first put it on, it will feel much more comfortable and breathable than wearing fur clothing for a long time, and there is no sultry feeling of fur clothing in such weather.

"Chen Qi, you also teach me how to make cloth and clothes."

Chen Qi, who had just come out of the house, looked at several people with a puzzled face. Aze reached out and pointed to his clothes. Chen Qi realized it and nodded and promised, "Well, I'll teach you when I'm free after the house is built."

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