Cloth made of cloth is actually not conducive to the activities of the beast people. The caterpillar dragon emits threads that are not even half as tough as the root hairs. The females can easily be torn if they move a little more when hunting. The only advantage is that the texture is light, thin and soft, which is comparable to the fur of the snow bear.

Ka Luo didn't want to learn how to make clothes for himself, but felt that this kind of clothes can be worn without using vines or skins as belts. It would be more convenient for children to wear them. He wanted to learn to make some for future children, so even if the children moved a little bigger in winter, he wouldn't be afraid that he would kick the clothes away and chill himself.

Seeing that Ali had arrived, Aze picked up several prey and two large pottery jars that he had caught last night and stuffed them into his backpack. Carrying one on his back, Aze and Chen Qi went to fetch water and dispose of the prey in Chishui River. In the morning, he and Chen Qi did not eat breakfast because there was no water, so they had enough energy to work.

Ake and Azhang, who have already eaten, plan to return to the tribe and start moving the stone slab. Before leaving, Chen Qi handed the two men two thick ropes and taught them how to bind things with ropes, so that they would not have to run so many trips to move more at a time and save a lot of time.

Both of them learned very fast. They learned it after watching and doing it. After the two men left, Chen Qi took Ali and Ka Luo to see if the traps laid on the road to banyan tree had caught any prey. the traps had not been checked for two or three days, hoping that even if they caught the prey, they had not starved to death.

Ali and Ka Luo both carried backpacks they made. The skins used for these backpacks were not the two pieces Chen Qi taught them to make before. It seems that they made some again after returning to the tribe. Before on the way to banyan tree caught not many prey, so a few people are going to watch the trap after directly turn the road to the next to the glue tree, after all, building a house need glue fruit but a lot of, rely on before picking back those who are not enough.

Chen Qi was worried that he would meet skunks on the road, so he paid great attention to the smell in the air all the way. Fortunately, he didn't find any bad smell on the road. But to the surprise of several people, only 20 traps came down the road, and they actually harvested nearly 10 prey, of which five turned out to be colorful pheasants, two snow geese, and the remaining three were fat rabbits already dying.

Chen Qi looked at the pheasants and snow geese in his hand. "Are the animals here so easy to catch?" If you want to know that birds are very alert creatures, how can a crude device catch them? Moreover, it has not been taken away by other predators for so many days. Is it because the last time Aze taught vultures and cheetahs too much noise that the predators around them dare not approach this place?

Ali thought for a moment and replied with uncertainty: "I heard Azhang say that many animals on the other side of Chishui River have crossed the river here recently. Perhaps they triggered traps when they passed here." It is also hard to be tough enough after these strands are woven into ropes, or pheasants and snow geese, which are twice as big as rabbits, cannot break free. Why can't he catch so many prey by setting traps near the tribe? Is it because the animals that are too close to the tribe have taken a detour? It seems that you can try to go further and set some traps.

The three men set up the trap again, because there were more prey, they took all the prey back to their homes before picking jelly fruit. Aze first roasted a rabbit with fire after beating back the water, and told Chen Qi to finish eating before going to work. Chen Qi simply rinsed his mouth with water and finished breakfast with roasted rabbit meat and an apple.

In the morning, all the people moved back the rubber fruit and the stone slab. At noon, Chen Qi baked the rabbits he caught yesterday and the big-eared fox together with several rabbits he caught in the morning for lunch. Today, no one went hunting. Everyone did not eat much. After eating hastily, he began to build the house.

Aze several people moved back the slate collected by Chen Qi in the past two days, one by one. It was piled all over the floor. Aze and Ake took backpacks to dig sand in the river. Chen Qi explained the idea of the house to Azhang and Ali, who were the main building blocks. Ka Luo occasionally had to go back to the house to see the melting of the jelly. Most of the time he stood beside Chen Qi curiously and listened to Chen Qi.

"More than three meters high?" Azhang frowned. "It's too high. The snow is very thick in winter, so high houses will easily fall under the snow."

"No, the finished keels are for support." Chen Qi explained. "or try it according to my idea. if winter really collapses, we can move back to Aze's house."

Azhang thought for a moment and nodded, "Yes, it's the first time I've met your method of building a house. Maybe I can really survive the winter."

The foundation of the house was already dug when the stegosaurus pit pillar was struck. Chen Qi also dug a trench more than one and a half meters high in order to strengthen it. he planned to plug in the stone slab and seal the surrounding gap with glue and fruit mud. However, after seeing so many stone slabs, I feel that it is completely enough to build the outer wall into two layers. I don't know how cold it is in winter, and the thicker the wall, the warmer it will be.

The frame of the house is no different from what the beast people usually do. They fix the stone slab with glue, fruit and mud, but Chen Qi is baffled when they do the windows. It is simple to do the windows to death, but Chen Qi won't do the windows to open. Chen used the root hair line to measure the length and width of the locust dragon eye and asked Azhang to reserve enough space to empty the window first, and then figure out how to install the window.

After the wall was built two meters high, there was another problem. The Beastmen couldn't put the stone slab up high. Chen Qi wanted to get a wooden table out of it with rubber fruit, but it took time for the rubber fruit to dry out. Later, he didn't know where Aze had moved a thick tree trunk more than one meter high and nearly half a meter wide back. Azhang jumped directly onto the tree trunk, while Ali stood below and handed Azhang the stone slab and rubber fruit sediment.

Several people were very busy and wanted to finish building the house as soon as possible. When the sun went down completely, the house was basically completed except for the roof and windows. Chen Qi looked at the house with satisfaction and was very happy. Ka Luo excitedly turned around the house several times.

After a busy day, several people were tired and hungry, and the three females who mainly worked hard felt more tired than they did after hunting for a day. In order to reward everyone, Chen Qi moved the fire to the clearing outside the house in the evening and planned to make some new food.

On hearing of the new food, several Beastmen eyes suddenly looked at Chen Qi with bright and clear eyes. they didn't know where they had flown because they were tired. Chen Qi was under a bit of pressure from a few hungry eyes. after all, the materials here are really limited. it is impossible to make any delicious food, and this group of tubao Beastmen who have never eaten any delicious food can only taste it.

Aze, in order not to dirty his clothes during the day, put on a fur coat outside the T-shirt. At this time, he took off the fur coat. A gray T-shirt and his tall figure made him stand out in the crowd. Only the fur skirt at the lower part of his body made him wear a little nondescript. Chen Qi couldn't help smoking the corners of his mouth and decided to make a pair of trousers for Aze for a while. He couldn't make a nice pair of trousers and a pair of big underpants.

Chen Qi took out the five pheasants and three snow geese that he caught in the morning. He had not eaten for a day, and several birds were a little weak and weary. Chen activated the pottery dish to hold less than half of the dish of water, added a little salt to it, and stirred it evenly with chopsticks. Then he let Aze seize the feet and wings of a pheasant to prevent the pheasant from struggling. He pulled out a small ring of hair from the pheasant's neck, took out the sword horn knife and drew a hole in the place where the hair was pulled out. Aze took the pheasant upside down, and the pheasant's blood flowed to pottery along the wound of the neck.

Azhang and Ake worried that the water was not enough. Before it was completely dark, they packed four large pottery pots with their backpacks to fetch water. Ka Luo and Ali surrounded Chen Qi and watched him deal with it.

"Chen Qi, why did you mix the pheasant's blood like this?" Asked Ali.

Chen Qi blinked at him. "You'll know in a minute."

"It's the suspense again." Ka Luo grunted discontentedly.

Chen Qi smiled. In fact, he did not want to use chicken blood to make anything to eat. Put the processed pheasant blood full of pottery aside and wait for the blood to coagulate. Use the same method to treat snow geese.

Chen Qi had already prepared a large quantity of hot water for pottery in the fire. At this time, pheasants were rolled in the water one by one. When he saw that it was easier to peel off the hair, he handed it to the three people waiting nearby. One of the three people took one and began to depilate the pheasants.

"I didn't expect these pheasants to be stripped of their fur so easily after being rolled in hot water." Ali exclaimed, knowing that every time they catch these birds, it takes a lot of effort just to dispose of their feathers. It is also because it is too troublesome, and the animals do not like to catch them for food. Moreover, most birds are alert and have wings. They fly away as soon as you jump on them. It is not as easy as hunting other animals.

"You can also try this when you catch pheasants. By the way, feathers must stay. If you don't know how to use them, I'll teach you when I find a way to deal with them."

"What's the use of such thin and small feathers?" Ka Luo raised a feather and asked curiously.

"I haven't figured out how to use it yet, maybe enough words can make quilts or clothes."

Ali thought for a moment, "Then I'll give it to you the next time I get these feathers, and let us know when you are sure what these things are used for."

"That's fine. Tomorrow I'll let Ake catch more pheasants so that we can get enough feathers earlier." Ka Luo also wants to know earlier what the use of this stuff is. He used to throw away a lot of it in vain.

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