When eviscerating pheasants, several people will first ask Chen Qi what to leave behind and what can be thrown away directly. After finishing it, Chen Qi asked Aze to cut a pheasant into pieces. The pheasant was very big. Chen Qi divided it into two pottery, filled the pottery dish with water, added a few pieces of chopped wild ginger and golden needle flowers, and slowly stewed it.

Other pheasants Chen Qi scratched the surface with a knife mark, then wiped it carefully with salt, wrapped it tightly with washed cattail leaf, tied it with root hair thread, then let Aze dig a big pit beside the fire, spread a thick layer of red-burning charcoal at the bottom of the pit, then spread another layer of cattail leaf on it, put the wrapped four pheasants in it, covered it with a layer of soil, and then put on a new fire.

Aze had seen the sweet potato baked by Chen Qi before. He still remembers the taste of the sweet potato. He couldn't help looking into the soil under the fire. Of course, he couldn't see anything but the red flame.

Naturally, several other people have not seen this method of handling food. Although they are very curious, they all wait patiently. After a while, they will know what it looks like.

Chen Qi worried that everyone would be too hungry, so he baked the two geese directly according to the usual method.

Pheasants and snow geese do not have much fat, but several still have more than half a bowl. Chen Qi slowly boiled the fat out of the oil, packed the boiled oil in a pottery bowl, and fried a large plate of the remaining oil with the cut viscera. the smell made several Beastmen couldn't help sniffling. Ka Luo and Ali sat beside Chen Qi all the time, keeping in mind Chen Qi's every step carefully. they also wanted to try this after going home.

There are not many pottery bowls in the house. Chen Qi still uses bamboo tubes as bowls, filling everyone with a large bamboo tube. The rest is put aside in pottery bowls, and whoever likes to eat will have to add more. Chen Qi took a few chicken kidneys from one of the bowls and tasted the taste. Although the method was simpler, the taste was still good.

Chen Qi, a pheasant internal organ, can only accept chicken kidneys, but he did not particularly like them. After eating a few pieces, he put aside his chopsticks and planned to see how the chicken blood coagulated.

Aze saw that Chen Qi had not touched the fried entrails any more. He silently brought the bowl Chen Qi had clamped to his face, causing several other Beastmen to show their meaningful eyes. Aze, as if he hadn't seen it, calmly disposed of his own food.

"Aze, you are going to the Lion Wolf Tribe in a few days. Do you still plan to go by yourself this year?" Azhang stuffed a chicken heart into his mouth and chewed it for a moment.

Aze hands paused, lion Wolf tribe is about three days away from here, once the fastest is six days, if he went to Chen Qi alone stay here Aze nature is not at ease. However, if Chen Qi is brought with him, he cannot bring too many skins to exchange. The lion and wolf tribal assembly is held only once a year to exchange needed materials for other tribes.

Chen Qi, who had just finished checking the coagulation of chicken blood, just came back with pottery. Hearing Azhang's question, he asked doubtfully, "Is going to the Lion Wolf Tribe for a rally? How many tribes will participate?"

Azhang thought for a moment and replied: "Tribes that travel back and forth within a month will come. We mainly exchange salt stones and flints with tribes close to the inland. Their tribes are close to the Great Lakes and mostly feed on the creatures in the lakes. Therefore, they need to exchange skins with our tribes close to the forests for lack of skins."

"Feed on the creatures in the lake? Don't you eat fish?" Chen Qi wondered that he had seen all the fish swim in front of Aze before. Aze had no intention of catching each other at all. He asked later and got the answer that they did not eat fish.

"The lake there is salty. Some creatures like leopards, lions and elephants live in the lake. Those creatures must climb to the shore to bask in the sun every once in a while. They live by catching and catching these creatures, and they do not eat other fish in the lake." Ali added.

Chen Qi wanted to think, salty lake? Is it the sea? However, according to the information Chen Qi knows, it is impossible to have an endless sea where he can reach in half a month. To know that the Dora Plain is very large, and its extent is almost equal to the area of the earth.

"By the way, why don't you eat fish?" Chen Qi has always had doubts about this.

Ka Luo swallowed his mouthful of food and interjected: "I heard that a long time ago there was a winter when some tribes went to the lake to catch fish because they couldn't find food. as a result, fish bones stuck in their throats and starved many people alive. Everyone said that it was the Beast God who warned against eating fish, so every tribe acquiesced not to eat fish." With that, Ka Luo curled his lips. "I secretly grabbed one when I was young. It was hard and tough, but it tasted awful."

Ake tapped Ka Luo on the head with chopsticks. This guy has grown up since he was young. Why didn't he know that the other party was so bold and secretly ran to fish for food? Although Chishui River is close to the tribe, it is still some distance away.

Ka Luo he he smiled and took a piece of chicken kidney close to Ake's mouth and smiled approvingly.

Chen Qi's head was black, hard and tough, so he didn't eat it with fish scales, did he? Hunting always deals with fur first, why don't fish go to scale first? And when it comes to fish bones, Chen Qi doesn't know what's the difference between the fish here and the fish he used to eat. When he was a child, he had the pain of being stuck in his throat by the fish bones. At that time, his mother poured him a large bowl of vinegar before swallowing the bones. Until now, he can still recall the sour taste of the vinegar at that time. When he grew up, he always felt that when his mother didn't take him to the hospital, he was really lucky.

Chen Qi did not continue the topic of fish, but he became interested in the meeting of the lion and wolf tribe. If the Beastmen living on the salty lake had food besides salt stones, they might be able to exchange some seafood and so on. "Can I go to the meeting with you?"

Azhang hesitated a little, looked at Aze and said, "It will take three days at the fastest to get to the lion and wolf tribe at the speed of the females, and winter will be a few days after the rally."The implication is that unless Aze carries it, he can't expect to go at Chen Qi's speed.

Chen Qi turned to look at Aze, who nodded. "Yes, we will go together then." Aze said to Azhang, "I will go with the tribe this year." It will be safer to follow the tribe with Chen Qi.

Azhang grumpily raised his eyebrows. Don't think he just asked him if he had the tangled look on his face when he went, but his own affairs haven't been settled and he has no position to take care of Aze's affairs. Pick up the empty bamboo tube and refill it with food. By the way, pick up what Ali likes to eat into the other side's bamboo tube. After this period of contact, several Beastmen have mastered the use of chopsticks.

The coagulation effect of chicken blood is still good. Before Chen started using it, he asked Aze's wooden spoon to divide half of the stewed chicken soup into the original pottery dish with internal organs fried. He washed a handful of golden needle flowers and put them into the soup to burn. When the soup began to tumble, he cut the coagulated chicken blood into pieces with a sword-horn knife and put it into the soup with a wooden spoon. When it changed color, he added a little salt and burned it for a few minutes with a new bamboo tube. Although it was not as good as the chicken blood soup he usually ate in the restaurant outside, it tasted better

The bamboo that Ake had cut back had Chen Qi make a bamboo tube for later use. At that time, Chen Qi took out a new bamboo tube and filled each one with a soup of chicken blood. He was not sure whether the animals could accept the taste of chicken blood, so he didn't do much, just let them try it first.

Several other people ate slowly. They usually drank broth, which was different from the taste of chicken blood cooked in broth. Aze is, as always, the bamboo tube soup with chicken blood clots a drink, also don't see whether he likes it or not, Chen Qi asked in a low voice, "how does it taste? Is it acceptable?"

"Very good." Aze licked his lips and added: "You can do this with the rest of the chicken blood. They will like it."

Several other people really like to eat, although the taste will be a bit strange at the beginning of the entrance, but after eating, I feel that eating is quite delicious. There is a kind of freshness. In fact, after all, they are tired of eating the constant barbecue for decades.

Chen Qi put down his heart and cooked another plate of chicken blood soup. The two roasted snow geese were about the same. Aze helped Chen Qi cut the roasted snow geese into pieces and neatly placed them on the cattail leaf so that they could eat together with the chicken blood soup. For an instant, Chen Qi had an illusion of being a chef himself.

Aze saw that Chen Qi had been busy all the time, and he handed the warmed chicken blood soup to the other party. "You should eat some too, don't be hungry."

Chen Qi took the bamboo tube, took a sip, and happily narrowed his eyes slightly. He felt that all day's hard work had been swept away.

After the chicken blood soup and roasted snow geese were all wiped out, Ka Luo nestled beside Ake and began to stare at the direction of the pheasant buried on the ground. the fire was slowly extinguished, leaving only some red charcoal. "Chen Qi, why did you bury the pheasant underground? When can I eat?" Ka Luo looked at Chen Qi with a greedy face.

"Be a beggar's chicken." Chen Qi estimated the time. If the chicken wants its skin to be crispy, it'd better take longer. Although it can be eaten now, the taste is even worse. "Just a little while longer, it will taste better."

"oh." Ka Luo responded in disappointment, his eyes still fixed on the bottom of the charcoal fire.

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