Chen Qi looked at the sky now. It was dark and even the moon was hidden in the clouds. The grass nearby could only see a little outline. "It's so dark now, will it be inconvenient for you to return to the tribe later?" Chen Qi is a little worried. After all, they got so late because they helped themselves.

After tasting Chen Qi's craft, although Ali didn't act as eager as Ka Luo, he was also full of expectation for the pheasant buried under the fire. he also sat closer to the fire to see if he could smell the pheasant. of course, he could smell nothing but the smoke of the charcoal fire. when he heard Chen Qi's question, Ali looked up and said with a puzzled face, "it's not convenient? Why is it not convenient? We have three females together."

"I mean it's too dark and the road may not be easy." Chen Qi explained that after thinking about it, he suggested, "Why don't I make you some torches?"

"Torch? What is that? Yes, do it." Ka Luo held his hands high. He is now a little used to Chen Qi's idea that everything should be answered first.

Chen Qi went back to the house and picked up a pile of materials that had been stored before. He came out with a dozen wooden sticks as long as his arms and a few pine trees full of turpentine. This was specially left out when the fire was burning. It was too wasteful to throw pine trees with turpentine into the fire just like that.

Chen Qi picked up a wooden stick, measured its approximate length, tied it tightly around the confirmed position with a string of whiskers, then picked up a sword knife to break the front end of the stick into a cross shape, broke off a little turpentine and put it into the gap, asked Aze to help get a lot of a finger of thick wood, tightly crossed the wood layer into the gap of the wooden stick, then sprinkled a little turpentine on it, and then continued to plug a layer of wood, so repeatedly. Until the gap was filled with firewood, Chen started to tie the root string round and round along the wood-stuffed stick. after about five or six root strings were tied, Chen Qi also poured a little chicken oil on the front end of the stick, and a simple torch was completed.

Several people looked at Chen Qi curiously. Chen Qi put the finished torch into the fire and lit it. He handed it to Ka Luo nearby. "Here you are." The first fire made him need to see how long it could burn.

Ka Luo excitedly held the torch and looked left and right. He didn't expect that the wood wouldn't go out as soon as it was taken away from the fire, just like other single sticks.

The brightness of the torches is still acceptable. At least two or three meters around the torches can be seen clearly. With the eyesight of the females, the objects can be seen with a little light. In that way, even on a moonless night, the torches can move outside. Ali and Zhang looked at each other. Zhang asked, "Chen Qi, why did you add the turpentine to the wooden stick?"

"turpentine can prolong the burning time of torches." Chen Qi has already picked up the second stick and started making the second torch. At the speed of the females, it will take at most seven or eight minutes from here to the tribe. Even if it is slowed down at night, it will take about ten minutes. Chen Qi plans to give each one a torch. Even if the torch can only burn for a few minutes, how can it survive in the tribe with such rotation?

Ali picked up a stick and played with it. he looked at Chen Qi, who was busy with his work, and asked, "Chen Qi, can I learn to do it?"

Chen Qi did not lift his head either. He said casually, "Yes, this is very simple. Just follow my example and do what I want."

Ali nodded and also learned from Chen Qi to break the front end of the stick into a cross. As a result, apart from Ka Luo excitedly pulling Ake with the lighted torch to explore the nearby darkness, several other people followed Chen Qi to make torches in front of the fire.

There were only a dozen sticks in total, and several people finished them in a short time. At that time Ka Luo also came back with a burning torch, and his face was still filled with wonder. Before the people arrived, he had already started shouting, "Chen Qi, this is very fierce. It's been burning for a long time."

Because there is no accurate time calculation equipment, Chen Qi can only make a rough estimate. From the moment the torch is lit to the moment it is about to go out, it will be over half an hour, within an hour. Chen Qi was satisfied with the result. With torches that can burn for such a long time, it would be easier to go out at night.

Chen Qi saw that it was almost time. He picked up a wooden stick and began to pull the extinguished fire. Aze also hurriedly came to help. Several other people saw Chen Qi finally starting to dig out the pheasants buried in the ground and began to gather around.

The leaves of the cattail leaf wrapping pheasants have changed color and are still steaming. Chen uses a sword-horn knife to cut off the tied root hair line and slowly opens the leaves of the cattail leaf to reveal the golden chicken inside, sending out a burst of attractive fragrance.

Chen Qi cut down some chicken and handed it to the crowd in a leaf of cattail. "Try it." After that, I also twisted a piece of chicken with my hand and put it into the import. The chicken skin was crisp and crisp, which was different from the taste of roast meat. Although I simply dabbed a little salt, it was surprisingly good. It can be said that this was the best dish Chen Qi had eaten since he came here, except, of course, the baked sweet potato before.

"Good, delicious." Ka Luo swallowed the chicken three or two times and looked at Chen Qi with stirring, "Chen Qi, do you want to cut the rest of the chicken like this?" He likes to tear off a large piece of meat and eat it in his hand like eating barbecue.

Several other people also stared at Chen Qi uniformly. Although they have learned to use chopsticks now, they obviously hold the meat directly in their hands like when eating roast meat, which is much more refreshing than eating it with a little bit.

Chen Qi was watching the corners of the mouth pumping straight, with a wave of his hand, "eat as you like."

A few people cheered, quickly to several other wrapped pheasant cattail leaf are open, only Aze as before, slowly cut a large cattail leaf meat to Chen Qi, and then open to eat.

Although the four pheasants were very big, the speed of the Beastmen was also very fast, and it was not long before they were finished. Because they had drunk a lot of chicken blood soup before, and no one could drink the remaining large amount of pottery chicken soup. Ake helped Ka Luo rub his belly, which was too full. Chen Qi also ate a little too much today. After eating, he did not want to move at all. Aze and the other two were quietly doing the rehabilitation work.

Almost after packing, the four returned to the tribe with torches. In the dark, the flames could always spread far and wide. Chen Qi could see the two drifting light spots getting more and more conspicuous in the dim light of night.

Ake and Azhang came the next day after hunting. It was almost noon when several people came. Chen Qi and Aze had already checked all the traps around them and harvested several hares and pheasants. Chen Qi felt that these traps could solve their food problems. Aze did not need to go out hunting and they could have the surplus.

"What is wrong with you?" Chen Qi looked curiously at the obvious scratches on Ake and Azhang's face.

Ali coughed softly and took off his hide backpack and handed it to Chen Qi. "Today we caught a lot of birds near Chishui River. Take these feathers first. We'll catch more birds while crossing the river in the past two days."

Chen Qi opened the backpack, which was filled with colorful feathers and was still wet with moisture. Chen Qi stretched out his hand and touched it, and there was still temperature. It seemed that it had just been stripped off before long. Chen Qi's head was full of black lines. The tragic situation of the two men was that they were scratched by catching birds. He thought it was the result of too intense exercise in some nights. Chen Qi was a little guiltily sticking out his tongue in his heart.

Today's main task is to assume a good frame for the roof. The roof is designed with a flat middle and oblique sides. It uses slender sword keels. Yesterday, the wall has already set aside a pit for the sword keels. Now, all you have to do is put the sword keels into the pit and then pour glue, fruit and sand into it.

Chen Qi was worried that the walls that had not been completely dried could not support the weight of the roof, so he planned to wait until the walls had been completely dried before working on the slates covered on the roof.

Then there is the toilet. Chen Qi dug a septic tank near the ditch not far from the house, and made one of the houses into a toilet. The pipes were made of bamboo. The bamboo here was thick and hard. Chen Qi broke the bamboo into two halves and cut off all the obstacles at the bamboo joints inside the bamboo. He was worried that the bamboo would rot for a long time. He also coated the bamboo with rubber fruits inside and outside. After the rubber fruits had dried out, he buried the bamboo into the dug pipes and tried. The water outlet effect was good. Although it was simple, at least it solved Chen Qi's health problems in winter.

Chen Qi also built a fire pit in the hall of the house, which was originally planned to be built in the room. He was worried about whether there would be a problem if there were too many things piled up in the room to ignite. He considered it again and again and built the fire pit in the hall.

The tunnel in the fire pit is connected to the cooking stove. Yes, Chen Qi built the cooking stove in the hall. There are only four rooms, one for Chen Qi, one for Aze and one for toilet. The remaining one needs to pile up more and more sundries. There is really no place for another kitchen. Moreover, the hall is large enough. Although the design is a little bit different, it is easy to use.

Because of the limited materials, the material used for the chimney is also bamboo, and the smoke burning in the hearth will pass through the tunnel of the fire pit and then be discharged from the chimney outside the house, so there is no fear that the bamboo chimney will be burnt down.

After all, the house is almost finished. The rest is to lay the slate on the roof and the slate on the ground after the walls have dried out, and then install the windows.

The next day is the day of the month, and we will leave for the lion and wolf tribal assembly after the day of the month. the pickled dried meat has been almost finished before, and it can be stored in a pottery jar at this time. Because both of them need to leave for a week, Chen Qi is worried that if too much meat is placed in the house for such a long time, it will attract the coveting of other predators. He plans to let Aze suspend hunting first. Anyway, the food for these two days is far enough to rely on those traps.

Aze also asked Ake to come to the trap here every day to collect prey, better than two people coming back a week later to find a pile of dead animal carcasses. It was a pity that so much food was rotting away in front of them.

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