Today is the day of the month. Azhang needs to prepare to leave for the Lion Wolf Tribe tomorrow, so he didn't come back. Anyway, the house has already reached the stage of waiting for the gum fruit to dry out. Chen Qi asked them to do their own things first. The top of the house can wait for them to come back from the Lion Wolf Tribe before continuing.

Aze turned over all the skins in the sundry room early in the morning. That was the result of his hunting this year. Aze stuffed the skins into his backpack, and Chen Qi, who came to fetch firewood, saw Aze sitting on the ground frowning at the backpack that had been stuffed to the brim. He looked worried.

"This is to take to change things skins? How much salt can you exchange for such a big bag?" The volume of animal skins is so large that such a backpack can only be stuffed with five or six pieces at most.

"Can you change it to about ten dollars?" Generally speaking, skins can only be exchanged for one piece of salt stone. Aze has chosen the best and warmest skins and can only exchange two pieces at most. However, even ordinary skins can be exchanged for two or three pieces if the skins are treated like Ali's. Aze does not make fur coats. In the past, dozens of skins were tied together to carry to the lion and wolf tribe at rallies. If he takes Chen Qi with him this year, he will naturally not be able to carry the skins in the same way as before.

"Only ten dollars?" Chen Qi frowned, so a large bag of animal skins can only be exchanged for such a little salt stone. It is too uneconomical to use for a year. "Is there no other way to change a little more?"

"If it were made into fur like Uncle Ali, it would be twice as much."

Chen Qi turned his eyes. "What if it was made into a backpack?"

Aze bowed his head and thought for a moment, the backpack may not be very useful to the hunting females, but it is a convenient prop for the Beastmen who go out to pick, "it may be more than the fur coat."

Chen Qi slapped the palm of his hand. "Then I'll make some backpacks and exchange them."

Chen Qi said that he would do it. He found a dozen pieces of tough and thin skins and went back to the main house to work on them. Because what he was doing this time was intended to exchange goods, Chen Qi's mind was naturally a little bit more. Although the style was still very simple, they all sewed two more side bags on the sides, so that more pieces could be put in.

Looking at the busy Chen Qi, Aze hesitated for a moment and could not help but ask: "Chen Qi, do you know how to carry more things when carrying people?" Only that bag of skins can be exchanged for very little.

"carry more when carrying people?" Chen Qi looked up and saw Aze looking at him seriously. Chen Qi thought for a moment before he realized that he needed Aze to carry to the Lion Wolf Tribe. However, if Aze carried too many goods on his back, he would not be able to take too many. This is not to say that Aze had too little strength, but that the beasts did not know how to take more things behind his back. This is also why Aze needed to throw away the skins that he could not take before taking Chen Qi Tribe.

"There are too few salt stones to change now, not enough for next year." Aze explained that when he used to cook food directly with salt stones, because the taste was not very good, a piece of salt stones could be used for several months at most with a little at a time, and now half of the salt stones are almost used for pickling a warthog, which is naturally not enough.

Chen Qi thought for a moment, found a wooden stick of moderate length, picked up the rope used to carry the keels of swords, went to the sundry room, and asked Aze, who followed him with a face of bewilderment, "Which skins are you going to exchange?"

Aze pointed to the pile of hides in the corner, which were more than one person tall.

Chen Qi went over and tightly rolled up the skins one by one. Then he tied them with a string. After about 30 or 40 skins were rolled up, he tied them with a rope. Then he made another bundle like this. After the bundle was finished, he passed through the two bundles of skins with a wooden stick and waved to Aze. "Try and see if you can pick them up."

Aze walked over, bent down, picked up the two bundles of skins with ease, and took a few steps forward. "If I picked up the skins like this, I could carry you on my back."

Chen Qi silently spurned himself for a few seconds because he was a drag.

So the next day when the assembly, Azhang saw Aze shoulder carrying a stick, stick with a rope tied to two piles of nearly half a person high skins, front also carrying a bulging skins backpack, behind carrying Chen Qi, Chen Qi behind there is a bulging skins backpack, Aze whole person is like being covered by skins, see Azhang with black line.

Azhang was followed by three females, two of whom looked older than Azhang, with more wrinkles on their faces and a few white hairs on their temples. Another younger female Chen Qi had met before and was named Ale.

Although there is no like Aze on the backs of these people, there is a bulging hide backpack in front and behind them. An extra bundle of hide is tied on the back hide backpack. Everyone wants to take advantage of the annual gathering to bring more things to exchange as much as possible.

Azhang looked at the obvious black rim of the eye on Chen Qi's face. "What did you do last night? How do you look like you haven't slept all night?"

Chen started to use his hand and patted the backpack behind him. "I sewed some fur backpacks overnight last night, and planned to exchange them for more salt stones at the rally."

Azhang stun, Ali also worked at home overnight yesterday to make a pile of animal skins backpack, he is now carrying a large bag of animal skins backpack and a large bag of animal skins.

Lion Wolf Tribe is located in the inland direction of Dora Plain. It is established near one of the tributaries of Dora River. To go inland, one must naturally cross Chishui River.

At the mouth of a slightly narrow river, there is a trunk that is nearly 20 meters across the river bank. The trunk is very new and shows no signs of decay. It looks like someone just moved here these days.

Several people across the trunk bridge, all the way to the lion Wolf tribe.

Aze, though carrying a pile of things, is no slower than other females. Even if he runs down the day, he has no feeling of kicking and shoving.

Chen Qi found that Aze was basically silent to several other females except for occasionally saying a few words to Azhang. Even on his way, Aze would intentionally fall far behind several people and would not walk side by side with others like Azhang. While others are accustomed to look like, also won't take the initiative to close to talk to Aze, but also won't have abandon or disgust on his face, see Aze will nod friendly, that's all.

In the evening, they found a tall acacia tree to rest. Aze and Ale went hunting nearby. Of course, they went separately. Chen Qi, who had never exerted any strength, took the initiative to start the fire while other people were busy looking for water and firewood. He also dug out a pottery bowl and bamboo tube from his backpack, uncovered the hide tied to the bamboo tube, poured the water inside the bamboo tube into the pottery bowl and put it into the fire to heat it, and took out some dandelions and put them into the water to cook a bowl of scented tea.

Soon Aze came back, carrying a warthog that had been disposed of on his shoulder and holding several shears in his hand. Aze handed Chen Qi two of the shears and gave the rest to Azhang. Then he strung the warthog with a wooden stick and slowly roasted it on the fire that Chen Qi had already set up.

Ale came back late, but he also carried a handled impala back. Ale rubbed it against the fire carelessly. Chen Qi obviously felt Aze's body stiff and moved away from the fire without trace.

This is, with tribal people have bad blood? Or simply not used to getting along with people? But usually they get along quite naturally with Ali. Chen Qi was a little worried and quietly walked to Azhang to find out what was going on while distributing the boiled scented tea to others.

Azhang took the bamboo tube handed over by Chen Qi, looked at Aze sitting in the corner and sighed, "this has something to do with his father and Ka Luo's father. don't ask more about this. if you want to know, let Aze tell you."

Seeing that Azhang didn't want to say much, Chen Qi leaned back to Aze and handed the boiled scented tea to Aze. "You must be tired after walking so far. Drink some tea to relieve your fatigue."

Aze took over the pottery bowl. In fact, he was not tired at all. He wanted to help barbecue, but Chen Qi did not let him interfere. Chen Qi cut one of the shears and put it into a pile of water. Then he cut some pork from the warthog and put it into the shears to boil the broth.

Because Chen Qi is a male son, he was naturally assigned to the tallest and largest trunk of the locust tree when he rested at night. Aze naturally stayed with Chen Qi.

The rest of the journey was very quiet. Chen Qi only knew at this time how large the migrating army on the Dora Plain was. It was not hundreds of thousands of animals, but tens of thousands of animals moving in the same direction. The place where they passed was completely trodden out of a huge passage. The animals that caught up behind would follow the road to their final destination.

The Beastmen did not avoid walking. Perhaps they had learned the rules of animals' migration long after attending the rally for so many years. They did not have animals blocking their way on their way. Instead, they relied on these migration armies and they did not lack food along the way.

Three days later Chen Qi saw three tall rock mountains from a distance. The rock mountains here are much higher and steeper than the small rock mountain of the rock mountain tribe. They form a semicircle. The lion and wolf tribe is built in this huge semicircle.

Lion Wolf Tribe, like Yanshan Tribe, has guards crouching on the tall ocean locust tree outside the tribe. Seeing several people coming, they jumped down from the tree and asked which tribe was the one that released them. At this time, the Beastmen tribe naturally had no so-called visit registration or anything like that.

Chen Qi thought that a big tribe like the Lion Wolf Tribe would be much more regular than the Yanshan Tribe. It was not until he approached the tribe that he realized how cruel the reality was. There were several decaying tree trunks outside the tribe as barriers. The barriers were estimated that even ordinary Hu Wolves could not be stopped. The houses were also built at sixes and sevens like the Yanshan Tribe. Each building was narrow and small, without complete roads, and needed to walk along mud roads like small alleys.

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