There is a huge square in the center of the lion and wolf tribe. the rally started on the second month after the first snow. when Chen Qi arrived, the huge square was already full of people. everyone occupied a small area, with their goods in front of them, waiting for the people who needed them to exchange, or with their goods to find what they needed to exchange.

Chen Qi has come down from Aze's back since entering the tribe. It is the first time he has met so many people since he came to this world. His eyes are looking around curiously.

The animals who came to the gathering were very young. Everyone had a vigorous smile on his face, his bare arms were muscular, and his fur was colorful, clean and beautiful, very different from those he had seen in the Yanshan tribe. When Chen Qi passed by, he also found that several Beastmen had been wandering in his sight for several times, giving him a very strange feeling.

Azhang found a remote corner with relatively few people. This time they mainly wanted to exchange salt stones and flints, so they did not rush to do so immediately.

Lion Wolf Tribe is a gathering place, but they will not arrange accommodation. Each tribe will find a place to stay in the square. In the evening, a huge fire will be lit in the center of the square. Beasts of various tribes will barbecue and chat around the fire. After eating and drinking, they will return to their small stalls and sleep on the ground covered with skins.

Azhang originally wanted to find a place with a house for Chen Qi to live for two nights. You should know that most of the Beastmen of the Yanshan tribe were merged into the Lion Wolf tribe. There are still many Beastmen Azhang is familiar with. It is not difficult to stay in a room for two nights.

Chen Qi naturally refused. How could he leave others to live in a place with a house and not sleep in the wild?

"Uncle Azhang, can I go shopping?" After settling down, Ale did not know when to change into a brown and yellow fur coat with tiger stripes. His face was flushed with excitement and he asked Azhang coyly.

Azhang was stunned. He smiled and patted Ale on the shoulder. "Go ahead, I wish you find your son."

Ale blushed for shame, ignored Azhang and disappeared into the crowd.

Chen Qi helped Aze arrange the things and rubbed his back for several days. His backpack was slightly red on the shoulder. "Aze, do you want to go shopping?" Although it is already evening now, it does not affect Chen Qi's interest in seeing if he can find anything that can be exchanged.

Aze paused, bowed his head, and said quietly in his voice: "We have brought too many things. It is not good if we are not here in case someone wants to exchange things. Chen Qi can take some skins with you if you want to go shopping. It is good to see what you want exchanged with them. The tribe is safe and will be fine."

Chen Qi wanted to think that Aze's statement was also reasonable. He took out the skins and backpacks in his backpack, leaving only two backpacks. Then he stuffed some skins into the backpack and took up the backpacks to start his shopping trip.

I have to say that there is a real shortage of things in the orcish world. Chen Qi turned around and found that basically all kinds of skins were placed in front of each stall, or some dried meat, newly picked wild fruits, and some grayish white salt stones or pottery. There was nothing else.

Chen Qi was a little disappointed and was about to turn back. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw a young Beastmen sitting on the ground eating octopus legs. Chen Qi stared at it for several seconds and found it was really octopus legs.

The young Beastmen named Ashu obviously also found Chen Qi's eyes. He looked up and saw Chen Qi's beautiful black eyes staring at him brightly. Ashu had just come of age this year, and had never been seen so bluntly by a male. A face with baby fat was red from the ear to the neck. He remembered that he still had an octopus leg in his mouth and hurriedly took it out to receive it. He asked with a little faltering, "What do you want to change?"

Chen Qi discovered that there was a small pile of grayish white salt stone in front of each other. Beasts did not need salt to make bacon like Chen Qi, so they did not have much demand for salt stone and naturally would not hoard it in large quantities. Chen Qi's eyes moved to the hand behind Ashu. "What are those things you just ate? Can you exchange it with me?"

"oh?" Ashu was a little confused, took out the half-gnawed octopus leg behind him and asked uncertainly, "Do you want to change this octopus?" Isn't it salt rock?

Chen Qi nodded. It was a small piece of dried octopus leg.

"Don't you have enough food?" Ashu wait for a while asked, single males will have food uniformly distributed by the tribe, it is impossible to exchange skins for food with others, and people in other tribes do not all hate the salty smell of aquatic organisms?

"I don't lack food. I just think the food you eat looks delicious. I want to change it and try it." Chen Qi took off the hide backpack behind him and took out a new backpack and a whole hide. "Do you need this kind of hide backpack or hide? If you need food, I can go back and get it." Before entering the tribe, they hunted two adult male warthogs for food tonight and tomorrow.

Ashu looked curiously at the stuffed animal skin backpack. It was the first time he saw this kind of animal skin that could be stuffed with so many things. It looked very convenient. Ashu circled her head and said shyly, "We all hunt prey on the road. I secretly brought these octopuses to satisfy our appetites, but I didn't bring much."

"It's okay. I'll exchange as much as you can."

"Oh, good." Ashu turned to the pile of animal skins beside him and dug out half a dried octopus. The octopus was not big. Ashu wanted to think and pulled out a piece of cattail leaf, which was wrapped with several beautiful shells, and handed it to Chen Qi with a little embarrassment. "This is all I have. Can I exchange your very convenient animal skins?"

Chen Qi looked at Ashu's backpack, smiled and handed a new backpack to the other party. He also taught him how to put things in and fasten the backpack lid. Ashu happily carried the backpack for several rounds. When he found out that he was disrespectful, he turned around and found out that Chen Qi had received the octopus and shells that he had exchanged and gone far away.

Ashu was a little upset and felt that he had taken advantage of the male. Such a good backpack should give the other party some more salt stones.

Before Chen Qi reached the place where all the people were staying, he saw from a distance a strange man standing opposite Aze who was saying something. Aze occasionally shook his head and sipped his lips without speaking. He did not look at each other with a little restless expression on his face. Chen Qi was too far away and did not hear what the two men were saying.

The other members of the tribe were not present and their luggage was less. They probably went to the gathering to exchange with other tribes.

"Aze." Chen Qi called out a cry and Aze looked at Chen Qi coming in a little flustered. He subconsciously stepped back two steps and drew a little distance from the man in front of him.

Ai Li frowned. He didn't like to get close to Aze before. When did he see the other party eager to stay away from him, or was he a pregnant female?

Ai Li looked sullenly down Aze's eyes and saw a male in a gray fur coat walking beside Aze with a smile. What do you think of the bright smile on his face? It's an eyesore. "Is this the male you're looking for? Does he know that you have no pregnancy marks?"

Chen Qi raised his eyebrows. What was the tone of this man with bad manners? An acquaintance of Aze? "Do you want to exchange things with us? We only exchange salt stones."

"I'm not here to exchange, I'm here to find Aze."

"Are you Aze's friend?"

Ai Li's eyes flashed a trace of imperceptible disgust, obviously disgusted with the word friend, glanced at Chen Qi contemptuously, and put the line of sight on Aze, "didn't you have enough salt last year? Even dare to come here this year. I said that if you dare to come again, I will tell the chief of the lion wolf tribe about your absence of pregnant stripes. they will definitely drive you out of the tribe. You have already harmed the Yanshan tribe. Do you still want to drag the lion and wolf tribe?"

Aze lowered his head and did not dare to look at Chen Qi. His clenched fist trembled slightly.

Chen Qi saw Aze's unnatural mood and stepped forward to block between the two. His smile also narrowed and he looked coldly at Ai Li. "It seems that you and my family Aze are not friends either. If you are not here to exchange things, please leave. We are still busy to exchange things."

"He certainly didn't tell you he didn't pregnant grain? No pregnant female is abandoned by the beast god. I advise you to stay away from her or she will bring you disaster."

Chen Qi took the first two steps. He was a little taller than Ai Li and was able to completely block each other's view. "This is my own business, so I won't bother you. We still have a lot of things to do. Can you go?" With that, he also made a farewell gesture to the other party.

Ai Li was overwhelmed by the unappreciative male son's chest tightness for a moment. He was kind enough to remind the other party that the other party was ungrateful and turned to leave with a snort of cold. He would definitely regret it when Aze killed him sooner or later.

Chen Qi didn't know how to quarrel with people. He was really afraid that the other party would keep talking endlessly. He turned around and saw Aze, who was pulling his head down, reaching for his hand and rubbing the other party's black hair. "I just got back from a change of octopus. When I get home, I'll make you something to eat. There are also some shells that I have to look at. It must be nice to hang on the door as decorations."

Aze was stiff and allowed Chen Qi's hand to move on his head without answering.

Chen Qi sighed and took each other's hand. Only then did he realize that the other's hand was frighteningly cold. "Aze, let's go home early tomorrow morning after changing the salt stone tonight."

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