The lion and wolf tribe's annual gathering is actually equivalent to a grand blind date meeting. young beasts without partners gather at the big fire in the tribal square every night at the beginning of the gathering to hold a barbecue dinner while taking the opportunity to find their other half.

Chen Qi, in order not to make himself look different, changed into a fur coat before departure, but he was really not used to wearing a fur skirt, so he made a large underpants that looked like a skirt from afar.

After settling down in the place, Ale ran away and disappeared. The other two females also took their belongings to other places in the morning to look for supplies to exchange. Chen Qi didn't intend to join in the fun by the big fire. He made a small fire where several people had a rest. He helped roast half a warthog while cutting a shea of water and putting it on the fire to boil broth.

Azhang came back with a heavy heart. he took off his backpack and put it on the ground. he sat down by the fire and tore a wart pork and took a big bite. then he said to Chen Qi with a sad face, "flint may not be exchanged this year."

Since the puzzling man left, Aze kept his head down and did not speak, nor did he look at Chen Qi. Chen Qi did not really care much about what happened between them, but he was also afraid that Aze would keep his mind stuffy in his heart. In order to remove Aze's attention, Chen Qi sent Aze to sort out the skins that need to be exchanged into small pieces, intending to find someone to exchange salt stones after dinner. Hearing Azhang's words, Chen Qi raised his head in astonishment, "Why?"

"Just now I went to look for people from the Flame Hill tribe but they were not found. I heard others say that people from the Flame Hill tribe have not come yet."

"Flame Hill tribe? Only they have flint?"

Azhang nodded. "Only they have flint in the nearby tribes. Now people from other tribes are waiting for the Flame Hill tribe." However, the number of Yanshan Tribe is relatively small. Azhang will go back to the tribe at the latest the day after tomorrow to continue their busy food storage. There is no time to wait here for the arrival of the Flame Hill Tribe.

Chen Qi was about to say something when he was interrupted by a distant cry.

"I found you." Ashu carrying new skins backpack, excitedly ran in the direction of Chen Qi. As soon as he got to the front, he couldn't wait to take out three fist-sized salt stones from his backpack and handed them to Chen Qi. "Here you are."

Chen Qi was stunned. He looked at the big boy with a strange look. He didn't know if he was flushed because he ran too fast. "Why did you give it to me?"

"Your backpack is very useful. This is the salt stone for exchanging backpacks with you."

"Do you want to exchange another backpack?" Chen Qi wondered.

"No, no, no." Ashu hurriedly motioned with his hand and explained: "The quantity of half octopus you exchanged with me was too small. This is to supplement the quantity exchanged. I cannot take advantage of you."

Chen Qi looked at each other with amusement. If he hadn't gone home early to steal a smile in modern times, who would still think that the other party would have lost out and had to make up for it. "No, it's enough for me to exchange one backpack for your half octopus, and you also gave me some beautiful shells."

"How can this work?" Chen Qi was a little worried when he refused to accept Ashu. He would be beaten to death by his brother if he took the male's backpack back. "We brought a lot of salt stones. We originally planned to exchange flint stones, but this year the people from the Flame Hill tribe could not come. Anyway, they had to exchange skins. I gave them according to the amount exchanged with others."

"Flame Hill tribal people can't come? Why?" Azhang interjected.

"Don't you know? Today, my brother went out hunting with the hunting party of the Lion Wolf Tribe. I heard that the people of the Flame Hill Tribe were attacked by hyenas on their way here, and winter is approaching. They can't make it this year. We plan to replace all the salt stones and return to the tribe, and we can return to the tribe before winter soon."

"How can there be hyenas on the plains before winter arrives?" Azhang's face darkened and it was not a good thing to hear the news of the hyenas.

Ashu thrust the salt stone into Chen Qi's arms and shrugged his shoulders at Azhang's question. "I don't know."

Chen Qi was about to push it away when he saw that Ashu was going to turn around and leave. After thinking for a moment, he hurriedly asked, "Do you want to exchange salt stones for animal skins? We have a lot of skins and skins backpacks, and we can exchange them if we can."

Ashu stopped, "really? My brother's eyes are greedy for the backpack I have bought. I'll tell them to exchange it with you now." Said the rush toward the other side of the square.

Chen Qi looked helplessly at Ashu's retreating figure. He went back to the fire and filled less than half a bowl of water, milk, pulp and soup with the only pottery bowl he had brought. He gathered together Aze, who had finished sorting out the skins and sat beside him in a daze, and handed the pottery bowl to the other party. "You should be tired after carrying so many things all day today. Drink some soup to cushion your stomach first."

Aze returned to absolute being and looked at Chen Qi with fixed eyes. He did not receive the pottery bowl handed over. Chen Qi patiently held the pottery bowl and waited for the other party's response. For a long time, Aze looked away briefly and said in a low voice, "I'm sorry."

Chen Qi sighed and put the pottery bowl into the other's hand. He crouched down in front of the other and looked Aze in the eyes. He said earnestly, "Aze, I don't know how important pregnancy lines are to you. I only know that without you I would die on the plain where the first snow began. Without you I would have no place to live, no food, no house to build. Without you, I wouldn't be standing here now. But these have nothing to do with whether you have a pregnant tattoo. To me, Aze is Aze, and you are still Aze I know without a pregnant tattoo."

Aze's ear moved and tilted slightly away from Chen Qi's eyes. "But I was abandoned by the beast god. My father died soon after I was born. Later the tribe was destroyed by the hyenas. Father took me to the new tribe. He took me to live in the new partner's house. When Ka Luo was born, his father almost didn't survive. This is something that has never happened before. It must be because I came. It didn't take long before Father also left. Ka Luo's father also left, and then the tribe. He has never told Chen Qi about these things. He was always afraid that Chen Qi would leave him if he told Chen Qi about his own affairs. But now he just wants to tell them all together. He doesn't want Chen Qi to know these things from others.

"Do you think you brought disaster to the tribe, so you chose to live alone in the wilderness in order not to bring trouble to the tribe?"

Aze sipped his thin lips and did not speak.

Chen Qi turned to Azhang, who was sitting by the fire and was tearing wart pork happily, and asked loudly, "Azhang, did hyenas attack in the tribe before Aze came?"

Azhang looked doubtfully. He had been busy eating and didn't even notice what the two were saying, "Hyenas attacked? Yes, Ali's foot was bitten by hyenas." Azhang seemed to think of something because of this problem, and his hard face became softer. "I almost got eaten by hyenas because of that incident."

Almost eaten and still showing such a happy expression? Chen Qi has a little black line, but he doesn't have time to explore Azhang's strange mood now. He faces Aze again. "Did you hear that? Even without you, hyenas will come when they attack the tribe."

Aze's lips moved and he was about to refute when Chen Qi raised his hand and interrupted him: "Aze, what are you afraid of? Why do you want me to live with you?"

Afraid of what? Aze looked at Chen Qi, whose eyes were filled with worries. Yes, what are you afraid of? Afraid that returning to live in the tribe will bring disaster to the tribe? Afraid of living with Ka Luo, will Ka Luo leave first like father and father? But why does he want Chen Qi to stay with him? If it is for the good of the other party, shouldn't he be thrown directly into the tribe and turned to leave? Why are you so active in helping each other build houses? Is it because Chen Qi was the first male to be willing to approach his own son even if he knew that he had no pregnancy marks?

"Here we are, right here." Ashu left quickly and came back quickly. Seeing Chen Qi, she waved and said, "I have brought salt stones."

Chen Qi comfortingly patted Aze on the shoulder and went to one side to pick up two bags containing skins and skins to meet him.

Following Ashu came a tall female, half a head taller than Aze, with short brown-black hair slightly fluffy. Her eyes turned out to be a rare blue color, and she was carrying behind her a huge leather bag that was bulging.

Ashu remembered that she had not asked Chen Qi's name, and hurriedly grabbed the arm of the tall man beside her." My name is Ashu. This is my brother Axu. We are all from Luoshui tribe. I don't know your name yet." Say that finish also embarrassed around the head.

Chen Qi smiled. "My name is Chen Qi and I belong to Yanshan Tribe."

Asahi nodded to Chen Qi and said hello to Azhang not far away. He knew Azhang, and Azhang would bring fur coats and pottery jars to exchange salt stones with his tribe every year. Axu wrapped the hide behind him like a hill on the ground, with a deep voice and magnetism. "This is all the salt stones I brought here. See if you can exchange your hide."

Chen Qi looked at it, even there are more than one hundred salt stones in it. If all of them are exchanged, it will also save him from looking for others to exchange. He turned and waved to Aze and motioned Aze to bring all the skins they brought.

Ashu also put the hide wrapped behind him in front of Chen Qi. His package was smaller, but there were also dozens of salt stones by visual inspection. "I have some salt stones here, and I'll exchange them with you."

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