Although Aze brought a lot of skins, if only one piece of untreated skins can be exchanged for a piece of salt stone, it is just enough to exchange Axu's large bag of salt stone.

Chen used ropes to tie up skins and skins backpacks. Aze showed Axu and his brothers how to use a wooden stick as a pole to lift the two large bags of goods. Axu touched his chin and exclaimed, "This is the first time I have seen someone carry something like this."

"Elder brother, it is very convenient for them to carry things like this, so many things can be carried away by one person." Ashu excitedly walked around Aze for two rounds. After thinking for a moment, he handed Chen Qi all the extra salt stones returned by Chen Qi. "Here you are."

"How can this work?" Chen Qi refused: "We only have so many skins and backpacks, we can't change you so many salt stones."

"Take it." Axu is rubbing curiously with his hands on the ropes tied with skins. They are very strong and can't imagine what kind of plants will grow up like this. "You skins are enough for us to use this winter. We can't exchange flints this year, and these salt stones are not going to be brought back. Let's just exchange them for your ropes." Axu said, twisting the end of the rope and shaking it.

The flint used by the beast people is different from the flint recognized by Chen Qi. The flint here is not completely siliceous rock, but absorbs some kindling into the rock under a specific condition in nature. When it is necessary to make fire, the kindling in the flint can be guided out by hitting the two flints against each other, thus generating fire. Moreover, the flint has a useful life and its principle is somewhat similar to the lighter we usually use.

Flint can normally be used for two or three years, not according to the number of blows, but according to the length of time. Even if it is a brand new flint that has never been used before, once it is far away from its place of production, it will not be able to fire for more than three years. This is also the reason why the beast people need to exchange flints at the annual gathering.

"I can't take your things for nothing."

"We have enough skins. These salt stones are not going to be taken back." Ashu advised that they also exchanged some pottery pots two days ago and could not bring so many things back to the tribe. "We only brought so many salt stones when we thought we could exchange flint. This time many people from our tribe have already exchanged salt stones. If you don't need these salt stones, we will just throw them away."

"Do you really need flint?" Chen Qi was a little moved, but he didn't want the two brothers' things for nothing.

"Yes." Ashu collapsed and pulled down his shoulder with a little depression. "Many people in our tribe used up their flint before the first snow, and now they are very careful not to extinguish the fire."

Hearing Chen Qi's question, Axu looked at him thoughtfully, "Do you have any extra flint?"

Chen Qi only had Aze's two flints. Naturally, there was no surplus. He shook his head. "I don't have any surplus flints, but I know a way to make a fire without flints. It's just a little troublesome. I can teach you if you need them."

Axu's beautiful blue eyes flashed a little excited light and could not help holding Chen Qi's hands. "Really? Please be sure to teach us that the rest of the tribe have extra salt stones, all of which can be handed over to you."

Ashu was already excited to run back to the place where their tribe had gathered to find a companion to fetch the salt stone, and worried that Chen Qi would teach it now.

Aze's eyes stopped for a moment at Chen Qi's handshake with Axu and quickly moved away. Axu had a beautiful pregnancy mark on her wrist.

Azhang also looked at Chen Qi. Although the Yanshan tribe still had some spare flints, if they could learn a way to make a fire without using flints, even if they could not wait for the Flame Hill tribe, they would not have to worry about the shortage of flints. "Chen Qi, can I learn too?"

Chen Qi drew his hand back from Axu's and turned to Azhang with a smile. He nodded and said, "Of course. But I need Aze's help on the fire." Chen Qi waved helplessly to the man who had been hiding outside the crowd.

Aze touched Chen Qi's lighter in his arms and did not come forward. Don't use flint to make a fire, does Chen Qi want to hand over this lighter and then transfer it to the female named Axu? He clearly said it was for himself.

Chen Qi couldn't guess what Aze was thinking now. If he knew, he would knock on each other's head to see what was in it. Chen Qi led several people back to the fire, found a palm-wide board and a thick stick from the dry wood, picked up a small pile of hay that had been found for the fire and rubbed it a few times to make it fluffier and more put it aside for later use.

Looking up, he saw Aze still standing where he was. He cried helplessly, "Aze, come here, I need your help."

Several other people all looked back at the man standing in the corner. Aze looked at Chen Qi awkwardly, hoping that the other party would change its mind. However, Chen Qi looked at himself firmly in his eyes and felt a sad powerlessness for an instant. Lift your foot and walk to Chen Qi's side. The hand holding the lighter tightened unconsciously.

Chen Qi handed the sharpened wooden stick to Aze, then cut a shallow hole in the board with a sword and corner knife, and put a flat piece of stone under the board to catch the burning debris.

Yes, Chen Qi plans to teach these people to drill wood to make fire.

Chen Qi said and pointed out to Aze, "Aze, you can put this wooden stick into this gap in this board and keep rotating the wooden stick until I say stop."

Aze wait for a while did exactly what Chen Qi said and breathed a sigh of relief silently as long as he didn't have to hand over his lighter.

Drilling wood to get a fire is not just a matter of knowing how to do it, but also requires one's strength to constantly create friction. Although Chen Qi, who grew up in modern society, knows that drilling wood can get a fire, it is still the first time to practice. Apart from being afraid that his body, which has been sitting in the office for several years, has no strength to stick to getting out of Mars, he also wants Aze to have a chance to perform in front of others.

Everyone else was holding their breath to watch Aze's movements. Aze got familiar with it slowly after slipping the wooden stick several times at the beginning. The speed of friction became faster and faster. The wooden board began to smoke earlier than Chen Qi expected. A circle of black sawdust was splashed around the small friction hole.

Chen Qi, seeing that the situation was about the same, stopped Aze and poured the burning crumbs from the board into a small handful of hay already prepared. Chen Qi held the hay in his hand and carefully blew on the burning crumbs clamped inside, observing the burning crumbs as he blew.

Hay began to emit a large amount of white smoke from Chen Qi's hands, and then flames suddenly started to rise. Chen Qi put the burning hay into a small pile of sticks that had been prepared early in the morning. Before long, the sticks were lit and a small fire was completed.

Axu was the first to return to absolute being. "Can I try this method of yours?"

Chen Qi nodded. Axu did not take the wood board and wooden stick Aze had just used, but found two similar ones from the woodpile nearby. Axu went to a nearby corner to pull back a large pile of hay. Although he did not understand why Chen Qi had to rub the hay several times, he followed suit.

At this time, the other two females from the Yanshan tribe who went out to exchange things also came back. Azhang called the two to go and also intended to give it a try.

There was no technical content in drilling wood to get the fire. The two men successfully drilled the burning debris before long, but at the stage of ignition in the hay, Axu's burning debris went out before the fire rose, but Azhang succeeded once.

"Be careful when blowing the burning debris. You can't blow all the time without stopping. You need to give the burning debris some time to react." Chen Qi looked at Axu's unresponsive hay path.

Axu nodded, "I'll try again."

"I'll try it too." Ashu also ran aside to find the materials and began to try.

This time the two men did very well and lit the fire.

"Chen Qi, you are really too fierce. The fire is really rising." Ashu excitedly holding has jumped up the flames of hay to Chen Qi in front, until the flame is going to burn to his skin, feel hot pain before reluctant to throw hay into the side of the fire.

The other two Yanshan tribes were amazed to see that this method could still make a fire for the first time. They took Azhang to one side and planned to try it on their own.

The strange actions of several people naturally attracted the attention of other animals nearby. A brown-haired Beastmen female came to Chen Qi and asked, "What were you doing just now?"

Before Chen Qi could answer, Ashu could not wait to reassure the female, "We are building a fire with wood."

How do you make a fire with wood? The female questioned was puzzled, and several other people who looked like companions to the female also came forward. Some people directly raised their own questions after listening to Ashu's words, "How can wood produce fire?"

Chen Qi waved to Aze, smiled and said to the newcomers, "Aze, please show them again."

Before Aze came to the lion and wolf tribe, almost all the meetings were held directly after changing things. even the night was spent in the wilderness. therefore, the lion and wolf tribe did not know Aze. after listening to Chen Qi, the female who first came to question Aze turned her eyes to Aze and nodded to Aze with a smile, "can you please show us?"

Aze looked at Chen Qi and saw that Chen Qi nodded to himself encouragingly. Aze nodded slightly to the female who questioned him, "Okay."

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