Ashu piled the salt stones wrapped in two skins at Chen Qi's feet. "These are all the salt stones left over from our tribe. If you need them, you can have them all."

Chen Qi looked surprised, "So much?" There are not too many salt stones Chen Qi naturally, but what makes him feel strange is that people from the Luoshui tribe have not exchanged so many salt stones.

"These are all going to exchange flint, my brother is teaching people in the tribe how to drill wood to make fire, this is the family thank you, hand over to treat me to you. But have you been using so many salt stones for many years? Will you come back to the next rally?" Ashu looked at Chen Qi expectantly.

There are at least 300 or 400 salt stones in the four major packages. Even if Chen Qi intends to marinate all the game he has hunted back in the future, it will still be used for two or three years. "The future is still unclear, and if there is still any need, it should come back."

Ashu is a little disappointed. He is still very fond of this male son who seems to know a lot. If only he were a member of his tribe. "We plan to go back to the tribe tomorrow." The Luoshui tribe is far away from here. This year they will go back ahead of schedule. If the speed is fast, they should be able to return to the tribe before winter.

Although the square of lion and wolf tribe is very large, the drill wood made by Chen Qi to make fire still caused a great sensation. almost all the Beastmen who came to the rally in such a short time knew that there was a way to make fire without flint.

Aze did not speak much, but he patiently demonstrated to the newly gathered people over and over again. After the firewood they had collected had been used up to a certain extent, some people brought a lot of firewood from their own homes. Those who did not understand asked Aze over and over again. Only after he was able to make a fire by this method did he excitedly withdraw from the crowd of onlookers and give room to the newly gathered people.

Chen Qi, who was talking to Ashu, saw that the man called Ai Li outside the crowd was looking at Aze in the crowd with a gloomy face. Chen Qi narrowed his eyes slightly. "Be careful when you go back. I also met a hyena on the plain before. I don't know if that hyena is still hanging on the plain." Chen Qi warned.

"Have you seen hyenas on the plains?" Ashu was taken aback, but before he could ask, Chen Qi had turned and walked towards the crowd who were still demonstrating how to drill wood and make fire.

Aze has been demonstrating for several hours. Although his hands are thick with skin and flesh due to long-term hunting, they are now red with rubbing sticks. Chen Qi asked Aze to stop and let other people from the Yanshan tribe take the place of Aze to demonstrate. Those who have learned the lesson have also been dragged to other places to demonstrate. Aze had to take a rest.

Chen Qi thought that the man would come and say something. Seeing Aze being pulled away by Chen Qi, he just glanced mockingly and turned to leave.

Chen Qi poured a little water from the bamboo tube to wash Aze's red hands. Fortunately, there was no skin break. Although Aze was asked to demonstrate to them by himself, he could not help but lightly chastise: "You don't know how to take a rest. Who will work like you for so long?"

Aze thought Chen Qi was angry and lowered his head to admit, "I'm sorry."

Chen Qi gave the other side a funny pat on the head, "I don't blame you, and you are so foolhardy that you are also tired."

"Did you deliberately let me demonstrate to them?"

"Well, how? Angry?"

Aze shook his head. It was the first time he had been surrounded by so many people asking for advice. He felt a little unaccustomed, but deep down he was also very happy.

Chen Qi brought over the warm roast meat that had been kept by the fire and handed it to Aze." Hungry, have something to eat first."

Aze took it and took a bite with a stick strung with roast meat. He had been busy just now, but he felt nothing. Now his stomach began to stir up as soon as he smelled the smell of roast meat. After driving all day, he was still working for hours on the drill to get the fire. He was really hungry at the moment.

After chewing for a while, Aze looked up like thinking of something and asked, "Chen Qi, have you eaten?"

Chen Qi handed the broth to the other party. "We have all eaten, and these are for you."

Aze took it and the broth was still steaming, perhaps because it had been stewed for too long. It tasted much better than the broth he drank at ordinary times. When he ate it, his heart felt warm.

It was already dark early in the morning, and the square was lit by large and small fires. Chen Qi looked at the man opposite who was eating barbecue seriously and could not help but ask: "Aze, who is the man who came to see you today?"

Aze paused. "The man's name is Ai Li. He was rescued from Loya Forest. I heard that his tribe used to live in the forest and was later destroyed by hyenas."

"Oh, then you are his rescuer?" Look at the man's performance is not like to treat rescuers.

Afraid of Chen Qi's misunderstanding, Aze hurriedly explained: "I have nothing to do with him. After bringing him back to the tribe, I hardly spoke."

"If he asked to live with you like me, would you agree?"

Aze looked at Chen Qi in silence. If Ai Li had asked to live with him when he brought him back to the tribe, would he have agreed? Probably not. He still remembers the look of resentment when Ai Li saw his right wrist was smooth. It was more terrible than the look of those clans in the tribe who simply ignored his existence. It seemed that he was the culprit who destroyed his tribe.

Seeing Aze's silence, Chen Qi felt a little uncomfortable and picked out the red-hot coals in the fire with a wooden stick. "Aze, let's go home early tomorrow morning."

"good." Home, he likes the word.

Chen Qi, who has four bags of salt stones, naturally does not want Aze to carry them all by himself. He also plans to slowly find out if there is any other food to eat along the way. Chen Qi has had enough seasoning only salt and wild ginger. Even if he can find another perilla on his return trip, Chen Qi will be happy for several days.

The rest of the Yanshan tribe will stay here for another day. Azhang brought Ale with him this time in the hope that the other party can find a partner during this gathering. Naturally, he needs to leave some time for him.

The skins and pottery they brought were all replaced with salt stones, and the luggage they returned was naturally much less. The two females in the tribe who learned how to drill wood to make fire were very grateful to Chen Qi, and when they saw that Chen Qi had changed so many salt stones, they enthusiastically said they would help Chen Qi move back. Chen Qi naturally won't refuse. The females have great strength. Chen Qi also sewed two super-large fur backpacks overnight and put the salt stones into two newly-made backpacks separately, just filling up the two backpacks. Chen Qi handed two large bags of salt stones to the female of the Yanshan tribe, and Aze planned to carry two empty backpacks and set off in search of food.

The beast people in the square were excited all night by the matter of drilling wood to get the fire. It was not until dawn that they gradually dispersed.

Chen Qi cooked some roast meat early in the morning, filled the bamboo tube with boiled water, and after he and Aze had finished breakfast in a hurry, he said hello to Azhang and left the tribe when there were few people.

Because he was looking for something in the grass, Chen Qi came down from Aze's back after leaving the lion and wolf tribe.

The sun has just climbed out of the horizon, all around is quiet, and dew is still hanging on the yellow grass leaves. Chen Qi took off his fur coat and replaced it with his shirt. He rolled it up and tied it to his waist. He held the sword in his hand. His face was eager to try. He raised his chin slightly and said to the man beside him, "Let's go."

Aze nodded, "Okay." He is also looking forward to what new food Chen Qi can find. If only he could find sweet potatoes, he would also like to eat baked sweet potatoes made by Chen Qi.

Chen Qi searched carefully and did not intend to let go of any grass seam. Aze needed to be distracted and pay attention to the surrounding situation in the wilderness, and the speed was naturally not fast.

Axu had planned to leave the Lion Wolf Tribe with Chen Qi, but he didn't expect the other party to leave earlier than himself. He was a little annoyed that he didn't get up earlier.

Ashu was sharp-eyed. Shortly after leaving the lion and wolf tribe, he saw two strange Beastmen not far away. He stretched out his hand and pulled Axu ahead. "Brother, does that man look like Chen Qi?"

Axu looked in the direction indicated by Ashu and found it was Chen Qi. The two brothers said hello to the leading female and planned to say goodbye to Chen Qi in the past.

Chen Qi is handing Aze an artichoke. They have been looking for it for almost an hour, but they have only found two artichokes. Chen Qi's excitement is almost gone.

Aze saw Chen Qi's depression and comforted him: "After all, the plain is not suitable for plants to survive. Next time I'll take you to the outer edge of the forest. There are many different kinds of plants."

"The forest is not very dangerous? I am also a drag." Chen Qi, the ferocity of the dragon, was deterred by imagination. He was still self-aware of his slag fighting capacity. He didn't want food to become food of others before he could find it.

"Before winter comes, dragons will not come to the periphery. We will only look around the periphery of the forest. If we don't go deep, there will be no danger. The males of the tribe also go to the forest to pick wild fruits in summer."

As soon as Chen Qi's eyes lit up, "then let's go back to the forest and have a look after the roof is fixed."


"Chen Qi." Ashu waved while calling Chen Qi's name. Soon the brothers came to the front of them.

Chen Qi looked at the two curiously. "Why are you here?"

"We are planning to return to the tribe. Seeing you here from afar, we want to say goodbye to you." Axu explained, "I went to the place where your tribe settled in the morning to find you. I didn't expect you to leave so early."

Chen Qi was very fond of the two brothers, after all, they sent him a lot of salt stones. "You have come at the right time."

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