Chen Qi asked Aze to pass the artichoke to him and said to Axu: "This plant is called artichoke. If you are injured in hunting, you can mash it up and apply it to the wound so as to stop the bleeding."

Axu and Ashu looked at each other. Chen Qi found two artichokes. Chen Qi was afraid that they didn't understand, so he took one to demonstrate to them.

Axu looked at the plant that had been mashed by Chen Qi into a lump of mud. "Can you stop bleeding by mashing it to this degree?"

"Well, Chen Qi used this plant to mash my arm and apply it to the wound." Aze road.

Ashu looked at Aze admiringly and sighed, "Chen Qi, you know a lot."

Axu solemnly took over another intact artichoke. Females were often injured in hunting. Sometimes, if the wound was too big and bleeding was too serious, only a little mud could be pasted to stop bleeding. However, mud often fell down with many defects if it was not handled well. They had never tried to stop bleeding with plants. Of course, it's not that Axu completely believes Chen Qi's words. He just thinks that if this method is feasible, he might save his life. After all, there is no loss to give it a try when life is in danger.

"thank you." Axu solemnly thanked, "can we go to your tribe in the future? I heard Ashu say that you exchanged half an octopus with him, and next time I can bring some creatures from Luoshui Lake to your tribe to exchange with you if I can." This male son named Chen Qi knows too much. At first he exchanged skins and backpacks with Ashu, then he drilled wood to make fire, and now he is a hemostatic plant. It would be good for the Luoshui tribe if he could communicate more. Unfortunately, he is not from his own tribe. Axu glanced darkly at Aze.

"really? That's great. Please be sure to come." Chen Qi was pleasantly surprised, saying that he would have seafood to eat in the future. Although it was dry seafood, it was better than nothing. Or when summer comes, we can take Aze to the Luoshui tribe for fresh food. Chen Qi can't help but look forward to the coming of summer when he thinks of seafood.

Axu, after all, they had to hurry back to the tribe. Several people said a few words and left.

Aze looked at the two brothers who had gone away. "Axu is a very powerful female." Look at his stronger body than himself.

Chen Qi was noncommittal about Aze's untimely remarks. "I think you are also very good."

Aze stun, ear tip quickly turned red.

Chen Qi got up and prepared to continue his journey of finding food. This time he must find edible plants. He took a few steps to find Aze didn't catch up. He turned back and shouted loudly, "Aze, let's go."

Aze returned to absolute being and rubbed the hot tip of his ear with great force. "Good."

I don't know if it was a change in the journey. Chen Qi found a potato and several sweet potatoes. After digging it out, there were almost more than 20, each about the size of a fist. Chen Qi was so excited that he lit a fire and baked several sweet potatoes with Aze.

Smelling the smell of baked sweet potatoes again, Aze's tense expression since he went to the Lion Wolf Tribe also eased down, revealing a long-lost smile.


"Aze, what is this fruit? Can I eat?" This is what Chen Qi has asked the most in the past two days. After two days of hard work, Chen Qi and Chen Qi not only found potatoes and sweet potatoes, but also found a handful of scallions and garlic, perilla, wild ginger and even a few fist-sized bell peppers, which broke Chen Qi's heart. Now the backpacks of the two men are bulging with all kinds of plants.

Aze leaned over and saw that it was a small fruit tree as tall as a calf, with long and thin leaves, brown fruits between branches with only three fingers thick, and shaped like strawberries. "This is milk fruit." Aze took one and gently cut a small opening at the end of the fruit with his fingernails and handed it to Chen Qi. "Try it. Although this is the food the females prepare for the newborn baby, the milk fruit tastes delicious."

Chen Qi took it over and found that the shell of the fruit was very hard. The incision was too small to see what was inside the fruit. He put it under his nose and smelled it with a milk fragrance. Chen Qi took a sip to his mouth. The fruit juice was cold at the mouth and tasted a little strawberry. It was very similar to the boxed milk sold in the supermarket and delicious.

Chen Qi drank the milk in his hand and wiped the liquid on the corners of his mouth, milky white.
"It's delicious, Aze. How long can these milk fruits last?" If the shelf life is too short, priority should be given to eating it.

"The milk fruit can be stored for several months. After winter, the milk fruit will begin to fall off. The taste of the milk fruit after falling off will become very strange. If you eat too much, you will have diarrhea. Therefore, pregnant females will store enough milk fruit before winter, so that even if the child is born in winter, there will be enough food."

Chen Qi's eyes brightened and his big hand waved. "Aze, when you see all the milk fruits, you must pick them back."

Aze smiled, "Good."

A milky fruit tree bears only seven or eight milky fruits. Chen Qi put all the milky fruits into his backpack. He just looked up and found a pair of golden eyes staring at himself in the tall grass nearby. Aze stepped forward to guard Chen Qi and whispered, "That was the cheetah next door to our house."

Chen Qi was in a mess. There are so many cheetahs in Dora Plain. Why do they all run to the other side of Chishui River and meet the same cheetah? Is this the legendary way to go?

The cheetah's mood at this moment is also a dog day. It has just come of age, and its first migration as an adult still needs to come back to follow its mother. Her mother's territory is on the other side of Chishui River. Today, she just crossed the river and found a strange movement in this tall grass. She originally planned to come over to check whether it was a dangerous predator. Unexpectedly, she met the two abominable Beastmen just near.

If it weren't for the two Beastmen, it should have a rich territory, and need not be forced to become a wandering cheetah, trembling every day in search of prey in various dangerous predator territory.

Aze throat gave a threat of growl, cheetahs seen Aze power, nature will not be hard with Aze, it is very precious little life. Beautiful golden eyes caught a glimpse of the two men, shook his tail and ran quickly towards his mother's territory.

Although the cheetah left, Aze's expression was not relaxed by the absence of this harmless big cat.

Chen Qi asked anxiously, "Aze, is there anything over there?"

Aze shook his head. "I don't know. There gives me a strange feeling. The cheetah probably wants to see what it is." Seeing Chen Qi's worry, Aze added: "there should be no danger there, otherwise the cheetah wouldn't be so close. should we go and have a look?"

After all, the two were not far from the tall grass. The known danger was much safer than the unknown danger. Chen Qi wanted to think, "Let's go and have a look."

Aze crouched down, "you lie down on my back first, and if you find any danger, we will leave immediately."

Chen Qi nodded and climbed up Aze's back.

This piece of tall grass is basically Stipa, higher than Aze. The withered leaves tickle Chen Qi's face. Before long, the two men saw a large area of dried grass fall in front of them. They took a few steps forward and found a huge white beast lying in the grass. The beast turned its back on the two men and could not see what beast it was. However, the dried dark red blood on the white fur showed that the beast was seriously injured.

Aze did not immediately gather together in the past, but walked slowly around the beast, quietly observing the movement of the beast, intending to carry Chen Qi on his back and leave as soon as the beast did anything.

Until Aze went around to the front of the beast, the beast remained motionless. Chen Qi didn't see what beast it was until then. "Wolf?"

Aze frowned and lowered Chen Qi. "These are the giant wolf gods. They are the guardians of Sanchen River and will not harm the Beastmen." Aze stepped down and then said, "But this giant wolf god seems to have been dead for a long time."

Giant Wolf God? Chen Qi was a little surprised. He had no impression of this species, and the information he received when he came to this world did not mention any information about the giant wolf god. However, since he was crowned with the word "god" by the beast people like the beast god, it shows that this creature must not be so simple. Just why did this giant wolf god die on this wilderness plain? You know, San Chen River is the main river in Loya Forest, and only one tributary called Chishui River passes through Dora Plain.

This giant wolf is very big. If you stand up, you may be one and a half meters tall. The fur on your chest is badly bitten and there is a long incision in your abdomen. Aze touched the wound on the abdomen of the giant wolf god, and the incision was smooth. "this was caused by stegosaurus."

"Stegosaurus? Isn't it vegetarian?"

"Stegosaurus will fight back when confronted with threats, but the giant wolf god will not eat stegosaurus. Chen Qi, let's get out of here quickly. I'm worried that the hyenas on the plain will come." Although the hyenas will not take the initiative to attack the giant wolf god, the body of the giant wolf god is a delicious meal for the hyenas who have been starving away from the forest.

Chen Qi nodded and climbed up Aze's back again. The two were about to leave when the grass beside them stirred up and there was a faint whimper. If it weren't for the sharp-eared people, they would not have heard it.

"Aze, have you heard anything?"

Aze nodded. There was not much noise in the grass, and the small piece of grass was less than the height of his calf. Aze was not worried about danger.

Aze crouched down and pulled open the small piece of grass. What caught their eyes was a milky white creature the size of a palm. Beautiful golden eyes were bright and big, full of fog, staring at them blankly.


". . . . . . This is a giant wolf cub."

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